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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Two Can Play at That Game!

    Friday, November 07 2008

    Back in the cell, Nicole tells EJ that Stefano must have set her up - the dress was hanging in the closet at his house! If the police didn't find the beads until the second time they looked - it means Stefano set her up! She accuses EJ of being in on it with him. When a confused EJ asks why either of them would want to set her up, she replies, "You want to take my baby away from me, EJ!"

    Schmoozing Like a Pro!

    Thursday, November 06 2008

    As a guard escorts her to the infirmary, Nicole moans that the pain is getting worse. She's outraged to find she's not going to the hospital after all and asks for special treatment. She doesn't make any friends as she tells the guard that she doesn't want to be around all these misfits, and when a nurse arrives Nicole rants that she wants a real doctor! Nicole's left in a bed beside the other inmates, much to her discomfort. Candy, a beat up inmate, introduces herself. She tells Nicole that she head butted another inmate for thinking she was above them. Candy grabs the doctor's cigarettes and hides them behind her pillow and another inmate, Doreen, asks Nicole for the bottle of rubbing alcohol. She drinks it down while Nicole watches, wide eyed. The nurse, Sherry, returns and when she doesn't find her cigarettes, she starts asking questions. Nicole motions with her eyes, to Candy, so Sherry goes to Candy and takes the cigarettes. Nicole asks for a privacy screen and the nurse and other inmates laugh. Nicole asks the girls to be friends, but when Candy moves in close, Nicole is sickened by her breath. Sherry returns with medication for Candy and asks why she's giving Nicole such grief. Candy says they're friends, but Sherry reminds her she'll spend a week in solitary if she has another altercation with another inmate. Last time she broke somebody's jaw! Nicole says that she's 100% better and wants to go back to her cell, but Sherry figures the doctor should examine her first. The inmates gang up on Nicole once Sherry leaves.

    Back in jail, the girls close in on Nicole and start grabbing her. Nicole screams for a nurse just as EJ arrives outside the infirmary. Nurse Sherry refuses EJ entrance into the infirmary, even when he argues that he's her lawyer and father of her unborn baby. He leaves, saying this is far from over. Inside the infirmary, the girls step things up with threats while Nicole holds her abdomen and screams bloody murder! Sherry comes in with the guards and Candy is cuffed to her bed. Nicole is told she has to stay overnight but she doesn't want to. EJ arrives with a court order and gets Nicole out, unscathed!

    Nicole's brought back to her cell, which she's almost overjoyed to see. She tells EJ their baby's fine and he sighs in relief. He confesses how worried he was when he found out there was something wrong and says the baby means the world to him. Nicole sadly asks if EJ still thinks she's guilty. He wonders why she'd say that and she points out that he says he returned to save the baby. EJ holds her hand and tells her he returned to save both of them.

    Nick? A Stalker?

    Tuesday, November 04 2008

    Nicole talks to her baby and is happy there are no more cramps, but tells the baby that this'll be their secret. She grabs a cup and starts banging away at the bars of her cell and yelling, "I'm in pain, terrible pain and I think it's the baby!" When a guard finally comes, Nicole lies that she thinks she's losing her baby. The guard doesn't believe her and remembers her as Misty Circle. The picture is getting a little fuzzy from watching it too much, he says and tells her she'll have to be a lot nicer to him than this to get anything out of him. Nicole calls him a pig and cries for him to help her. A doctor arrives and examines Nicole, telling her that she has had no bleeding or anything, so she's fine. He leaves.

    Later, as Nicole tries to sleep on her cot in her cell, cockroaches race across the floor. She screams for a guard, who brings her a toilet brush, toothbrush and toothpaste and tells her to clean them up herself! Nicole is sickened by this and cries on her bed about it and promises her child a better life. Nicole gets an idea and decides to step things up and calls the guard again.

    Later, EJ arrives looking for Nicole, but she's gone. "Where is she," he asks, angrily. The guard tells EJ that she had some pregnancy issues and is in the hospital. EJ calls the hospital, but Nicole's not there. EJ tells the guard that she's not at University Hospital. "So where is she?"


    Monday, November 03 2008

    At Salem PD, Hope has Nicole change into her new wardrobe, an orange jumpsuit. Nicole puts it on and yells that this is a travesty. It's too big! EJ arrives and says he got a court order for a bail hearing with immediate effect and gives it to Bo while asking for time alone with his client. Once they leave Bo's office, Nicole hugs him and asks if they can go. EJ whispers that she needs to tell the father of her unborn father the truth. "Nicole, did you kill Trent?" Hope and Bo arrive and interrupt, but Nicole says, "No," before Hope takes her away.

    They arrive in court and EJ tells Nicole to keep quiet. He's about to defend her life. He tells her he took care of things and in an hour, they'll discuss Trent, back at the mansion. He managed to get Judge Fitzpatrick to preside over her case. EJ says Nicole pleads not guilty and asks for her release as she's expecting. He will testify to her trustworthiness in the matter, he says, but Bo can give evidence as to why bail should be denied. EJ tries to stop him but Judge Fitzpatrick overrules and Bo says they've evidence, placing her at the scene of the crime. A bead, from the dress found at the scene of the crime, which matches the dress found in her closet. Bo goes on about how Nicole lies and has a tendency toward violence. "She tried to kill her ex-husband," he says, and EJ calls this heresy. Bo thinks Nicole's a flight risk, but EJ interrupts again. Judge Fitzpatrick tells him no more interruptions or he'll be escorted out! Bo thinks Nicole should be left in custody. The judge doubts Nicole's voracity or virility and is concerned with her affiliation with the DiMera family, so bail is denied. EJ is angered and holds Nicole close.

    Locked in a cell, Nicole accuses EJ of lying to her, but EJ accuses the judge of not being loyal. He's not letting his child stay in there, he promises. Nicole asks what he's going to do about her! He wants her out of there, he says and Nicole asks if he believes her. EJ doesn't know what to think, he admits, about anything. Nicole cries and EJ kisses her on the head and asks her to get some rest, then leaves. Nicole starts cramping.

    Happy Hallowe'en Detective!

    Friday, October 31 2008

    Nicole, Bo and Hope arrive at Salem PD. Nicole yells that they're a couple of clowns, but Hope asks her to keep her mouth shut until her attorney arrives. Since he's late, Bo wonders if EJ wised up and decided Nicole was more trouble than she's worth. Nicole thinks he's arranging her release, but Bo's doubtful. "Your case against me is weaker than a wine cooler," she muses, and they tell her that her case is pretty good. Nicole thinks Trent was trying to frame her but Bo says she's got no credibility. EJ arrives and tells Nicole he may not have much of a choice but to leave her in jail. Considering her priors, there isn't much he can do. He says she shot Colin Murphy and then there are the pesky rumors going around that she tried to kill Victor.

    Outside Bo's office, Bo tells Hope the good news. Caroline's no longer a suspect in the murder. He's off to tell her!

    Back in Bo's office, EJ says the DA thinks her history is pretty bad. "Can't you vouch for me," Nicole asks. "I haven't tried to kill you." EJ says, "Yet." Nicole is upset by this and EJ asks her to tell him exactly what happened - unfiltered! She tells him she met with Trent the day before he murdered and he had the marriage certificate that she tore to pieces. She met him again the night of his murder and they argued. EJ doesn't believe that Nicole's being completely honest. He yells that if she trusted him, she'd have told him that Trent was harassing her. Nicole thought she could handle it, she says but EJ sarcastically says, "Job well done!" He yells that she should have thought in advance. Every decision she makes affects the three of them. Nicole will keep that in mind in the future, but EJ says, "Future. Right…" he goes off to make a call and when Hope returns to the office, Nicole asks if Hope can do anything to help her. She's innocent. Hope says there's no maternity wing in prison. EJ returns and tells Hope that Nicole can't be in work detail. She needs to be somewhere where she can rest. Hope will do her best to ensure she is not harmed, she says. EJ asks Hope about Sami's case, but she can't comment on it. Nicole rolls her eyes and EJ goes to explain and she says, "Shut it. I don't want to hear it." She accuses him of being more worried about Samantha than her. They argue and EJ tells her, "Stop acting like a jealous child." He asks her to grow up and tells her he's worried about both she and Samantha. He screams that Sami was almost shot dead and for a second, he thought he'd lose Johnny's mother. If she doesn't understand that, they've nothing in common, except that child! They argue more and EJ yells that his child will not be born in prison. When she's alone, she cries that she didn't kill Trent.

    Two Tigers and a Ball of Twine.

    Thursday, October 30 2008

    Hope and Bo continue to confront Nicole about Trent's murder, at the mansion, but Nicole maintains her innocence. Hope shows her a torn marriage certificate with her prints on them. Nicole points out that of course there would be prints on the certificate, because she signed it all those years ago, and admits she didn't want anyone to know she and Trent were married. She actually thought they were divorced all these years, until Trent showed up! EJ tries to tell Nicole not to give too much information to the cops but Nicole has nothing to hide. Later, she finally says she did argue with Trent on the night of his murder but that's no crime. She asks them to leave, but Hope and Bo have something incriminating to show her. Bo starts browbeating Nicole and telling EJ about how she tries to kill all of her lovers including Colin and Victor. Nicole tells him, "Shut up," so he reads a note from Trent. "If I happen to turn up dead, you'll know that my dear wife has finally acted on all her threats." They show her a search warrant and search her clothing. Nicole tells them to get their greasy mitts off her clothes. They cost more than what Hope makes in a year! Once the search is over, Bo tells Nicole that she's coming downtown! They found a dress with a missing bead on it and think it's a match to the bead they found in the cemetery. Nicole flashes back to that fatal night when she told Trent to give her the marriage certificate. Once Trent did, Nicole shredded it to pieces and threw it to the ground. Nicole admits to arguing with Trent and threatening him but that's all. She asks EJ if he believes her. Later, she says she only returned to the cemetery to get the pieces of the marriage certificate. EJ tells her not to say another word and Bo arrests her. She flashes back to Trent struggling with her. EJ tells Bo she's pregnant, but all Bo has to say to that is that the baby will be born in prison.

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