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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas

    Full detailed profile on Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas Played by Molly Burnett on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Molly Burnett (NBC)
    Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas

    Actor: Molly Burnett

    Who played Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas over the years

    Molly Burnett (July 31 2008 - Thursday September 27, 2012; Friday November 21, 2014 - present)

    Useful information on Melanie Layton Kiriakis Jonas

    * Met her half brother Max in Marseilles, France
    * When Melanie owed 'Les' money, Max paid him and later, Mel stole jewelry to pay Max!
    * Arrested for stealing
    * Shot by Carly, her mother.
    * Married Philip on Valentine's Day 2010
    * Still has feelings for Nathan.
    * Learned Chloe cheated on her father Daniel before they were married.
    * Helped Chloe give birth to baby boy Parker Jonas.
    * Learned that Maggie Horton is her biological grandmother.
    * Dated Chad DiMera.
    * Moved to England to be closer to her mother, Carly.
    * Returns to Salem in November 2014 with a big secret.


    Current: Unknown
    Past: Part-time Botox administrator at Intensity Spa
    Past: Nurse at University Hospital
    Past: Nursing student
    Past: Student


    Melanie was a party girl, living in Marseilles, France. She owed a few guys money, and when they came to collect, Max paid them off and Melanie was shocked to learn that the reason he did so was because they're siblings! She gives him a stolen necklace as payment, and was then arrested for stealing. She accused Max of stealing the bracelet, so she could get off. It worked. Max and Stephanie, too, were put in jail. She met Nick, who encouraged her to tell the truth, and once she did, Max and Stephanie were finally let go. She proved to be a handful, due to the horrible way she was brought up and abused. She was told by Trent, her father, to “party with” men in order to clear his gambling debts. She tried, but when she couldn’t do it, the man threatened her and Nick stepped in. The man was sent to jail, and Melanie, Max, Stephanie and Nick went back to Salem.

    Melanie and Stephanie didn’t get along. Melanie was difficult and nasty to everyone but Max and maybe Nick. She tried to stay away from her abusive father and in front of witnesses says she wished he were dead. Soon, Trent is murdered and Melanie recalls meeting with him that night, but blacks out just before his murder. She only remembers waking up after, and assumed she may have killed him. She goes to Philip Kiriakis for help in finding the real killer, thinking she couldn’t have done it. When Caroline Brady turns up as suspect number one, Melanie is relieved in a way. Caroline is let go and Nicole and Melanie are both suspects in the case. Nicole is let go and the last suspect seems to be Melanie, but Salem PD detective Hope and new police commissioner Bo, find new evidence that leads to Nick Fallon.

    Meanwhile, Melanie moves in with Nick, after receiving a note from an anonymous person who claims they saw her in the cemetery. She leans on him for support and starts getting anonymous phone calls as well. She panics and explains this to Nick, who tells her they’ll go away and hide. She’s reluctant to leave and figures she killed Trent. He tells her she did, lying so that she is kept needy toward him. He took her to a hotel near the airport and says if they marry, they wouldn’t have to testify against each other. Melanie has an epiphany and realizes that Nick killed Trent, and blasts him for letting her take the blame. Nick goes ballistic and when she tries to leave the hotel, he won’t let her. Hope and Bo arrive and Philip and Stephanie, and Nick is taken to jail while Philip saved Melanie from falling off the balcony. Nick is now in jail, awaiting trial for killing Trent and holding Melanie against her will, and Melanie has moved in with Maggie, at Nick’s insistence. She has a job with Titan as a receptionist and is causing issues with Stephanie. She soon lost her job and bummed around a bit looking for work and loving Philip, who was engaged to Stephanie Johnson. She went into nursing at University Hospital. She became friends with Brady Black, Ari Hernandez, and had a brief flirtation with Nathan Horton, but was still in love with Philip. Carly Manning came to town and met Melanie, who hated her on sight. Melanie didn't know that she was her biological mother. They had issues since Carly stepped foot in Salem.

    Melanie chose to marry Philip, when Stephanie intercepted a note asking Nathan if he still had feelings for her. If he did, she mightn't have married Philip, but she did. On her wedding day, Carly accidentally shot Melanie, aiming for Vivian Alamain, who wanted to kill Melanie, in order to get back at Carly for killing Lawrence Alamain. Melanie just woke up at the hospital and while she was out, Daniel learned from Carly he was her father. He promptly told Melanie the truth. She reacted very emotionally but since they had already bonded she was happy about the news and they quickly became close. Melanie had a difficult time with forgiving Carly for giving her up but eventually they bonded.

    Melanie and Philip moved into Maggie Horton's place and when Philip thought Melanie was going to choose Nathan over him, he turned to Chloe and they had sex. Chloe became pregnant and he learned Daniel was the father, not him. He and Chloe kept their secret from everyone, except many kept learning the truth, which came out in November. Melanie was disgusted with both Philip and Chloe and took the news hard. She and Philip separated and divorced. She realized he wasn't right for her anyway and moved on with Dario. Their relationship barely began when he moved to Argentina to pursue work for Titan. She's single now and learned that Maggie Horton is her biological grandmother and her father's mother.

    Melanie recently developed feelings for Chad, though he was dating her best friend, Abby. Melanie and Chad shared a kiss when they were held captive by internet hackers who were bullying Chad, Sonny, and Will in their website venture. Shortly after they were saved, Abby and Chad broke up and Melanie and Chad admitted their feelings to one another. Eventually, Abby got over it and gave them her blessing. Gabi schemed to break them up so she can have Chad for herself.

    Melanie was kidnapped by a schizophrenic patient Andrew, who was a photographer for Gabi and Chad. Gabi knew of the kidnapping and Andrew blackmailed her into keeping it to herself, reminding her she now had access to Chad. Gabi said nothing and when Melanie was found, she and Chad were reunited. Nick Fallon returned to town soon after and Chad learned what Gabi did as did Nick. When Chad beat Nick up, Nick agreed not to press charges if Chad wouldn't out Gabi in the kidnapping. Melanie learned eventually what Gabi did and disowned her as a friend and when she heard Chad knew and didn't tell her, she dumped him and moved to Europe to live with her mother. She returned Friday November 21 2014 with a secret.


    Current - Philip Kiriakis (February 14 2010 - January 2011; Friday November 21, 2014 - present)


    Nick Fallon (Brief flirtation until he became obsessed.)
    Nathan Horton (flirtation)
    Philip Kiriakis (flirtation and marriage)


    Max Brady Adoptive brother
    Dean Robbins Adoptive father - deceased
    Carly Manning Kiriakis Brady Alamain (Katerina Von (Biological mother)
    Dr. Daniel Jonas (Biological father)
    Maggie Horton (Biological grandmother)




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    Thursday, January 22 2015: Days Recap: Street Dumb.

    At Daniel's, Melanie tells her father she and Brady are dating. He laughs. She must have known he needed cheering up. She's serious and explains what's been happening, which is nothing but the possibility of something. He's baffled. Is she out of her mind? He's worried about Brady being good for her right now, considering. Plus, Brady's older. Mel reminds him she's been through a lot, too. She tells him how Maggie found out and asks for his blessing. He gives it to her but still looks concerned. Later, after he leaves, Maggie arrives and Mel updates her on telling her father. Maggie worries about Brady making big decisions during his recovery but Melanie thinks he should get "time off for good behavior."

    Daniel goes to the Kiriakis mansion to get a few things straight with Brady about Melanie. He loves his friend and won't get in the way if he thinks this could be a good thing but if he breaks Melanie's heart, he'll have to deal with him. Brady will never hurt her. Dan leaves and Mel pops up. They decide to go on a date and make out a little.

    Wednesday, January 21 2015: Days Recap: Debbie Downer.

    Melanie and Brady meet at TBD to talk about dating. They talk about their connection as friends and Mel thinks they should give dating a chance. Brady says, "In a word, ditto." They can finally start dating. Brady laughs when she tells him some people call her impulsive. They consider telling their families before Theresa finds out. They backtrack. What if they hate dating? It goes on like this for some time. Jenn interrupts, surprised to see them together. Mel lies that she was complaining about work and Jenn gets on the offensive. Is it about Anne? Mel says no and it's awkward so Jenn runs off. Brady and Melanie agree they're both not smooth at all. She goes off to spill to her dad.

    At the hospital, Rafe catches Jordan crumpling a news pamphlet about Clyde's donation. Rafe noticed how Clyde affected her last night and asks for help in putting the guy behind bars. Jordan flashes to Clyde warning her not to screw things up for him and Ben or he will come clean about what she did to her mother. She tells Rafe there's no dirt on Clyde. She doesn't want him to get hurt. He brings up her dating a DiMera. She doesn't want to talk about that. Rafe admits he still loves her and hopes she'll forgive him for sleeping with Kate. She tears up. He kisses her and she responds just as Chad walks in. Paige stops by the hub and talks to Theresa. They get their wires crossed when Theresa admits she did it but Eve put her up to 'it'. What's the big deal? "He's no worse for the wear. It was a nice change of pace for him," she says. Paige's close to vomiting and Theresa thinks she's overreacting. She only implied that grandpa was sicker than he was. Theresa sighs in relief and asks when she last saw JJ. Theresa reminds her niece they hate each other. Clint arrives and they leave Paige there.

    At Daniel's, he wants JJ to open up but he only says he screwed up royally with Paige. Dan suggests he apologize. JJ goes and Mel arrives. She stumbles over her words in an attempt to tell her dad about Brady.

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