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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Claire (Kiriakis) Brady (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Claire (Kiriakis) Brady (Past) Played by Alina Foley on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Alina Foley (NBC)
    Claire (Kiriakis) Brady (Past)

    Actor: Alina Foley

    Who played Claire (Kiriakis) Brady (Past) over the years

    Claire Kiriakis Brady Claire Kiriakis - Olivia and Ava White (recurring from January 27, 2006 - November 2006 and on contract as of October 20, 2006 - January 1 2008)

    Useful information on Claire (Kiriakis) Brady (Past)

    * Claire was born at St. Luke's church on September 27, 2005.
    * Blood type is AB- this is known when she was ill almost near death.
    * Baptized by Father Jansen on December 16, 2005.
    * Godparents are Shawn and Mimi.
    * Went on the lam with parents to Tinda Lau at the age of 2.
    * Aged to 4 years in January 2008.
    * Claire was kidnapped January 2008 and promptly returned as she was being protected by her great-grandmother, Colleen.
    * Claire is currently sailing around the world with her parents, Belle and Shawn


    Claire Kiriakis was born at St. Luke's during the almost wedding of Sami and Lucas Roberts. Philip and Belle chose Claire as her name when she was born, and Mimi and Shawn became godparents.

    Claire became very ill when she was just a few months old and Belle took her to the hospital. It was there that Kate found out Claire's blood type was AB- and knew that she wasn't Philip's daughter. She kept it from Philip and Belle but told Victor. Mimi found out the same information and kept it secret, because she was marrying Shawn and didn't want him to find out the truth and go back to Belle.

    Claire needed a liver transplant and her doctor Lexie Carver found Zack Brady as a match. He had died the same night and his liver was donated to Claire. She survived and went home with Philip and Belle. It was a few months later that Mimi spilled the news to Shawn that she too knew all along that Claire wasn't Philip's baby. Belle and Philip had a DNA test done and Philip was devastated. Later, Belle took Claire to her parents and left Philip, after she miscarried.

    Recently, Philip tried to get full custody of Claire after he returned from war, but Belle and Shawn took the baby and ran to Toronto and stayed at a shelter where 'Merle' helped them escape to Australia on a cruise ship.

    Upon their return to Salem, Philip promised to leave Claire with her rightful family. Claire was aged at this point and was then kidnapped by Crystal Miller and brought to New Ross, Ireland for protection. This is where she is found in January 2008 by Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, Belle, Chloe, Philip and Shawn.

    Claire's grandmother, Colleen, revealed the source of the Brady/DiMera feud when she admitted to her affair with Santo DiMera. She also revealed that she was John's mother, making her Claire's great-grandmother. Colleen admitted to everyone that she was terminally ill and died shortly after.

    On the way home from Ireland, Claire and her parents, along with everyone else flying back, faced a traumatic plane crash due to plane sabotage. Claire's great-grandfather, Shawn Brady Senior, died a hero on the plane. Upon arrival in Salem, Claire's grandfather, Bo, was rushed to the hospital for pancreatic failure and went through a life-saving surgery. Claire's parents, Belle and Shawn, reunited and decided to take Claire and sail around the world.






    Shawn Douglas Brady (Current) (biological father)
    Philip Kiriakis (legal father)
    Belle Black-Kiriakis (mother)
    Bo Brady(paternal grandfather)
    Hope Williams Brady (paternal grandmother)
    John Black(maternal grandfather)
    Dr. Marlena Evans - Black (maternal grandmother)
    Victor Kiriakis (paternal great-grandfather)
    Caroline Brady (paternal great-grandmother)
    Doug Williams (paternal great-grandfather)
    Addie Horton (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
    Daphne DiMera (maternal great-grandmother)
    Frank Evans (maternal great-grandfather)
    Martha Evans (maternal great-grandmother)
    Yurgos Kiriakis (paternal great-great-grandfather - deceased)
    Sophia Kiriakis (paternal great-great-grandmother - deceased)
    Tom Horton Sr. (paternal great-great-grandfather - deceased)
    Alice Horton (paternal great-great-grandmother)
    Sid Grayson (paternal great-great-great-grandfather - deceased)
    Abigail Grayson (paternal great-great-great-grandmother - deceased)
    Zack Brady (paternal uncle - deceased)
    Ciara Brady (paternal aunt)
    Chelsea Benson-Brady (paternal half-aunt)
    Brady Black (maternal half-uncle and paternal first cousin)
    D.J. Craig Jr. (maternal half-uncle - deceased)
    Eric Brady II (maternal half-uncle and paternal first half-cousin )
    Samantha "Sami" Brady- Roberts (maternal half-aunt and paternal first half-cousin )
    Max Brady (paternal half-great-uncle by adoption)
    Julie Olson (paternal half-great-aunt)
    Steven Olson (paternal half-great-uncle)
    Douglas LeCleir (paternal half-great-uncle)
    Tony DiMera (maternal half-great-uncle)
    Kayla Johnson (paternal half-great-aunt)
    Frankie Brady (paternal half-great-uncle by adoption)
    Samantha Evans (maternal half-great-aunt - deceased)
    Carrie Brady-Roberts (paternal first half-cousin )
    Rex DiMera (paternal first half-cousin )
    Cassie DiMera(paternal first half-cousin )
    Andrew Donovan IV (paternal first half-cousin )
    Stephanie Johnson (paternal first half-cousin )
    David Banning (maternal first half-cousin )
    Spencer Olson (maternal first half-cousin )
    Scott Banning (maternal second half-cousin)
    Will Roberts (maternal half-cousin and paternal second half-cousin)
    Isabella Toscano (paternal half-great-aunt)
    Philip Kiriakis (paternal half-great-uncle)
    Roman Brady (paternal half-great-uncle)
    Kimberly Brady (paternal half-great-aunt)
    Jeannie Donovan (paternal first half-cousin )
    Alexander Kiriakis (paternal great-great-uncle)
    Byron Carmichael (paternal half-great-great-uncle)
    Tommy Horton Jr. (paternal great-great-uncle)
    Mickey Horton (paternal great-great-uncle)
    Bill Horton (paternal great-great-uncle)
    Marie Horton (paternal great-great-aunt)
    Philomena Alamain (maternal great-great-aunt)
    Robert Evans (paternal great-great-uncle)
    Justin Kiriakis (paternal first cousin )
    Lawrence Alamain (paternal first cousin )
    Trista Evans (paternal first cousin )
    Sandy Horton (paternal first cousin )
    Melissa Horton (paternal first cousin )
    Sarah Horton (paternal first cousin )
    Mike Horton (paternal first cousin )
    Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady (paternal first cousin )
    Lucas Roberts (paternal first cousin )
    Jessica Blake (paternal first cousin )
    Alexander Kiriakis (paternal second cousin )
    Joseph Kiriakis (paternal second cousin by adoption)
    Victor Kiriakis II (paternal second cousin by adoption)
    Jackson Kiriakis (paternal second cousin )
    Nicholas Alamain (paternal second cousin )
    Jeremy Jacobs (paternal second cousin )
    Abigail Deveraux(paternal second cousin )
    Jack Deveraux Jr. (paternal second cousin )
    Nick Fallon (paternal second cousin )




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    Monday, October 03 2011: Hostage.

    Maggie, Lexi, Abe, and Carrie support Marlena at the SPD as she worries about what this is doing to John physically. Lexi offers to examine him. In the interrogation room, Bo and Hope listen as John apologizes for the trouble. When Roman says they've nothing on John, John sighs. Rafe pulls John into a room alone and John jokes that he did want to spend time with his new son-in-law. Outside the interrogation room, Sami finds Rafe and yells at him for keeping this from her. He tried getting in touch but she was nowhere to be found. Daniel arrives after Hope calls. He shares that Jack's back. Bo badmouths Jack and Hope doubts Jack can explain his way out of this one. In another room, Sami suddenly clams up and tells him they shouldn't be arguing about this. He can tell she's keeping something from him so she admits she had a follow-up job interview that went well. He doesn't like the lying. He orders her not to accept the job just yet and is called away by Tim. Sami goes to Marlena and Carrie updates them. They've John's lawyers already on the case. Austin finds Carrie and tries to work things out but now isn't the time. She's focused on John. Rafe finds Sami in an interrogation room. They're both upset but can't help but start laughing. In the cells, John tells Marlena he had another ending for tonight that involved champagne. She laughs. They'll have it soon enough. She maintains he's innocent but he worries that they've proof he did this. She promises they'll get through this together.

    Tuesday, January 04 2011: The Wrong Thing, As Usual.

    At the fishing cabin, Bo tells Hope they're leaving. He wants to turn themselves in and Hope agrees that trying to work out a deal is the best solution. Hope will serve time in a different prison, away from the warden. Bo suggests they call Roman but needs to use the gas station payphone to call a line that isn't tapped. Bo leaves her his gun, in case something happens. He also hands her a barrette that Ciara gave him. Once he leaves, Hope dreams about telling Ciara that she and Bo will come home to her. Ciara asks if her parents are back together. Hope wakes, saying they're not together.

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