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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Theo Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Theo Carver Played by Terrell Ransom Jr. on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Terrell Ransom Jr. (NBC)

    Birthplace: Royal Oak, Michigan, USA
    Real Name: Terrell Ransom Jr.


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    Days Recap: Abigail's period is late, causing alarm

    Thursday, July 09 2015

    Zoe and Chad arrive to the lake. Zoe runs off to get a better look at her friend Phoebe's new boy toy. Things are strained between Ben and Chad when Abby finally turns up. Zoe returns as Abe and Theo arrive. They all run off to swim while Ben watches. The girls return and Zoe notices Abigail's a little green. Abby admits she's a little lightheaded. When Zoe goes off to get hot dogs, the thought of them makes Abby nauseous. Elsewhere, Will tries to push Paul into dating Derrick, making Paul realize that Will brought Sonny there to see Paul's unavailable. Will scoffs but Paul tells him it's perfectly normal for two gay men to be friends without sex. Will and Sonny would know that if they had gay friends. He warns that these desperate actions will only push Sonny away. Derrick and Sonny return happy because they crushed the other volleyball team. Meanwhile, Zoe returns with hot dogs, making Abigail go pale. Later on, everyone leaves except Zoe and Chad and Zoe remarks that Ben and Abigail seemed pretty solid. Later, Sonny heads to TBD when Adrienne calls and Will mopes. Today didn't go as planned.

    Days Recap: Sonny realizes Will rushed into marriage too soon

    Thursday, July 02 2015

    At the hospital, Abigail's uncomfortable as Theo begs her to come to the lake with him and Chad. She agrees to it when he gets all worked up and then his therapist arrives and takes him away. Chad is cold toward Abigail and intimates that he's been seeing Zoe who is hot in bed. "You should see the things that we do..." Abigail's disgusted and tells him so before stomping off.

    Days Recap: Theresa will lie to win Brady back

    Wednesday, July 01 2015

    At the hospital, Chad chats with Theo in an office. He gives him advice about making up with his friend. Theo wants Chad to take him to the lake again, like he did with Abigail before. Abigail appears. Theo hugs her.

    Days Recap: The Horton Balls.

    Friday, December 26 2014

    At the DiMera Mansion, Chad makes a call to Sonny about their new club. Sonny assures him that things are coming along. Abe and Theo stop by to exchange presents, and Theo talks to Stefano on the phone. Theo wants to know when his grandpa is coming home. Abe tells Chad that he doesn’t have the heart to tell him he likely won’t ever be coming home.

    Days Recap: Don't Go All Lily-livered On Me.

    Wednesday, October 15 2014

    Theo runs into Chad's arms in the park and begs his uncle not to die like uncle EJ. Abe says Lexi's not alone now. Chad gives Theo a glider uncle EJ wanted him to have. Theo excitedly goes off to play and Abe assumes Chad bought it. He's thankful. Chad says his father is offering a reward to help catch the killer. Abe will run it by the DA but sometimes rewards can turn cases into circuses.

    Abe takes Theo to the hospital where he shows Jordan his glider. The adults discuss how Chad's doing.

    Days Recap: Happy Fourth Of July.

    Friday, July 04 2014

    Adrienne, Will, Sonny and the baby arrive in the park. Abe and Theo show up as they prepare the picnic. Tad and Ben arrive and take the lads off to play softball. They get shirtless and swim. Ben wanders back to the picnic and introduces himself to Jenn. Tad continues wondering where the girl he was supposed to meet was, but he keeps getting her name wrong. He hangs out with Will and the kid. Paige arrives and fawns over the baby. Meanwhile, Abby and Ben slip away to sit alone. He's not surprised that EJ was up to something illegal. Amidst the trees, Jenn looks around for a pin that Theo lost. Daniel finds her and wishes her a happy Fourth of July. He wonders if she wants to talk. She tells him she needs him in her life. Maggie calls him to pick up Parker so he leaves. Later, Paige tells JJ that she's over the Theresa thing. They kiss. Finally, Tad's date arrives.

    Days Recap: Love Is Not Deceiving.

    Tuesday, July 01 2014

    Outside the DiMera mansion, Abigail tells EJ after today, she never wants to see him again. Ben arrives and he and Abigail admire each other. Inside, EJ tells Stefano's portrait that whatever he is up to he won't get away with it. "I learned from the best." Abe and Theo arrive. Abigail enters the room with Ben. After Abigail exits, Theo asks Ben if he's Abigail's boyfriend. In a room, Sami vows she won't cry. She finds the vows she'd written previously and flashes to making love with EJ, and then to finding the photograph. Abigail appears. "Are you alright?" Sami composes herself and invites Abigail to read the vows. Abigail encourages her to read them. Sami muses, "And you'll read the poem, Abigail." Downstairs, Will and Sonny enter. EJ booms that now all they need is the bride. They head outside and Abigail follows Sami downstairs. "You look beautiful." Sami takes a deep breath and the wedding march begins. EJ nods and Johnny goes to walk Sami down the aisle. Abe begins, Will reads, and then Abigail reads a poem about love not being deceiving. Abe asks if there are any objections. No one speaks. Soon EJ is saying, "I do." When it's Sami's turn she pictures EJ kissing Abigail and doesn't speak.

    Days Recap: That Nut Job.

    Tuesday, April 29 2014

    Abe and Theo take Maxine for a picnic at a special part of the park that Lexi used to take Theo. Abe had no idea. Theo says his momma told him to take him there one day - today. Theo sees his friend Sawyer and runs off. Abe apologizes but Maxine thinks it's important to keep Lexi's memory alive. Lexi and Maxine's husband Carl, who passed, will always be a part of their life. Maxine tells stories about Carl accidentally wiping out her roses and they share a laugh. They bond over their losses and Maxine receives a text. She's honored he asked her out and Theo returns and hugs her goodbye.

    Days Recap: That Criminal.

    Wednesday, April 16 2014

    Brady receives a visit at the Kiriakis mansion from Theresa who babbles about not having anything to do with what happened to Daniel. Brady is confused so Theresa spells it out. He calls Daniel.

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