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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mayor Anthony Marino - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mayor Anthony Marino Played by Matthew Borlenghi on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Matthew Borlenghi (NBC)

    Birthday: May 25, 1967
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California USA
    Marital Status: Married (Heather 2003- present)
    Real Name: Matthew Borlenghi


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    Mystery Solved!

    Friday, October 17 2008

    Lexi walks in on a conversation that Mayor Marino is having with one of his cronies. He tells the man that thanks to Lacey Hanson, the Carver campaign is going down! They drink to that, but are interrupted by Lexi, who tells him he's far from the truth. She tells him she knows that Stefano DiMera's one of his biggest campaign contributors. He's her father. She warns him that once his resources run dry, it'll be hard to run a campaign! Marino's friend thinks she's bluffing, so he calls Stefano. "What the hell's going on?" Stefano has been expecting his call, and they discuss Lexi. Stefano booms that he warned Marino to stay away from his family. He didn't listen. This is about family and he must sever all ties with him, effective immediately! Stefano hangs up on him in anger and Marino tells his pal that Stefano won't get away with this.

    Outside the mansion, Sami has lost her keys, so she rings the doorbell. EJ and Nicole ignore it as they're in the midst of lovemaking. Sami sees EJ's car and annoyed, she walks around, to the patio doors of the great room. She spies Nicole and EJ making love and gasps. She starts to cry, then walks back around the mansion. Mayor Marino pounds on the door, looking for Stefano. A man comes up behind him and says his name. Marino looks up and when he sees the gun, his eyes widen. He is shot, and falls to the ground. The shooter checks Marino's pulse just as Sami walks around the mansion. She sees both the shooter and Marino on the DiMera steps, and her jaw drops.

    Show Me the Money!

    Wednesday, October 15 2008

    Later, at the mansion, Mayor Mariano discusses Abe running for mayor and his concerns about it. He asks where Stefano's loyalties lie. Stefano calls Abe family. The mayor retorts, "I doubt you'll be able to buy Abe as you've bought me!" The mayor wants to know if Stefano will do everything in his power to help him beat Abe. Stefano agrees to help defeat Abe, under one condition. He can destroy Abe's reputation or career, but he has to leave Alexandra and Theodore out of it. "Is that understood?"

    Honesty All Around!

    Tuesday, October 14 2008

    Outside the Brady pub, a distraught Lacey sees a campaign poster for “Honest Abe,” and sarcastically mutters, “My butt, he’s honest.” She calls for Mayor Mariano’s office. Mariano shows up and Lacey tells him that she knows something about the Carver family that he’ll find very useful.

    At Chez Rouge, Abe’s campaign manager, Evan, introduces Abe. Mayor Mariano watches the speech from his office. Abe thanks everyone for coming, while Lacey watches from the crowd. Lacey suddenly interrupts, yelling that Abe’s a man who blames innocent people for his mistakes and lets “his pushy wife walk all over him.” The press turns to Lacey and she tells everyone how she was Theo’s babysitter until she was fired. She talks about Theo’s diagnosis and how his parents were too busy to care, so Theo’s care was left up to herself. Lexi screams that it’s not true. Lacey accuses Lexi of being jealous of Abe’s sexual attraction to Lacey. Maggie angrily demands for someone to get Lacey out of there. Lacey accuses the Carvers of using autism as a way to not discipline Theo. She tells the press about what happened in the park. Lexi yells that Lacey is telling lies. An amused Mayor Mariano is still watching, and clapping in his office. Lacey asks how Abe is going to run the city if he can’t control his own son? Lacey says Salem needs a good mayor and Abe’s not that man. The press swarm around Abe who tells Evan that Mariano put Lacey up to this. Abe swears that he will fight Mariano until he wins. Lexi interrupts and says no he won’t, she can’t handle hearing lies about her son. She apologizes to Abe, takes Theo, and leaves.

    Sweet Southern Squeeze

    Thursday, October 09 2008

    Abe and Lexi arrive at Chez Rouge. Scott Gamson and Evan meet him there to discuss Abe becoming the mayor. "Mayor Carver," says Lexi. Mayor Mariano stops by and comments that the rumors are true! Abe admits it's true, but Mariano says, "We'll see about that." Abe tries to shake the mayor's hand for a clean fight, but all the mayor can do is tell Scott and Evan that he's surprised they're backing the wrong person! He baits Abe and Lexi by recounting their private issues, and promises to enjoy the race. Once he leaves, Evan says they'll go toe to toe, shot for shot, and Abe says he can't wait to get in there and put a stop to this. Scott says the mayor likely was baiting him to get photos of him getting angry. Abe's lucky he didn't take the bait!

    Internet Bimbo.

    Wednesday, October 08 2008

    At Salem PD, Bo rants to Roman that if they don't make any progress, Ma will be back behind bars. Roman says his money's on Nicole, and it wouldn't be the first time she did something like this! "Victor," says Bo, who doesn't believe it was Nicole. His money's on Melanie. They don't know much about her. Nick arrives at Salem PD, drunk. He was found drunk driving and rants that he has no girlfriend, no life, he chipped his tooth on popcorn and it's his fault that Trent Robbins is dead. He admits it is completely his fault. He starts to read his own rights, calling them Melinda rights, but Bo asks him not to get ahead of himself. Nick slurs that Trent's the reason he came to Salem in the first place, and if he hadn't heard of his prototype, he'd never have come to Salem, never have seen Max… after his rant is over, he rushes to the restroom to throw up! After he's through, Bo and Roman go into Roman's room and discuss Nick. Neither believes he's guilty, but they need to keep an open mind. Maybe he was drinking away guilt. "Explain Willow Stark," he says. Bo reminds him that was an accident. She hit her head on a rock.

    Maggie shows up at the police station in shock. "Drinking and driving?" She implores him to call her when he needs a ride, when drunk. She yells that he could have killed someone else, even himself. "I know, I know," Nick yells, but Maggie rants on. She yells that she won't let him wind up like her. Once he's led away, Maggie tells Bo she's off to talk to Mickey.

    Roman and Bo discuss how Bo hasn't been home early enough to tuck his little girl in bed for the past two nights. Bo is certain they'll be called in to testify. A knock at the door brings the Mayor. Roman is on edge right away but the smug Mayor admits he approves the way they're handling the Robbins case, and notices the white board with Max's name on it. He says it must be hard on them that Caroline's their number one suspect and he finds it interesting that Max is also on the list. He tells them to keep up the good work, then leaves. Bo and Roman have no idea why he showed up and Bo says they've got to get Max off the list. Roman says they need a warrant for Max's clothing, so Bo calls one in.

    Sexy Eyes...

    Tuesday, September 30 2008

    At the station, Bo reiterates that Trent was found at 9:15 PM, with a stab wound to the back. Steve wonders what Trent was doing at the cemetery and thinks Caroline could have done it if it were self-defense. Bo points out that she'd have come clean by now. They discuss putting a rush on the fibers they found. Abe arrives, after hearing about Caroline, and wants to help. Mayor Mariano arrives and chastises the Salem PD for not catching the murderer and having a family member jailed as the perp. Bo assures Mariano that they're handling it. Roman interjects that they're going by the book, but Mariano thinks someone more objective should be handling this case. Bo calls Mariano a lowlife and Mariano reminds Bo he's always bending the rules. Roman stops Bo from going at Mariano and assures the Mayor that they're handling things properly. Mariano says Internal Affairs is chomping at the bit to get their hands on this one. He'll have his eye on them. Later, he offers Abe a freelance job to keep an eye on the Brady boys. Abe laughs at him. "You've got to be kidding me." Mariano retorts," I never kid during an election year. I'd be more than willing to give Abe a healthy advance." Abe tells the Mayor that he can't be bought, and leaves.

    A Person in the Trees!

    Friday, September 26 2008

    At their table in Chez Rouge, Bo explains that Abe convinced him to try for the new job - and there is a great increase in pay too! He says if, as they suspect, the new Mayor is on DiMera's payroll, he'll be able to keep tabs on him now. Just then, Mayor Mariano arrives at their table, saying there is no guarantee yet that Bo has the job! Bo tells him he is just eager - he didn't mean to count his chickens. The Mayor says Hope was his first choice, but he'll consider him and let him know when he's decided. As the celebration breaks up, Bo and Hope decide to go visit Pop's grave.

    I'm Shaking in my Boots!

    Wednesday, September 24 2008

    Hope tells Mayor Mariano that she's surprised he would hire a woman, and at that, her female colleagues are just as qualified as she is. She'll give him an answer by the end of the day. Bo and Roman are thrilled with this news and call her dedicated and more than qualified. They want her to take the position but she says it's too much to comprehend. It'll change her life. Hope's considering how this will change her life - their life. Bo can take more time with Ciara, he says but he'll sacrifice time with her…"If it means keeping Stefano's minions at bay?" Hope finishes. Hope doesn't want to be away from her daughter and reminds him she'd be his boss. He turns down the blinds when she asks if he'd be okay with that, and snuggles in close for a lingering kiss! Hope admits maybe it was losing Zach that makes her worry about losing time with Ciara, and she can't take the job just because of Stefano. Hope calls Mayor Mariano and declines the opportunity. After she hangs up, she comments that the Mayor didn't appear too depressed about her declining. Bo says sure, maybe he has somebody else in mind of his own. She prays she did the right thing.

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