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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mickey Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Mickey Horton Played by Kevin Dobson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kevin Dobson (Guignebourg/JPI)

    Birthday: March 18, 1943
    Birthplace: Jackson Heights, Queens, New Y
    Marital Status: Married (Susan in 1965) Three daughters
    Real Name: Kevin Dobson
    Height: 6"


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    Mickey Horton Dies.

    Friday, January 08 2010

    Hope arrives at Maggie’s place. She doesn’t answer so Hope lets herself in and starts chatting about the cruise and how excited she is to show her the star charts she got for their trip. Upon noticing Maggie’s tears, Hope asks what’s wrong. Maggie says he was upstairs packing and she checked in on him. She just spoke with him minutes before. He was so happy about the cruise and taking time off to be together. "Maggie what happened?" Maggie tried CPR over and over but she couldn’t stay. She wasn’t brave enough. Hope’s face falls and she whispers. "Brave enough?" Maggie says he’s gone. Since she works in a hospital, she knows when somebody’s beyond help. She hopes it was quick and that he wasn’t in any pain. She breaks down and Hope asks if it’d be okay if she went upstairs. It’s fine, but Maggie can’t do it. She already held him in her arms and said goodbye. Does Hope think he’d be upset that she didn’t have the courage to go back up? Hope doesn’t think so and slowly makes her way upstairs. Hope returns in tears. She has called 911. Uncle Mickey looked very peaceful. She gives her condolences and they hug, sobbing. Later, the paramedics have arrived and wheel out Mickey’s body. Maggie holds his hand before they take him away and notices he’s missing his ring. She sees it on a table with his glasses and puts it back on him. He never leaves the house without it on, she cries. "I love you my darling. I always will," she says, before he is taken away. Hope stands by, in tears, while Maggie breaks down. "What am I going to do?" Hope offers to make some phone calls and tell the family, because Maggie can’t do it. Maggie worries about Alice. She’s so frail. They can’t tell her! Maggie sobs, "She’ll never be able to take it." Hope knows they’ve got to do it and calls Alice and makes plans to come right over. After she hangs up, she sees she has missed a call from Bo. Maggie says she’s got to call Melissa and Sarah.

    In another room, Will confronts Mia about what he overheard with Gabi. Mia won’t tell him the truth so he goes after Gabi with Mia trailing him.

    Thumper and Cruella De Ville!

    Tuesday, November 18 2008

    Melanie wrestles with Nick at the hotel and his cell phone drops. She steps on it by accident and it makes a call to Stephanie. Neither notice but Stephanie hears the call and says, “Oh good, it’s Nick.” She hears as Melanie yells at Nick, “Get off of me Nick! What are you going to do, kill me, Nick, like you killed my father?”

    A Little Outpatient Surgery...

    Thursday, October 02 2008

    Roman , Kayla, Mickey and Bo take Caroline to Roman's office and ask her if there is any detail she may have missed that will lift suspicion off of her and allow them to find the real killer. They ask her to recall events leading up to this, so she tells them of her relationship with Trent leading up to the night's slaying. She tells them of her warning. She'd do anything to protect Max and if he hurt her son, he'd have to answer to her. She shares their run-ins and how she told Trent to stay out of the pub. Finally, she shares how she threw him out, and remembers telling him again to leave them alone, after Max returned from Paris. They all think she was protecting Max and understand that. She tells them that she argued with him, the night that he died, when she refused his entrance into the pub.

    Max arrives and Kayla fills him in on what's happening with their Ma. He's worried and angry at Trent for causing trouble even after death. He talks to Caroline, later, and she tells Max she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Max wonders if Trent sought her out after he was attacked for a reason. Roman ponders about this. "Maybe he was trying to tell you who stabbed him!" Bo and Roman think they need to explore this and since Hope says mass was let out around that time, they may have witnesses. Caroline cries as she recalls Trent's face when he approached her. She says it was eerie. She recounts cleaning the pub that night and we see a flashback that we never saw the first time. Trent surprises Caroline at the pub and wants to see Max and Melanie but she asks him to leave them alone and says he left Max so he had a better life. He's been following the Brady family for a long time and they're not perfect. Caroline agrees but they never destroyed anyone along the way, she yells. She admits to Bo, Mickey and Roman, that her temper got the better of her. They think she was protecting her family, but she disagrees. "That's not all." Mickey leaves and she explains that she tried to call the police but Trent grabbed the phone and threw it across the room. Caroline picked up a knife (Same one that Nicole saw earlier that someone was using to cut lemons?) and threatened him with it. She admits to having murder in her heart. She cries that she threatened him, but didn't kill him. Bo believes her. Roman asks off the record what happened next. "We had a few words and he left." She doesn't know who he saw next. Mickey returns and says there are witnesses. Someone saw Caroline at the pub, holding a knife on Trent! Roman comments they'd better find the real killer, and fast.

    Kayla and Max discuss Melanie, outside Roman's office, and Max says Melanie thinks Max killed Trent. Max is upset that things didn't go according to his master plan of meeting his sister and having a rock solid bond, straight away. Kayla thinks these things take time.

    You're Pregnant... Nicole!

    Monday, September 29 2008

    Melanie continues to poke around in Trent's wallet, at Chez Rouge. She takes out cash for the dinner but Nick tells her to put her money away. He's paying. She asks if he can show her Salem's hot spots but he doesn't know them. She flirts and says she can teach him a thing or two.

    Julie and Doug show up at Chez Rouge. They spy Melanie. Maggie and Mickey explain that Melanie is Max's sister. Julie says there is something about her body language that she doesn't like.

    Back at Nick's table, Melanie asks Nick if he needs ice for his hand. She's never had anyone protect her before. She gets up and sits on his lap and theatrically calls him her hero.

    Nearby, Julie and Maggie agree that Melanie's a trouble maker. Doug asks how they know. "Takes one to know one," says Julie, laughing. They're interrupted by Hope, who calls to ask Mickey to go to the station. Caroline was arrested for the murder of Trent Robbins. Julie finds it ludicrous and they all agree to go to the station, but first, they have to tell Melanie. Mickey tells her.

    Pulling the Strings.

    Friday, September 19 2008

    Daniel finishes his speech and he and Lexi leave the board meeting. The board deliberates while, outside the boardroom, Daniel cracks jokes about Eleanor being a constipated board member. Lexi knows she has made some mistakes, but Daniel asks her to stay positive. Lexi loves her job, but is having second thoughts, because of the pressure. "I need to be there for my little boy," she says. "Then you know what you have to do," says Daniel. They return to the boardroom and Eleanor is about to tell her that the board voted in her favor, when Lexi resigns as Chief of Staff. The board members are shocked, but she tells them it's best for her and for the hospital. Her focus needs to be on her family and on Theo. She'll continue her practice, with a more flexible schedule. She thanks the board members, but when Eleanor asks her once to reconsider, Lexi refuses to. She has made her decision, and leaves. Once the meeting is adjourned, Victor lectures Daniel about his fling with Kate. "How could you do this?" Daniel doesn't think it's Victor's business, but Victor disagrees. Daniel calls their time together a mistake. "It was only a couple of times." He's not giving up on Chelsea. They argue, but when Victor finds out that Kate is in the hospital, he rushes to her side.

    I Quit!

    Thursday, September 18 2008

    Lexi arrives at her board meeting with Julie and greets Victor, Mickey and Doug. They take their seats and the board meeting commences with Eleanor recounting all of the good and bad that Lexi has done for the hospital. She focuses on the negative, saying that Lexi has had cost overruns, outstanding collectibles and says there was no fundraiser this summer, as there is each year. Lexi admits she had no time to work on the fundraiser, and Eleanor barks that she could have contacted the fundraiser committee. That's what they're there for! Eleanor asks straight out if Lexi's personal life got into her position. "Dr Carver was given a position for which she was completely unqualified for," says Eleanor. Daniel arrives and replies, "I couldn't disagree more." He shares that he likes the way things work around here. That says a lot about the person running the show. Eleanor wonders if Theo's recent diagnosis of Autism has affected Lexi's job. Julie doesn't like the line of personal questions and lets it be known while Daniel disagrees that this is the case. Lexi says that though she has been through a lot, her personal life will not affect her position. Daniel calls Lexi compassionate and thinks she's the best person to lead this institution. He calls the hospital fortunate to have her and thinks it'd be a mistake to lose her. Lexi and Daniel are asked to step outside while they deliberate. Once they leave, the board discusses what to do with Lexi.

    Joint Custody!

    Friday, September 05 2008

    EJ meets Sami at the pub. He has just come from the courthouse and has some news - her custody hearing has been moved to today. She doesn't need to be there - the judge will make a decision based on the depositions she and Lucas gave. Sami worries what will happen if the judge rules against her. EJ wonders if she is worried about losing Lucas as well. She blows off the question, and EJ presses her to talk about what happened between the two of them. Sami shifts uncomfortably. Mickey comes into the pub and says the judge hasn't made a decision yet. EJ leaves, telling Sami he'll be back soon and will call if he hears anything.

    Lucas, Chloe and Kate arrive in the pub and as they sit down, Kate has a coughing fit. She then tells Lucas that he is free of Sami, and shouldn't get into another doomed relationship! Chloe rolls her eyes. Chloe tells Lucas she's not sitting there listening to his mother trash her. He asks her to go get the keys for the boathouse. Kate says she blames Chloe for what happened to Brady, but Lucas says she's not responsible for that. Kate then raises the issue of his custody battle - the judge will look into every aspect of his life. "Chloe's not mother material." Lucas points out that neither was she! He tells her to let him make his own decisions. Mickey arrives at the table just then to alert Lucas that the judge will be making a decision by the end of the day. He points out that Sami is sitting across the pub! Sami comes over and they are soon arguing about him taking Chloe to the Horton cabin. She says that if he gets visitation, she doesn't want Allie anywhere near Chloe! Lucas says she may be her step-mother one day, so she'd better get used to it! Nearby, Mickey briefs Kate on a business venture and she erupts in coughing again.

    EJ arrives back at the pub. Nicole closes in on him and wonders if they are going to talk about what he said to her the other day. He holds her hand across the table and admits he can't get her out of his system - but it's complicated. She accuses him of making excuses, but he says that Sami is the mother of his child - she's an important part of his life. Nicole says she is running out of patience - he'd better decide what he wants soon! She leaves the table, and Sami soon comes over. She wonders what is taking the judge so long! Suddenly, Mickey comes to the table, and calls Lucas over from the bar area. "The judge has decided to award joint custody!" Sami proclaims that there is no way she is going to agree to that!

    Look Who I Bumped Into!

    Monday, August 25 2008

    Lucas wants to take Allie with him and leave. He wants her permanently, but Sami and EJ tell him he can't take her without Sami's permission. Allie will have a peaceful life, says Lucas, if she lives with him. Lucas will wind up in jail if he takes Allie. Sami wants to know why Lucas is treating her like this. Lucas tells her this is about his daughter. There is no 'us', he tells Sami. EJ decides to go check on the twins and Sami asks him to check the security. Lucas wants to know what Sami's worried about. He assumes it's Stefano, since he's gone from the hospital. Sami wants to work something out but Lucas is calling Mickey. He leaves the room and Sami and EJ argue about whether or not Sami should go check on the babies. It's been a difficult day. EJ apologizes for snapping at her.

    Lucas lets Mickey and Maggie in the DiMera mansion. Lucas wants full custody and Maggie doesn't want Allie to grow up without her mother. Mickey thinks sole custody is a bit much to ask from someone in his position. He'll talk to Sami. Mickey goes into the great room while Maggie asks if things are really over between he and Sami. He tells her they are, and says he likes Chloe, who has a lot of the qualities that he was attracted to in Sami, minus the rage! He's taking it slow. Maggie thinks he's falling for her. They go into the great room.

    Sami tells Mickey she's not sure why Lucas is fighting for sole custody. EJ doesn't think it'll happen but Mickey thinks Lucas may have a case. Sami would prefer joint custody, but Mickey says since Stefano's missing, he could be a threat to the children. EJ knows if his father wanted to abscond with the kids, he'd have done it a while ago! Sami doesn't want to fight over Allie the way they fought over Will. Lucas tells her she will not win in court.

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