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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Morgan Hollingsworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Hollingsworth Played by Kristen Renton on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Renton (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: September 28 1982
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristen Renton
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Second Chances!

    Thursday, June 19 2008

    As Paul prepares to leave town under cover of darkness, he meets up with Morgan again. He makes her promise that she'll stay away from Phillip Kiriakis. They express their love for one another and embrace. He then leaves as she cries. Morgan heads to the Pub where she runs into Tony, who invites her to intern with his company again if she'd like to. At that moment, Morgan's father, Paul, is knocked out and thrown in the water by someone with black gloves!

    A Tall Glass of Wrong!

    Wednesday, June 18 2008

    Down at the docks, Paul meets with Phillip and complains about being abducted by John and his goons. Phillip says he heard, and Paul wonders why he didn't help. He becomes belligerent, insisting that if he doesn't help him, he's a dead man! Phillip berates Paul for setting the fire and ruining the plan, and Paul says he was sick of John telling him what to do everyday - he wanted to bring him down! Phillip says that the stunt could have cost him everything - he tells Paul that he is on his own! Paul frantically insists that he can fix this - he even gets down and begs. Phillip advises him to leave town! When Phillip is gone, Paul's daughter shows up to meet him. He tells Morgan that he has to leave town and wanted to say goodbye. They embrace and he leaves. Phillip then returns and Morgan cries to him that her father is leaving town! Phillip tells her not to cry for a man like that, but Morgan defends him. She asks Phillip to protect her father, but Phillip says he can't make any promises. She kisses him. "You're the only person I trust right now!"

    Yuppie Self-Absorbed People.

    Thursday, June 12 2008

    Morgan returns to the Kiriakis mansion only to find Chloe and Phil kissing. Chloe stops her before she can leave and tells her she needs to be careful and stay away from Philip. Phil and Morgan accuse her of being jealous but Chloe's trying to do something nice. This is about the feud between John and Philip. Chloe thinks Morgan could get caught in the crossfire of the feud. Morgan appreciates the sentiment and Chloe asks her to tell her dad to stay away from John as well. Philip takes a call from Paul, who says he did what Phil asked. John won't know what hit him! He refuses to tell him what he did, leaving Philip mystified. Morgan thinks Phil's a good person and he'll do what's right, concerning John.

    Pining Away...

    Wednesday, June 11 2008

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip invites Morgan to dinner. She's likes the idea but isn't sure Chloe would. Phil cares for Chloe but needs space. Morgan thinks it's a lame excuse. Philip calls Morgan, "fierce" and she admits men are intimidated by that. "You think highly of yourself," Philip retorts. She admits she does and wants to use it to get ahead! When her father calls and finds she's with Philip, he demands that she promise to stay away from him. She cuts things short and hangs up, and then asks Phil why her father doesn't want her near him! Phil thinks she should ask him. She admits he is the type of man her father wants her with, but she has other ideas of what she needs in a man.

    From the pier, Paul calls Phil and warns him off his daughter. Phil says this line isn't secure and hangs up. Chloe returns to the mansion to find earrings, she says, when she bumps into Morgan, who is just dashing off. When Chloe confronts him, Phil tells her nothing is going on with he and Morgan. Chloe tells Philip to go to hell, but when he kisses her, she kisses back.

    Beers to Pour.

    Tuesday, June 10 2008

    John takes a call from Ava at Java Café, and they make plans to go on a date. She'll meet him at the mansion at 7:00pm. He hangs up when Paul Hollingsworth shows up. John tells him his sources say he's been dealing with Philip Kiriakis, but Paul denies planting the drugs on John's ship. John warns Paul. If he's lying, it'll be a big mistake. Morgan comes into the café and asks what they're talking about. Morgan tries hard to use her manners and say hello to John, and they discuss Paul getting a job, in order to take care of Morgan's schooling. When she offers to get student loans and grants, he refuses. She asks John to stay away from Paul, and John thinks it's touching. He doesn't have that bond with his daughter. "As you wish. Daddy's all yours," he says and walks away. Paul tells Morgan that was unnecessary and he can take care of himself. Morgan's not sure.

    Sami arrives home at the mansion and finds John preparing for his date. She thinks it's a bad idea. John has given Marlena plenty of chances, he says and tells her that he has basic needs! Sami tells him he's making a big mistake and stomps off. She starts looking for Lucas, but can't find him.

    Chloe arrives at the Kiriakis mansion, unseen. She is upset to find Philip and Morgan having a drink. She leaves her key on the table in the foyer and runs out. Inside the great room, Morgan wonders if it's a good idea for them to be together. She wonders how his girlfriend would feel about this. Philip says this is just between friends, but if she's up for it, maybe they can have dinner, sometime.

    You're Done!

    Wednesday, June 04 2008

    At the pub, Nick talks to Dean Robbins and is told his formula is years ahead of his time. "You're a brilliant young man," he says, much to Nick's concern.

    Chelsea and Morgan discuss their grade. Chelsea has to make up for the time she was off with surgery, but Morgan did well. Stephanie arrives with good news about her high grades. Morgan leaves and Stephanie finds Pete, who tells her Max will be there soon. Max arrives and watches Nick with Dean Robbins, his mouth set in a grim line. Max asks Pete to take his shift. He'll pay him double, but Pete's worn out. Max makes a spectacle of himself by yelling at Pete to cut him a break. Max is distracted by Dean Robbins and Nick, so he runs off. Nick and the Dean drop by Chelsea's table to find out what the commotion was, but nobody can tell him.

    Max turns up at the pier and flashes back to discussing his work on Nick's prototype. His thoughts are interrupted by his boss and the men get into a brawl, when the man accuses Max of not knowing a hard day's work due to coming from a rich family. Morgan and Paul, Stephanie and Nick rush to his side and ask what's going on. Max's boss tells Max that he's going to regret that. "You're done," he says. "You're done!" Max yells, "Bring it on." Nick takes Max aside and asks if this is about the prototype, but Max denies it and leaves his friends puzzled.

    Nearby, Max meets John, who asks about Kiriakis shipment due today, but Max won't get involved. John shoves him and Max yells, "You want to take me on? Come on!"

    Lexi meets Abe at the Pub and they discuss Theo and his issues at school. While Lexi worries, Abe doesn’t want to overanalyze the situation until they meet with Theo's teacher.

    Nearby, Morgan berates Paul for disappearing, earlier. He couldn't be in the middle of that mess, he says, and when Morgan demands he tell her what's going on, he simply says he wants her to stay safe. Nearby, Nick and Stephanie discuss Max, who Nick thinks is stressed out from working three jobs.

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