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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Morgan Hollingsworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Hollingsworth Played by Kristen Renton on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Renton (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: September 28 1982
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristen Renton
    Height: 5' 8"


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    As Thick As They Come!

    Friday, April 11 2008

    Marlena arrives at John's side at Chez Rouge and John tells her he is trying to help Mr. Hollingsworth and Tony. "See, I'm not all bad," he cries. Marlena agrees and asks him for a dance. As they dance, Marlena tells John their date is going well and she is glad she accepted the date. When he questions whether she's thinking about the old John, she denies it. She is in the present! She grins while he tells her he thinks "the new him" is getting under her skin.

    Nearby, Morgan thanks Tony for helping her father and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Anna witnesses it and Tony calls Morgan a nice kid. He tells her he's flattered that she'd try to make him jealous but tells her she already has him. Anna asks why she'd do that. She doesn't want to be second best. She leaves Tony confused, once again!

    Let's Forget About Her!

    Monday, April 07 2008

    Morgan and her camera man, Mark, arrive at DiMera Advertising. Tony asks that Mark not get in the way and when he sees the sad look on Morgan's face, he asks her what's going on. She isn't sure she can discuss it but Tony asks her to consider him a friend and asks her to open up. She tells him she's upset about her parents and their divorce and says things have gotten worse. She asks if he knows what's going on with her father, but he has no idea, so she lets him know that he has been accused of taking a bribe. She gives him a history lesson on her family and says her mother comes from money and her parents didn't like her marrying Paul in the first place. Morgan's mother expects Paul to give child support and alimony, but Mrs. Hollingsworth is worth much more money. She loves her father but is really angry with him. Tony hugs her and gives her comfort. Kate wanders into the office just then and spies Tony holding Morgan and Mark taping them. Tony ushers Morgan to the ladies room and tells Kate Morgan's having family issues. He tells her to ignore the camera, and then flirts with her. He tells Kate how beautiful her eyes are but denies coming on to her. He says he appreciates beauty, considering he is in the advertising field. Morgan returns and Tony gives her the rest of the day off. Tony asks Mark to simply leave his camera in his office and they'll get back to things later. He assures him it's quite safe. Mark and Morgan leave and Kate and Tony discuss Morgan and her family. The camera is recording as Tony asks Kate out to dinner!

    Happily Ever After...

    Monday, March 31 2008

    Nick interrupts Chelsea's examination by her private nurse. He has something exciting to tell her! Morgan, Max and Max arrive and Nick finally spills the beans. Since working on his alternative fuel source research, he got both grants! Morgan jumps into his arms in congratulations and tells him he's her hero, much to everyone's surprise, including Chelsea's, but Max doesn't appear happy. Stephanie notices, so Max quickly congratulates and lets them know he has to leave.

    After Max leaves the Kiriakis mansion, Nick goes on about how thrilled he is about the grant and Chelsea suddenly realizes Max is missing! Nick tells the ladies details about alternative fuel source research and Morgan hangs on his every word. Stephanie is bored out of her mind and asks Morgan if she understands any of this. Morgan doesn't but likes to hear him talk, she admits. Max arrives and Morgan pulls him aside and asks why he pulled pages out of Nick's work. Max says he needed paper to write a phone number on but she doesn't believe him. She thinks he's lucky she only told Nick about that. Meanwhile, Nick goes on about his research while Max shows them all that he knows as much about the research as Nick does! Later, Stephanie goes to Max and takes him away from Morgan and they go somewhere private to talk while Morgan grins mischievously.

    I Could Beat You With A Stick !

    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    Chelsea receives guests in her room at the hospital. Morgan and Stephanie are thrilled to hear she may go home today. They've got to leave to get to their internships on time and urge Chelsea to get one for herself but Chelsea admits she doesn't know what she wants to do as of yet, so she isn't going to be using the internship program just yet.

    Morgan and Stephanie arrive at Java Café and Philip offers the surprised girls to get them coffee. He wants to make up for being rude to Morgan's father. Morgan suggests he apologize to her father, not her! He says he will - when his shipments are out of quarantine. After he leaves, Morgan wonders what he really wanted but Stephanie points out he's a Kiriakis. They may never know! They admit they're both nervous about the internships and hope working for competing firms isn't going to ruin their friendship. They laugh about how Anna and Tony are attracted for each other. Morgan thinks Anna's playing hard to get and they realize they can't get involved. A professor from the school arrives and says they want to record the internships with camera men and document what happens during their time working. David Chapman will shoot Stephanie and Mark Keener will be shooting Morgan. The girls don't seem thrilled with the news but Mark promises not to get in their way.

    In his office, Tony tells Kate that Anna turned him down when he invited her to work with him. Kate says Anna had some great designs and offers her a drink while they discuss his mock ups. Tony accidentally drops his wine on Kate's blouse and things don't look innocent when they're caught on tape, wiping it off when Morgan and Mark enter the room! Tony explains that he and Kate were celebrating working together. Philip arrives to see Kate and Morgan and Philip explain how they met. Mark films their shy and awkward meeting and Tony asks what Philip's doing there and comments, "Or are you here just to see my new intern?!" Philip is interested in hiring Tony to do an ad campaign for their shipping line. Tony is intrigued and comments that he will send Kate a proposal for her to send her goods abroad with Kiriakis shipping. He tells Morgan how good it was too see her and leaves. After everyone is gone, Morgan turns to her cameraman, Mark, and tells him she hates him!

    Sailor man, Smooth Sailing!

    Friday, March 21 2008

    Max loads boxes for the Save the Children Charity for his community service when Paul asks if he can load boxes back on the Kiriakis ship. He'll talk to his probation officer and get his community service cut in half if he agrees. When he's gone, Max calls Philip and gives him a tip about what's going on. Later, Philip arrives and says he heard something was wrong with shipping. Paul tells him Philip's manifest doesn't match the ones in his office and everything needs to be quarantined until further notice. Philip tries to bribe Paul, but it doesn't work. When Morgan arrives with a sandwich for Paul, this confuses Max until she explains Paul is her father! Philip threatens to tell Morgan what's going on but Paul stops him and tells him to walk away or he will investigate him. Paul looks to Max and asks how Philip found out about the quarantine.

    Morgan and Paul sit and chat about the issues surrounding her parents and their divorce. She's not sure how to handle this.

    Nearby, Max meets Victor and explains why he's there. Victor asks him to spy for him. He asks if Max has seen John Black around but Max hasn't. Victor explains that he's simply wondering if John has had the same shipping issues as he.

    Victor goes to Paul and tells him he'd like his cooperation with his shipping. Paul agrees to it but since there are serious discrepancies with the manifest, he has to investigate. Victor apologizes for his divorce and says he doesn’t want him to become a target for John Black. Victor says whatever John's paying him, he'll double it. Paul isn't for sale and says he'll have him arrested if he tries to bribe him again. Later, Victor rethinks his idea of Max spying on him.

    Bon Voyage, I'll Miss You.

    Thursday, March 20 2008

    Ethan and Morgan enter Tony's office with papers and proposals, ready to take a meeting until Anna shows. Tony asks Anna what he can do for her and she points at Ethan and says she wants him! Ethan is flustered and thinks she wants him for something other than work but Anna explains she only wants him for work. Tony offers to pay him more if he stays but Anna says money's no issue, until Ethan shows her his check for the week. Her eyes widen and she looks to Morgan to see if she can take her, instead. Tony yells that Morgan is his intern. Anna's intern, Stephanie is at the hospital, she explains because Bo Brady is sick. She explains Bo's having a partial pancreas surgery but tells him it's risky. She says she has never met her boss and has a lot of work to be done but can't very well ask Stephanie to leave the hospital during this time. She needs to get an account. She shows Tony her portfolio - some ideas for Kate Roberts that she drew on an art board. Tony's working on something as well for Kate and calls Anna's ideas nostalgic. Anna hopes he won't use her ideas. When she asks to see their rough concepts, Tony shows her an incredible mock up on his computer, done by the art department. She's clearly impressed and refuses to show him the rest of her sketches and thinks there is something said for sophistication and simplicity. She admits she could use help but Tony yells that she wanted to be on her own - didn't want his help! Anna argues that he shouldn't be throwing that in her face and the two call each other hard headed. She grabs a painting off his wall and smashes it over his head! Tony lets Ethan and Morgan leave and moves in on Anna. She becomes nervous and backs up. He says she's spoiled and he likes to spank spoiled little brats. Anna calls him callous and he retorts that she's childish. He moves in for a kiss and says he knows she wants him. Anna admits it! "I want you," she says with a giggle as he throws her to the sofa and unbuttons his jacket. The two make love until Ethan arrives, with a knock on the door. Anna and Tony scramble to put their clothes on and they feign an argument. Tony yells, "And let that be a message to you!"

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