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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    Funerals are Overrated!

    Wednesday, December 03 2008

    Back in the office, Nicole begs for the doctor’s help. When he refuses, she shows him the background check she did on him and says he had three ex-wives with a lot of alimony and five kids in private school. He realizes she means to blackmail him but she is offering him a deal. She can wipe out his debt if he’ll keep quiet. EJ knocks and enters the room, before the doctor says anything, and asks how the baby is. Dr. Baker pauses and then tells EJ that his baby’s fine. When an emergency takes the doctor away, Nicole rushes EJ out. He stops her and says he knows she’s more concerned than she admits. He’s happy they’re healthy.

    Broom Hilda!

    Tuesday, December 02 2008

    EJ walks in on Nicole hugging Brady and asks what the devil’s going on. Nicole says it’s nothing, but EJ notices she’s upset. She calms his worries and says Brady was reassuring her in her hormonal state and is there to discuss John, but EJ says it’ll have to wait. Nicole needs her rest. Brady knows, but he needs to tell him that he just found out they’re related. EJ asks if he’s traumatized and having an identity crisis, so Brady admits he’s in denial! EJ leaves when Stefano calls and Nicole takes the chance to ask Brady to keep quiet. Brady wishes she’d tell EJ now, but she will, in her own time. Brady warns her not to mess with a DiMera.

    After Brady leaves, EJ returns and asks why Brady was there. Nicole asks if he’s jealous of his cousin and EJ admits, “Insanely.” She tells him not to be and they agree to focus on their child. Nicole tells him that they can’t be intimate right now. EJ confesses he went to see Dr. Baker as well. Nicole panics, but EJ says Dr. Baker can’t tell him anything as they’re not married. Nicole tries to get out of it when EJ says they’re driving there now, to see him together! He goes off to make a call while Nicole calls somebody. “I need help. I need information and I need you to send it to my phone right away.”

    Nicole and EJ arrive at Brookville and EJ asks a nurse to see Dr. Baker. Nicole asks EJ if he trusts her, but he says she’s not a medical doctor and can’t explain the information that he needs to know. Dr. Baker shows up and EJ asks him about everything. Nicole reluctantly agrees to allow it.

    Stage Four....

    Monday, December 01 2008

    In a dream, Nicole runs down the stairs of the manse and follows the sound of a baby crying, and finds an angry EJ in front of the fireplace, holding an empty blanket. Nicole wakes with a start, at Brookville Hospital, and goes to Dr Baker and tells him that her pains have subsided some. He says she needs to see her OBGYN, because of the miscarriage but Nicole tells him, “I did not have a miscarriage. Understand me?” Her daughter was born asleep and taken away from her, before she could draw a single breath. She yells that she lost a baby, and then apologizes for ranting at him. She doesn’t like to call it a miscarriage because she had the baby and asks for hope, but Dr. Baker says the chance of her conceiving again is highly unlikely, after what happened. Nicole calls him ignorant and brings up IVF and infertility treatment. Dr. Baker says it won’t bring her to full term due to scarring, much like this pregnancy. This leaves Nicole in tears.

    Nicole goes to a shop to buy a dress, and is surprised when the salesclerk asks how far along she is. Nicole pauses and says she’s twenty-two weeks. The clerk is shocked at how good Nicole looks and gives her a fake pregnancy pad, to see how Nicole will look in the dress once she’s bigger. Nicole decides to take the pregnancy belly, and the dress, much to the clerk’s surprise. “And I don’t even need a bag, cause I’m going to wear it home, too,” she says, tapping the belly.

    Nicole returns home and Mary hopes she’s feeling better. She recalls her own pregnancy and says she’d cry at the drop of a hat. She leaves the room and Nicole looks at baby Jesus in a Nativity scene and starts to cry.

    Brady arrives at Nicole’s door and tells her that he just found out he’s family. He wants to talk to EJ but she tries to keep him out. He barges in and is startled to see her pregnant looking belly. He tells her she can’t fake this, but she can and will! She tells him she can’t conceive again and now she doesn’t have the courage to tell the truth. Brady doesn’t think EJ will leave her because of this but she thinks one day he will and she can’t face it. She makes him promise her to keep it quiet. They hug and EJ interrupts to ask what’s going on.

    Tightly Wound.

    Friday, November 28 2008

    EJ comes to see Nicole with Johnny, and asks how she is. Nicole says she’s not well. He takes Johnny to bed and when he returns, Nicole hangs up on Brady. EJ asks who it was and if it’s the same person she met at the lodge. Nicole is nervous when EJ says he knows what she did! He knows she left the lodge with another man and wants to know who it was. Nicole says it’s more important as to why she wasn’t alone, rather than who she was with. “Something happened at the lodge,” she says, and EJ guesses right. “Something happened to our baby?” Nicole answers a shaky, “Yes.” She shares that when he cancelled, she felt a twinge, and asked some random guy to take her to the hospital. EJ becomes upset and asks if their baby is alright. “No,” she says, sadly. Crying, she lies that the doctor treated her for a small hemorrhage. When a relieved EJ tries to touch her, she pulls away and apologizes, but she can’t be touched or moved. Given her history, Dr. Baker has told her to be careful for the next few hours. She assures EJ the baby is fine, and asks for time alone. EJ understands and tells her that she and the baby are very precious to him. He kisses her and leaves. After he goes, Nicole says that someday, somehow, she’ll make this come true – she’ll give him a baby.

    Hilda the Hun!

    Wednesday, November 26 2008

    Nicole ignores EJ’s calls and sobs about their loss. Brady comforts her and she sobs that this was supposed to be different this time for EJ. She asks Brady to take her home.

    A blanket-wrapped Nicole and Brady arrive at the DiMera manse. Brady takes care of Nicole, who wants a drink. Brady gets her water. “Booze isn’t going to help you right now. It’s just going to make things worse.” Nicole realizes that. She wasn’t thinking straight and thanks him for all his help. She isn’t sure how she’s going to tell EJ and can’t believe she has lost her baby. Nicole wants to rest and Brady offers to stay with her. She wants to be alone and sobs while she goes up to her room.

    Nicole sits on the edge of her bed and holds her stomach. When the maid, Mary enters the room, she yells at her to get the hell out, and then screams, “Get out!” She sobs after Mary runs out of Nicole’s room then gets into bed.

    Shortly thereafter, EJ arrives home with Johnny and Mary tells him that Nicole is back and there’s something he needs to know.

    Later, a knock comes to Nicole’s room and she tells whoever it is to go away. EJ tells her, “Hi sweetheart, it’s me and Johnny, darling.” He enters her room and tells her Mary said she was crying.

    This is not Speed Dating, John!

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    At Brookville Hospital, Nicole shows Brady the locket she was to put the baby’s photo in. She’s excited for car pools and says her parents never did that for her. She passes out and Brady asks her to stay with him. The doctor and a nurse arrive and kick Brady out of the room so they can examine her. They’ve got to get her stabilized and stop the contractions or they’ll lose the baby. Brady returns and thinks it’ll kill Nicole if she loses the baby. They tell him to call the father. Nicole writhes. “Please, save my baby. Please.” Nicole’s blood pressure is better and the doctor asks her to be calm. Nicole thinks he’s hiding something. The doctor hopes there is no damage to the placenta. Nicole has another contraction and screams. She yells for the nurse to call EJ. The nurse goes to Brady and tells him to call EJ, but he can’t get the phone number from the operator. He has to find Nicole’s cell phone. Nicole screams inside the room that she can’t stop the contractions and sobs when they keep coming. Later, Nicole dreams she is given her baby girl. She finds her beautiful and tells her daughter she loves her. The doctor leaves the room and tells Brady that Nicole’s fine, but the baby didn’t make it. Inside Nicole’s room, in a daze, Nicole thanks the nurse for saving her baby.

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