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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Will and Grace.

    Monday, March 30 2009

    Lexi examines Tony and gets him a piece of paper, so he can write down how he feels. She urges him to calm down, but the more he writes, the more agitated he becomes. He writes EJ’s name on the paper, so Lexi goes to get him.

    In the waiting room, Nicole tells EJ that she’s worried about Tony and that it’s worse that he can’t communicate with anyone. Lexi arrives and tells EJ that Tony wants to see him, causing Nicole’s jaw to drop. Nicole wants to go in with EJ, but Hope stops her. She has questions about the fight between Philip and Tony. Stefano watches as Hope asks if Tony fell and slipped on a shard of wood.

    EJ arrives to see Tony, and Lexi explains he can communicate in writing, but it’s not easy, since his arms have been affected by anesthesia. She has to leave and asks Tony to stay calm. EJ makes a joke that somebody finally found a way to shut him up, and Tony starts to write a note.

    It Was Peaceful!

    Friday, March 27 2009

    Philip punches Tony in the face, and Tony threatens prison time. Nicole watches, from behind crates as Philip demands the blueprints again. When Tony refuses, Philip drives him into a crate, in a rage. Tony pushes Philip back and calls him a pathetic fraud and loser. Philip goes after Tony, but Tony throws him aside and Philip cuts his hand on a crate. Nicole watches from behind that crate, in horror! Tony starts to walk away and Philip calls him out. Tony gets to the top of the stairs and turns about. He loses his footing and the rotting steps give away. He falls to the pier and lands on a wood stake. Philip and Nicole gasp in shock as blood runs from Tony’s mouth. Philip rips open Tony’s coat and finds blood on his chest and asks if he’s okay. Nicole rushes out from behind the crate and asks if he’s breathing. Philip orders her to call 911, but she stands staring, and flashes back to Tony promising to ruin her life. She makes no move toward her phone. Philip promises Tony he’ll be alright and yells at Nicole again, to call 911. Later, Nicole calls EJ and tells him about Tony’s fall. EJ tells Stefano what happened at the pier. The paramedics arrive and Philip thinks that though Tony has lost a lot of blood, he should be fine. He asks Nicole how much of the fight she saw, but she doesn't answer. Instead, she takes off!

    EJ and Stefano meet with Nicole at the hospital and she tells them there was a fight. Philip rushes to their side and admits he and Tony were having it out. EJ wonders what about, and Philip thinks he should know. He thought the DiMera’s didn’t keep secrets! Stefano suddenly makes a move toward Philip and threatens that he better not have laid a finger on his son. Tony says this was his own damned fault and Stefano goes at Philip. Bo arrives and breaks up the fight and asks Philip what’s going on. Philip explains the fight at the pier and Bo needs a statement but he can't do it. He is not happy to have to cover for him again. Philip yells there is nothing to cover. Daniel comes out of ER and announces that they did all they can to stop the bleeding, but it doesn't look good. Philip tells Bo all about the accident.

    Later, Nicole goes into Tony’s room, unnoticed and Tony opens his eyes. Nicole stares at him.

    Out Of My Life...

    Thursday, March 26 2009

    Nicole finds Mia near her place and blasts her for telling Tony the truth. Mia tries to explain and Nicole wonders why she has returned. Mia missed her baby and the dancing wasn’t going well. Mia says she didn’t plan on telling Tony. It was a mistake. She wanted to see her baby. Nicole says Tony would sell his own mother if he knew it would hurt EJ. What Mia did will destroy her life, she warns. Mia didn’t know Tony was like that and explains she was upset and the truth just came out. Can’t Nicole do something to stop him? Nicole says she tried.

    Back in the alley outside Mia’s place, Nicole asks Mia to lie for her. Mia agrees that if Tony tells the truth, Nicole will call Mia and she’ll come running over and deny the whole thing. Nicole still has reservations, thinking EJ won’t let go of this. Nicole calls EJ, who is worried about her. "Where are you?" Nicole’s shopping, she lies. EJ says there’s something going on with Tony and Nicole worries. EJ says Tony’s moving to New York today, and says Tony’s got some announcement that’s supposed to be horrifying for him. EJ asks Nicole to give Tony a wide berth. Tony’s been acting strange lately. Nicole hangs up and tells Mia that Tony hasn’t said anything yet. "I’m not going to let him," she says, and runs off.

    You’re Disowning Me?

    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    Nicole finds Brady at the pier. She didn’t know who else to turn to and says everything is wrong. She starts to panic as she tells Brady that Tony confessed to knowing about the baby switch from Mia. Nicole explains that she lied and called Mia mentally ill, but he didn’t buy it. Instead, he threatened to tell EJ the truth. Nicole cries that it’s only a matter of time before she loses everything. "My life will be over," she cries. Brady comforts her with a hug, but tells her that she knew this could happen. He’d like to help, but isn’t sure how he can. He needs to know more information. Nicole says Tony just wants revenge on EJ and Stefano and thinks he can do it by dropping this bomb. Nicole can’t let it happen and suddenly has an epiphany that involves Brady. "Tony DiMera is going down!" She thinks they should steal the blueprints for the fuel project. They can break into his bedroom and steal them and use the blueprints as ransom for Tony’s silence. Brady doesn’t like this at all, and after Nicole pleads with him, he finally relents. She’ll be the one to steal the blueprints while he acts as a distraction, knowing that he couldn’t possibly get around Stefano’s security system.

    Brady calls Tony and says they need to talk. Tony already had one with Philip and has exhausted all ways of saying no. Brady asks Tony to meet him at the pier in a half hour, and against his better judgment, Tony finally agrees to go. Meanwhile, Nicole listens in on the conversation from the hallway in the manse. Once Tony leaves, Nicole goes into his bedroom and starts rummaging! When the doorknob turns, Nicole panics and hides behind the bed, but it’s only Alfred, who has Tony’s dry cleaning. Instead of opening the door, he calls Tony’s name and says he has his dry cleaning. He’ll bring it by later.

    Brady calls Tony’s cell phone but he doesn’t answer.

    Later, Nicole winds up at the pier and explains she couldn’t find the blueprints anywhere. Tony calls her and says she and Brady make quite the team. Nicole acts innocent, but Tony says it’s a shame they couldn’t work this out peacefully. Tony tells her the truth will come out and hangs up on her. She rushes off.

    Upstaged by Sami!

    Monday, March 23 2009

    Tony tells Nicole he can tell EJ the truth right now if she likes. Nicole doesn’t want that and wonders why he hates her so. He wonders why she’s taking it so personally! Tony insults her and she slaps him. He deserved that, he says, and goes into the great room.

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