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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas Played by Molly Burnett on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Molly Burnett (NBC)

    Birthday: April 23 1988
    Birthplace: Littleton, Colorado, USA
    Real Name: Molly Burnett


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    Days Recap: The Wrath Of Maxine.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    Melanie finds Chad in the DiMera library. He tells her she looks amazing and welcomes her home. She didn't want things to be awkward when they ran into each other in town and explains that she's moving back. They talk about Chad faking a brain tumour and Abby's affair with EJ. When he tells her about his new job and asks what's up with her, she laughs nervously. She'll be lucky if she gets her job back at the hospital. She tells him she thought this would be harder. She thought she'd catch a glimpse of the man she cared for. They spend long moments staring into each other's eyes until Chad takes a call and Mel runs.

    Back at Ben's, he goes off to shower while Abigail takes out his recycling. She leaves the door ajar and Melanie bursts in yelling, "Surprise!" She gets an eyeful of Ben, naked!

    Days Recap: The Gabi Thing.

    Tuesday, November 25 2014

    Melanie's shocked to find a towel clad Nicole at Dan's. Each demands to know what the other is doing there. Nicole says she and Daniel are friends and she spilled tea on herself. Melanie shares that she's surprising her father. Nicole barks out a laugh. "I bet there's no hidden agenda." Nic goes to shower and Melanie locks the door behind them and checks her stash of money. Later, the girls rehash Nicole's past misdeeds and why Mel's there. Nicole thinks there's something more. Mel asks her to keep the news quiet for now. In walks Daniel, elated to see his daughter. They hug and Nicole leaves. Dan asks why Melanie's there but she ignores that and gets on his case about being friends with Nicole. He tells her they worked through their problems and learns Melanie's moving to Salem. Daniel's speechless. She brings up "the Gabi thing."

    In the DiMera library, Chad talks to Mr. Shin on the phone about some new ideas he has for the company. Melanie drops by.

    Days Recap: The Hatfields And The McCoys.

    Monday, November 24 2014

    Melanie arrives on Maggie's doorstep. She's moving back to Salem for good. Maggie is thrilled and hugs her granddaughter, but is shocked at how impulsive the decision is. Mel says her work visa was up and she realized she's missing Parker grow up. Melanie blurts that she's sorry to hear about Nick's death, knowing how Maggie felt about Nick. Maggie thinks it'll be easier on her granddaughter. Mel talks about her friend moving there too - not a boyfriend, just a female friend. She says she hasn't had a serious relationship since Chad. Maggie tells her Chad's back. Mel doesn't care about that but she can't wait to see Brady. She worries Henderson saw her getting out of the taxi so Maggie goes off to ask him to keep mum. Meanwhile, Mel opens her bag which contains stacks of money. She rushes to close the bag when Henderson walks in with Maggie, to welcome her back. Once Henderson goes, Maggie offers to lend an ear if there's something she wants to discuss. Melanie asks if she can keep a secret. She talks about Gabi and Chad's lies and realized she can't give up her loved ones because of her past.

    Dan takes Nic back to his place. They discuss how important their friendship is to each other. Daniel admits he can't deny their attraction though. Nic doesn't want to discuss it. She spills tea on herself and finally admits she's attracted, too, but Daniel says they can never act on it. She spills water on her head while bending over somehow, and Daniel offers his shower and washing machine while he heads out. Later, Melanie arrives and Nicole answers the door in a towel. They're startled to see one another!

    Days Recap: Ball Hog!

    Friday, November 21 2014

    At Maggie's, Daniel tells his mom he needs to clear the air with Jenn and doesn't want Maggie to feel awkward with her because of him. Maggie assures him that'll never happen. He goes and someone rings the doorbell countless times. Maggie opens the door to Melanie. She tears up and hugs her granddaughter.

    Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind?

    Thursday, September 27 2012

    At Daniel's, Melanie makes it clear she's heading to Europe alone. "I need time," she cries. Chad has a hard time coming to terms with her decision. She thinks he's being controlling and says she hasn't forgiven Gabi, either. What about him? She's not sure, which is why she's leaving. He asks, "Out of sight out of mind?" She shakes her head and cries, "Never." He'll wait for her. He walks out sadly.

    At the pub, Gabi explains why she opened up to Nick about her crimes. He doesn't judge, though what she did was "kind of awful." Gabi worries about what'll happen and Nick tells her to stop acting guilty and let Rafe help her. As she agrees to stay away from Chad and Melanie, Mel walks up. Gabi apologizes. Melanie won't go to the police. She just doesn't care enough about her. Mel warns her that Chad's after her and then freezes her out. Mel apologizes to Nick for what Chad did. He plays it down. Melanie almost married someone she didn't know and wonders if she doesn't know herself. Nick blames himself. Melanie weeps as she remembers her past and how the Horton family made her feel like she was one of their own. Melanie asks him to lean on the Hortons before leaving.

    What Color Is The Apple Now?

    Wednesday, September 26 2012

    Maggie drops by Daniel's apartment. Melanie talks about needing space from Chad. Maggie gives her sound advice and takes the wedding paraphernalia away while Melanie orders breakfast since all they have is mustard and a grey apple.

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