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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas Played by Molly Burnett on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Molly Burnett (NBC)

    Birthday: April 23 1988
    Birthplace: Littleton, Colorado, USA
    Real Name: Molly Burnett


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    Days Recap: That Low-Rent Neurotic.

    Friday, April 24 2015

    At Kristen's castle, she tells Dr. Mandrake that Brady suspects she has his child which means Victor's got his spies on her. Mandrake says he sent the nurse away and Kristen's confused. She already did that. He describes the woman and Kristen rushes to Christopher's room where she finds Melanie. Outside, Lee calls Brady and says Melanie stowed away on the flight. In the baby's room, Kristen tells Melanie she won't call the authorities. "I'll handle this one in house." She calls Brady instead and Melanie yells not to come for her. Kristen hangs up and claims Daniel's the father of Christopher. Brady arrives and Melanie jumps into his arms. Kristen calls his "best friend" creepy and tells Brady she introduced Mel to her son Christopher. Kristen claims he's Daniel's son. Melanie thinks Brady ought to look at Christopher's eyes. The baby is brought out and Kristen invites them to leave. Brady wants to see the boy. When he does, Kristen says he has her mouth and Daniel's eyes. Brady agrees. He asks for a DNA testing. Instead, she and Mandrake pull out their guns.

    Days Recap: A New Liver Or Something.

    Wednesday, April 22 2015

    In Italy, Melanie's stuck on the Titan jet and begs Lee to land the plane. Meanwhile, Brady arrives at Kristen's castle. She's ecstatic, thinking he must have forgiven her. He talks about his 12 steps program and takes partial blame for what happened between them. Kristen's surprised. Brady will always be grateful for her saving John's life and for opening up his eyes about Theresa. In order to move forward he needs to forgive her and hopes she forgives him. She does. A nurse arrives and Kristen gets rid of her. She explains to Brady she has a private medical condition and Brady has a fit. He tells her he's not leaving until he gets what she took from him. His child. Meanwhile, Melanie is off the plane and searches for Kristen's house. She finds the nurse Kristen kicked out and the woman spits at the mention of the DiMera name and points out the castle at the top of the mountain.

    Days Recap: Blah Blah Blah.

    Tuesday, April 21 2015

    The Titan jet experiences turbulence over Italy but Brady orders Lee to land anyway. Lee says he'll refuel in Greece. Meanwhile Melanie accidentally pulls a plug on the safety raft in the bathroom and it inflates, blocking her way out. Brady leaves and she pokes a hole in the raft. It deflates but when she attempts to open the door she breaks the handle.

    Days Recap: I Like Trouble.

    Thursday, April 16 2015

    At Melanie's, she explains that what happened was likely an embryo transplant from Theresa to Kristen. Brady's bowled over and tells Mel that Kristen told him she would be carrying a part of him with her. Melanie says the woman usually delivers early in these cases. Kristen may have given birth by now. Brady's incredulous. He may have a son or daughter out there. They don't want to tip Kristen off that they know. Brady wants to go it alone and refuses to let her help. He has to call his pilot, Lee, to get the jet ready. There's someone who knows where she is. He rushes out and Melanie laughs. "You don't actually think I'm going to let you go alone, do you?" Daniel arrives and Melanie tells her dad of her plans to take off for a week to see her mother. He's shocked at the suddenness but hugs her goodbye. She goes.

    Melanie gets on the Titan jet and says hello to Lee, the pilot. She claims she's there to see Brady but he hasn't arrived yet. She asks to leave a note. When Brady arrives, he reads Mel's note asking him to be safe, as she hides in a closet.

    Days Recap: Pulling The Wings Off Flies.

    Wednesday, April 15 2015

    At Melanie's, she tells Brady that she thinks he and Theresa have a child out there. Brady thinks she's nuts so she shows him the proof that Theresa was pregnant. Brady freaks out that she stole Theresa's plasma. They're going to need a lawyer. Melanie goes on about Theresa's moodiness and that somebody knocked both him and Theresa out and took their blood. Mel tells him about Clint dropping vials of blood and about Mandrake's sketchy reputation. She thinks Kristen took Theresa's baby without her knowing. Brady's eyes widen. He recalls the last time he and Kristen spoke and that she said she would be carrying a part of him inside her. He thinks Melanie's right about everything.

    Days Recap: Where's The Baby?

    Tuesday, April 14 2015

    In a hotel bed, Brady and Melanie talk about future children. Melanie's quiet as she flashes to learning that Brady and Theresa's child may still be out there. Brady tells her he's not really ready to be a dad but she thinks any kid would be lucky to have him as a father. They dress and Brady goes. Mel calls Greg asking for the plasma test results.

    Melanie arrives home and receives the test results. Her mind boggles as she learns that Theresa really was pregnant. She wonders where the baby is and how Mandrake fits in. Serena interrupts and wants to hang out but she sends her away. When Maggie arrives, Melanie worries she will ruin things between her and Brady. Maggie doubts this will happen.

    Days Recap: Iron Man.

    Thursday, April 09 2015

    Brady drops by Mel's apologetic about ruining their weekend plans. Jorge calls and orders her to bring the vial of Theresa's plasma back. Melanie covers with Brady and goes.

    At the hospital, Jorge questions Mel for taking Theresa's plasma. He asks "Nancy Drew" to hand it over but she broke it. She asks him to keep it quiet, saying it's important. Theresa walks in and talks down to both of them before asking Jorge to get the work done she asked for. She goes and Melanie tells Jorge she took that vial to protect someone. Jorge agrees to keep her secret. By the hub, Theresa tells Anne she found a new way to mess with Melanie. Anne snarks that this is another way of attempting to catch Brady's eye again.

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