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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dr. Daniel Jonas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Daniel Jonas Played by Shawn Christian on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shawn Christian (NBC)

    Birthday: December 18 1965
    Birthplace: Grand Rapids Michigan
    Marital Status: Married (Deborah Quinn - May 18 1996- two kids)
    Real Name: Shawn Christian
    Height: 6'


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    Days Recap: JJ's almost caught red-handed

    Tuesday, August 04 2015

    Daniel breaks up the catfight between Nicole and Chloe and demands to know what he walked in on. Nicole takes a walk while Chloe explains she has problems with Nicole being Parker's step-mother. Daniel points out that she has never seen Nicole with Parker. She's great with the boy. Daniel admits he felt the same way when he learned Chloe and Bryce were getting serious. He asks her to have faith he'll do right by Parker. Parker returns with the sitter and Chloe tells him she's staying for a few days. He yelps in delight.

    Nicole bumps into Eric at the square. She tells him about Chloe's return and how terrible it went. The one thing in the world she has always wanted was to be a mother. He knows. She apologizes for using him as a sounding board but he's fine with it. She's done ranting so he admits he confided in Brady about them almost making love in the crawl space. He apologizes but she tells him it's fine. Daniel knows everything and understands. Later, Nicole has left and Daniel appears with Parker. Eric's worried but Daniel's very magnanimous and hopes nothing has changed between them.

    Days Recap: Nicole and Chloe get physical

    Monday, August 03 2015

    Daniel arrives at Serena's room. She wonders how his talk with Nicole went. He says, "Very well, actually." He says she told him everything. Serena muses, "That's a first." Daniel says he came to thank her - he and Nicole are closer than ever. Serena's confused. Daniel says he knows what happened between Nicole and Eric and why they had to keep it a secret. He reiterates that he and Nicole are together, better and stronger than ever. Daniel warns he will reveal she recorded them if he has to, but hopes they can all move on. Serena thinks he must hate her. Daniel thinks she's realized it was a mistake to get involved with Xander, but warns she's lost Eric forever. He suggests she move on. After, she writes Eric a goodbye note.

    Days Recap: Daniel has a surprising response to Nicole's betrayal

    Thursday, July 30 2015

    At their apartment, Nicole shares the entire truth about what happened between her and Eric in the crawl space. She asks if he's willing to forgive her. He understands and professes his love for her. Nicole bursts into tears and he tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They make love on the sofa. Afterward, they're glad there are no more secrets between them. Daniel says, "We've come a long way, baby." They realize that Parker will be home in a few minutes and hurriedly don their clothing. Parker gets home and there are hugs all around.

    Days Recap: Daddy Warbucks and Theresa hire a new nanny

    Wednesday, July 29 2015

    At the apartment, Daniel's clearly upset but says nothing about Serena's visit and Eric's confession. Instead, he talks about the engagement party and tears up as he tells Nic how much he loves her. She professes the same and he asks if there is anything he should know before they marry. Nicole stammers and tears up. "Yes," she cries. She tells him the truth about almost making love with Eric the night Xander attempted to kill them. She explains how she was delirious and it meant nothing. She sobs her apology. Daniel says it makes sense but why didn't she tell him? She wanted to and almost did a few times. She asks for forgiveness.

    Days Recap: Aiden starts becoming suspicious of Clyde

    Tuesday, July 28 2015

    Daniel's surprised to find Serena on his doorstep. She lets herself in, wanting to wait for Nicole to come home. He's not very inviting and lets it slip that he and Nicole are engaged. Serena decides Daniel needs to know that Eric and Nicole nearly slept together the night they almost died. Daniel's pissed and orders her out so she plays the recording from Eric's confession. She says, "There are liars and there are cheaters, and then there's Nicole." Daniel, looking grim, kicks her out. Maggie calls with possible dates for the engagement party and it's all he can do to hold it together. Once Nicole arrives, she can see he's in a mood.

    Days Recap: Serena pays Daniel a visit, armed with a recording

    Monday, July 27 2015

    Daniel and Nicole make out at their place. She suddenly gets the willies. He assures her that there's nothing to worry about. Parker brings in some drawings and declares that Nicole is staying forever as Maggie arrives. The blond takes the kid into the other room. Daniel explains that he and Nicole are engaged. "Fast," his mom says. Her blessing would mean the world to him. The doctor knows she's not against true love. She gives him a hug and hopes he'll be happy. When Nicole returns, Maggie gives her a hug. Daniel and his son leave them alone. Nicole assures the redhead that she loves her son.

    Eric walks in the park, asking God for an answer. He spots Daniel with Parker. The doctor tells his son how happy they'll be with Nicole. Meanwhile, Lucas spots Derrick and Will congratulating themselves on their plan working. Derrick still has to read all of the information that Will has sent him about Paul. Once Derrick departs, Lucas clears his throat. He questions his son. Will claims he's just setting up some friends. His father thinks he'd be better off working on his relationship than scheming. "You're worse than your mother," he says.

    Daniel and Parker head home. Maggie tells them that she'd love to throw an engagement party and then leaves with the little boy. Nicole gets a text from Eric, begging to meet. After she exits, Serena arrives, informing the doctor that she has something he needs to hear.

    Days Recap: Eric's confession to Father Louis is recorded

    Friday, July 24 2015

    At Eric's, he tells his brother he has fallen in love with Nicole again. "Wow. Um," Brady says. He didn't see that coming. Eric bemoans that she loves Daniel. A knock comes to the door - it's Daniel. He reveals he and Nicole are engaged. Brady hugs him and Eric shakes his hand. They're happy for him. Eric wants to throw him a bachelor party. "Make sure Victor has his heart pills," Brady says. Daniel is texted and has to run off. Brady calls Eric classy for congratulating his friend, despite his feelings.

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