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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    A Fly in the Baby Ointment!

    Thursday, October 23 2008

    Nicole and Chloe toast to being best friends forever. Nicole asks her who she called, earlier, when she was upset. Chloe called Lucas to tell him where she was, and talk turns to Nicole's health. Nicole admits it's harder to deal with stress without the booze. The specter of Sami Brady hangs over her and she knows EJ is drawn to her. "She's like a fly in the baby ointment!" When Chloe doesn't laugh, Nicole asks what's up. Chloe almost tells her that Sami's pregnant, but Lucas interrupts and stops her! Nicole is upset by Lucas barging in. Lucas tells Nicole that things won't be the same as they are with EJ and Sami, when Nicole has her baby. Nicole yells that she knows this! Lucas says EJ and Sami have a passionate history and Nicole cuts him short and asks if he's trying to depress her and tell her that her baby won't be as loved as Johnny. Lucas doesn't answer, as he receives a call from Sami, who is sniffling, and tells him that somebody tried to kill her! Upset, Lucas repeats what Sami has said and tells them he has to go. Nicole and Chloe both lament that whoever tried to kill Sami didn't go through with it, and Lucas rushes to be with Sami.

    John arrives back at the mansion just as Chloe and Nicole are commiserating about Sami and her shenanigans. Nicole wonders where EJ is and John tells her that he's with Samantha, at the cabin. Chloe leaves, and Nicole is floored that EJ lied to her. John calls EJ a hero. He saved Sami's life. Nicole wonders what hold Sami has on him. John's not sure, but he figures EJ will want her close by, more than ever!

    Hissing at the Wrong Jaguar!

    Wednesday, October 22 2008

    John finds Nicole doubled over, in pain, on the DiMera settee. "Oh no, you're having your baby." He wants to call an ambulance but she lies that she's having a little pain in her side. Nicole tells him she can't complain to EJ, or he'll call her out on attention seeking. John promises to keep quiet about her episode.

    Outside the great room, Stefano tells the person on the line, "How could you let this happen?" He tells the person that excuses are for cowards and starts yelling, until EJ finds him and Stefano hangs up. EJ yells that his child could have been home, and there was a dead person on his doorstep. He tells Stefano that Nicole doesn't need any more stress. Stefano promises not to give her any. John comes out of the great room while EJ goes in to see Nicole, and John tells Stefano that his patience is wearing thin. He knows about the hit on Marino and that he's behind it! "You are hissing at the wrong jaguar, John," Stefano says, but John threatens Stefano that if Samantha is hurt, he'll come after him. Stefano laughs in John's face and John repeats his threat.

    EJ spoon feeds Nicole ice cream in the great room of the mansion and she grins at how he's being so lovely with her. He apologizes for the delay, but he bumped into Stefano, who promised to try to keep the stress levels down for Nicole. Nicole picks out names for the baby. Henry, George or Christopher. EJ likes Henry or Christopher, and before they get to discuss female names, Nicole doubles over again, in pain. EJ worries it's the baby, and tries to call the hospital, but she refuses him and brushes off the pain as a leg cramp. He worries and turns her down for a walk, stating he has to work for a bit. Nicole kisses him and promises to call if she needs him. After he leaves, Nicole's pain continues.

    Chloe arrives at the DiMera mansion and Nicole says, "Thank you Lord!" Nicole needed to see her. She worries about her hold on EJ. "It may be tenuous at best." Chloe is sure she's over thinking it, but Nicole reminds her of Sami. "Ugh, I'm so sick of hearing her name." They're both sick of her and Chloe tells Nicole there is something that she should know about Sami.

    What have you done, you fool?

    Tuesday, October 21 2008

    EJ frets about the amount of time the doctor's taking to arrive to Nicole's bedside at University Hospital. Nicole accuses him of wanting to be with Sami instead of her and their baby. Lexi interrupts and Nicole tells her that the mayor was murdered outside the DiMera mansion this morning and she tripped over the body and fell. Lexi is astounded. EJ adds that nobody witnessed the murder, but Samantha saw the shooter. Lexi flashes back to telling Stefano to pull out of Marino's campaign and runs off, leaving Nicole high and dry.

    Daniel arrives at the hospital to examine Nicole. She hasn't had cramping or pain, just a headache. EJ waits outside while Nicole is examined and she tells Daniel that she has fluttering now and again. Daniel thinks they can be baby flutters. Nicole reminds him that she was told she could never have kids, so this baby is a miracle and she's terrified something could be wrong. Daniel calls her young and healthy, and Nicole tells him she knows what he's thinking, that she's using her pregnancy to get EJ to pay attention to her. She admits she is, but the flutters do worry her. She cries that she can't lose the baby. Later, Daniel gives her good news. She's healthy. Nicole apologizes for being so intense and promises to keep the stress down. Daniel comments that EJ seems pretty committed to her and the baby and she agrees and says EJ takes fatherhood seriously. Daniel goes off to find the father-to-be, who is waiting nervously, by the nurse's station. He is worried, but Daniel reassures him that Nicole's fine. A fetus is pretty resilient and the only reason why a woman would miscarry is if there was something already wrong. EJ seems happy to hear this and goes back to Nicole.

    Nicole and EJ end up at the DiMera mansion, where EJ pampers Nicole by asking her to lie back on the settee. He asks her to tell him, next time she feels neglected and declares that she played up her symptoms to get him away from Sami. Nicole denies it. She was genuinely concerned about their baby, but if she overdid it, she did so because she wanted his focus on her. EJ says he was worried about Samantha. She is the only one who can identify a murderer. That's where his concern ends. She's the mother of his children, but so is Nicole, and he sees a future with her. "You mean the world to me," he says and kisses her. He wants to be with her and have a family with her. Nicole is thrilled and EJ goes off to get ice cream for them to share, and once he's gone, Nicole doubles over in pain.

    Good Set of Pipes!

    Monday, October 20 2008

    Sami witnesses the murder of Mayor Marino, outside the mansion and screams. Inside the mansion, EJ hears her. He tries to stop making love to Nicole, but she lures him back in with a kiss. Sami hits the shooter and runs around the mansion and in through the patio doors. The shooter gains entrance through the front door of the mansion while Sami tells EJ that a murderer killed someone on his doorstep and calls the police. Nicole accuses Sami of lying, but she denies it and Nicole yells that she was spying on her and suggests she get pay-per-view. EJ and Nicole fight about Sami coming between them with her antics, but EJ believes in Samantha. Nicole, in her anger, runs out of the mansion and trips over Marino's dead body. She gets up and screams! EJ rushes to her side, quieting Sami. EJ picks Nicole up. "Are you okay?" The police and ambulance arrive. Roman hugs Sami while EJ hugs Nicole and makes sure she's alright. Roman is shocked to find that Marino is dead. The other officers stay outside while Roman, Sami, EJ and Nicole go inside the mansion. EJ continues to hold Nicole, while Sami sobs and tells Roman that the guy shot at her. She starts from the beginning and tells how she came to see EJ, but when he didn't answer, she came around to the back of the house. Roman asks if she saw anything amiss and she shakes her head. She then returned to the front of the house and saw someone, dead, and a guy crouching over him, holding a gun. She sobs as she says he was going to kill her, and Nicole yells out that she has lousy timing and asks what she was going to tell EJ. Sami says she wanted to discuss Johnny's schedule, but doesn't see why that matters now. "There's a dead body in the doorway!" Nicole tells Sami she wouldn't be surprised if Sami killed him. Nicole leaves the mansion, steps over Marino's body, and Sami follows, shakily walking around Marino's body!

    Sami, EJ, Nicole and Roman arrive at the Salem PD. Sami goes to Roman's office and calls Caroline. She leaves a message, asking if Caroline can take care of the twins for the evening. She gets a call on her cell, and a woman from Brookville Clinic calls. She asks if Dr. Sanders is there daily, and promises to call back with an appointment. Nicole walks in and asks what Sami needs to talk to Dr. Sanders about! "Finally getting that nose job," Nicole asks. Sami lies that Dr. Sanders is a pediatrician. They argue, and Nicole tells Sami that she is giving her kid a baby brother or sister. Nicole wants to set ground rules! She wants them to be one happy family, but Sami knows Nicole doesn't care about her son, or EJ. "All you care about is money." Nicole is prepared to leave, but tells Sami she's not noble. Sami wonders what Trent would say to EJ about the baby. Nicole is confused, but Sami calls her names and wonders if Trent would imply the baby isn't EJ's! Nicole reminds her that they have had a paternity test, and Trent's dead. Sami's surprised that Nicole would speak ill of the dead, and points out that she had no problem stepping over the body. "What am I supposed to do, cry and beat my chest?" Roman and EJ interrupt. EJ says his family had nothing to do with this, and Nicole vouches for him. They were making love! EJ thanks her and they are asked to leave, while Roman talks to Sami.

    Outside Roman's office, Nicole wants to go to the hospital to be checked out. EJ gets his coat and stares at Sami, which upsets Nicole. She asks what's more important. A woman who doesn't want him or their unborn baby.

    Sami tells Roman the whole story about the shooting. She says she'll never forget the man's face. Spencer, the police artist, arrives, to sketch a picture of the shooter. Outside, Nicole rants at EJ for wanting to say goodbye to Sami. EJ apologizes. Their baby comes first. They leave, while Sami works with the police artist, and Roman. The sketch artist gets a pretty good sketch done of the shooter and Sami says she'll never forget his face.

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