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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    You're a Liar, Nicole.

    Tuesday, April 14 2009

    Mia stops Nicole before she gets to the cabin and asks how she could have done this to her. "You’re a liar Nicole. I hate you," she says. Mia knows all about Nicole’s past and refuses to allow Nicole to keep Sydney. When Mia restates all of Nicole’s past deeds, Nicole explains she no longer has a drinking problem, she had no choice about doing the porn and she wasn’t convicted of murder of Victor Kiriakis.

    Chloe finds Mia and Nicole outside and introductions are made. Nicole lies that she’s mentoring Mia, for the home for troubled teens. Chloe takes Nicole aside and asks why Mia’s there. Nicole says Mia’s in a crisis… Mia overhears and steps in and asks Nicole to be honest, for once! Nicole says Mia had a rough life and it’s all starting to unravel. Nicole asks her if she remembers where to pick up the ferry. Chloe is uncomfortable and apologizes. She has to leave, temporarily, but will return to make her beautiful for her wedding. After Chloe leaves, Mia tells Nicole there isn’t going to be a wedding. Nicole tries to explain, but Mia thinks she’s a lying, scheming murderer. Nicole wonders who told her all of that, but Mia refuses to say. Nicole says she’s a good person and all she has wanted was to be with somebody she loved. She feels she was born to be a mother, but Mia smirks in disbelief. She trusted Nicole with her baby, she cries. Nicole confesses that her father forced her to do the movie, but Mia asks if somebody forced her to try to kill her ex. She wonders if Nicole tried to kill Tony, but Nicole denies this and yells at Mia, pointing out that she has no job, no husband and is a teenager. Mia points out to Nicole that she lied to her fiancé, about losing the baby. Mia yells at Nicole and tells her she’s off to get her daughter back! Nicole follows and reassures Mia that she’s not the same person she once was. EJ has changed her. Nicole rehashes falling for EJ and losing her baby and she starts to cry. Mia is visibly touched by Nicole, but isn’t sure what to believe. She still wants her kid. Nicole agrees to give her back, but says there could be repercussions. When the truth comes out, things will be bad for her, but worse for Mia and Sydney, since it’ll look like Mia was putting the child on the black market. Mia knows she’s manipulating her.

    You're Still in Love With That Awful Woman!

    Monday, April 13 2009

    As Rafe and Sami argue about him leaving, Nicole stands outside the door. She realizes that she remembers Rafe as the cable guy who came to the DiMera Mansion, and takes off! Sami tries to impress upon Rafe that she can't live a lie with the baby about something that is so important - her paternity. Rafe says he'll try to be there for her, but Sami realizes that he's worried. She asks him to promise that no matter what she decides about EJ, he won't leave Salem! Rafe says he's not promising anything - she's unbelievable! He wonders if she's really doing this for Grace's sake - or if she's just trying to keep EJ from marrying Nicole. Sami denies it. Sami says she doesn't want him to go, but Rafe says he won't decide based on what she wants - it's what's best for all of them. Rafe leaves.

    Nicole arrives home just in time to hear Stefano calling her a traitor. She tells him that he's wrong - the only traitor is the one who has been against the DiMera family from the beginning - and she's going to prove it right now! Nicole says she brought Johnny's medication over to Sami's place and Sami wasn't alone - there was a man there called Rafe - and Nicole had met him before, right there in the DiMera Mansion - he was the cable guy! Stefano remembers, and goes to show Mary a picture of Rafe so she can verify Nicole's story. Nicole tells EJ that Sami was spying on him the whole time she was in the safehouse!

    As Nicole stands with EJ in the DiMera living room, Sami phones. She tells EJ that she has something she needs to tell him - now. He says something cryptic and hangs up. Sami is puzzled. Nicole tells EJ she is sorry if he's still mad that she told the truth about what happened to Tony - but she needs the truth from him - is he going to marry her tomorrow? Stefano comes in to tell EJ that Nicole's story about Rafe checked out. After he leaves the room, EJ grins at Nicole. The doorbell rings - it's Sami! He won't let her into the house, saying that they all know what she did - she violated his privacy! Sami says he's talking crazy! Nicole steps forward and asks why Rafe was there, months ago?! EJ defies Sami to deny it. Sami says Rafe was there because she was worried about Johnny being in the house with Stefano. EJ says they're through and shuts the door in her face. He then apologizes to Nicole for his demeanor the last couple of days. He says he realizes that she is loyal to the DiMeras. He says if she'll still have him, he'd like to be her husband! They kiss.


    Friday, April 10 2009

    In the church, Nicole complains about EJ's suggestion that they wait to see what tomorrow will bring. She says this is her life! He reminds her that it's their lives - and he needs more time to think! She maintains that he is being cruel, but he says Tony died and it's had an impact on him - why can't she understand? He says if she forces him to decide right now - it won't be something she'll like! He walks out, leaving her in tears. Suddenly, Brady appears. Nicole says it's all ruined. She explains that EJ saw Stephanie thanking her for helping Philip - and saw it as proof that she is loyal to the Kiriakis family. Brady says she didn't do anything wrong - EJ doesn't deserve her. Nicole vows to become EJ DiMera's wife - she doesn't care if it's all built on a lie! Brady says the schemes are getting insane - he doesn't want to see her keep going through this - he urges her to tell EJ the truth! She says she'll end up back in the gutter if she does. Brady says he'll look after her - it would be an honor! She says their time has past, and she can't take his advice. She then says she won't let Sami dig her claws into EJ! Brady cautions her about running after EJ - go home and chill out. She hugs him intensely, then leaves. Brady speaks out to his late mother - saying she'd know what to tell him to do about Nicole.

    At the DiMera house, Nicole gives into temptation and has a drink - one won't hurt! She then decides to lay down and sleep. She dreams of marrying EJ, but he chooses Sami as his wife at the altar! In the dream, Dr. Baker then appears and tells all! Nicole suddenly awakens and says, "I can't let it happen! I won't!" She takes another drink and talks out loud, saying, "Nope. No way, Sami. You're toast - t-o-a-s-t!"

    Nicole arrives at Sami's place just in time to hear Rafe telling Sami goodbye, and Sami trying to convince him to stay! The door is ajar, and Nicole peeks, and then realizes that she has seen Rafe before!

    Something To Prove!

    Thursday, April 09 2009

    Nicole is at the church with the wedding planner. She is tense and tells Monique that the closer the wedding gets, the more worried she is that it will all fall apart. Monique calls Chloe and she soon arrives. Nicole tells her that she probably won't need her matron of honor dress - she's ruined everything because she lied! Chloe asks what she means. Nicole says she lied to herself - this time she thought it was different - she's always married for money. Chloe tries to reassure her, but Nicole blurts that EJ is being a real jerk right now - does she really want to marry a man who isn’t completely in love with her?! Chloe wonders if Sami is part of this - because that was never going to last - it was passion. Nicole asks how Chloe feels now that she took the plunge with Lucas? Chloe says she's happy. Nicole says she isn't sure about EJ - especially where Sami is concerned. Suddenly, Nicole blurts that she doesn't believe Sami's story about adopting the baby! Chloe says EJ would never fall for another one of Sami's lies - Nicole should forget about her.

    Stephanie goes to church and lights a candle. She thanks God for bringing Philip into her life and asks that He keep him safe and bring him some peace. When she finishes, she goes into the other part of the church where Nicole is - she thanks her for helping out Philip by talking to the police. Stephanie points out that she knows what it's like to be in love with someone who has a difficult family. As Stephanie hugs Nicole, EJ arrives. He doesn't like what he sees, and steps back out of sight. Stephanie leaves, and EJ confronts Nicole about Stephanie thanking Nicole for helping Philip! Nicole swears there is nothing to tell, but EJ thinks she's hiding something - it seems she always is! Nicole says it's wearing her out to always have to be explaining herself! She says she knows he's grieving Tony - but it's all Tony's fault for betraying the family in the first place - she gets that EJ wants to blame Philip - but he shouldn't blame it on her! She asks if the wedding is on or not - he says they'll have to see what tomorrow brings!

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