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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Paul Hollingsworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paul Hollingsworth Played by Linden Ashby on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Linden Ashby (JPI)

    Birthday: May 23 1960
    Birthplace: Atlantic Beach, Florida
    Marital Status: Married (Susan Walters April 19,1986-present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Linden Ashby
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Drunk and Disorderly!

    Monday, June 02 2008

    Bo and Hope dance nearby at Chez Rouge. Hope worries about his health but Bo's feeling great and is saving his energy for later! They kiss and Hope admits she's having an amazing time. She's lucky to have him alive and healthy. They kiss, and Hope challenges Bo to Salsa. They attempt their own form of "Salsa" and are left breathless. They prepare to leave and find Paul and Morgan nearby.

    Morgan bumps into Paul at Chez Rouge. He's celebrating his innocence and that the grand jury can't prove otherwise. Morgan's curious as to why he's not upset about the big drug bust and Paul says it has nothing to do with him. Hope and Bo stop by Paul and Morgan's table and Morgan compliments them on their dancing. Paul gets a call from Philip. He asks to return his call and tells Bo that he's confident the grand jury will drop all charges. Bo and Hope leave and agree that Paul's not to be trusted.

    Boxers or Briefs?

    Tuesday, April 29 2008

    At Salem PD, Abe tells Mr. Hollingsworth and Morgan that they've enough evidence to get him on Graft and want to cut him a deal. They'll drop charges if he fingers John Black!

    John and Marlena arrive at Salem PD. Roman swears him in to tell the truth and asks him point blank about his dealings with Paul. John says Paul is professional all the way. Abe reminds him that Paul quarantined the Kiriakis cargo while his wasn't quarantined. They want to know if he enabled potentially dangerous substances through customs and are prepared to cut him a deal. John lies that he has no information about this and when Roman asks if he accepted a bribe from Hollingsworth, John lies that he didn't. Philip arrives and asks John if Hollingsworth is his patsy. John tells Roman they're clean and would like to go, unless there is anything else. Paul tells John that they've offered him a deal and since they can't produce evidence, John and Paul leave. Morgan goes to Philip and asks what his problem is, and then leaves, with him in tow. Marlena tells John it's time to go but he pauses when he looks at Roman's name plaque on the door and on his desk. He almost collapses as if remembering something but doesn't admit anything.

    Back at Salem PD, Philip and Morgan argue about taking responsibility for one's own actions. Philip says her father is as guilty as John is and tells her if he says otherwise, he's lying to her. Philip lets her know that his father has done some nasty things lately and he too has had to come to terms with it. He says if her father can't tell right from wrong, he's a spineless jerk, he says! Morgan is visibly hurt and yells at Philip and stalks off.

    Marlena and John arrive outside the pub where Marlena is positive that John remembered something when they were at Salem PD. She tells him that he used to work there but John doesn't want to talk about it. They go inside and Marlena stops by Sami's table and tells her that she thinks John's starting to remember something!

    Marlena takes a call from Brady, at the pub and tells him that his father's back, but he's not quite himself. Marlena urges John to talk to Brady, though he's hesitant. John has issues talking with Brady and later admits that Brady's a stranger. He says Brady's getting the treatment he needs.

    Mimosa... or a Bloody Mary?

    Friday, April 18 2008

    At the DiMera mansion, though John has no idea what it is, he offers Paul Hollingsworth some Jägerhof that Rolf has prepared for breakfast. Paul's not interested. He simply wants to know when he will have his life back. John tells him not to worry. He has it covered, but Paul's going to owe him. Paul bristles when John tells him, "And I'll expect a little something extra."

    At the Vitali mansion, Ava asks the group if they really want to know about her past with Steve. They do, so she promises not to give boring details. She'll start at the end - the day he ruined her life! She tells everyone that she thought that they were deeply in love. She flashes back to the church, the day of the wedding, where she wore a simple white dress and everything was just as she wanted it. "I was marrying the man of my dreams." Steve looks away, worried and apologizes to Kayla for having to hear this. Ava invites Steve to tell her "good friends and precious little wife" what happened next so he says that he was at the altar watching Ava as she started towards him. She looked beautiful and happy and he wondered why he didn't feel the same. He had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach and started to flash back to someone else's wedding and another bride. He knew in his gut and heart that he couldn't go through with the wedding. Ava starts to cry and Steve asks if he should stop. Ava shakes her head and bitterly, she asks him to go on. He tells her that the feelings and flashbacks had his head spinning, so he took off outside, where he realized he couldn't marry Ava and knew he had to go back inside the church to tell her. Before he could, two guys came up behind him and dragged him off to his car, he says. Ava thinks he's lying and says when he left, a part of her died. Steve apologizes and tells Ava that things will make sense more when he shares what happened to him before they met. He tells her that he was kidnapped by Stefano DiMera, before they met, and his death was faked. He was made to forget his past, was locked up and under Stefano's control for years. The day he managed to escape, he met her. She changed him and gave him a life. "And I fell in love with you and I wanted to marry you," he says. He swears it's all true. Ava says after he left, she thought he was playing some game, but when she went outside, she realized he wasn't returning and started to sob. The next thing she knew, she was in an ambulance, being taken to a hospital where she stayed for a very long time, until she was taken home and locked up in her room. Steve apologizes but Ava calls him cold. Steve nods and Ava tells him he ruined her life and turned her into someone she despises. She yells that she hates him and hits him.

    Morgan finds Philip lurking outside the pub and asks, "What the Sam hill are you doing here?" Philip thinks she's overdoing the accent and she admits that she does that when she's nervous. She tells him she knows John Black is inside and thinks he's after John and her father. Philip denies this and asks her to breakfast, but Paul shows up. He's having breakfast with her. The men discuss business and again, Philip warns Paul about his shady dealings, until Paul decides their conversation is over. They all head inside. Philip takes a table near John and Nicole.

    Nicole takes a seat with John and asks if he remembers anything. He doesn't, and apologizes for it. She tells him not to apologize. She finds him interesting! John grins and comments that she's the first person who has said this to him! She remembers him as conservative and sexy and confesses to having had a crush on him, she flirts. She goes into detail about his sexy body and asks if he's been working out! John is taken aback and Nicole plods on. She asks if he feels cast adrift, considering he has no family or friends. He does, he says, but when she asks him on a date for dinner, it appears as though he's about to let her down. Philip interrupts them and says, "Well, well, well, what have we here?" John asks if Philip has a problem with them being together and Nicole says they're having breakfast, not sleeping together! Philip tells them they deserve each other, and after he leaves, John agrees to dinner with Nicole, tonight at his place.

    At a table on the other side of the pub, Morgan stares at John, knowing he was responsible for putting him in this mess in the first place. She thinks that John twisted Paul's arm and worries her father will go to jail but Paul reassures her that this will all be taken care of. Morgan leaves to meet Chelsea, and when Paul goes to pay, he bumps into John, who asks if he's following him. Paul rolls his eyes and explains that he's there with his daughter. They rehash their previous conversation and John tells him not to worry. He knows what he's doing.

    As Thick As They Come!

    Friday, April 11 2008

    Anna waltzes into Chez Rouge. Her mood turns sour as she spies Tony and Morgan. She loudly requests a drink at the bar and Tony goes to her. He greets her and asks if she's there for business or pleasure. "That's what I'd like to know," she says. He shares that he's there with Kate Roberts to discuss business. Anna retorts that Kate used to be in the business of pleasure. She confuses Tony by telling him that maybe if he plays his cards right, he'll get lucky!

    Meanwhile, at a nearby table, Morgan and her father, Paul, sit, after a dance. He tells her his reputation will be repaired, though he likely won't get his job back. The person who got him into this mess is going to be getting him out of it. Morgan worries but he asks if they can change the subject and have a nice dinner.

    Nicole's All Wet!

    Thursday, April 10 2008

    At The Pub, Stephanie runs into Caroline who asks how her internship is going. She jokes that all she has done is pick up lunch and coffee. She goes looking for Max, who tells her he is too busy to take a break. Sitting at a table, John is visited by Paul, who tells him he had better get him out of this legal mess. Marlena watches outside. Stephanie goes to her grandmother to talk. She confides that Max has been working a lot lately and they haven't been able to do anything together. She is feeling like Max has shut her out since Grandpa Shawn died. Caroline says burying himself in work is how Max is coping. Caroline tells Stephanie she'll give Max some time off. Meanwhile, John asks Paul if he's going to threaten him. Paul says he can't relax - the news has him tried and convicted! He is worried Kiriakis had him followed there. John says they'll both come out of this clean, not to worry. Just then, Marlena walks over and says hello. John dismisses Paul and offers Marlena a seat. When Marlena notes that she read about him in the paper, he tells her he is surprised that she isn't lecturing him about his business. She says he can do what he wants. John then suggests that he feels something for her and introduces himself anew, wanting to start over. But Marlena won't do it - she tells him she only wants her John back!

    Sailor man, Smooth Sailing!

    Friday, March 21 2008

    Max loads boxes for the Save the Children Charity for his community service when Paul asks if he can load boxes back on the Kiriakis ship. He'll talk to his probation officer and get his community service cut in half if he agrees. When he's gone, Max calls Philip and gives him a tip about what's going on. Later, Philip arrives and says he heard something was wrong with shipping. Paul tells him Philip's manifest doesn't match the ones in his office and everything needs to be quarantined until further notice. Philip tries to bribe Paul, but it doesn't work. When Morgan arrives with a sandwich for Paul, this confuses Max until she explains Paul is her father! Philip threatens to tell Morgan what's going on but Paul stops him and tells him to walk away or he will investigate him. Paul looks to Max and asks how Philip found out about the quarantine.

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