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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Martino Vitali - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Martino Vitali Played by Joe Penny on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joe Penny (Paul Skipper/JPI)

    Birthday: June 24 1956
    Birthplace: London, England, UK
    Marital Status: Married (Cindy M. Penny 2004-present)
    Real Name: Joe Penny
    Height: 6'


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    Like Trying to Stop a Trainwreck!

    Thursday, May 15 2008

    At the pub, Bo arrests Martino and an officer pats him down. After they find he's clean, the officers take the goons to Salem PD while Martino tells Bo he's got nothing on him. Hope begs to differ and shows him Nusbaum's wallet, which was found on a Vitali employee. Martino says there is no proof that the man works for him but Ava says she can prove it! She knows everyone on his payroll and knew he was going after Patch. "I trusted you, Daddy and I trusted my psychiatrist." Angelo interrupts and tells her that he cares too much about his cousin to keep the lie going. He tells her that her father ordered Nusbaum to drug her! Ava is shocked and says he did this because of what she remembered. Martino had his wife taken out when she tried to leave him, just after Ava tried to kill herself. She overheard him admit it to one of his thugs, she says and pounds his chest and screams. In the midst of the commotion, Martino grabs a gun and takes aim at Bo! Bo fires his own weapon, shooting Martino dead. Ava leans over him sobbing. "How could you do this to me," she cries. Later, the ambulance arrives and Martino's taken away in a body bag. Bo frowns and thinks Martino got off easy. Roman apologizes to Ava and reminds her she's out on bail. Neither she nor Angelo can go anywhere.

    Big Kahuna!

    Wednesday, May 14 2008

    Martino walks into the pub and sits with Ava. She tells him to call off the hit or he'll be sorry. He claims not to know what she's talking about.

    At the pub, Ava tells her dad to stop whatever he has going and when Bo and Hope arrive, they arrest him for the attempted murder of Steven Johnson!

    You'll Have to Rip it from my Cold, Dead Hands

    Thursday, May 08 2008

    In an alley, Martino's goons realize they shouldn't have killed Earl and Nusbaum on the same day. Martino puts a hit out on Patch and Bo.

    Dragged from the River.

    Wednesday, May 07 2008

    Kate breakfasts with Martino at the pub. Kate says, "I have to say you've changed a bit." Martino is positive it's because of her. Suddenly, Dr. Daniel rushes into the pub looking confused and is ushered over to Martino and Kate's table, where he angrily explains that he was paged moments before he was to take his flight on the premise that he had to consult with a colleague. A sheepish Martino admits that he was paged to do a consult with him about his daughter. Daniel snorts and Kate comes to Martino's defense. She says she suggested Daniel would be the person to talk to but after Martino explains the situation with Ava, Daniel says Ava needs a psychiatrist, not him, and he storms out, with Kate on his heels.

    Kate finds Daniel and asks him to reconsider taking Ava's case. She tells Daniel the man loves his daughter. Daniel doesn't trust him and doesn't want him around his colleges or anyone else he cares about. "That includes you." He tells her if she's around him, chances are that Chelsea will be around him. Kate realizes Daniel cares for Chelsea and asks if that's why he's running out. Daniel denies it.

    Kate returns to her table at the pub and Martino asks if she'd like to have dinner with him. She asks, "Just dinner?" He counters, "Was it ever just dinner?" Kate thinks that some things are better left in the past and she says these days she likes to get to know a man before they're intimate! She asks after Ava but Martino doesn't know where to begin.

    What Kind of Life is That?

    Monday, May 05 2008

    Ava's guard wants Martino to leave, but Martino has a court order that says he's allowed to be there. Martino is upset that Ava is tied to the bed, but Kayla tells him it's necessary and she wants to know why Dr. Nusbaum was on Ava's case, considering the drugs he gave her made her unstable. Martino has no idea what she's getting at and promises that Dr. Nusbaum would never do anything to harm Ava. Kayla's positive that this is not true. The pills were given, knowing that Ava would lose her mind. Martino sits with Ava and comforts her as she comes down from the medication. He promises to find out why her doctor was giving her the wrong medication. Ava cries that all this time, there was nothing wrong with her. He tells her she can blame Patch for this - he does! Kayla asks him to leave and then tells Ava she'll feel better once the drugs are out of her system.

    Outside the room, Martino makes a call as Steve watches from the doorway. "It's not a game show, you have no choice. Just get it done." He looks at Steve.

    Kate arrives at the pub, where she meets Martino. He hugs her and tells her she hasn't changed a bit. She calls him Marty and he remembers that she's the only woman who ever called him that. He asks her to dinner later and promises it's just a couple of friends catching up. Kate agrees to it and admits she had a horrible experience earlier, when she stumbled upon a murder scene. Martino acts surprised and asks what she knows about it. Kate knows nothing at all and Martino says that kind of stuff gives him the creeps. Kate forgot how squeamish he is. Martino chuckles and they reminisce about their past. Kate has to leave, so Martino walks Kate to her car.

    Difference Between a Crock Pot and a Flower Pot.

    Friday, May 02 2008

    In an alley behind the Cheatin' Heart, Earl pleads for his life after he is beaten by Martino Vitali's goons. Martino tells him he should have thought of his life when he spoke to the police. Martino tells Earl that everybody deserves a second chance, then shoots and kills Earl and tells his goons to clean up.

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