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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Nicole Has Me and You Don't!

    Tuesday, March 03 2009

    Chloe arrives and Nicole asks about her feelings for Daniel. Chloe gave him up and is trying to do the right thing, she admits. Chloe lets Nicole in on her bartering with God, but Nicole asks how God told her what to do. "Did he call or send a telegram?" Nicole wonders what’s going on with all of the talk about God, but Chloe asks her not to mock her. Nicole explains that EJ went to Sami's to drop off a toy, and wonders what’ll happen if Sami tells him about the baby. Chloe says that likely won’t happen. Sami lost her baby! Nicole is astounded. "Isn’t that something?" Chloe says it’s really sad. Nicole agrees, and flashes back to Sami thanking the nuns for taking care of her baby. Nicole wonders what they were talking about, if not Sami’s baby. Chloe tells Nicole to leave EJ be. She asks her where that self-confident Nicole is and tells her not to be so much of a shrew. Nicole agrees to try not to let Sami get to her.

    Inflatable Sex Doll!

    Monday, March 02 2009

    In the park, Nicole dumps Brady as a friend, but he tells her she sounds like a Stepford wife. "Why are you cowering like this? Tell me what EJ has done to you," he wants to know. Nicole says Philip knows they’re keeping a secret. He thinks they’re having an affair, and asked her to persuade EJ to give up on the fuel project! Brady is surprised. "It’s good news for Titan." Still, he doesn’t understand why she’d let Philip blackmail her, especially about something that’s not even true. Nicole says this has made everyone happy, but Brady wonders if that’s true. Brady wonders how many more people are going to put the screws to her in order for her to keep this secret. Brady asks if she likes being terrorized, but Nicole denies that. She just wants him to stay away from her for his own sake. "Then you can be happier." Brady’s happy where he is. He isn’t so sure she can say the same, and is certain her little world will go up in smoke. It’s just a matter of time. Nicole says EJ’s being protective and loves her. Brady calls her submissive to EJ, but she’s not being true to herself. Brady knows she’s a good person. Nicole is trying to realize she deserves happiness but others don’t want it for her, especially since Sami is back! Brady doesn’t understand her insecurities regarding Sami or anyone else, and Nicole says she doesn’t think she’s worthy of any man, including EJ. Brady is surprised she doesn’t see her beauty, brains and humorous nature, or how she’d help those she cares about. Nicole tells him he forgot. She’s the biggest screw up he’s ever known. She cries and thinks he made all those compliments up. She caresses his face and kisses his cheek. "Thank you for being the best friend that I don’t deserve."

    Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold!

    Friday, February 27 2009

    Philip meets Nicole at the park. She gives him the ripped up formula and tells him it’s his precious formula. EJ’s not going to develop it. Nicole says he’d better not double-cross her.

    You're Mine!

    Thursday, February 26 2009

    In the great room, Sami worries about Nicole being a bad role model for her kids. Just then, Mary brings Johnny to Sami. Johnny rushes into his mother’s arms and they share a touching reunion. Johnny shows Sami the Laughing Penguin she got him for Christmas. He has named it Nigel. She’s thrilled when EJ says it’s his favorite toy. Sami thanks EJ and Mary takes Johnny to pack for a visit with his mother. Sami admits she was worried the kids would forget about her. EJ laughs. Each night, he’d show a photo of her to Johnny and he’d kiss it goodnight. Sami is impressed and thanks him for telling her. EJ knows Johnny loves her with all his heart. Nicole overhears and tells them Sydney’s asleep. EJ excuses himself to take a call and Sami makes small talk about Sydney. Sami doesn’t think Nicole has a maternal bone in her body and when Sydney cries, Sami offers to help put Sydney down. "I’ll show you how it’s done!" Nicole yells that she’ll scratch her eyes out if she goes near her baby! Nicole tells Sami she’s a good mother and refuses to allow Sami to say different. She runs off to take care of Sydney. EJ accuses Sami of provoking Nicole and says this hatred of Nicole has got to stop, but Sami says it won’t, as long as Johnny’s welfare is at stake. Johnny returns and Sami says she spoke with her mother, who offered for her to stay at the townhouse. As EJ takes Johnny to the car, Sami calls Sister Theresa to ask after Grace. Nicole comes back into the room and overhears as Sami is assured that Grace is well. Sami hangs up and EJ returns. He left Johnny with Mary, and when Sami says she’ll pick up Allie tomorrow, EJ says she’s with Maggie, because Lucas is in the hospital. Sami needs to go see him. After she leaves, Nicole returns and asks why EJ would tell Sami how he kept her memory alive for Johnny. She accuses him of being in love with her! EJ is angered and says he was being cordial and civil. Nicole tells him to go be with Sami. "When I leave, Sydney’s coming with me!"

    Hanging Around Like Some Annoying Gnat!

    Wednesday, February 25 2009

    At the mansion, EJ refuses to allow Nicole to see Brady and it’s not because he’s jealous. "He’s always hopping around like some annoying gnat," EJ says, but the main reason EJ doesn’t want him around is because of their business relationship. Nicole finally agrees not to see Brady. EJ knows she thinks he’s a tyrant but he loves her, very much, and promises to cherish her for the rest of her life. He kisses her and picks up the baby. He takes her to the kitchen for a bottle, while Nicole wonders what she’ll do now. Later, Nicole calls Philip with the bad news. She couldn’t talk EJ out of dropping the fuel project. Philip threatens her and tells her since she didn’t do her part; she has to pay the price!

    Nicole decides to go to Philip, and on the way out of the mansion, Sami drops in! Sami explains she’s out of witness protection and there to take her baby! Nicole’s face drops. "What do you mean, your baby?" Sami retorts, "Johnny!" Nicole tells her that Johnny’s not a baby and tells her to learn English. Johnny’s with Caroline and will return in an hour. Nicole asks if there have been any changes in Sami’s life while she was in witness protection, causing Sami’s eyes to narrow. She was in hiding and says nothing happened. It was boring. Nicole says nothing there happened either and urges her to go wait at Caroline’s place for Johnny. Sami asks about Sydney. Nicole says Sydney’s perfect. Sami remarks that Nicole doesn’t look like she was ever pregnant and Nicole snipes that Sami looks heavier. They swipe insults further and both agree that a child should be with his mother. Sami’s face falls and Nicole is prompted to ask what’s going on. Sami is fine.

    Back at the mansion, Nicole goes on about how she has a baby and EJ, showering her with affection, daily, while Sami’s life is in the dumps. Sami would rather not be trapped in this dungeon, she says, and doubts EJ will marry her! Just then, EJ arrives and says hello to Sami. There’s an awkward silence and she greets him. EJ agrees with Nicole that Sami should call first, before she arrives. Sami is surprised and then says she got a surprise of her own, that EJ’s really going to marry the witch (Nicole). Nicole yells at Sami for trashing her and EJ asks the ladies to try to get along for Johnny’s sake. When Sydney cries, Sami is moved. "That’s your baby?" EJ goes to get the baby and Nicole says she named her daughter after the city. Sami suggests Nicole go to Australia, never to return, and thinks Nicole should try to keep a firm hold on Sydney. "Don’t forget you live with the DiMera’s." Nicole is loved by the DiMera’s and is sure EJ and Stefano will dote on them both. Sami is about to tell Nicole that Stefano’s the one she needs to worry about but stops herself. EJ brings Sydney into the room and Sami melts! When she wants to hold Sydney, Nicole yells, "No!"

    The Final Word!

    Tuesday, February 24 2009

    At the mansion, Nicole tells EJ she is protecting their child and has concerns Titan will retaliate if EJ crosses them. EJ doesn’t know why she’s so afraid. Nicole flashes back to Philip’s threat and she tells EJ that she knows the Kiriakis family. EJ knows she’s lying to him and wants to know what happened. Nicole finally admits she ran into Brady at Cheatin’ Heart. EJ’s not happy to hear this. Nicole says Brady told her the Kiriakis’ and DiMera’s were going to war over some fuel project and that Melanie was playing games with them both. EJ tells her the deal has been done, but Nicole knows Melanie. She does nothing but play games. EJ tells her not to concern herself with his business dealings but Nicole is worried that this isn’t over. EJ screams, “SOB,” and throws his drink across the room. Nicole cringes. EJ thinks Brady threatened Nicole, but Nicole denies it. Brady was warning her that what Victor does can affect her. Nicole begs EJ to let the project go, but he refuses. Their safety is not in question. He refuses to discuss business with her. “Final word,” he says, causing Nicole to fall to her knees and yelp. She yells that she knows what Victor is all about. EJ thinks Brady’s manipulating her but Nicole tells him it’s Philip, who is a clone of Victor, and who they need to worry about. EJ tells her if she wants to work herself up into a state, she can be his guest. EJ refuses to be blackmailed with tears. She threatens to call off the wedding if he doesn’t call off the deal. EJ tells Nicole she will marry him and never threaten to take his child from this house. They love each other and this is final. He screams, “Do you understand me?” Sydney starts bawling and Nicole whispers, “Yes.” EJ thanks her and thinks there’s more Nicole’s not saying. A call comes in from the FBI. EJ says they caught the man feeding information to Marino’s killer and Sami’s coming home. Nicole’s worried, but EJ doesn’t want to discuss her, he wants to talk about her and the threat. Nicole admits her fear. EJ will always put their security ahead of his work. She agrees not to have any involvement in his business affairs, and he tells her to stay away from Brady!

    Girls Behaving Badly!

    Monday, February 23 2009

    Philip overhears Brady comforting Nicole that EJ will never find out her secret. Brady tells Nicole not to be afraid. “You’ve gotten away with everything so far, right?” Once Brady leaves, Philip thinks this is going to be a great day. After Nicole goes inside and gets Sydney settled in, she lets Philip in. He lets on he’s there to see EJ, but she explains EJ’s not there. Philip says, “You’re still the same. Secrets and lies.” Philip asks what she and Brady are hiding and Nicole laughs. She tells him he’s slipping. They’re hiding nothing. Philip wonders what Brady promised EJ would never find out. Philip notices wedding magazines on the table and thinks she’s scheming to marry EJ already. He asks again what’s going on, so Nicole lies and says she asked Brady to promise not to tell EJ what she did to Chloe and Brady. Philip doesn’t believe her. He thinks it’s something else - life altering! Nicole rolls her eyes. “You’ve got bupkis, sweetie.” Philip knows if EJ knew Nicole had a secret, he’d try to find out what it was. He makes a move to call EJ and Nicole rips the phone from his arms. She asks if he needs money but she won’t have any until the marriage. Philip doesn’t want money. He wants her help with the situation with Melanie, but Nicole can’t betray EJ. Finally, Philip tells her everything and Nicole agrees to do her best. Philip demands she not just try, but succeed. He tells her to call him and leaves.

    EJ finds Nicole at home talking to Sydney. Nicole was telling her men are more trouble than they're worth! EJ agrees. He realized today what being a father means and says Melanie’s in over her head. He kisses her and Nicole prods for information. “You seem happy,” he says. EJ tells her he bested the Kiriakis family, but asks that she keep quiet about it. Nicole worries and tells him not to cross them. “I’m begging you, please!” EJ is confused and doesn’t understand why this is her business. Nicole’s trying to protect their family. She says it’s personal and they’ve a child together. EJ hugs her and asks why she’s afraid.

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