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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Ava Vitali - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Vitali Played by Tamara Braun on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tamara Braun (NBC)

    Birthday: April 18 1971
    Birthplace: Evanston Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Single (Long-term nameless boyfriend!)
    Real Name: Tamara Braun
    Height: 5' 5"


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    Stefano's out of Long Term Care.

    Monday, August 04 2008

    John goes over some papers at the mansion when Ava rushes in. She's being followed, likely by an undercover cop. He tells her they're covered. EJ interrupts and comments on the discussion but John asks him to stay out of his business. EJ's reminds John that he's his lawyer and wants to discuss Ava's case. John goes off to check on something while EJ and Ava are left together. EJ has bad news. Judge Fitzpatrick is no longer on the case. A tougher judge, Judge Hawkins, is taking her place and they've new evidence that links Ava to the death of three people. Ava wonders if her drug defense will work for her. "It's a long shot," EJ thinks.

    John returns to the great room and Ava decides to keep EJ's new evidence to herself for now. EJ asks John to consider letting him know what's going on, so he can be of assistance. After he leaves, John thinks he's too smart for his own good. "It's unfortunate that I'm going to have to trust him enough to tell him." Ava wants to focus on something else and asks him to come upstairs, so she can show him! They head up to John's room. Afterward, Ava leaves him a "Dear John" letter and leaves the mansion, quietly.

    A Gap In The Chain Of Evidence.

    Wednesday, July 30 2008

    At the mansion, Ava bounces on the sofa next to John and snuggles close. She is happy she gets to stay with John for a long time, since she's not being extradited. John can't get the situation with Paul off his mind. That could be Morgan in the hospital and he says Philip taking a bullet wasn't part of the design. Ava knows Philip will be fine, then once he is, they'll pin everything on him! She could strangle Eddie for being so careless. John tells her Rolf will clean up all the blood and he'll show her something that will take away all her fears!

    Ava follows John down a darkened corridor in the mansion. He gives her a key to open a door. Inside the room is a scruffy looking Paul Hollingsworth - with an attitude! John asks him to relax. Ava's not too happy that John kept this from her but he now trusts her enough to show her. Paul wants to see his daughter, but John refuses him. He comments that all she has from him are two notes and a tape. John says there is no tape and he wonders where the tape is! Paul slid it into the envelope, he says, so they all know it's there. Ava realizes Bo Brady made the evidence disappear, since he's Philip's brother! John can't let go of Paul until Philip has been framed for his murder. John admits Morgan is falling in love with Philip and since he took a bullet for her, he's her hero! Paul is incensed! Ava leaves the men alone and John explains what happened. Paul thinks Eddie is either stupid or crazy, for thinking Morgan had a gun, and yells that he has to get out of there and set Morgan straight about Philip. John asks for patience. Soon, Morgan will have nothing to do with Philip. John thinks Paul's lucky to be alive and he should be grateful that his men dragged him from the water.

    Ava arrives at Java Café. She sits down to write a letter…

    Sorry I Didn't Believe you.

    Monday, July 28 2008

    At the mansion, Philip is bleeding as an EMT team huddle around his body. Morgan blames herself for Philip being shot. Ava berates her cousin Eddie for shooting Philip, though he claims that he was only trying to protect Mr. Black. Kate walks in and gasps. She begins crying at her son's side as the EMT treat him. Bo and Hope arrive as he is rushed to the hospital. Hope takes a weeping Morgan away as Bo leaves with his brother.

    Roman instantly begins questioning John, suggesting that he might have set this all up. EJ backs up John's story but Roman is skeptical. Roman asks why Eddie was there. John summarizes what happened: Eddie drew his gun and took his shot when he mistakenly assumed that Morgan was drawing a gun. They bicker about Paul being missing and John repeats that Roman has no evidence of anything. Before John can say more, EJ advises him to stop. John wonders if he should press charges against Morgan for harassment and threats. Roman takes the hint and decides to leave with Eddie. "Thank you," John tells Eddie as she's taken away. John decides it's time for a drink. EJ asks him what it is they are fighting. "You need to tell me everything," he states. John repeats that there will be no surprises. He didn't smuggle drugs or take out Paul. Ava feels terrible for Morgan. EJ tells her she has enough problems of her own to worry about and she needs to stay out of this situation. John agrees. EJ points out that this whole event doesn't shine a good light on him either. John tells him to point the light somewhere else. A fax comes in for Ava: The request for her extradition has been denied and the case will be tried in Salem. They decide it's time to celebrate; champagne now and they'll clean up the blood on the floor later. EJ tells Ava that she should be thanking John and shows her that Karen Fitzpatrick will be the judge. John smiles. Champagne and caviar is brought in. The men assure Ava that she couldn't have a better judge if they had picked them themselves.

    At the DiMera mansion, EJ walks out as John and Ava toast. John tells her that the less she knows the better. She won't ask then, but she still wants to thank him and pulls him into a kiss. They talk about the judge. She laughs at his circumlocutions and wonders how she can show him her appreciation. They make out. He stops himself. She asks him what's wrong. He worries that Morgan might have tried to kill him; she has too much backbone. "Think what she would do if she knew what really happened to her father?" he wonders.

    Grounds for Divorce.

    Friday, July 25 2008

    At the DiMera mansion, John and Ava lounge on the couch. She talks about their amorous antics but he's busy reading an article about Paul. He says that searching for him is a waste of time. "How do you know it's a waste of time?" Marlena asks as she bursts into the room. Rolf apologizes but John says it's okay. "I didn't mean to intrude on your... private time," she hisses. He says that's okay because she's his wife, not that she ever acted like it. Ava decides she should be somewhere else. Before she can escape, EJ catches her. She thanks John for last night and walks off. EJ strolls over to the desk to work. Marlena and John repeat their common argument about her trying to change him into who he isn't. She points out that he's now committed infidelity. "I guess that gives you grounds for divorce," he mutters. They bicker. She walks out.

    Ava catches Marlena at the pub to apologize. Marlena vows to fight for her husband, if not for herself, than for his own sake. Ava reminds her that John Black doesn't exist. Marlena tells her that the man she slept with wasn't her husband and that the real John is hiding somewhere inside. "When the real John comes back, he will be though with you," Marlena bites.

    Ava drops by Steve's to talk to he and Kayla. Kayla isn't there. He lets her in. She apologizes again and reassures him that she is a different person now. She loved him once, but she's moving on. "With a married man. Congratulations," he says sarcastically. She and John are misfits, she admits. Her future is bleak and she asks if he'll consider testifying on her behalf. He refuses to lie for her. She just wants him to tell the truth about her: That she wasn't normally capable of the things that happened. He thought she wanted to pay for what she's done. She feels terrible, but she's not responsible and rotting in jail won't bring anyone back. He agrees to tell them about the person she was and what she became. She thanks him and goes to the door. Kayla walks in just as she does. Ava runs out. Steve tells Kayla why she was there. Kayla trusts him; they've both made mistakes but she hopes they've learned.

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