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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Knocked Up Barbie!

    Wednesday, December 10 2008

    Brady finds Nicole at the pier. She tells him that she was about to drug him and shows him the vial of cocaine. Brady yells, "Why would you do that?” Nicole calls herself selfish and a sociopath and couldn’t handle it if she told EJ the truth. Brady grabs the vial and throws it in the river then asks if she knows how hard it is for him to stay clean. He shouts that one little hit could ruin everything for him. Nicole cries out, “I stopped it!” She realizes she wasn’t thinking straight. Brady reminds her that she’s doing the same thing to EJ that she did to him all those years ago. "I’m not going to have any part of it,” he says. Nicole pleads for understanding. She has lost so much already. She can’t lose him too! She admits she loves EJ and though he hasn’t said it, knows he loves her as well. Love is about trust and honesty, says Brady. Nicole responds that she knows this, and finally found somebody who loves her for herself. She asks, “Don’t I deserve that?” Brady doesn’t think so. “Not if this is the way you’re going to get it,” he says, softly. He thinks she should tell the truth and if she doesn’t, deception will lead to more deception. Nicole cries that she can’t lose EJ. Nothing will compare to the grief that consumes her for losing her baby. She breaks down and Brady says he just realized how important this is to her. He promises, reluctantly, to stay out of her decision. He won’t tell EJ or anyone else. Nicole cries in his arms.

    Nicole arrives home and stares at the alcohol in the great room, longingly. She is set to take a drink when EJ comes upon her. She lies that she was looking for the grenadine to make a Kiddy Cosmo. She tells him she went to visit Chloe to wish her luck. EJ tells Nicole they need to talk. He relays that he and Stefano discussed his future and agreed that Sami was preventing him from moving on with his life. Nicole’s first instinct is to run and assume the worst, and EJ tries to talk to her, but she walks out on him and goes upstairs to pack while EJ follows her and pounds on the door, all the while, smiling. Nicole assumes he’s going to tell her how madly in love with Sami he is. He grins while he asks her to let him in. She opens the door and calls for Pookie, so EJ waltzes in. Grinning from ear to ear, he tells her that Roman organized things so that he could speak with Samantha and say goodbye to her. Nicole is relieved and grins. He tells her Sami made him realize something he has been feeling for a while. “What’s that?” asks Nicole. “That I love you,” he says, and grinning, they touch heads, and share a kiss.

    I'm Sorry...

    Tuesday, December 09 2008

    Brady realizes Nicole’s not planning on telling EJ about losing the baby at all, when he catches her looking at an adoption site on the internet at Cheatin’ Heart. Nicole says she can’t conceive another child and asks if it’s a crime to want to adopt a child as the Brady’s did for Max. Brady asks if she’s going to tell EJ about the baby and suggest they adopt, knowing she’s going to pawn somebody else’s baby off as her own. Nicole asks him to keep his voice down but Brady warns her that when Stefano finds out, he’ll go into a rage. Nicole tells Brady that EJ would never hurt her but Brady points out that if that’s true, she should just tell him the truth. Brady says he can’t stay out of this and will help her by telling EJ the truth! Nicole assumes Brady doesn’t want to see her happy, but he wants her to do the right thing and gives her an ultimatum. Do it or he will! Nicole begs for more time.

    In walks Chelsea, who notices a brooding Max pondering what is in the box Trent gave him in his will. He attempts to throw it away but Chelsea stops him. They argue about whether or not he’ll open the box and Chelsea gets an idea. She takes the box and Max and they head out.

    Nicole and Brady come out of Cheatin’ Heart and bump into Lucas and Chloe. Lucas is still wet from jumping in the river, so Chloe explains what happened. Nicole is astounded that they’re engaged and hugs Chloe, while Brady awkwardly congratulates them. When Chloe hugs Nicole, her eyes widen. (I don't know if I saw this correctly, as writing and viewing aren't easy, so if this was nothing, I apologize for writing it!)

    Everyone goes into the pub. Lucas goes off to get drinks for them while Brady follows him and asks if the procedure Chloe’s getting into is safe. Lucas tells him it’s as safe as anything. He tells Brady to rethink getting Chloe flowers once she’s in the hospital! Back at the table, Chloe asks Nicole how she’s feeling, and when Nicole says she’s fine, Chloe doesn’t believe her and asks what’s going on. Nicole says Brady’s a downer, sometimes. Chloe assumes something happened with Brady, but Nicole denies it. Chloe hopes Brady’s not slipping and remembers this place used to be shady. Chloe is worried he’s trying to score, which makes Nicole worry, too. Chloe changes the topic and says Allie misses her mom, but she and Lucas are happy Sami’s gone. Kids aside, Chloe hopes Sami will be a distant memory. Brady and Lucas return and Nicole goes off, saying she has to use the restroom.

    Elsewhere in the Cheatin’ Heart, Nicole asks Rick to score her some coke. She says one hit for a friend, and holds up a few hundred. Rick will see what he can do, and leaves, money in hand!

    Nicole returns and Brady gives Chloe a hug and tells her to take care and wishes all is well with Kate. They leave and Brady says it's truth time. Nicole says she has a cramp and asks Brady for aspirin. He goes off to get it while she laces his drink with cocaine. Later, she urges him to drink up.

    EJ goes to Roman at the Salem PD and asks to talk to Samantha. Roman can’t allow it but EJ asks for one, untraceable phone call. He asks to do it for Samantha. What he has to say will profoundly change Samantha’s future. Roman agrees, as long as he can listen in.

    Meaner Than a Junkyard Dog!

    Monday, December 08 2008

    Nicole goes back into her dressing room and closes the door. Rafe turns around and calls out, “Who’s there?” Nicole comes out of the dressing room and Rafe tells her he’s there to fix the cable. Nicole holds up a stiletto shoe and asks, “In my room? I’m calling the police!” She shows Rafe that the cable works and when Mary arrives, Nicole is surprised she let him in. Rafe says a man called and looks at his work order. 403 Lakeview Drive... Nicole yells that this is 430 Lakeview Drive. Rafe says he does this sometimes and apologizes. He says he’s embarrassed and suddenly, Brandon calls. She asks him to hang on while she gets rid of Mary and Rafe. Rafe packs up while Nicole says, “Can you believe it? Your sister’s going to have a baby, which makes you an uncle.” Rafe leaves the room.

    Rafe goes outside the mansion to the cable box and tinkers with something inside. He returns to the foyer and Nicole asks why he’s still there. Mary’s getting him a glass of water. Nicole asks to see his business card, which he provides. She thinks it looks legit. Rafe congratulates Nicole on her pregnancy. He asks if it’s a girl or boy, and she wants to know why he cares. His sister had one two weeks ago and can’t get enough of her. Nicole hopes his niece is happy and asks him to see himself out. Nicole goes out afterwards.

    Nicole arrives at Cheatin’ Heart. She sees her old pal, the bartender, who asks if she wants the usual. She pauses, holding her fake belly padding. Max watches her from nearby as she declines alcohol. She asks for a Shirley temple, but the bartender goes off to see some other patrons, so Max congratulates Nicole. He owes her an apology, much to Nicole’s surprise. “We barely know each other,” she says. He admits he was relieved when the finger was pointed at her for the murder of Trent, but feels bad for that. Nicole tells him not to worry. It’s over with. She asks if he’s tight with his newfound sister. Max has found that family isn’t the same as biology. Nicole forgets that he’s adopted, because he looks so much like the Brady’s. Max is proud to be. They discuss adoption and Nicole is intrigued. She has many questions for him. She asks to borrow his laptop and he gets it for her and goes to the bar. Later, Brady comes upon Nicole, searching adoption and asks what the hell she’s doing.

    Hysterical Feminism.

    Friday, December 05 2008

    In her room, Nicole wonders aloud how she can tell EJ now, that she has done something so terrible.

    Nicole goes into the great room and meets Stefano, who is preparing a nightcap. She can’t join him, she says and he’s pleased she’s willing to sacrifice. Stefano wants to discuss her pregnancy and asks that they put their cards on the table. Nicole’s confused and Stefano asks what happened at the clinic. EJ waltzes in and apologizes for Stefano giving Nicole the third degree. Stefano says her pregnancy elates him and he becomes imperious. EJ says his heart’s in the right place but becomes aggressive when he’s about to offer help. Stefano agrees and spills that he flew over a famous obstetrician from Zurich to examine her. Nicole yells, “Absolutely not!” She blasts Stefano for trying to pick her doctor for her and treating her like a weak female. She blasts EJ for discussing her pregnancy with his daddy. "I thought caring for your unborn child would trump your hysterical feminism," Stefano says, smugly. Nicole tells him if he's going to play hardball he should make sure the other person wants what he has to offer and isn't willing to walk away. She turns to them both. "If anything like this happens again I’ll rethink my relationship with EJ and everything else!" Stefano didn’t consult with EJ, he says and starts to apologize, but Mary arrives. An important call came in for him. He apologizes and leaves, and EJ admits he’s shocked at her reaction. EJ says that clinic scared him. He’s a guy, as is his father. “We saw a problem, we decided to fix it,” he says and they’re both basically clueless. Nicole starts to soften and smiles. EJ realizes he was wrong. He liked the way she stood up to his father and knows their child will never be harmed. “Because you’re never going to let it happen,” he says with a smile. Nicole apologizes for making a scene and EJ asks if they’re okay. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost her or the baby. Just then, EJ has business to attend with Stefano. After they leave, Nicole realizes she can’t keep doing this to EJ, but if she tells him, it’ll kill everything. She goes to the door to leave and adjusts her pregnancy pad. When it doesn’t work for her, she goes upstairs to change.

    Rafe arrives at the mansion. “Hi, Salem Cable. You’ve been having problems with the TV.” Mary asks who has called, and he tells her they’re bonded and not to worry, she can pat him down when they leave. She likes the sound of that. “It’ll be the highlight of my evening!” He takes off upstairs when Mary gets a call, and in her room, we see Nicole half undressed with her pregnancy pad showing. Rafe wanders into her room and Nicole comes out of her walk-in closet with the pad in her hands. She pauses, shocked to see Rafe with his back turned to her.

    Funerals are Overrated!

    Wednesday, December 03 2008

    EJ asks Dr. Baker to tell him everything about the scare Nicole had. Nicole reluctantly agrees to it and the two wait in the exam room while he gets Nicole’s file. EJ thanks Nicole and tells her he just wants peace of mind. Nicole paces, nervously, and says returning there gives her bad memories. EJ chastises himself for not being with her during that time, apologizes profusely and yells that he could have said no to Stefano. Nicole and their child are the most important thing in his life. Nicole flashes back to Brady taking her to the hospital and Nicole tells EJ she hates the lodge and wishes she never stepped foot in it. She says the lodge ruined her expectations for a romantic time. She’s upset that they can’t make love until the baby is born. EJ says he’ll be patient but Nicole wants to express those feelings to him. EJ says they can lie together, talk and make each other laugh. The wait will make it all the sweeter, he says.

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