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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Leave Salem Forever.

    Friday, January 16 2009

    At the doctor's office, Nicole tells Mia that Tony lives at the mansion with his wife and knows Stefano will be a doting grandpa. Dr. Baker arrives to give the ultrasound to Mia and asks if Mia knows the whole truth about Nicole. She does and has no reservations. Dr. Baker is happy and during the ultrasound, they find out Mia's having a girl. Nicole and Mia are both happy. Noticing Mia's emotional state, Dr. Baker tells Mia that if she wants to keep the baby, it's her right. Mia can't do it and knows Nicole will give the baby everything she needs. Dr. Baker says the baby should be here in another week and leaves the room. After he's gone, Nicole and Mia formulate a plan for Nicole to go away and return with a baby.

    EJ arrives home and Tony tells him Nicole was there and took off with a very pregnant teenager, she met at the youth center, where she's counseling. EJ's surprised. He had no idea. Tony is suspicious and EJ asks his opinion on the whole thing. He thinks something's up, but EJ says pregnancy has changed Nicole. She's more sensitive and kinder. He assumes she hasn't gotten around to telling EJ about the counseling because he's been so busy. Nicole returns home and EJ asks, "Aren't you going to tell me that you volunteer at a youth center for teens and why I have to find that out from Tony?"

    Screw It!

    Thursday, January 15 2009

    Before Nicole leaves Mia's place, she begs for Mia to give her a chance at the happiness she lost. "Give me your baby. Please say yes." Mia wonders why Nicole's asking her to give her baby up, when it was so hard for Nicole to lose her own. "I'm sorry. I don't see how I'm supposed to go through with this." Nicole doesn't think they can compare situations and asks how Mia's going to become a dancer in Japan, sidled with a kid. Mia asks why she's afraid to tell EJ and Nicole confesses she was in a bad place and the lies kept coming. Now she can't go back and change things. Nicole calls EJ sensitive, smart and knows he'll be the best dad in the world, because of the way he acts with his own son. Mia is happy to hear this, so Nicole says her baby will have a big brother. Tears in her eyes, Mia listens intently and as Nicole starts to cry, Mia asks to see her home.

    Stefano shows EJ a crib that he had crafted for the new baby, along with a teddy bear hand made for Johnny, Theo and the new baby. EJ finds it lovely and then takes a call from Nicole, who is upset to find that he's home. He assumes she wanted an afternoon delight, but when she turns him down, he says he's got a meeting to attend. Nicole's happy and hangs up. She shows Mia her pregnancy pad. They laugh, because it feels so real, and Nicole promises that EJ won't find out that the baby isn't hers, and that she'll always take care of the baby.

    Nicole brings Mia to the DiMera mansion, and Mia is in awe. Nicole worries Mia will ask for more money, but Mia reassures her she only wants enough for medical and travel expenses. Nicole lets her into the mansion and Mia raves about the crib. She slept in a drawer as a child, she confesses, and seeing all of this baby paraphernalia makes it all so real. She finds a photo of EJ and Johnny and smiles. He looks like her old boyfriend. Mia sees Stefano's portrait and as Nicole's about to tell her who he is, Tony arrives and inquires as to who Mia is!

    Out Of Control!

    Wednesday, January 14 2009

    Nicole arrives at Mia's room, alone. Mia's not happy and asks where her fiancé is. Nicole says she'll be on her way to Japan, shortly, and ignores the questioning. Mia asks once more, where her fiancé is. Nicole says he's busy working and then when Mia's tired of hearing this, she admits that the fiancé's not coming. Ever. She admits that she was pregnant, but lost her little girl. Mia is sorry for Nicole's loss but is surprised when Nicole admits to wearing pregnancy padding to keep the truth of the death of the baby from her fiancé. Nicole knows Mia's baby will have everything he needs. Mia tells Nicole that this is crazy, wrong and a total lie. Mia's through with her and throws her out. Nicole gets on her knees and begs.


    Tuesday, January 13 2009

    Victor stops Nicole and EJ from entering his home to attend Chloe's engagement party. EJ calls him a cranky bastard, so Victor retorts that EJ's a damned fool to be involved with Nicole. He wonders how many lies Nicole has told him so far. EJ yells that Nicole's the woman he loves and is going to marry. He can't believe Victor can be so callous to a pregnant woman! "Isn't anything sacred," he spits out.

    Daniel returns to the engagement party and recalls making out with Chloe. Kate finds him. She's glad he has returned and assumes he had a hospital call. He says Chloe made him return and makes a toast to Chloe and Lucas, asking them to be forever happy with the choices they make in their lives. Nearby, Stephanie and Philip discuss how happy Chloe and Lucas look and go off to the kitchen, while Chelsea asks if Chloe has picked out a dress yet. Victor interrupts and rudely quips that at least we all know that it won't be white! Lucas stands up for his bride and tells Victor off, and then is called away on the phone, leaving Nicole time to ask Chloe what's making her so miserable. Chloe admits she has made a huge mistake and wants to do the right thing. Chloe goes to find Lucas while Daniel asks Nicole how things are going with the new doctor. She says he's competent and has no complaints, but Daniel says he doesn't believe her!

    In the foyer, Chelsea tells Kate that Victor is no longer misbehaving. Chelsea confesses that Daniel's out of her system and Kate wonders if it's because she moved on with Max. Chelsea denies this and is tired of everyone assuming she's with Max! They're just friends!

    Nearby, Lucas returns from the phone and when EJ tells him about Victor's behavior, Lucas assumes it's a warning. Maybe he should listen. A girl like Nicole's never satisfied, he maintains, but EJ disagrees. Maybe she wasn't satisfied with him but she's well taken care of, now. Max finds Lucas to discuss a bachelor party – with strippers, but Lucas lets him down, much to Max's shock. Lucas thinks one day Max will understand. There'll come a time when he'll want to spend time alone with Chelsea. Max's face registers surprise and he tells Lucas they're just friends. Lucas thinks they'd make a cute couple!

    Nearby, Philip hugs Chloe and welcomes her to the family as Daniel and Stephanie watch. When Daniel approaches Nicole, asking what her new doctor's name is, Nicole drops her plate of food and EJ comes to her aid. He goes off to get her coat as Mia calls, asking to see Nicole!

    Chloe says goodbye to most of her guests in the foyer and thanks Kate for the party. Kate calls tonight all about her and her happiness.

    Back in the living room, Victor rants to Daniel about Chloe and the party, but doesn't expect it when Daniel sticks up for Chloe. Victor accuses Lucas of only being interested in a woman for her 'bazoombas', much to Daniel's disgust. He calls Victor misogynistic and asks him not to talk about women like that around him. He asks for a little respect.

    In the foyer, Kate discusses how much Chloe means to her and Lucas. They hug, and when Daniel comes out into the foyer, he and Chloe share a glance.

    EJ returns to Nicole with her coat as Nicole is saying goodbye to Mia. EJ wonders who Mia is, so Nicole lies and tells him that Mia's a girl she met at the doctor's office, who found her bracelet. She's going to pick it up. EJ offers to go along for the ride, but Nicole refuses him.

    EJ and Nicole arrive back to the DiMera mansion, where EJ refuses to let Nicole drive the car on her own to go to Mia's place. Nicole finally agrees and after he goes up to bed, she calls Mia with the news. Mia asks Nicole to bring her fiancé tomorrow. "No excuses, no tricks."

    I Guess I can Trust You!

    Monday, January 12 2009

    Nicole heads into the great room, telling EJ that she's ready to go, but instead of EJ, she finds a cigar smoking Tony, who tells her that EJ's with Stefano and will be for some time. "Business, you know." He tells her this is only the beginning. She waves away his cigar smoke, coughs, and says she doesn't care that EJ's going to be late for the engagement party. Tony taunts Nicole, who doesn't take the bait. Tony tells her that EJ will be reeled into Stefano's life and she'll be left alone. Nicole thinks Tony wants to take over the company. EJ interrupts with a phone call and tells her he'll be right there. Stefano realizes EJ won't be so easy to push around. They hug and EJ promises to call in the morning. After EJ leaves, Stefano says he finds EJ's devotion to Nicole admirable, but a liability!

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