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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mickey Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mickey Horton Played by Kevin Dobson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kevin Dobson (Guignebourg/JPI)

    Birthday: March 18, 1943
    Birthplace: Jackson Heights, Queens, New Y
    Marital Status: Married (Susan in 1965) Three daughters
    Real Name: Kevin Dobson
    Height: 6"


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    Miss You Most of All, Scarecrow...

    Friday, August 08 2008

    At the church, Brad Baker, a Salem Spectator reporter, tells Abe to keep better tabs on his men and Roman asks what this is about. Bo tells him this isn't the time, or place. Brad disagrees and thinks the papers will be interesting and all about corruption in the Salem PD. Caroline asks Victor if he knows what this is about. Kayla asks Steve if he knows what this is about and Roman thinks this is a misunderstanding. Brad has proof. John listens from outside the door and thinks Hope can help them. He reads the anonymous letter, but Roman points out that this is meaningless. Kate thinks she should get Victor out of the church. Abe screams at everyone to stop chattering and invites the man down to the station. Brad claims Paul Hollingsworth is dead and Bo is protecting the murderer. Brad says there is a tape recording, and Bo got rid of it. Chelsea yells that he's lying and asks Bo to say something. Abe wants to know if there was a tape. Bo finally confesses, "Yeah, there was." There is a collective murmur amongst family and friends. "Oh no…" Brad refuses to reveal his sources. He and Abe leave and Bo apologizes to the family for making a bad decision. He apologizes to Hope and Roman tells him he needs answers. Bo tells Roman the tape was destroyed and nobody else is going to pay for his mistake. He says he's covering for nobody and knew what he was doing. "I'll accept the consequences." Roman has to arrest Bo. The family follows them out and John comes out of hiding, and then crosses off something in a notebook. (Perhaps Bo's name?)

    Bo and Hope Renew Their Vows...

    Thursday, August 07 2008

    Bo and Hope continue on their romantic carriage ride through the park, kissing and grinning at each other, and reminiscing about their past carriage ride in New Orleans. They arrive at the church and Hope's breath is taken away. Bo knew they'd be together forever when she first became his, in New Orleans and he wants to show her how much he loves her. He gets down on one knee and proposes. She accepts and says this means a lot to her. Bo was worried it wouldn't happen because of the whole cover up. Hope decides they won't discuss that today, and they enter the church to cheering family and friends. "We told you, you'd be surprised," yells Maggie, happily. Bo thanks everyone for being there and wishes Shawn, Belle and Claire could come. He reads highlights from a letter they sent, where they send best wishes. Doug and Caroline stand beside Hope and Bo. Doug will officiate. He says he's happy to preside over this happy occasion and remembers that he thought Bo was too much of a rebel to be trusted with his little girl. Steve and Kayla get up and reminisce. Steve says they must be in love, because they keep getting married over, and over, and over! Kayla knows it's special for each and they take a few moments to remember the wedding in New Orleans and we see flashbacks of their vows, then they talk about their second wedding. Ciara asks if she looked like a Princess and Bo tells her, "You bet she did!" They kiss, and remember that they then set sail with Shawn. We are treated to a flashback to Bo and Hope's wedding in the hospital, during the birth of Zach. Steve says that after that wedding, Hope and Bo had a Christmas Eve wedding, with all the trimmings! :)

    Back at the church, Doug asks the happy couple to get the rings. Hope hasn't one, she reminds Bo, but when Bo pulls out an identical band to her own, lost one, she is shocked and touched. Lexi comes in, late, and Bo asks Ciara to give Hope Bo's wedding band, as she doesn't have one to give. Kayla notices John, wandering the church. As Bo tells Hope that the band is Shawn's, Caroline cries, happily. Bo explains Caroline gave it to him to wear as a symbol of a new beginning.

    "Let this be a symbol of my promises to you and my devotion. I'm honored to call you my husband," says Hope. They kiss.

    Bo says it's been way too long since Hope has worn her wedding band. Although this isn't the exact one that was lost at sea, it's an exact replica, made from the same cast. "I coaxed Mr. Andrini out of retirement, so it's just right."

    "It's not just right. It's perfect," says Hope, but there is a slight difference. This one has the first date they were wed, inscribed and this date.

    Bo says, "I promise to love you and honor you and keep you and comfort you in sickness and health for better for worse as long as we both shall live." Hope moves for a kiss but Doug stops them. Caroline says a prayer and Doug laughs that though they’ve stolen a few kisses already, Bo may kiss his bride. Making out ensues and clapping from the family and friends. Bo thanks everyone for coming and helping arrange things. Everyone starts to head back to the Brady homestead for a New Orleans barbeque, but Brad Baker, a Salem Spectator reporter arrives and wants to know how Bo sleeps at night.

    Onward and upward, Blondie!

    Monday, July 07 2008

    Everyone in the Brady family watches as Chelsea and Daniel make out, while Hope tries to get Bo to take it easy. Caroline notes to Victor that his talk with Daniel didn’t do much good, and when Kate arrives, she sees Daniel and Chelsea kissing and promptly passes out! Kate's brought to a lounger and Victor is upset with Chelsea since Kate just had surgery and this isn't what she needs. Bo thinks it's the heat and Hope says she's still weak. They get her some juice and Kate finally comes to. Abe and Lexi arrive, with Theo, and Lexi is surprised that Daniel got involved with Chelsea. Kate comes to and right away wants to talk to Chelsea.

    Back at the Brady barbeque, it looks like Daniel's ready to head out as the rest of the family watch the fireworks.

    I Don't Do Weenies!

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    Outside in the Brady yard, Maggie can't believe Sami went home already. Mickey says there are issues between she, EJ and Lucas and she's probably tired. Maggie isn't sure how long this can go on for and says, "Three's a crowd!" They remember when Bonnie was their third wheel! Victor goes to take a call and Chelsea and Daniel arrive to the backyard. They're stopped by Victor, who is happily surprised to see Daniel, but his surprise turns to weariness when he finds out Daniel's Chelsea's date. He takes Daniel aside… and blasts him about dating his granddaughter without coming to him first. Daniel wasn't aware that he needed Victor's permission and says it's not like they're getting married. Victor knows Daniel's track record and says he's fond of him but doesn't want Chelsea to get hurt. Daniel has made past mistakes but doesn't think Victor's one to talk. Victor takes offense and they both agree that they don't want Chelsea to get hurt. Daniel intends on seeing Chelsea again.

    Bo follows Chelsea and leans into her about dating Daniel. The rest of the family listens and remembers about their own past. Chelsea and Bo move to the kitchen, where Chelsea reminds Bo of his past with Hope and how Hope didn't listen to family because she knew she could miss out on the best thing that ever happened to her. Bo smiles and asks when she became so wise. Chelsea made a lot of mistakes, she says and could be making another, but this feels right to her. Either way, she needs to figure it out on her own. Bo tells her she's right. He needs to back off! Chelsea says he can kick Daniel's butt if he hurts her. They hug.

    Salem is experiencing a massive blackout, Hope says. But Hope thinks their house, Chez Rouge and the Pub will be fine. She speaks too soon and the lights go out. Hope and Daniel go into the house to check on the situation. Hope and Bo leave Daniel and Chelsea alone and Daniel admits he's not worried about her family's concern. They kiss passionately.

    Bo and Hope go outside to check on the power as the fireworks begin. Hope's happy that Bo decided to keep his opinions to himself. Bo says sure, as long as Daniel doesn't hurt Chelsea! Chelsea and Daniel head outdoors and start kissing, thinking they're not seen but when the lights go on, everyone notices!

    Environmentally Friendly!

    Tuesday, May 20 2008

    At the State prison, Mickey talks to Lucas about the conditions of his house arrest and says if he messes up he will be back in prison. He thanks Mickey and Maggie and asks how he can ever repay them? Maggie hugs him and they both say the look on his face is thanks enough and he comments that he cannot wait to see the look on Sami’s face when she sees him! Mickey tells him that he cannot leave the house without permission and a police escort as well as an ankle monitor. Lucas says he's moving to the DiMera mansion as this is where Sami lives. Lucas is astonished but Mickey explains that she needed help with the twins and that Marlena offered to move in and help. He says word is that Sami's there to also help John with his memory. Lucas had no idea things were so bad. He realizes he would have known if he had taken a call from Sami! Mickey tells him now that he is getting out, he can help with the kids and after Lucas leaves, Maggie tells Mickey that Sami will have to tell him herself about EJ!

    Spongebob Johnson!

    Monday, May 19 2008

    Uncle Mickey arrives at Statesville prison to see Lucas. Mickey asks if Lucas wants to get out of prison and go home but Lucas is confused as he waived his right to a trial and was given 10 years in prison! Mickey explains the overcrowding issue and how some prisoners are being petitioned to leave. If the board were to let him out, he'd be on house arrest and would still be considered a felon. Lucas is interested, "Get me out of here!" Mickey says that he has to be approved and he's hopeful. He admits there is one thing he's concerned about, but doesn't say what, when they're interrupted by a chipper Maggie, who has brought some delicious doughnuts from Alice. He asks her to thank Gran for him and starts munching. He asks if Sami sent her love, like the rest of the family and Maggie is confused. Lucas admits he denied Sami's request to visit him. Maggie thinks it was crazy of him but Lucas doesn't want Sami to see him like this. Lucas wants to know when he can leave and Mickey says it could be as early as tonight, as long as the warden agrees to it! Lucas says it's been hell being in prison and not being with family. He's missing out on a lot of firsts with Allie. The warden and prison board calls Mickey from the cell and when he returns, he tells Lucas he's going home! Lucas hugs Mickey in his happiness

    Mickey Horton Returns!

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    At Chez Rouge, Mr. Burke asks Sami if she loves her husband but she doesn't answer. "We have a family together," she stalls. He threatens deportation so she gasps, "Of course I love him!" EJ returns and he tells them that Mickey Horton offered him a partnership in his company. He says Mickey's semi-retired and wants a young lawyer to come take the reins over for him. Mr. Burke asks if he's going to law school and EJ says, "No… not again!" Sami is surprised but covers and suggests Burke update his notes. EJ says he's gainfully employed but Mr. Burke reminds him that his work ethic isn't the best. EJ replies that he works hard, when he does work. Mr. Burke still doesn't like that they have separate apartments and wants to see them around with their family more. They'd like it too, they say and they fool around. EJ grabs Sami's nose and she kicks him under the table when he calls her feisty! Mr. Burke leaves and will be in touch, he says. Later, Sami chastises Maggie for giving EJ job. "Whose side are you on anyway?" Maggie's on Johnny's side and Sami comments that she misses Lucas. Maggie does as well but says Mickey's serious. Mickey shows up and tells Sami he is okay with this and EJ returns with wine and the discussion of his being a lawyer comes up. He tells them he has a license to practice in the USA. Maggie tells EJ bringing John back to Marlena means a lot to her and Mickey hopes he is nothing like his father. EJ claims he isn't and Sami agrees. Mickey puts EJ on a probationary period. He calls it lots of work, very little money! Maggie asks that EJ doesn't make a liar out of her. EJ thanks Maggie and Sami and they resume their seats and discuss their living arrangements and extended family. EJ isn't sure his Uncle John would be up for a visit but Sami thinks Marlena would.

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