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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Traded In A Cable Guy Disguise For A Hard Hat.

    Wednesday, June 03 2009

    Arianna comes across Rafe at the pier and shares her concerns that he’s working construction. Rafe is tired of the lack of support, and her blaming Sami for this, but Arianna says she cares. "This whole thing with Sami is just like before," she says, but he denies it and explains that this job is temporary, so that social services will allow him to adopt Grace. Arianna apologizes and tells him that being a father is a lot of work that will complicate his life. Rafe knows, but loves Grace and Sami and says it’s worth it. He thinks Arianna feels abandoned and too focused on him. She leaves and Nicole arrives at the pier and jokes with Rafe. "You traded in your cable guy disguise for a hard hat!" She thinks it’s admirable that he got a job to support his daughter. Rafe doesn’t need Nicole’s approval, he tells her, and she ignores that and says Sami’s baby is lucky that a guy like him wants to be her daddy. Rafe asks her what it is she wants! Nicole hopes things work out the best for him and leaves. Rafe tries to call Sami, but his phone is dead.

    Grace's Father...

    Tuesday, June 02 2009

    Nicole is thrilled when EJ returns home. He tells her the arraignment was pushed up, but it’s not over. He makes a call and they discuss Owen and Stephanie. Later, EJ finds out from Lexi that Stefano’s coming out of the hospital soon and Nicole says she’s sure she and Stefano can forge a relationship now. She admits she wants them to be close, knowing how devoted EJ is to Stefano. EJ knows Stefano can be curmudgeonly but soft hearted for those he loves and trusts. EJ discusses Owen with Nicole and lets her know that his father planted Owen at the Kiriakis mansion two years ago. He’s the only one EJ needs to worry about, he says. Nicole is certain that it’ll all work out. They kiss and he admits he lies awake at night wondering if he’s doing the right thing in his business. Nicole knows he only wants to do what is best for his family. EJ wants to head upstairs to get Johnny, and Nicole stops him and tells him she found out that Rafe wants to adopt Grace. EJ is surprised and unhappy with the news, to say the least. He refuses to allow this, thinking Rafe will be hanging around there. The man spied on them. He was fired from the FBI for incompetence. Nicole thinks this is Sami’s choice and says he needs to focus on this family. “What if the police find Owen first?" EJ rants about Samantha and Rafe and Nicole wonders what he’ll do, throw his weight around? “You just can’t walk away, especially when it involves Sami," Nicole tells him. She thinks he’s jealous of Rafe. EJ tells her she’s the one jealous of Sami, so Nicole tells him to prove he’s not jealous and asks him not to go to Sami.

    I Owe You.

    Thursday, May 28 2009

    At the pier, Mia tells Nicole she thinks Rafe adopting Grace is a good idea. The baby will have two parents. Nicole agrees. Nicole wants Mia to stay away from Will, but Mia refuses. She has kept quiet up until now and needs to live her life without Nicole breathing down her neck. Nicole asks her to calm down but Mia tells her to stay away from her or else she’ll be sorry.

    Nicole arrives at the pub and tells Sami and Rafe that if she looked up domestic bliss in the dictionary, there’d be a photo of the three of them! Sami doesn’t trust her and Rafe explains he’s adopting Grace. Nicole says she’s happy for them but Sami doubts this. She accuses Nicole of being up to something. Nicole denies it and tells Rafe he has a beautiful daughter and leaves. Sami asks if he’s going to update his Facebook status now. She wonders why he’s telling Nicole the truth, but he did it so she’d tell EJ, he admits. Nicole can see Sami’s focused on something other than EJ and is happy, but Sami knows there’s something else Nicole’s hiding.

    At home, Nicole tells Sydney that Sami is neutralized and focusing on something other than daddy. First thing on Nicole’s to do list is getting EJ out of jail.

    You’re Dumber Than I Thought...

    Wednesday, May 27 2009

    Nicole abuses her lawyer on the phone then takes another call from the gate. Brady has arrived. He asks where she has Stephanie. Nicole doesn’t know. Brady tries to get her to admit something but she lies and he calls her on it. He tells her that he found Mia at an AA meeting but that she’s not an addict. She’s using it as a cover story. Nicole compliments her on the story and Brady says she’s hanging out with Will, which could mean trouble. Later, Brady leaves and Nicole makes a call.

    Mia finds Nicole at the pier and says she doesn’t like being summoned. Nicole doesn’t like hearing about her drug addiction story. Mia says somebody she likes just told her she was honest and she’s not. Nicole asks if it was Will Horton, causing Mia to think that Nicole’s bugging her back pack. Mia thinks Will and his mother are nice. Nicole disagrees, "You’re dumber than I thought." Nicole bashes Sami, but Mia likes Sami a lot. Nicole is surprised when Mia tells her that Sami is willing to allow Rafe to adopt Grace, which makes Sami a nice person for allowing it.

    A Change In Plans...

    Tuesday, May 26 2009

    Nicole rushes to EJ’s side at the hospital and EJ says Stefano may not make it. Lexi arrives and says she thought Stefano was overseas getting treatment. She asks why he’s in a diabetic coma. EJ says he was missing but he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to worry her. Lexi yells that he needs to take care of his family and asks him to stop this war, now. She goes inside Stefano’s room and EJ realizes she’s right. Nicole says, "She’s dead wrong."

    Lexi goes to an unconscious Stefano to tell him she’s taking care of him and will be by his side the whole time. She holds his hand and calls out his name.

    Back outside his room, Nicole tries to convince EJ not to give up, but he already has. EJ is fed up with watching innocent people get hurt. "I can’t believe I’m listening to this," says Nicole, but EJ says the least he can do is make this right. He can point them in the direction of Owen, but Nicole thinks if EJ comes clean, he’ll go to prison for a long time. She and Sydney can’t live without him. Lexi comes out of Stefano’s room and tells the two Stefano’s unconscious and his blood sugar level is stabilizing. She thinks there could be long term damage to his eyes, brain and kidneys. EJ asks Lexi to get a team of specialists on the case, but Lexi says it won’t help. Nicole begs him not to go to the police.

    At the hospital, Bo arrives and arrests EJ for assault and says he can hold him for 72 hours to discuss Stephanie’s kidnapping. Nicole says Bo has nothing on EJ and Bo says if EJ helps him find his niece, a little cooperation will go a long way.

    Inside Stefano’s room, Lexi worries about Stefano, telling him they’ve only come to know each other and seeing him with Theo makes her happy. She begs him not to leave her. She just lost Tony. She cries and says she loves him just as he wakes up.

    Back outside Stefano’s room, Bo allows EJ time with Stefano and when EJ and Nicole go in Stefano’s room, Bo asks Lexi if he can go in as well. She denies him this.

    EJ and Nicole visit Stefano, who tells EJ that he knows he’ll do the right thing. Bo interrupts to take EJ to jail. EJ gives Stefano his onyx phoenix ring and tells Nicole to stay with Stefano. Stefano puts his ring on and tells her a story about how his ring was crafted by an ancient civilization in the Mediterranean called Phoenicians and how it was handed down to him. The ring is the reason why he’s indestructible.

    Outside Stefano’s room, Bo tells EJ that if he doesn’t help him find Stephanie, he’ll make sure EJ doesn’t see his wife and kids again.

    One Hour.

    Friday, May 22 2009

    Nicole gets Sydney to sleep and returns to the foyer, where EJ tells her that he’s going to be meeting Philip, to make the switch. They kiss and Nicole worries as EJ takes off.

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