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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Mickey Horton

    Full detailed profile on Mickey Horton Played by Kevin Dobson on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kevin Dobson (Guignebourg/JPI)
    Mickey Horton

    Actor: Kevin Dobson

    Who played Mickey Horton over the years

    John Clarke (November 1965 to January 2004)
    Richard Voigt (2004)
    John Ingle (February 18, 2004 to April 14, 2006)

    Useful information on Mickey Horton

    * Married to Maggie
    * Has been lawyer since he came on the show.
    * Had affair with secretary during marriage to Laura.
    * Had heart surgery.
    * Is not Mike Horton's biological father.


    Current: Lawyer (semi-retired)
    Past: Lawyer


    Mickey Horton is the son of Alice and Tom Horton. He has been a Lawyer for his entire time in Salem. He had a relationship with Dianne Hunter, who was a client of his and then an attraction to Laura Spencer. He and brother Bill both had a flame for Laura, but Mickey married her in December 1968. Laura was then raped by brother Bill, during her marriage to Mickey and it was then that he learned he was sterile. Many issues ensued and Mickey was unfaithful to Laura, with his secretary Linda Anderson (who became pregnant by Mickey). He tried to make his marriage work out, but had a coronary when he learned his father had an affair with secretary Linda. His brother Bill was able to perform open heart surgery and saved Mickey's life, however, he lost his memory after a stroke and left town. He was found by Maggie Simmons, who was able to care for him, though she was handicapped herself. He called him self Marty Hanson and later married Maggie but since he was still married to Laura, their marriage was invalid. He divorced Laura and went back to Maggie who had an unsuccessful operation to ensure she could walk again and they married January 25, 1975.

    In 1981, Maggie became a surrogate mother for an anonymous donor but found out the child Evan Whyland's, and she and Mickey went through custody to keep the child, Sarah, and eventually Melissa, Linda Anderson's baby with Mickey.

    It was learned later, that Maggie's handicap was caused by Stefano DiMera. Mickey was kidnapped by Stefano and Don Craig moved in on a widow Maggie. When Mickey returned, he had another heart attack but survived. Eventually, Maggie divorced Don and remarried Mickey February 4 `986 - a double wedding of their daughter Melissa and Pete Jannings.

    Mickey ran for Senate in 1983 and it was there he met Jack Devereaux. Jack started dating Melissa but when she learned he was using her, she let him go.

    Maggie and Mickey had marital issues when Mickey's work took over his life. She wound up with Neil Curtis and Sarah caught them and took photos of them in flagrante. She tried to expose them and when she learned that Neil was actually her father, she showed a devastated Mickey the photos. He blamed himself for not being there for her and they repaired their marriage while Neil left Salem. He had become more of a recurring character and was seen during the Salem Stalker attacks in 2003. It was then that Maggie had 'died' at the hands of the stalker and he took solace in Bonnie Lockhart's arms. They married, but the union was brief, for when Maggie returned, he eventually remarried her!

    Mickey returned April 1 2008 and at Maggie's insistence, he gave EJ Wells DiMera a job with him. He is semi-retired now and needs help at the law firm and it turned out that EJ had been to law school and while he's trying to keep his American status, he needed a job.

    Recently, Mickey assisted Lucas in his custody battle over Allie with Sami. He also helped Caroline Brady, who was arrested for Trent Robbins' murder. He continues to practice law with EJ, and supports his wife Maggie as she runs her restaurant, Chez Rouge.


    Maggie (Simmons) Horton (2004 - present)
    Laura Spencer (December 1967 - 1974)
    Maggie (Simmons) Horton (invalid first time, divorced and then invalid third time when she was thought to be dead)
    Bonnie Lockhart (2004 - invalid marriage)


    Laura Spencer
    Maggie (Simmons) Horton lead to marriage
    Bonnie Lockhart lead to marriage


    Tom Horton Sr. (father -deceased)
    Alice Horton (mother)
    Tommy Horton Jr. (brother)
    Addie Horton (sister -deceased)
    Bill Horton (brother)
    Marie Horton (sister)
    Sandy Horton (niece)
    Julie Williams(niece)
    Hope Williams Brady (niece)
    Jessica Blake (niece)
    Jennifer Horton-Deveraux (niece)
    Lucas (Roberts) Horton (nephew)
    Steven Olson (nephew)
    Mike Horton (nephew)
    Spencer Olson (grand-nephew)
    David Banning (grand-nephew)
    Robert Anderson Jr. (grand-nephew now deceased)
    Shawn Douglas Brady (Current) (grand-nephew)
    Zack Brady (grand-nephew now deceased)
    Ciara Brady (grand-niece)
    Jeremy Horton (grand-nephew)
    Will Roberts (grand-nephew)
    Abigail Deveraux (grand-niece)
    Jack Deveraux Jr. (grand-nephew)
    Nick Fallon (grand-nephew)
    Scott Banning (great-grand-nephew)
    Claire (Kiriakis) Brady (Current) (great-grand-niece)
    Alice Caroline Horton (grand-niece)


    Sarah Horton (adoptive daughter)
    Melissa Horton (adoptive daughter)


    There are no additional images yet


    Friday, January 08 2010: Mickey Horton Dies.

    Hope arrives at Maggie’s place. She doesn’t answer so Hope lets herself in and starts chatting about the cruise and how excited she is to show her the star charts she got for their trip. Upon noticing Maggie’s tears, Hope asks what’s wrong. Maggie says he was upstairs packing and she checked in on him. She just spoke with him minutes before. He was so happy about the cruise and taking time off to be together. "Maggie what happened?" Maggie tried CPR over and over but she couldn’t stay. She wasn’t brave enough. Hope’s face falls and she whispers. "Brave enough?" Maggie says he’s gone. Since she works in a hospital, she knows when somebody’s beyond help. She hopes it was quick and that he wasn’t in any pain. She breaks down and Hope asks if it’d be okay if she went upstairs. It’s fine, but Maggie can’t do it. She already held him in her arms and said goodbye. Does Hope think he’d be upset that she didn’t have the courage to go back up? Hope doesn’t think so and slowly makes her way upstairs. Hope returns in tears. She has called 911. Uncle Mickey looked very peaceful. She gives her condolences and they hug, sobbing. Later, the paramedics have arrived and wheel out Mickey’s body. Maggie holds his hand before they take him away and notices he’s missing his ring. She sees it on a table with his glasses and puts it back on him. He never leaves the house without it on, she cries. "I love you my darling. I always will," she says, before he is taken away. Hope stands by, in tears, while Maggie breaks down. "What am I going to do?" Hope offers to make some phone calls and tell the family, because Maggie can’t do it. Maggie worries about Alice. She’s so frail. They can’t tell her! Maggie sobs, "She’ll never be able to take it." Hope knows they’ve got to do it and calls Alice and makes plans to come right over. After she hangs up, she sees she has missed a call from Bo. Maggie says she’s got to call Melissa and Sarah.

    In another room, Will confronts Mia about what he overheard with Gabi. Mia won’t tell him the truth so he goes after Gabi with Mia trailing him.

    Tuesday, November 18 2008: Thumper and Cruella De Ville!

    Melanie wrestles with Nick at the hotel and his cell phone drops. She steps on it by accident and it makes a call to Stephanie. Neither notice but Stephanie hears the call and says, “Oh good, it’s Nick.” She hears as Melanie yells at Nick, “Get off of me Nick! What are you going to do, kill me, Nick, like you killed my father?”

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