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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Appetizers To Die For!

    Monday, June 22 2009

    At the church, EJ gives Sami the court order and Sami realizes EJ’s taking Johnny from her. He calls it an eye for an eye and blames her for this. Will comes upon them and asks if this is true. "Are you really taking my brother from my family?" Sami asks EJ not to do this. He’ll be punishing the family, not just her. Will thanks EJ when he says it’s fine for him to visit Johnny at his place. Sami is surprised that Will isn’t siding with her but Will explains that Rafe and Sami were in the wrong for lying to EJ this whole time. He thinks EJ has a right to take Johnny from her!

    In the vestibule, Father Matt is grateful that the nuns from the Holy Cross made it to the funeral. When Sister Agnes arrives, Nicole panics. Sister Agnes recognizes her! Father Matt introduces them and the sister says she didn’t come alone. Sister Claire drove her there, though Sister Theresa has been reassigned to a new convent. Nicole is relieved to find Theresa left Salem a few days ago. Will stomps out of the church, and Nicole calls after him. "Will, what is it?"

    Inside the church, EJ and Sami argue about EJ taking custody of Johnny. Sami threatens to tell all about what he did to the mayor and to Stephanie. Nicole arrives asking what’s going on and Sami blames her for EJ’s custody order. EJ stands up for Nicole and tells Sami to get Johnny to his place in one hour. Father Matt interrupts and Rafe and Sami leave while Father Matt tells EJ that God commands that we all forgive. EJ thinks he should tell that to Samantha, who played God. "She’s the one who is going to regret it."

    Nicole goes to Sami in the vestibule and tells her she had nothing to do with this custody arrangement but Sami thinks she looks guilty and asks what she has done! Nicole says what she did was unconscionable. Sami retorts, "I thought you would understand. Now, EJ will always be thinking of us!"

    Nicole goes back into the church and asks EJ if they can take the photo of Grace, and breaks down, saying, "This is all wrong!" EJ hugs her. She blames herself and tells him to go home. She cries for Grace.

    Nicole goes to Grace’s gravesite and tells her how perfect and beautiful she was. Nicole wonders if she caused all of this. "Or maybe it was just your time." She cries that Grace leaving this world will make her life better, knowing EJ will never forgive Sami for what she has done. Nicole cries to God to forgive her and rocks while she sobs. Rafe comes upon her crying.

    The Most Interesting Sister!

    Friday, June 19 2009

    EJ and Nicole arrive at the church. In the vestibule, EJ mumbles he doesn’t even remember what Grace looks like as he holds the photo of Grace that he finds on the casket.

    By the casket, Father Matt tells Rafe that God’s plans can be bewildering, but it only makes things worse. Rafe blames God for taking Grace from him.
    Arianna and Brady discuss Sami and Rafe and the funeral today. Brady worries about Sami, but Arianna knows she has family support. She’s more concerned about Rafe and all the lies he has told for Sami.

    Back in the vestibule, EJ makes a move toward Sami, when she arrives, but Roman and Bo stop him. Mia and Hope stand by as EJ tells Sami that he wouldn’t dream of disrespecting his daughter’s service. It wasn’t him who made her life a lie. Will comes in after Mia and makes a snide remark about EJ being Grace’s father. Bo asks him to support his mother today. Everyone goes inside the church but EJ and Nicole, who urges EJ to take this time to grieve, before taking revenge. EJ looks inside and sees Mia and asks Nicole who she is. Nicole stumbles over her words as she explains she thinks Mia babysat for Grace. EJ is angered that a stranger knew his kid more than he.

    Inside the church, Will tells Mia that he does understand Sami’s reasoning for keeping Grace from EJ. He knows she would do what she could to stop her children from growing up in that house.

    Nicole goes inside while EJ makes a call, giving orders to somebody to drop the papers off, soon. Stephanie interrupts EJ and tells him what she thinks of him, which isn’t much. She feels for Sami, who lost a child but doesn’t think EJ deserves children. EJ seethes and tells her she’s lucky to be alive, so Stephanie smacks him across the face and points at him, telling him not to dare threaten her again. Philip walks in just after the slap and EJ tells her to exercise a little control, saying he’s sure Philip will side with him on this one. EJ leaves and Stephanie apologizes to Philip. She’s got nothing to apologize for, he says, knowing full well that EJ should be in jail. They enter the church.

    Back inside the church, Mia is unhappy for Sami. Nicole sits behind her and stops Mia from apologizing for being there. "You should be here for Grace." Caroline arrives while Stephanie goes to Sami to give her condolences. Sami knows she didn’t have to be there, considering her recent ordeal with Owen. Caroline goes to Sami and hopes Will has decided to sit with her. He hasn’t. Sami blurts out that she’s sick of the lies. Brady arrives with Arianna. When Arianna takes a seat, Brady tells Nicole she should know how Sami feels. She should have had a service for her lost child. Roman tells EJ if he hurts one more member of his family, he’ll turn in his badge and deal with EJ the way EJ deals with others. "No mercy." EJ takes out the custody papers from his pocket and thinks back to Stephanie’s rant.

    Nearby, Arianna takes Rafe’s arm and says she knows this brings back a lot of memories. She admits she was wrong to tell him he was in the wrong for helping Sami.

    Near the casket, Brady hugs Sami. Brady explains he understands completely, why she lied about Grace. He loves that about her, he admits. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Grace she was the first one to hold her and will never forget her.

    Bo and Hope hug Sami and offer to talk to her anytime. Sami was worried they’d be angry at her but they could never stay angry at her, they confess. Father Matt starts the somber ceremony. Caroline does a reading and then Will tells a cute story about Grace, but has a difficult time finishing it, so Father Matt tells him he has done a good job, and Will takes a seat. When Father Matt asks if anyone else has any memories to share, EJ gets up. "I don’t have any memories to share but I do want to say something," he starts, causing Nicole, and the others to cringe. He goes up to the podium and says his only reason for getting up daily, is to ensure his children are safe. He discusses children and how one loves them before they see, hear or meet them. He says to Sami and Rafe, "I trust you’ll take some comfort in your memories of my daughter," reminding them they’ll always share memories of Grace, while he has nothing. He takes one last silent look around and takes a seat. Mia decides that though she has nothing to say, she’d like to sing. She starts singing "Amazing Grace," and Caroline joins her in song, while Sami chokes back tears. Most of the mourners get up to sing while Sami cries on Rafe’s shoulder. Father Matt gives a blessing and the Eucharist is given out. Later, roses are placed in a basket on top of the casket by everyone. Mia has to go back to work and gives Will a hug before she leaves. Sami and Rafe place a rose on the casket and Rafe tells Grace they’ll always love her. EJ and Nicole go to the casket and EJ says she’ll never be forgotten. Ever. Father Matt says another prayer and it’s time for the final farewell. Stephanie hugs Sami once more and then goes to EJ and blasts him for making Sami feel even worse than she already does. She tells Nicole to remember the blood on his hands next time he holds Sydney. EJ tells Philip to control his woman better.

    Arianna goes to Rafe, and they discuss the support Sami has. Rafe thinks it was a mistake to let EJ find out the truth at all. Arianna asks him not to take all of this on himself in order to protect Sami, but she knows this falls on deaf ears.

    Nearby, EJ is angered that Sami named Grace after Rafe. Roman tells Sami she’s strong, just like her mother, and they hug. Hope hugs Sami and then Bo, who tells her to call if she needs anything. The guests file out and all that is left is Sami and Rafe and EJ and Nicole.

    Father Matt tells Nicole he’s glad the nuns from The Convent of the Holy Cross have arrived to see Sami. Their car broke down, he admits, and Nicole goes pale. Meanwhile, EJ hands Sami a court order. "He’s taking Johnny from me," she says. EJ tells her, "Just like you took my daughter from me. An eye for an eye, Sami."

    How Do You Unquit A Job?

    Thursday, June 18 2009

    At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano and Nicole lament EJ's state as he grieves for a child who wasn't even his! Stefano says Sami is doing the same thing thanks to Nicole! Nicole wonders how she can let EJ go on grieving like this, and Stefano warns her that no one must ever find out the truth - or there will be more pain for everybody! Nicole goes into the other room and embraces EJ from behind - she wishes that Sami hadn't told him and brought him this pain. Nicole says he can't go on like this because Grace wasn't… EJ interrupts, asking, "Grace wasn’t what?" Nicole sputters, "You never bonded with her." EJ becomes angry, wondering why that should matter! Nicole says he has Sydney. EJ says one daughter doesn't make up for the loss of another - or the fact that he was robbed of the chance to know her! He expresses rage toward Samantha, saying that even his father has never done anything as terrible as what she did to him! Nicole says she's sorry. EJ says she doesn't need to be sorry - but Samantha will be! Nicole says he's right about that - Sami's life will be a living hell! Nicole says that Sydney has to be kept out of this however - she won't let him take her to the church! EJ agrees, and Nicole says after this, it will just be the three of them - Sami will be out of their lives forever! As EJ prepares to leave, Stefano appears and says he doesn't really see why he should go - besides, it's too soon after losing Anthony. He says he sent a condolence card to Sami. EJ is surprised, but Stefano says there is no pain like losing a child. Stefano picks up Sydney and says he prefers to concentrate on the future.

    EJ and Nicole arrive at the church and EJ holds up the photo of Rafe, Sami, and Grace, saying that she's going to pay - this is all he has! At that moment, Roman and Sami walk in!

    I’m Not A Good Person.

    Tuesday, June 16 2009

    Brady stops Nicole at Java Café and confronts her about Grace. He heard about Sami lying to EJ about Grace and wonders what EJ will do to Nicole, when he finds out about Sydney. Nicole yells that he’s not going to find out! She and EJ are closer than ever, and though it’s sad that Sami lost Grace, EJ despises Sami now, making Nicole’s marriage solid. Brady reminds her that one simple blood test and she’ll be outed.

    At Java Café, Nicole says she has covered all her bases and thinks she’s safe. "Unless Dr. Baker returns," says Brady, but Nicole brushes his concern aside. When Mia walks through the door, Brady tells Nicole that there’s always somebody who can out her! He gets coffee while Mia thanks Nicole for allowing her time with Grace. Nicole says not to mention it and she leaves. Brady returns and Nicole again tells Brady that Mia’s not going to be a problem. Nicole says if he’d stop haranguing her, he’d be more fun to hang out with. She says she has the perfect life, but Brady argues that love has nothing to do with it.

    Owen Has Escaped!

    Monday, June 15 2009

    EJ slowly comes into the great room and Nicole tells him she was worried about him. EJ tells her that Sydney had a sister. "Grace is my daughter." Nicole says, "Oh my God, Sami told you?" EJ furrows his brow and asks, "You knew?" Nicole denies it and then backpedals. She says maybe Sami has lied and EJ lets Nicole know how it happened. He’s still in shock that he had another child and didn’t know. Nicole acts as though she’s surprised and wonders why Sami finally came clean. EJ considers the lie got to be too much for her. EJ goes to care for Sydney when she cries and Stefano arrives. Nicole tells him what happened and Stefano rolls his eyes. "Why would she do that now?" He wonders if this could be in her favor. Now that EJ knows Samantha deceived her. Nicole thinks EJ’s feelings for Sami could resurface; considering he just found out they shared another child together. Stefano tells Nicole she needs to contain her jealousy or her world will fall apart. She needs to keep things in perspective. She’s the mother of his child. Stefano forces Nicole to repeat after him. "Sydney is mine." Stefano says she needs to repeat that over and over.

    Upstairs, EJ holds Sydney. Each time he picks her up, his day gets brighter. She’s his little ray of sunshine. He wishes she could have met her sister, Grace.

    EJ returns to the great room with Sydney. EJ tells Nicole that Sydney has started cooing, earlier than expected. Nicole is floored and smiles in happiness, though she’s sorry she missed out. Nicole apologizes. She’s sorry she shouldn’t have reminded him of what he missed out with Grace. EJ apologizes for dismissing her insecurities and the truth is, he and Samantha have been too close. He says though he has been in denial for a long time, he’s able to admit that he does have feelings for Sami. Nicole nods and asks if he still does. He explains he has no other feelings except for hatred, though he loved her once. He lets on he’s ashamed he ever did and apologizes to Nicole for hurting her. They hug and EJ has realized Nicole and Sydney are his life. She’d never do what Samantha has done.

    Amazing Grace

    Friday, June 12 2009

    Stefano tells Sydney his heart couldn’t bear another loss. Nicole thinks she was meant to be Sydney’s mom and is happy Stefano’s on her side. Stefano isn’t keeping the secret for her benefit. He feels terrible for deceiving his son, but believes it has to be done. Nicole worries that EJ may go to prison, leaving Sydney without a dad. Stefano assures her Owen won’t say a word about EJ. Victor comes to the door and Nicole and Stefano answer. Victor offers an olive branch and says Sydney’s beautiful. It’d be a shame to see her caught in a war between two families. Nicole thinks he’s threatening her daughter, but he’s not. Babies are a gift from God and thinks they must make peace for Sydney, if not for another reason. Stefano is open to suggestions on how to make peace, so Victor says he’ll return later, with an offer.

    Later, Nicole tells Sydney that she’s her daughter and nobody can claim her as their own.

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