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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Paul Hollingsworth

    Full detailed profile on Paul Hollingsworth Played by Linden Ashby on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Linden Ashby (JPI)
    Paul Hollingsworth

    Actor: Linden Ashby

    Who played Paul Hollingsworth over the years

    Days of Our Lives - Paul Hollingsworth (Monday March 17- present, recurring, let go Sept 2008)

    Useful information on Paul Hollingsworth

    * Morgan's father
    * Accepted a bribe from John.
    * Working against the Kiriakis's, who also offered him a bribe.


    Current: Custom's Worker
    Past: Custom's Worker


    Paul Hollingsworth came to Salem March 17th as a custom's worker. He met with John Black, who wanted him to do a deal that would put a halt to the shipping for the Kiriakis Empire. He accepted a bribe from John, but shortly regretted it when he was found out. He now works with John, who is paying him to help John become the King of shipping in Salem - to own the docks. Paul would rather not, but he wants John's help to try to clear his name so his daughter, Morgan Hollingsworth, a sorority girl and friend to Max, Chelsea and Stephanie, can respect him.

    Paul played Philip against John and John ended up nabbing him and holding him "hostage" for a few weeks while his daughter Morgan thought he might be dead. John wanted everyone to think that Philip Kiriakis killed Paul, but it didn't work. Paul broke out of the cell in the DiMera mansion and went to the cops. He's now in prison for his part in the Kiriakis Shipping incidents. Basically, the show dropped the storyline.


    Mrs. Hollingsworth - Separated/divorced.




    Morgan Hollingsworth


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    Monday, August 23 2010: Break His Heart For A Box Of Popcorn.

    Daniel wanders the pier looking pensive. He takes out his cell phone and says to himself, "Do it."

    Meanwhile, outside the pub, Philip makes a call. "Yes or no. Can you do it? If you can do this, it’d mean the world to me."

    At home, Melanie is on St. Mary’s website.

    At her place, Chloe is on her computer on St. Mary’s website.

    Back at Stephanie’s place, Ian goes into St. Mary’s website to change the results but they’ve already been changed.
    At the pier, Daniel turns off his cell and says, "Done."

    Philip is still outside the pub, thanking somebody on his cell.

    We see Melanie saying, "That’s that," as she closes her lap top.

    Chloe is at home, closing her own lap top.

    Carly stands outside Chloe’s door waiting to knock.

    Wednesday, September 03 2008: Bring It On!

    Philip and Morgan are in Bo's office. Morgan wants to see Paul but Bo tells her it will take awhile. She tells Philip that she won't forgive him just because he didn't actually kill her father. Bo takes Philip aside and says just because Paul was found alive, doesn't mean they're off the hook - Internal Affairs will be asking him about the recording! Just then, John walks in. "I received a call about Paul Hollingsworth. Is there something I can do to help?" Bo asks John to just come clean about what he did to Paul. John scoffs, "Why don't you tell me why Stefano is in my house and not behind your bars after everything he's done!" Bo agrees that Stefano deserves to be behind bars. John asks what they can do about it. Abe and Roman come in and urge John to press civil charges against Stefano. Abe tells Bo it's time to talk to Internal Affairs. They leave, and John asks Roman why the D.A. isn't pressing charges against Stefano. Roman tells John that he should be more worried about himself - he is still a suspect in the Hollingsworth case! At that point, Paul is brought in and reunited with Morgan. Paul tells Philip it's his lucky day. Roman asks Paul if it's true he left town of his own volition and if it is also true that he is pleading guilty to planting drugs on John's ship and to starting the fire. Paul confirms it's all in his statement. Roman asks John to leave the room. He then tells Paul that Morgan said he told her his life was in danger when he left town. He 'theorizes' that John held him captive, but Paul says it's not true. Roman then asks where Paul got the large amount of cocaine. He urges Paul to consider telling the truth - that Philip paid for the drugs - that way he can cut him a deal! Paul tells Roman that Philip wasn't involved and he was not coerced by anyone to commit those deeds. Roman is disappointed and says he knows he's covering - he just doesn't know why. He urges Paul to think about his daughter. Paul cryptically assures him that he is! Paul is taken down to holding, but stops to say goodbye to Morgan. She begs him to tell the truth, but he merely tells her to be strong and take care of herself. Philip tries to comfort her but she brushes him off. She turns to Roman and asks him to help her father. Roman asks Philip if he has anything to say.

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