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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Days Recap: Weddings Ruin Everything.

    Friday, March 07 2014

    Eric carries Nicole's bags to her hotel room. They smooch. She's excited to make love. He stares at her.

    Days Recap: Blood Sucking Vampire Zombie.

    Thursday, March 06 2014

    Nicole dreams that Dr. Chyka breaks into her room and warns her that she'll lose Eric once he finds out she destroyed the evidence that would clear his name. Nicole wakes up sweating and with bad nerves.

    Nicole interrupts Eric and Marlena's conversation at the pub. Stefano texts Marlena - he's granting her request. She runs off and Nic assumes Mar was calling her a "blood sucking vampire zombie." Eric says something like that. She just wants his happiness and he hers. They kiss before he leaves for work.

    Nicole packs her things to move, angry at herself for deceiving Eric. Daniel arrives home and notices she's upset. What's wrong? She's not sure where to start but asks him to keep this to himself...

    Days Recap: A Big Gay DiMera Wedding.

    Monday, March 03 2014

    Eric arrives at Club TBD for his date with Nicole. He hands her a rose and calls her beautiful. She tells him how handsome he is and they admit to feeling awkward. When some man stares at them from another table, Nicole confronts him for judging.

    Back at the club, Eric comes between Nicole and the judgemental guy. The man goes and Theresa and Brady arrive laughing. They see Nicole with Eric and toast to hypocrites. Nicole goes to confront them and calls Brady desperate. They snark back and forth until Theresa drags Brady out. Nicole calls Theresa the Lindsay Lohan of Salem, knowing people likely said that about her at one time. Eric thinks Theresa needs love in her life. Nicole agrees.

    Eric walks Nicole home where they share a goodnight kiss.

    Days Recap: Zip It!

    Friday, February 28 2014

    Nicole packs her things at Daniel's and tells him she got a room. He notices she's not her perky self and asks if it's got to do with the shredded paper. She brushes him off and worries about being seen in public with Eric, "Because he's a priest and I'm a..." Daniel tells her to zip it and reminds her how selfless she has been. She leaves and groans that she hasn't been a good friend. Maybe there's something she can do about that.

    Nicole arrives at Jenn's and blurts out, "Thank God you've come to your senses!" She says they'll have complete privacy tonight. Jenn's touched that she's pulling for them. Nicole admits she's going out with Eric tonight. Jennifer's supportive. They laugh that they wouldn't have had this conversation a year ago.

    Nicole gets nervous, waiting for Eric to show at Club TBD. He texts her to turn around and when she does, he stands there with a rose.

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