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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Paul Hollingsworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Paul Hollingsworth Played by Linden Ashby on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Linden Ashby (JPI)

    Birthday: May 23 1960
    Birthplace: Atlantic Beach, Florida
    Marital Status: Married (Susan Walters April 19,1986-present) 2 kids
    Real Name: Linden Ashby
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Days Recap: Serena pays Daniel a visit, armed with a recording

    Monday, July 27 2015

    JJ angrily changes for work in the office at TBD when Paige walks in. She assures him that he doesn't need to worry about her. "Nobody can hurt me the way you did," she insists. Bev bursts in so Paige exits. "I can't do this anymore," Bev tells him. She can't watch him obsess over Paige anymore and she's tired of being used. He never meant to hurt her. Bev knows that he's just a mess. Meanwhile, Paul arrives and orders an espresso from Sonny. They discuss Kate and Paul asks if he has any dirt on her. They joke around a bit until Will interrupts. Sonny is startled when Will invites Paul out with them for the night. This is a little weird for him. Derrick walks in so Will invites him as well. Paul rolls his eyes. Will excuses himself. His husband corners him and says that was a good idea. Meanwhile, Paul asks Derrick if he'd like to go out with them. He agrees to. Later, Kate arrives to meet with Paul. Sonny sticks his nose in to tell her how awful the name "Vanquish" is. Paul says that Will suggested they call it "Narita."

    Days Recap: Helping Yourself To My Wife.

    Wednesday, May 06 2015

    Back in San Francisco, Paul finds Tori with John. Tori wants Paul to get to know his father. John wants Paul to return to Salem with him on his plane. Paul would like that. He goes to pack and Tori cries a little. She wants what's best for their son. He touches her cheek. Paul texts Sonny with a heads up.

    Days Recap: Stir Crazy.

    Monday, March 23 2015

    In the hotel room, Paul is going stir crazy but Tori won't go out. They argue about Sonny. Tori flashes to her conversation with Will. She reminds Paul marriage is sacred. Tori thinks Paul should have told Sonny he doesn't love him anymore.

    Days Recap: Who Did It With JJ In The Conservatory?

    Monday, February 02 2015

    From home Will calls Paul. Will needs a reason Paul decided to out himself for Will. Sonny arrives and Will quickly hangs up. Sonny gives Will a quick massage and finds the baseball. He hides it and they each admit they're lucky they worked things out. Sonny goes. John drops by. He and Sonny may be called to testify in Ben Rogers' case. Will isn't looking forward to that. They're both friends.

    Days Recap: Romantic Claptrap.

    Wednesday, January 28 2015

    Paul introduces himself to John at the square and apologizes for the last time they met when he was rude. John accepts and they share a nice moment.

    Days Recap: No Victim.

    Monday, December 29 2014

    At the hospital, Daniel tells Paul he's not going to be able to throw a baseball like he used to. Paul asks, "Are you saying I won't be able to pitch anymore?" Daniel replies, "I'm sorry." Paul argues for Daniel to open his shoulder up and fix it again. Daniel says it won't work. Paul shouts, "What am I supposed to do with my life?" Paul wants this to stay between them until he figures things out. At the nurses' station, Abigail greets Jordan, who admits her necklace is from Chad. Abigail shares that Ben is worried. Jordan wishes he'd give Chad another chance. Abigail warns about DiMeras doing things to get their way.

    Days Recap: One Of Them Could Be Cheating.

    Tuesday, December 09 2014

    At the hospital, Marlena once again goes to Paul's room to see if he needs a shrink. He wants to discuss insanity. He thinks she's insane for returning over and over. Marlena says, "You think you're very clever, don't you?" She tells him this spoke volumes, and walks out. Later, Victor shows up at her office. He's worried about Sonny and Will. She knows but thinks the couple needs to work on their marriage themselves. Victor supposes it could be worse. "One of them could be cheating." Mel shows up and gives Maxine her application. Maxine takes it to HR and Melanie chats up Theresa. They exchange numbers and when Theresa tells Mel her name, Mel laughs and introduces herself.

    Break His Heart For A Box Of Popcorn.

    Monday, August 23 2010

    Daniel wanders the pier looking pensive. He takes out his cell phone and says to himself, "Do it."

    Meanwhile, outside the pub, Philip makes a call. "Yes or no. Can you do it? If you can do this, it’d mean the world to me."

    At home, Melanie is on St. Mary’s website.

    At her place, Chloe is on her computer on St. Mary’s website.

    Back at Stephanie’s place, Ian goes into St. Mary’s website to change the results but they’ve already been changed.
    At the pier, Daniel turns off his cell and says, "Done."

    Philip is still outside the pub, thanking somebody on his cell.

    We see Melanie saying, "That’s that," as she closes her lap top.

    Chloe is at home, closing her own lap top.

    Carly stands outside Chloe’s door waiting to knock.

    Bring It On!

    Wednesday, September 03 2008

    Philip and Morgan are in Bo's office. Morgan wants to see Paul but Bo tells her it will take awhile. She tells Philip that she won't forgive him just because he didn't actually kill her father. Bo takes Philip aside and says just because Paul was found alive, doesn't mean they're off the hook - Internal Affairs will be asking him about the recording! Just then, John walks in. "I received a call about Paul Hollingsworth. Is there something I can do to help?" Bo asks John to just come clean about what he did to Paul. John scoffs, "Why don't you tell me why Stefano is in my house and not behind your bars after everything he's done!" Bo agrees that Stefano deserves to be behind bars. John asks what they can do about it. Abe and Roman come in and urge John to press civil charges against Stefano. Abe tells Bo it's time to talk to Internal Affairs. They leave, and John asks Roman why the D.A. isn't pressing charges against Stefano. Roman tells John that he should be more worried about himself - he is still a suspect in the Hollingsworth case! At that point, Paul is brought in and reunited with Morgan. Paul tells Philip it's his lucky day. Roman asks Paul if it's true he left town of his own volition and if it is also true that he is pleading guilty to planting drugs on John's ship and to starting the fire. Paul confirms it's all in his statement. Roman asks John to leave the room. He then tells Paul that Morgan said he told her his life was in danger when he left town. He 'theorizes' that John held him captive, but Paul says it's not true. Roman then asks where Paul got the large amount of cocaine. He urges Paul to consider telling the truth - that Philip paid for the drugs - that way he can cut him a deal! Paul tells Roman that Philip wasn't involved and he was not coerced by anyone to commit those deeds. Roman is disappointed and says he knows he's covering - he just doesn't know why. He urges Paul to think about his daughter. Paul cryptically assures him that he is! Paul is taken down to holding, but stops to say goodbye to Morgan. She begs him to tell the truth, but he merely tells her to be strong and take care of herself. Philip tries to comfort her but she brushes him off. She turns to Roman and asks him to help her father. Roman asks Philip if he has anything to say.

    All Bets Are Off!

    Tuesday, September 02 2008

    Paul finds Morgan and a tearful reunion ensues. She wants to know what happened and where he went. He refuses to let her in on what happened, in order to protect her, but he's finished running. His plan is to turn himself in. Morgan is confused. They hug, and Morgan's phone rings. Philip rings her and asks to talk to Paul. She does so, reluctantly and Philip tells Paul not to run. "You're going down, pal," he threatens. An officer shows up with Hope and an arrest is made.

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