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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Days Recap: Will turns to drastic means to hold on to Sonny

    Wednesday, June 17 2015

    In her office at Titan, Nicole struggles while Xander strangles her.

    Back at Titan, Nicole gasps and pleads as Xander strangles her with his hands. He pulls out the garrotte and says it's a shame she won't be pretty anymore. He details how she'll look when he's through with her and tells her how good it'll make him feel. He sees Daniel has called and pockets her phone. He booms, "Nobody plays me." She gasps that he's out of control and reveals she knows he's a murderer. He calls her a nosey bitch and slips the garrotte around her neck. He pulls tight and Nicole struggles until Eric rushes in and grabs the nearest vase and slams it over Xander's head! Xander goes down and before they can run, Xander gets up and beats on Eric. The men go at it and Nicole hits Xander and they run with him screaming after how he'll break every bone in their bodies. Navidad appears with a gun. She gets on Nicole's computer. She routed the video feed for the building there and they quickly spot Nic and Eric and go after them.

    Days Recap: Xander strangles Nicole

    Tuesday, June 16 2015

    Xander finds Nicole on her way out of Titan TV. He flashes to putting his garrotte in his bag. She asks how he got in since the front door is supposedly locked and the guard went home sick. He smiles and lies that the guard was there when he came in. Nicole's confused. Daniel calls and tells Nicole what's going on. After they disconnect, Nicole lies that it was Sally. She begs off tonight and he accuses her of not ever being interested in him. He tells her he doesn't like her. She says, "Tough luck," and he grabs her and says, "Tough luck for you." She tries to call the guard but Xander says he's gone and accuses her of leading him on. "It's always been Daniel," he says and becomes angrier, thinking that Misty Circle thinks she's too good for him. He grabs her again and she attempts to hit him with a stapler. He throws her against the wall and strangles her...

    Days Recap: Theresa's hurt when Brady lays down the law

    Monday, June 15 2015

    From her office, Nicole gets rid of Xander from a call and continues investigating his legal issues in Scotland. "Paydirt," she yells. She calls the crown office in Glasgow and after some chatter and a pitiful story, a woman helps her to get a password to get more information from Xander's case. She learns Xander's murder sentence was reduced to culpable homicide - and why. Victor sent a letter to the court. Daniel calls and invites her to meet with him later. Since they both have baby gifts for Tate, they agree to meet at Victor's. Nicole says she'll finally explain everything that's been going on. They disconnect and she smiles. "Everything's finally going my way." Sally arrives and tells Nicole it's quitting time. She reports that lights are out at the front entrance and the security guard went home sick. Sally heads home.

    Xander shows up as Nicole's about to leave Titan TV.

    Days Recap: Dirt Still Sticks.

    Monday, June 08 2015

    In Nicole's office, she learns that Xander served time for murder online, but the information then disappears. She works to get past the firewall and gets back in, but the files are sealed. Sally tells Nicole she has to go meet an informant. Nicole's irked.

    In the park, Xander flips out with rage over Victor telling him to get lost. He's Kiriakis blood and if he sees something or someone he wants - he takes what's his. "Count on it!" He gets an irate call from Serena who is upset that Eric saw the photo and says Xander ruined her life. He confirms Eric doesn't know about the diamonds and tells her she ruined her own life a long time ago. Elsewhere, Nicole realizes her informant is a no-show. Daniel appears. He admits he texted Myles and lured her there. He wants to know what's going on with her and Xander. Nicole insists she needs a few days. Daniel tells her, "I'm done." Nicole is exasperated. She asks when Parker is going back to Chloe's. Daniels says, "Tomorrow." She needs until then. Daniel thinks she seems scared. Nicole says tomorrow he'll know. "Until then, trust in this." She kisses him. Daniel tells her how much he loves her. Xander watches as they kiss again.

    Days Recap: I Felt Dirty.

    Wednesday, June 03 2015

    In her office, Nicole tells Xander they won't be discussing Daniel; he should go. He kisses her and then challenges her about Daniel. Nicole doesn't like him kissing her at work and isn't the type who appreciates being pushed around. Xander lets her know Parker's in town and there's a family dinner at which she wouldn't be welcome. She wonders if he wants to end things. Xander promises not to push. He is about to go but asks how her chat was with Serena. Nicole says there have been warmer encounters. Xander gets a text and leaves. Nicole puzzles over how to access the dark web to find out about Xander's past. She learns he served time for murder.

    Days Recap: Go Fish.

    Tuesday, June 02 2015

    As Nicole watches Daniel and Parker play 'Go Fish', Navidad watches Nicole from inside of Mandalay. Maggie picks up Parker and Daniel to take them home and Nicole walks away. Navidad calls Xander with an update.

    At Titan TV, Nicole talks to herself, trying to figure out a way to get that statue. Xander shows up to invite her as his date to Victor's. She laughs aloud.

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