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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dr. Daniel Jonas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Daniel Jonas Played by Shawn Christian on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shawn Christian (NBC)

    Birthday: December 18 1965
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids Michigan
    Marital Status: Married (Deborah Quinn - May 18 1996- two kids)
    Real Name: Shawn Christian
    Height: 6'


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    Days Recap: Spine-Chilling!

    Friday, October 31 2014

    Brady arrives at Daniel's place. The door's open so he waltzes in and finds his friend rolling around in bed half naked with Kristen. Angered, he walks out. He bumps into a chair and Daniel hears but keeps at it with Kristen. Brady takes off. Later, Daniel stops. They agree they can't do this. They dress. Kristen realizes they left the door open. They both lost something today. "Yeah, our minds," Daniel says. Kristen didn't want to feel more pain but says today's the day she says goodbye to Salem. She's still rooting for him and Jenn, even though he tells her it's over. She kisses his cheek and goes.

    Eric meets Marlena at the hospital. Daniel comes upon them and she fills them both in that Brady knows what Theresa did.

    Days Recap: I'll Be Back In A Flash.

    Thursday, October 30 2014

    Kristen cries on Daniel's shoulder at his place, knowing Brady will never come back to her. They break away and she apologizes. She had nowhere else to go. She loves Brady but knows she'll never be with him. She tells Daniel about the recording which proves Theresa hit John. She played it for Brady and he thought she manufactured it. She thinks Daniel must be happy to be right that Brady won't take her back. Daniel looks tortured. He says he believes her heart is broken and knows exactly how she feels. She starts yelling about what he'll do to get that liar away from his best friend. She notices he's been looking at a photo of himself with Jenn and taunts him about Jennifer and what went wrong and he yells at her to shut up. He admits Jenn gave up on them and yells that it's done. "Jenn's gone." Kristen realizes Daniel understands what she's feeling. "Good." She says Jennifer will get over it. He doesn't think so. She taunts him and he grabs her and tells her to shut up. They start making out like crazy and ripping each other's clothing off.

    Days Recap: The Cool Uncle.

    Wednesday, October 29 2014

    In Daniel's office at the hospital, Jennifer tells Daniel she's no longer in love with him. They rehash their argument about how judgemental he thinks Jenn is. He says they should have discussed things a long time ago and asks if they can talk tonight. She says it's too late. She's leaving to be with her mother for a few weeks. Daniel asks to talk when they return but she needs to start living in the real world. She'll be getting a new job where she's not involved with him. They're not lovers or friends. Daniel looks crushed. He still loves her. They rehash their old arguments again and he tells her nobody can replace the empty space within him. He needs it to be her. She asks him to please stay out of her kids' lives out of respect. She wants him to get his key back from JJ and stop being the cool uncle. Daniel asks her to rethink this. She finds him persuasive and asks him to tell her what secret he shares with JJ and what is going on with him and Kristen. He can't do that. The reasons have nothing to do with her. She accuses him of having a lack of trust in her. She's done and runs out while Daniel weeps. In John's room, he asks Theresa if Kristen's still in town. They're interrupted by a nurse with release papers for John. Theresa takes off.

    Daniel heads home and has a drink. Kristen shows up, depressed. He was right. Brady will never take her back. She bawls on Daniel's shoulder.

    Days Recap: Slow And Easy.

    Tuesday, October 28 2014

    In Daniel's office at the hospital, JJ tells Daniel everything is wrong. He says Paige questioned Jill, who claimed a lot of people were drugged that night. He says Jill also claimed he hit on her and Paige believed it. She won't talk to him. Daniel feels he has to connect and tell Paige the whole story. He wonders if something else is bothering him. JJ flashes to Eve, but tells Daniel, "No." Jenn arrives outside the door as Daniel tells JJ to use his apartment to be alone with Paige. She goes to the nurses' desk and stops JJ when he appears. She says she's leaving to be with his grandmother and questions him about having Daniel's key. She rushes to Daniel's office angrily. What he's doing has to stop right now. Daniel says he trusts JJ not to abuse the privilege of using his apartment. They argue about him involving himself in JJ's life. Daniel advises her to sit down and listen to JJ. She's outraged that he's telling her how to parent. They argue at length. Jenn thinks he's trying to punish her by having these secrets. Daniel denies it. They bicker about Kristen. He says it's not her concern. Jenn doesn't know who he is anymore. Daniel's discouraged she doesn't trust him. Jenn thinks the love she had for him is gone.

    Days Recap: Make Her Fix Her Shirt.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    Daniel drops by Kristen's at her behest. She hands him champagne. He doesn't want it. "You're no fun," Kristen tells him. She thinks Theresa should be the one to confess and shows Daniel pictures of Anne and Eve. What if Theresa confided in one and they know the truth? Daniel says if that's the path she wants to get Brady back, she'll have to come through him. He takes a drink of the champagne. He drinks hers too, and she admits she almost kind of likes him in a weird way.

    Back at Kristen's, she toys with the buttons on Daniel's shirt and tries to get him to stay and have a "meeting of the minds" when Jenn walks in. Dan takes off and Jenn gives Kristen her condolences. She asks if she's going after Daniel now. Kristen sets her straight. They argue and Jenn walks out on her.

    Daniel finds Nicole weeping over EJ outside the Brady's pub so he offers to buy her coffee and listen.

    Days Recap: He's In The Morgue.

    Thursday, October 16 2014

    JJ shows up at Daniel's office in the hospital. He asks how he's supposed to explain about Jack raping Kayla to Paige. He also wonders if he is just like his dad on some level since he hasn't always treated girls well. Daniel calls JJ his own man. Dan liked Jack and knows that he deserved a second chance. He offers his apartment for JJ to spill. JJ goes and Eve drops by to sign some papers for her surgery. She talks the nurse's head off and asks for Eric Brady's contact information for new head shots. Daniel walks up and they argue over JJ.

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