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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Colleen Brady (current) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colleen Brady (current) Played by Shirley Jones on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Shirley Jones (NBC)

    Birthday: March 31 1934
    Birthplace: Charlerio, Pennsylvania, USA
    Marital Status: Married, Marty Ingels (Nov 13, 1977- present)
    Real Name: Shirley Jones
    Height: 5' 8"


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    The Wrong Thing, As Usual.

    Tuesday, January 04 2011

    At the fishing cabin, Bo tells Hope they're leaving. He wants to turn themselves in and Hope agrees that trying to work out a deal is the best solution. Hope will serve time in a different prison, away from the warden. Bo suggests they call Roman but needs to use the gas station payphone to call a line that isn't tapped. Bo leaves her his gun, in case something happens. He also hands her a barrette that Ciara gave him. Once he leaves, Hope dreams about telling Ciara that she and Bo will come home to her. Ciara asks if her parents are back together. Hope wakes, saying they're not together.

    Good bad, right or wrong, they loved each other.

    Friday, February 08 2008

    In the forest, John sees the ghosts of Colleen and Santo meet in the afterlife and take each other's hands.

    Colleen and Santo's ghost stare at each other and lean in for a kiss. John watches in wonderment.

    You cover up your fear with your cruelty

    Thursday, February 07 2008

    In her room, Colleen tells the family she has cancer and has fought it for so long but now it's too late for her. She'll soon pass on but is happy to be able to visit with her family and her beloved brother. Shawn cries that God wouldn't be this cruel to take her away but Colleen says this is fate - not God's work. When John disrespects Colleen, Shawn stands up for her and Bo tells John through gritted teeth that he has crossed the line. Colleen says it's fine - he has a right to be angry or to hate her for what she has done but John says he doesn't hate her - he feels nothing for her. Then he corrects himself and admits the only feeling he has is disappointment for not killing her when he had the chance! Hope yells to him to stop being so cruel but John thinks Colleen's the cruel one and calls her manipulative for the way she treated Santo. Colleen retorts that she loved Santo enough to let him go. She knows Marlena understands this and stands up for Santo. She tells them he loved her but she couldn't allow him to leave his wife. John comments that he doesn't think she did him a favor by faking her death. Stefano told him that because of her faked death, Santo became a broken shell of a man who taught Stefano how to resent. Colleen doesn't believe this and tells him Santo was kind. She thinks John is just as kind but his kindness is buried deep inside and she's sure that John's bitterness scares him more than anyone else. "You cover up your fear with your cruelty," she finishes, before asking Shawn and Belle to come to her. Shawn takes Belle's hand in his and they sit with Colleen who tells them they're the future of the family. She asks that they not forget where they come from and says her tearful goodbyes. "It's alright, I promise you. I love you." She says. Shawn promises not to let her down. Colleen asks to talk to Bo and says though he doesn’t have Brady blood, he's got the spirit. "I hear you're a pain in the arse," she says, smiling, and everyone laughs. She tells Hope to stand by her man and thinks he's a lucky man to have her. She asks him to take care of her brother. Kayla says she wishes she could help. Colleen calls her a healer and tells Marlena she is the tower of strength in the family and it pleases her to know she'll do what she can to keep the family together. Colleen asks for time alone with Shawn and John, so Hope hugs her and says she'll never forget her. Bo tells Colleen he has always thought of himself as a Brady and always will. Shawn tells her he'll never let Claire forget her and everyone waits outside the door.

    Belle gives John the medallion that Colleen gave to her. She wants him to give it to Sami and thinks it'll mean a lot to her. After she leaves, John drops it in the trash and asks Marlena snidely how much more time Colleen has. Marlena gives him a dirty look and pulls the medallion out of the trash while Shawn Sr. takes the blame for this and asks Colleen's forgiveness. Colleen reminds him that he did the right thing years ago by telling her the truth about Santo being married and therefore, there is nothing to forgive. She wants him to remember her from their childhood. Shawn hugs Colleen and says, "I love you Leenie. We'll be together again." Shawn leaves with one last glance back as Colleen holds her arms out to John. "You won't deny me one last dying wish." She begs him to come to her and John reluctantly goes to Colleen and sits at her side and allows her to hold him close. Marlena struggles with her tears as she and Shawn watch.

    Outside Colleen's door, the family wishes Sami could have met Colleen. Shawn and Bo worry about Shawn and Kayla says it'll be hard on him. Bo knows it's important that Pop is here for her and that they're there for him, when she's dead and gone. Marlena leaves Colleen's room and calls everyone back. "It won't be long now," she says quietly. Colleen holds John and tells him she loves him so. She asks him to hold her in his arms, one last time. "Please John." John moves closer and holds her close. "I have to rest now, John," Colleen repeats, over and over until she passes away quietly, in John's arms. John moves away from her and Shawn pays his last respects and kisses his sister's forehead. Bo covers Colleen with a blanket as the family quietly weeps.

    I'm dying...

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    Belle visits Colleen and tells her she just got word that they're related. Colleen is in good spirits. Belle is emotional as she tells her she can't believe she's her grandmother. Colleen tells her it means a lot to be with her, since she's been watching over her for so long. Belle asks if she's coming home with them but her home is in Ireland. Belle says she barely knows her but she'll miss her. Colleen has a present for her. She gives her the symbol of the Celtic Woman Warrior which she calls a symbol for never giving up. She wants her to pass it on to her child someday. Belle gives her a hug and the tears flow freely.

    A knock on the door brings Shawn and Hope and Belle leave with Claire. Shawn is sorry for all the time they lost but says he could never hate her. Belle wants her to return to Salem with them but Colleen isn't going anywhere. She says she's glad he's with her for the end. "I'm dying," she tells her brother. Shawn is upset and wonders how they can help but Colleen just wants her family one last time.

    High bilirubin and low alkaline phosphatase?

    Tuesday, February 05 2008

    In Colleen's room, Marlena lies on the floor, passed out while John tells Colleen his mission is to kill her. Colleen says he'll be condemned to a fate worse than hell if he does it. Marlena starts to come around and Colleen tells him this is Stefano's doing. He tells her he's designed to do this but Colleen tells him he'll never find peace. John notices Marlena come to and tells her to stay put but she sees the knife in his hand and grabs his leg and yells, "No!" John pushes her away hard, knocking her against the door and Colleen says she has one last thing to say. "You'd be killing your own mother!" John is poised to strike but shakes his head and pauses in disbelief. She has proof and shows him her necklace with the medallion and Marlena gasps. She takes out the photo of John and his mother and Colleen verifies that's her, with John! She's wearing the same medallion in the photo as she wears now. She says she recognizes his eyes but they're now cold hard eyes like Stefano's. Marlena promises John that Stefano can't hurt them anymore and asks Colleen how she happens to be John's mother. Colleen says she found out she was with child, after she ran. Not wanting Santo to know, she had the child away from her hometown and named him Ryan. She escaped to Argentina. John wants to know more and Colleen says she couldn't come between a husband and wife and elected to stay hidden. She says an Irish sister gave her a letter of introduction at a parish and she stayed there, gave birth to John, in the peace and calm in the convent and they lived there for a time. When they had to leave, she took John to an orphanage and mended clothing for them. In return, she was able to see John Sundays. She says she lived for those days. John asks her to go on. She says unfortunately, she had a sewing machine accident and hurt her hand. She went into the hospital, delirious. When she finally got her strength back, she went to the orphanage but John was gone, the head master had been dismissed and nobody could tell her where he was! She was thrown in the streets and looked for him ever since. "Only recently I found he was adopted by the Alamains," she says and was worried that there was no telling what they'd done if they'd known he was half-brother to Stefano! "So Santo DiMera is my father," John states. Colleen says she has only been with one man. Stefano found out she was alive a little over a year ago. Colleen couldn't risk contacting her own brother because of Stefano's obsession. She tells John that it was God who brought them together and John thrusts his knife at Colleen. "You kill me, you'll destroy what's left of yourself," she says. John makes a dash for the door and Marlena runs after him.

    Why in the name of God are you doing this?

    Monday, February 04 2008

    Everyone gathers outside Colleen's door and Shawn Sr. is confused as to why he's there. They take him in to see Colleen and one look at his sister and a shocked Shawn's jaw drops! He cries out, "Leenie? Leenie!" Colleen starts to weep and goes to her brother for a hug. Shawn holds her close as he struggles to believe she's alive. Colleen starts explaining how she wanted everyone to think she was dead and after she left her habit on the cliffs, she ran from the guilt and shame. She knows he always felt responsible and will never be able to forgive herself for that. She says there wasn't a day she didn't think of him. Shawn weeps as he says this is overwhelming. She asks for forgiveness and Shawn already has forgiven her! He just thanks God that she was brought back to him! Kayla stops the conversation and tells Shawn he can visit with Colleen later. He has a hard time tearing himself away from Colleen but agrees to go rest. Bo introduces Steve and Kayla to Colleen and says they've another brother and sister at home. "I know, Roman and Kimberly," she says and thanks them for bringing Shawn. Bo berates her for allowing Shawn to suffer all these years but Colleen says she suffered too but she had to protect him. Kayla tells Colleen about Stefano's catatonia and this relieves Colleen, who tried to keep the Brady's safe. Marlena points out that not all of them are Bradys and Colleen says she tried to keep them all safe. She says she paid for everything by being away from family and John thinks it's her fault. She tells him she senses a lot of pain in him and hopes he finds his son. She asks to rest and asks Kayla to promise to bring Shawn back later. Everyone but John and Marlena leave the room. John asks to speak to Colleen alone but Marlena refuses him. John asks if he can have a word with her a moment and as she turns to the door, John makes his move and smashes her head into the door! Marlena crumbles to the floor, out cold and Colleen gasps in shock. John takes out a knife from his boot and tells Colleen if she makes one sound, he'll kill whoever steps through the door. Colleen gasps, "Why in the name of God are you doing this?"

    For all the days of his life

    Friday, February 01 2008

    At the Aubin B&B in New Ross, Ireland, Colleen tells everyone, "It is I, in the flesh as any fool can see!" Hope and Shawn don't think it's possible but Colleen says the wrinkles have changed her. She is proud to know that Samantha is the spitting image of her when she was young! Marlena tells her they've read the letters to Santo and Colleen reminisces about them. She longed for Santo's strong arms around her but had to settle for his words. While his love held him to her, it also tore him from her at the same time. She says what she did was a disgrace to the church, God and her family and that's why she left her habit on the cliff and ran and hid. She did it in order for Santo to go back to his wife and son, after he lied to her and dashed any hope for a future. She says she heard Santo never smiled since then and Stefano bore the brunt of his pain. "For all the days of his life," she finishes. She says she never loved again. Marlena tells Colleen that Stefano hated her for his father's heartbreak. Colleen knows and says she didn't want to be found out so she moved to another part of Ireland, changed her name and took work as a seamstress, then moved to South America and became a clothing designer. With the money she made, she hired help and grew an empire. With the money she made, she searched for relatives and found them in Salem. After finding out what Stefano had done to them she took some responsibility and tried to help. Marlena doesn't blame her. Bo calls Stefano evil and Colleen agrees. She asks for their forgiveness for taking Claire and calls to Crystal, who brings Claire to them. Everyone hugs and kisses Claire and tells her how much they missed her and Colleen smiles as she watches. Unnoticed, John takes out the knife he stole earlier and stares Colleen down. Marlena reminds John that Claire is his granddaughter and asks him to go to her. He does so and Bo berates Colleen for kidnapping Claire but Colleen says she had to protect her and felt the same about Brady Black. Chloe's eyes grow wide and suddenly everyone is quiet. Chloe yells at Colleen to tell her where Brady is but Colleen doesn't know. She wonders if Chloe does, but Chloe denies it and runs off crying. Colleen says they can only pray that no evil befell him, and she sits down to rest. Marlena tells John that Brady's his son but he is disinterested. Outside the room, Chloe sobs for Brady and when Phil tries to comfort her, she pushes him away.

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