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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    The Big Guns.

    Friday, March 20 2009

    Father Matt starts the Christening ceremony and asks if the Godfather is prepared to help Elvis and Nicole in their Christian duties as parents. Tony hesitates a moment too long and Nicole flashes back to their confrontation in the vestibule. Tony asks the Father to repeat it and says he’s ready to do whatever is necessary!

    At the church, EJ asks Nicole to calm down. If Lexi thinks she needs to go to the hospital to be examined, she should go. Stefano agrees. Nicole says Sydney’s not christened yet, and freaks out when Sami holds Sydney. Sami was just trying to help, but Nicole grabs Sydney and asks to get the show on the road. The ceremony proceeds and when Lexi’s pager rings, she dashes out to make a call.

    Mia flashes back to giving her baby to Nicole and goes into the same church the christening is at. She prays to the Virgin Mary.

    The christening resumes and Nicole faints. Everyone gathers around her but Nicole reassures everyone she’s fine. Tony thinks she should be examined, but Nicole refuses to go to the hospital.

    When Lexi runs out to make a call, she bumps into Mia, in the vestibule, who asks what’s happening inside. Lexi explains it’s a christening, so Mia looks in and is happy to see who she thinks is her baby. She watches as the ceremony goes on and when Sami runs out, Mia asks her if she’s okay. Sami wonders who she is.

    Back inside, at the ceremony, Nicole prays to God, saying she loves Sydney and hopes all goes well. The christening is over and the baby is christened.

    At the church, Father Matt continues the prayer, and in the vestibule, Sami and Mia both wonder why they came. They run off.

    Back at the manse, Stefano notices that Nicole is not feeling well. She's not spewing her feminism while he and EJ are acting like chauvinist pigs, he cracks. Nicole is a little tired. Tony asks what the movie was where the bad guys were at the christening and all through the ceremony, when they kept breaking away to take shots at enemies. "The Godfather?" EJ says, and Tony laughs that at least they’re not like them. Tony toasts to Nicole with his own special brand of toast, causing Nicole to go even paler and take a seat. She promises Lexi to have something to eat. Lexi apologizes for having to run out and call the hospital. Nicole was just glad she was there. Lexi is touched and Nicole says already, she understands Lexi’s love for Theo. Lexi says she has a compliment from a woman who was in the vestibule, watching the ceremony. The girl says Sydney was the most beautiful baby she’d seen. Nicole’s jaw drops and she asks what the girl looked like. Lexi describes Mia and says she acted like the baby was her own, she was so enthralled. Nicole has to leave and runs to talk to Tony. She asks what he wants from her. She has nothing at all he wants, he spits out.

    At the manse, EJ thanks Lexi for looking after Johnny and his ear infection. They hug and Lexi turns to Stefano to say goodbye, and says, "I am glad you were not struck by lightning, standing in that church praying?" Everyone laughs and Lexi leaves. EJ says seeing Stefano praying is like seeing Keith Richards preach moderation." They laugh some more, but Stefano grows serious. He wants to discuss Nicole.

    Out in the foyer, Tony thinks perhaps he wants revenge, against EJ. Nicole realizes it’s due to EJ’s success. Tony says that’s only due to Stefano and Tony refuses to be humiliated. Sami rushes in and asks where EJ is, interrupting the confrontation. Nicole points to the great room and Sami runs in. Stefano leaves and EJ says Johnny’s fine and apologizes for inviting her to the ceremony. He didn’t know it would be that hard on her. EJ goes to get Johnny and asks her to look after Sydney. "Course. She’s the only member of this family I like." Sami makes a call to Theresa to check in on Grace, and the nun says Grace is a little fussy. She ran out of breast milk and her diaper rash seems worse. Sami says, "That’s it. I’m coming to get Grace. I’m bringing my baby home." EJ comes up behind her and asks what she means. Sami goes into shock!

    Back in the foyer, Nicole asks if Tony doesn’t mind making the child collateral damage, but Tony prefers to make her collateral damage. He can tell EJ the truth now, if she’d prefer!

    I Don't Know Anyone Named Mia!

    Thursday, March 19 2009

    At the church, EJ watches Sami with Sydney. "Seeing you there with my little girl just seems so right," he says. Sami is confused by this. EJ wants her to be a part of Sydney’s life as Nicole is with Johnny’s. He knows this doesn’t thrill either Sami or Nicole but asks Sami to put her hatred for Nicole aside. Sami says Sydney seems so comfortable with her, like she knows her. Sydney’s a lot like Johnny, when he is ready to sleep. EJ says in spite of their differences, she is one of those who have had a profound influence on his life. For the better. Sami feels the same. She likes to think she’s a better person for knowing him. EJ wants her happiness as does Sami want his, but Sami won’t trust Nicole. EJ questions her happiness with Rafe. Sami’s beholden to him and happy with him, she says. EJ mocks her wording, calling it romantic, but he wants her to have a happy life.

    Tony confesses to Nicole that he knows Sydney’s not her daughter. Nicole stiffens and her jaw drops, but she feigns innocence. Tony threatens to tell EJ, and Nicole calls Sydney her daughter. Tony’s got her number, he says, and wonders if he should tell everyone. He’s angry that she has been keeping this from EJ and Stefano. Nicole asks him to leave. He’s no longer her daughter’s godfather. She’ll call on Brandon, instead. Tony thinks that would raise questions and tells her that the girl belongs to Mia. Nicole’s eyes fill with tears. "I don’t know anyone named Mia."

    Back in the vestibule, Tony reminds Nicole he met Mia at the manse, a few weeks back. He explains that Mia was by the manse again and blurted out the truth. Nicole says Mia stabbed her in the back. Mia’s bipolar and Nicole feels gullible for helping Mia. Tony plays Nicole’s game and asks Nicole if she should inform Stefano and EJ of what Mia is doing. Stefano and Lexi arrive and wonder what they’re talking about. Nicole hugs Stefano and tells them both she’s glad they came. It means a lot to her and EJ. Stefano wonders to Tony if Nicole’s alright. Nicole wants to make a fresh start and push their differences aside. Stefano would like that and he and Lexi leave to see Father Matt, while Tony tells Nicole that was quite a performance. Tony taunts Nicole, when she asks what he’ll do next.

    EJ walks in on Nicole and Tony arguing and Nicole quickly tells EJ they’re talking about babies. EJ takes Nicole into the church and Tony says as soon as EJ learns the truth, the nightmare will begin.

    It's a Family Affair!

    Wednesday, March 18 2009

    Inside the manse, Brady tells Nicole he got through to Philip, who now understands there’s nothing going on between them. Nicole’s happy to hear. She hugs him just as EJ walks in. He wonders why Brady’s there. Nicole invited him, but EJ’s not happy. It’s a family affair. Nicole reminds him Sami’s not family and she’s going. Brady goes off to take a call and EJ says Johnny’s not feeling well. EJ suggested Johnny stay with Mary. EJ wishes Nicole would have let him know Brady was coming, and he assumed they weren’t seeing each other anymore. Nicole complains about Sami attending and EJ assumes she invited Brady out of spite. Nicole picks up a crying Sydney and changes the subject. This day is about celebrating, she says. Stefano arrives with Brady and Tony and takes a family photo and tells them how happy he is to have Sydney christened, since it’s a family tradition. He calls Sydney a DiMera, now, and forever more. Brady doesn’t look pleased.

    EJ, Nicole and Sydney arrive at the church. EJ goes to find Father Matt, while Nicole says she did the right thing giving up Grace. “Today we claim you as our own,” she tells Sydney. Sami arrives and tells Nicole she almost didn’t come. She realizes it’s upsetting to her. Nicole wants her there and says it’s a big day for them all. Nicole wants Sami to see that they’re a good family and tells her they’re going to live happily ever after. Nicole refuses to let anyone tear her family apart. Sami tells her she’s clear and she has a full life. She’s not spending her time coming up with ways to tear Nicole and her family apart. Will shows up and EJ shortly thereafter and Sami asks where Johnny is. Nicole says he has a fever and is at home. Sami’s not happy to hear they didn’t tell her. Will decides to go home. Sami stays behind and Nicole tells her she’d love Sydney’s christening gown. She’ll go get it. Nicole runs into Brady on her way out and he tells her he can’t stay. It’s making things uncomfortable. He wishes the best for her and hugs her.

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