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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dr. Daniel Jonas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Daniel Jonas Played by Shawn Christian on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shawn Christian (NBC)

    Birthday: December 18 1965
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids Michigan
    Marital Status: Married (Deborah Quinn - May 18 1996- two kids)
    Real Name: Shawn Christian
    Height: 6'


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    Days Recap: You're Fired!

    Friday, April 17 2015

    At Daniel's, he lets Nicole know he wants to be with her but is having trust issues. They kiss passionately. Nicole thinks they should stop. Daniel tells her they're alone tonight. He wants to go out and talk, but not about anyone they know. He suggests bowling and Nicole's psyched.

    Xander and Serena arrive at Daniel's bearing gifts. Daniel's forced to let them in. The men go off on a tour of the apartment and Nicole gets a text from her boss. She has to cover a story. Serena and Xander leave and Nicole is disappointed that they have to postpone their date.

    Days Recap: I Like Trouble.

    Thursday, April 16 2015

    At the Kiriakis manse, Daniel asks if Victor sent Xander to Salem to mess with his relationship with Nicole. Victor denies this and tells him Xander's in town on business. Daniel's glad to hear he turned his life around. Victor's silent.

    Nic arrives at Daniel's. He answers the door wet and towel clad Daniel. She apologizes for playing games and going for coffee with Xander. She hopes one day Daniel will believe she's over Eric because she wants to work things out. Is that what he wants? He admits he's having trouble trusting her.

    Days Recap: Pulling The Wings Off Flies.

    Wednesday, April 15 2015

    In Daniel's office, he appears and hugs Xander happily. Nicole's shocked so Dan fills her in on who Xander is and how they met. Nicole cringes. Soon it's obvious to Xander that Daniel and Nicole are an item and he apologizes to Daniel for taking her for coffee. It's awkward so Xander promises to stay in touch and goes. "Talk about six degrees of separation," Nicole says. Dan takes partial blame for them not getting along but says her date with Xander felt like payback. They discuss him keeping secrets and he admits he does it because he doesn't trust her. Things escalate to him thinking she is still into Eric and tells her she moves too quickly from one man to the next. He thinks she's afraid not to have a man in her life.

    Back at the hospital, Maggie interrupts Nicole and Daniel's fight. Nicole sadly leaves. Maggie learns Xander's in town and asks what he's like. Daniel calls him "lost and dangerous."

    Days Recap: Where's The Baby?

    Tuesday, April 14 2015

    At the square, Theresa goes to Daniel, Nicole and Maggie and taunts them about Nicole's date with 'that man'. Nicole's uncomfortable but admits she had coffee with a guy. Nearby, Eric watches as Daniel takes Theresa aside and congratulates her for causing trouble between him and Nicole. Eric takes Theresa away and back at the table, Maggie is appalled that Nicole would see someone else. Nicole says that's not how it happened. Maggie goes and Daniel confronts Nicole. She admits the guy probably saw their meeting as a date. Daniel sighs. The last time they spoke she told him they were done and now he knows she meant it.

    Nicole drops by Daniel's office and tells him she was wrong. She wants this to work and admits she went for coffee with that guy because she had it with him but she doesn't want to give up on them. She asks to start over. He has to check on a patient but will be back. She tries to see that as a good sign but looks tormented. She fantasizes that he has taken her back and when Xander shows up, she jumps up, startled. She accuses him of stalking her but when Daniel returns, it's obvious the men know each other.

    Days Recap: You're A Clone Of Your Mother!

    Wednesday, April 08 2015

    Eve drops by Daniel's. She can tell by the look on his face that he knows about her and JJ. He asks how the hell she could sleep with her daughter's boyfriend. Eve doesn't have to explain herself. Daniel accuses her of manipulating an 18-year-old but she denies it was planned. Daniel knows that she has always put her hooks into all of Jennifer's men. Daniel won't let her destroy JJ's life. He knows what it's like to be cheated on and how painful it is. Eve doesn't want Paige to go through that sort of pain and asks him to keep quiet. Daniel orders her to stay away from JJ.

    Theresa arrives at work and taunts Daniel about Nicole's date with a hot guy.

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