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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nicole Walker Layton Roberts Kiriakis DiMera Played by Arianne Zucker on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arianne Zuker (Matthew Mitchell)

    Birthday: June 3 1974
    Birthplace: Northridge, California
    Marital Status: Married to Kyle Lowder since 2002
    Real Name: Arianne Zucker
    Height: 5' 9"


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    So Busted!

    Thursday, April 30 2009

    Nicole and EJ are in bed making out. EJ tells Nicole he loves her, but when he looks at her, he sees Sami. EJ is shaken by this and Nicole asks why he went pale. He says it’s nothing and smiles, but Nicole worries. EJ tells her to let it go. It’s none of her business and just because they’re married, private thoughts don’t need to always be shared. He blasts her for turning it into an argument, but she wasn’t! When Masi calls, Nicole leaves the room and Masi says he’s about to finish the job his father hired him to do. EJ’s phone breaks up. He tells Masi they’re not taking any more steps just yet. Masi can’t hear him and knows he can pull this job off this time. The phone continues to crackle when EJ yells, "Whatever you have planned, stop it." Masi doesn’t hear.

    Nicole takes Sydney downstairs and plays with her and fantasizes about her future. Mary finds her and Nicole thought EJ gave her the night off. Mary says her fishing charter was cancelled. Cook will be unhappy. No fish for breakfast tomorrow! Mary heard the wedding was beautiful and offers to feed Sydney and put her back to bed.

    Nicole gets back to bed and EJ starts kissing her. They resume lovemaking. EJ takes a call again and has to take care of something. Nicole removes her robe and they start kissing again.

    Back at the mansion, Nicole and EJ try to bask in the afterglow of lovemaking, but Nicole becomes sullen when EJ refuses to tell her what he and his father are into. EJ says she knows he doesn’t talk business with her and reminds her he fell for her because she’s independent. "No guy’s going to tell you what to do," he says. Nicole wonders what that’s got to do with her needing a bodyguard but EJ has to keep her in the dark and if she can’t accept it, their marriage will fail. Nicole doesn’t like the sound of that, but EJ says when he confronted her with her work with teenagers, she told him she didn’t have to report to him. Nicole thinks that’s different. Her volunteering doesn’t affect him, but his business affects their family. EJ shuts down and tells her their conversation is over. He leaves to check email and Nicole thinks Sami’s distracting him.

    Nicole makes a call to Dr. Baker, and worries the truth can come out. He should leave town before it’s too late.

    Meanwhile, downstairs, EJ stares at Stefano’s portrait with champagne and tells him nobody will be doing anything about Philip yet. EJ gets an email from Stefano about Dr. Baker and realizes his instincts about the doctor were right!

    Give My Best To Your Witch... I Mean Your Wife!

    Wednesday, April 29 2009

    EJ calls Nicole from outside, and tells her Stefano went away for a few days, but nobody is to know. She tells him that’s fine. He’ll return home, he says, after his errands. She hangs up and holds Sydney, then flashes back to her last meeting with Mia. Nicole considers that one problem, solved!

    Hope arrives at the mansion, looking for Stefano. Nicole says he’s not around and sarcastically says that it’s Wednesday so he’s bowling. "Or is it Tuesday?" Hope barges her way in and asks where EJ is. "Or is he bowling as well?" Nicole says he’s at the office and she wonders if there’s a law where she doesn’t have to give up evidence. Hope wonders why she’s not on her honeymoon and asks why they didn’t postpone the wedding, when Tony died a few days ago. Nicole says they’ve had a lot of time to grieve and went ahead with the wedding to take away some sadness. Nicole rants and raves that she’s happy as Mrs. DiMera and they’re husband and wife until death do they part, causing Hope to raise her eyebrows! Sydney’s cries bring Nicole into the great room, and Hope calls Sydney beautiful. Hope asks if Nicole saw anything out of the ordinary at her wedding. Nicole says, "No!" Hope thinks she’s lying. Hope calls her the perfect DiMera housewife. Hope notices that EJ’s not there, and it’s almost dinner time. She wonders what is so important that he is away from his new bride. Hope reminds Nicole that she has to look after Sydney, not just herself, anymore. "EJ DiMera is not worthy of your loyalty or love," she expounds to Nicole. Nicole kicks her out.

    EJ arrives home, and Nicole shares her day with him. She didn’t tell Hope anything, she says, and EJ tells her Stefano went away for medical treatment. Nicole doesn’t appear happy to keep all these secrets. EJ ignores her and tells her they’re alone. He wants to make love. Nicole sees the applications for Johnny’s preschool and realizes that’s where he was! EJ doesn’t want to talk about her, he wants to talk about them! He asks her to close her eyes, so she does and he starts caressing her chest and asks her to think about lying on a beach, with the sun falling into the horizon and water at her toes. He explains a lovely beach scene with himself included and Nicole starts to smile. He kisses her neck and cheek, then her lips and carries her upstairs to bed.

    EJ and Nicole start kissing and making love and EJ says he loves her so much. "Of course you love me," says Sami. EJ backs up, shocked. He visualizes Sami in Nicole’s place!

    We Live in Dangerous Times!

    Monday, April 27 2009

    Outside the pub, Brady threatens EJ. He’ll pay for what he did to him and his uncle. He’s not afraid of him but EJ thinks he should be. EJ is looking forward to proving him wrong about being a coward, he warns.

    Nicole sits with Victor, who tells her she made a silly mistake and will pay for it, soon. Nicole says Stefano welcomed her into the family, and she’s now protected. She reminds him they take care of their enemies. Victor thinks she’s being used. Her wedding was a charade. They needed an alibi to provide them with one. Nicole disagrees.

    Nicole goes outside and asks the guys to knock it off and Brady leaves. She tells EJ they’re taunting them and asks him not to take the bait. When he finds out Victor’s in there, he goes inside. Brady returns, angrier than ever, and Nicole asks how this happened, but Brady’s not sure she wants to know. He says the person who is holding her daughter has blood on his hands and all of her sins and Philip’s sins don’t even add up to what EJ has done.

    EJ goes to Victor and apologizes for what happened to Philip. He says he hopes he makes a full recovery. Victor tells him not to worry about Philip, but to worry about his father! "We live in dangerous times." Victor leaves his chair and EJ calls Stefano. When he can’t get a hold of him, he calls a henchman and demands they find his father. Nearby, Victor calls somebody and tells them to get the job done, now.

    Meanwhile, EJ stalks around the pub, and blasts his thugs, saying they should have been following him. He receives a call from Lexi, who explains Stefano’s there at the hospital and wants to see him.

    Outside, Brady wishes Nicole good luck with her life and leaves, while EJ rushes Nicole to the car, explaining they need to head to the hospital.

    When EJ and Nicole arrive at the hospital, Lexi tells them which room he’s in and says he thinks he has been poisoned. She is disgusted with him for putting the hit on Philip and hopes that this doesn’t mean a war. EJ wants to speak with Stefano alone, which causes Lexi to tell Nicole to get used to it.

    Dr. Baker comes out of Mia’s room and wonders why Nicole’s there. He relays the conversation they had in the ER room and thinks Nicole is home free. Nicole thanks Dr. Baker, when prodded, and he asks, “Now what,” when he notices Nicole is still upset. Nicole doesn’t want Sami to find out.

    Inside Stefano’s room, EJ says Victor was gloating about this. They vow he won’t get away with it! Stefano is surprised. Victor’s not one to gloat unless he’s sure of what’s to come. Lexi returns with Stefano’s test results. He wasn’t poisoned but there’s something seriously wrong with him!

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