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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    I Despise You!

    Wednesday, April 22 2009

    At the church, Nicole wonders what is taking EJ so long. Chloe says he’s likely saying goodbye to guests, still. Nicole says they’ve a whole room set aside just for gifts. She wants to go into the vestibule to find out what EJ is up to but Chloe advises not to. She has nothing to worry about. "He’s all yours!" Nobody wants to be checked up on. Chloe doesn’t get why Nicole’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nicole acts as though she’s relaxing and tells Chloe she’s right. Nicole realizes Chloe doesn’t know about Philip and tells her what happened. Chloe is shocked. It’s serious, says Nicole, and he may not make it. Chloe is angry that Nicole didn’t say anything. Nicole apologizes and stammers when Chloe asks who would shoot Philip. Chloe makes a call to Lucas. He’s not available and she has to run to the hospital. Chloe says she has made a beautiful bride and will call when she learns more. Nicole calls the caterers and asks if they can put everything on hold, for now. If Philip dies, she’s sure there will not be a huge celebration.

    In the vestibule, EJ wants to know why Sami interrupted his wedding, and figures he already knows why. He tells her they’ve a connection. Johnny draws them together but there’s more between them. He says when she returned from the safe house, he saw that same connection, only stronger and he felt it as well. Sami is baffled, but it becomes clear that he thinks she’s still in love with him. EJ say there was a time when he loved her and he knows she’s skeptical about Nicole, but asks her to take the highroad. He says there is no connection for them any longer, aside from Johnny. Sami stops him. He’s out of his mind! She denies loving him and thinks he’s full of himself. EJ calls her impulsive and irrational and is confused. Sami would have come clean, long before the wedding. She’s not that desperate, she says. He asks then, why is she there? The baby gurgles and Sami’s face goes white. Sami doesn’t owe him an explanation and says maybe she wanted a cheap thrill. She is happy she’s on to who he is and knows he’s behind what happened to Brady and Philip. She’s happy the killer was incompetent. "Excuse me," asks EJ. "You haven’t heard? Philip is still alive!" EJ is surprised but says that’s great news. "Sure is for you," says Sami, who tells him she’s sure he and Stefano already have a target on his back! Nicole comes out to find EJ, just as Sami leaves. Nicole asks if they are celebrating now. EJ thinks they should cancel the celebration. Nicole understands. She already alerted Chez Rouge. EJ says people are already suggesting that the DiMera’s have something to do with this. Nicole goes to get her things to take out to the car, while EJ makes a call to Stefano. Their package didn’t arrive on time, he says, cryptically. He says if it isn’t taken care of, he’ll take care of it himself. Nicole catches the conversation when she comes into the vestibule and doesn’t look happy.

    I'm a Sadist!

    Tuesday, April 21 2009

    Sami interrupts the wedding and angers Nicole. EJ asks what she’s doing there. EJ asks the father to be excused and they follow Sami out into the vestibule. Nicole calls Sami a pathetic drama queen who never wants them to be happy. Sami says it’s not about them, but EJ says it must be important.

    Inside, Chloe asks Stefano why Sami would interrupt the wedding. He doesn’t know or care.

    Back in the vestibule, Sami talks cryptically, and EJ wants to speak privately with Nicole, his wife. Sami doesn’t think he can call her that quite yet.

    Stefano wants to go out and interrupt but Lexi urges him to stay. Chloe is upset that Sami always has to stick her nose into where it doesn’t belong. Stefano finds EJ too accommodating.

    Back out in the vestibule, Sami is about to tell EJ, but Lexi rushes outside. She has to go to the hospital, since Philip Kiriakis has been shot. Sami’s jaw drops and she refuses to believe it was an accident.

    Back at the church, Chloe tells Stefano that Lexi was paged to the hospital for a violent shooting. Stefano comments it’s a violent world they live in. Meanwhile, moments before, he got the signal from his goon that the job was done!

    Sami blames EJ for Philip and rushes out of the vestibule. EJ almost runs after her but Nicole tells him that either he runs after Sami or he marries her! "It’s one or the other." EJ smiles. "Of course we should go back inside," he says and apologizes for this mess. She says it’s also awful that Philip was shot. He agrees and asks if she wants to sit down. Nicole refuses. "Philip getting shot has nothing to do with you and me, does it?" He says no, but it’s horrible to hear on their wedding day. Nicole agrees, it’s horrible and terrifying. They go back to continue the wedding and are met with an applause from guests.

    Lexi arrives at the hospital and Melanie tells her Philip’s in surgery and Dr. Richman’s the doctor. Brady’s calling family, he says, and because Stephanie’s parents are out of town, she and Brady are taking care of Stephanie. Brady is upset that he and Philip had been arguing. He asks Stephanie to keep it together for Victor and Melanie offers tea to Stephanie, who refuses but is thankful for the support. Melanie tears up but tries to stay positive. Victor arrives.

    Father Matt asks once again if there is reason why these two shouldn’t marry, and Sydney gurgles. He calls it support and marries EJ and Nicole. EJ is finally happy to kiss his bride. As they kiss, Sami returns to the vestibule and tells Grace she’s sorry she has to be here, but there’s something she needs to do.

    Back inside, the couple is congratulated and Stefano says he’s going to the hospital to find out what’s going on. EJ wonders if they should cancel the reception. "We don’t want to make it look like we’re dancing on his grave." EJ goes out to talk to guests and finds Sami there. He asks what she’s doing back.

    Inside, Chloe is astounded that Sami didn’t say why she showed up. Chloe hopes it’s over.

    Room Service...

    Monday, April 20 2009

    Everyone turns to Mia, as she interrupts the wedding. EJ asks Nicole who she is and Mia says, "Nicole has been really good to me." She apologizes to EJ and he remembers her from Java Café. Dr. Baker pulls Mia aside and EJ demands to know why Dr. Baker’s there and who Mia is.

    Back at the wedding, Nicole convinces EJ to return to the ceremony, while Stefano watches his goon, who gets a message in an earpiece, from Signor Masi, who says to ask Stefano if he minds him taking out a second person, considering the target’s not alone. The goon says it’s not a problem. Lexi reads from scripture and Mia gets up, wanting to say something, but Dr. Baker ushers her outside, apologetically saying, "You’ll feel better with some fresh air!" EJ wonders to Nicole what that’s about, but Nicole lies that she has no idea and didn’t even invite her.

    In the vestibule, Dr. Baker tells Mia that she could have ruined everything and that there’s something she needs to know about! He asks her to keep her baby safe and should know that the DiMera’s are evil. "They’re killers, Mia." Mia is shocked and asks why he let them keep her baby. Dr. Baker says they haven’t a choice.

    Inside the church, Lexi continues reading from scripture and Father Matt says it’s time for the vows. "Now for the good part," gushes Nicole, while EJ says, "Right on schedule."

    The vows are read at the church and rings are exchanged as Stefano stares at the goon. Stefano says this has been an emotional time for their family. They’ve known great sorrow and great joy and they’re ready to welcome another DiMera into the family. Stefano says after today, there will be a sacramental bond after she takes her vows, that will never be broken. He asks if she knows what it truly means to be a DiMera. She does and he gives his blessing and EJ stops the wedding because he wrote his own vows! He talks about how beautiful she looked in a bright orange jumpsuit, yelling at guards and tells her he can’t vow they’ll never fight again or that he’ll never come on strong like a European patriot but he vows to love and protect their daughter and will be the husband and father they expect. Nicole tries to kiss him but Father Matt stops it! "Not so fast! You’re not yet husband and wife!" The guests chuckle.

    EJ and Nicole marry and Nicole admits she’s never been so happy. EJ says it’s just the beginning. In her head, Nicole thanks God for everything. They unite the Unity Candle, but it blows out and Nicole’s face falls. EJ shrugs and relights it with his own candle. Later, the ceremony is almost over when Stefano’s goon nods at him.

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