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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    It's a Sleepover!

    Friday, October 03 2008

    At the DiMera Mansion, Nicole enters and throws her purse down on the sofa. John wanders in. "I take it things didn't go too well." Nicole flips out saying EJ will never love her or her baby. "Damn Sami to Hell!" She wants to leave, but John tells her she's upset and bound to run into a tree, so she'd better stay. John asks how EJ took the news about the baby. Nicole admits that she didn't have time to tell him. Lucas called about Sami and he went running! John wonders why she didn't stop EJ from leaving by 'playing the baby card'? She admits she is normally manipulative, but not when it comes to this. She marvels about how they said it was impossible, but now there's a little person inside of her. John asks if she's prepared to raise this child on her own. She starts to come unglued. "Yes. No. I don't know!" She tells John she isn't stupid enough to think he'll marry her, but at least he'll take care of her and the baby. John warns her about Stefano being very protective of his grandchildren. She says she'll deal with Stefano when the time comes, but right now she wants to enjoy what is probably her only shot at this! John convinces her to go with him for dinner and some non-alcoholic champagne.

    Nicole and John sit in Chez Rouge. She says she's having quite a good time without drinking. She says he seems like a pretty decent person right now - his heart's in the right place. He notes that not everyone sees it that way. As she marvels at how he wound up being the first person she told about the baby, John starts to have some kind of episode. Nicole is alarmed. "John?" As he lays with his face on the table, Nicole shouts for someone to call an ambulance. He protests, and manages to get his head back upright. He turns the conversation away from his little episode and asks for advice on how to get his wife back. She laughs at the idea of him asking her for relationship advice. When he pushes, she advises him to tell her that he loves her. John says that won't work - she wants a divorce. Nicole says she'll help him, if he'll help her convince EJ that she can make him happy! John agrees and they toast their new alliance.

    A Little Outpatient Surgery...

    Thursday, October 02 2008

    Nicole arrives at the mansion and EJ finds her stunning. He shares the visit to the zoo with Johnny with her and apologizes. He's running late. He asks her to wait for him to shower, but asks what it was she wanted to share with him the other day. She tells him the night is young, and she talks to her baby about being one happy family. John interrupts. "I assume you're here to see junior." He takes in the romantic table and she explains she and EJ are on their first official date. He even bought her a present! John offers her a drink but she takes a rain check. He's surprised, so she claims to have stomach issues and has to lay off the booze for a while. John doesn't buy it, but when she tries to change the subject, he pressures her. She asks where Rolf is and he tells her he's holed up with Stefano. She says with his quirks, she feels he's trustworthy, and comes clean. "I'm pregnant!" John's shocked. "EJ's kid?" She smirks. "No, Stefano's! Of course, EJ's." She tells him about how she was shot in the abdomen once and was told she couldn't have children. She finds it a miracle, and strangely, she is alright with this, even though she never really liked children. "I'm thrilled. I really am!" John says, "I've never seen you this happy without a drink!" John thinks it's sensational and congratulates her. She admits she's nervous about EJ's reaction. She doesn't want to raise the baby alone. EJ arrives and apologizes for being so late, but John says she has entertained him. He leaves and Nicole calls EJ sexy. EJ calls her alluring as ever and he's starved for adult attention.

    Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Nicole he has to go to University Hospital for Sami. "What about our date," Nicole asks, but EJ apologizes. They'll have to resume it later. He leaves her with a kiss on the cheek.

    Slam Dunk!

    Wednesday, October 01 2008

    Outside the pub, Nicole reminisces about her pregnancy news and flashes back to years ago, during her marriage to Victor, when a doctor told her that she can't have children on her own.

    Philip meets with some businessmen and EJ leaves, bumping into Nicole on his way out. He stops her. There's something she has to tell him and asks if he has a few minutes. He does, since his client is late, and she tells him she's pregnant. EJ's shocked. "You're pregnant, are you sure?" He tells her he believes in love and she has made him the happiest man in the world. They kiss passionately, and Nicole shakes herself awake from her daydream. She's about to tell him when his cell phone rings. His client cancelled, and he's upset, because he cancelled his day at the zoo with Johnny. Nicole reminds him he has the whole afternoon to take Johnny there. It's not too late! EJ realizes she's right and when he asks what it was she wanted to tell him, she prefers to wait. He asks for lunch tomorrow and Nicole asks for dinner tomorrow. EJ kisses her and asks her to come to the mansion for dinner. Just the two of them! He'll have the chef prepare something special! He's curious as to what this is about but she refuses to give hints. "Prepare for a big surprise," she says.

    You're Pregnant... Nicole!

    Monday, September 29 2008

    At the hospital, Daniel tells Kate he's not positive she has lung cancer and needs a biopsy. Kate's shocked and tells him she doesn't smoke. Shame that non-smokers account for 20% of all those with lung cancer. He hopes it's in the early stages, if she has it. She agrees to schedule the tests and asks that he keep quiet until they know what it is, definitely. Daniel is called away.

    Daniel finds Nicole, leaning over the nurse's station feeling ill. Kate comes out of her room and asks what's wrong with Nicole. "What's wrong, did you run out of alcohol?" She walks away and Daniel says Kate makes a point. Nicole looks like she's going through the DTs. (Alcohol withdrawal.) Nicole tells Daniel she needs a drink- stat!

    Daniel returns to Nicole in the trauma center. She moans that she needs a shot of booze. He tells her this is a fresh start for her. He's not sure it's Caroline's clam chowder, as she thinks, but they need to wait for the rest of the test results to come back. Nicole asks him about Chelsea. He shares that nothing has changed and asks about her own crisis. She tells him that Victor found out her marriage [to Trent] and their marriage is null and void. She has to pay back the money from the settlement. Daniel apologizes and she comments that at least someone is. Victor's ecstatic. Daniel goes to check on her tests. "Burn in hell, Trent," Nicole says, once he leaves.

    Daniel calls Kate, who is already at a dinner meeting. She brushes him off and promises to schedule her biopsy later.

    Daniel goes back to Nicole and she's writing a list of items to sell. Daniel asks if she's going to fight for her settlement. She is, but she's preparing for the worst. He knows what's making her nauseous. "You're pregnant." Nicole is shocked. "You've got to be kidding me."

    Back at the crime scene, Steve arrives. Hope wants him to continue to investigate Trent's past. They both know that Caroline didn't do it but want to add Nicole to the suspect list. They're sure there are more. Steve doesn't like to speak ill of the dead, but he says he's sure many will be better off without him around. The coroner, Jordan, gives Hope a report. Trent had a bloody lip, he was punched, his wallet was stolen and he was scratched by someone with sharp fingernails. We see a montage of Nick looking at his bruised knuckles, Melanie looking at Trent's wallet and Nicole looking at her fingernails, before resting her hands upon her pregnant belly. Steve says to Hope, "I bet my good eye it wasn't Caroline." They find a piece of clothing on Trent's body. Hope hopes this will lead them to Trent's real killer.

    A Person in the Trees!

    Friday, September 26 2008

    At the Brady Pub, Nicole joins EJ. She is frantic. "We need to do damage control!" She explains that Victor found out about her marriage to Trent and is trying to revoke her divorce settlement. She says it's all because of that big mouth Bo Brady! She explains that Bo and Hope figured out the truth and the only concession Bo made was to let her tell Victor herself. She admits that Victor thought it was hilarious. She says she hates Bo Brady, and she hates her dearly departed husband even more! EJ asks what she means by that. Nicole says, "Did I really say that?" She says now that the whole world knows he pimped out his daughter, he's on his way out! EJ turns back to the matter of her money. He announces that they're going to portray her in court as a victim! Nicole says she earned every penny of her settlement - being married to Victor was no picnic! EJ suggests she say she had no idea that Trent didn't go through with the divorce after she left. Nicole laments the mistakes she has made in her life, trusting the wrong men. EJ asks if she can prove some of the things that happened to her. She says she probably can. EJ warns that if Trent takes the stand, it won't be good for them. Nicole says Trent isn't going to make it to the stand! EJ is suspicious - why are you acting like he's already gone? Nicole suddenly has to go and be sick!

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