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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Morgan Hollingsworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Hollingsworth Played by Kristen Renton on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Renton (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: September 28 1982
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristen Renton
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Nicole Has Standards.

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    Once at Salem PD, Morgan finds a package of money and a letter from her dad. He tells her she deserves to be happy. Morgan begins crying and can't finish the letter. Hope agrees to take her home. Later, Bo goes through the package and finds a voice recorder. Bo pushes play. Philip's voice comes on the recorder. "Damn it Paul, do what I will tell you, or I will kill you!" Bo is incredulous.

    Lucas is a Horn-Dog!

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Outside Victor's room, Philip asks Morgan if the police have heard about her father. They haven't and she's really scared, she says. She knows he's busy with his own issues but wonders if he'll help her go through her father's things. He agrees to it and they leave the hospital.

    Morgan and Philip wind up at the pub. Chloe finds them sitting outside together. Morgan leaves them alone and Chloe apologizes for Victor and hopes he recovers - for his sake. Philip says, "You slept with my brother. Do you hate me that much?" Chloe doesn't hate him. She made a mistake and so did he.

    Morgan goes into the pub and runs into Sloan, a sorority girl she hasn't seen in a while. They hug, and Sloan gives her a letter that was put in her mailbox by mistake. She rushes out of the pub to tell Philip, who apologizes to Chloe. They'll talk later, he says. He has to take care of this. He leaves and Chloe says to herself that there is nothing more to discuss.

    Situation Critical!

    Friday, July 11 2008

    Caroline leans over Victor who is on the floor of the pub. Max appears and hollers for someone to call 911. Outside the pub, Kate and Chloe have a run-in. Kate tells her to stay away from the Kiriakis men. Chloe says she'll be happy to know that she and Phillip have broken up! Kate says she is happy about it, but Chloe says she wouldn't be if she knew the rest of the story! Kate asks Chloe to fill her in, but then notices the commotion inside the pub. She runs inside when she realizes it's Victor! Morgan calls Phillip and Kate thanks her and heads to the hospital. Caroline tells Max he needs a break to get the answers he needs. When Max argues, Caroline becomes very upset, scaring Max. As Caroline leaves, Max says to Stephanie, "Let's just hope Victor's alright - she can't take losing someone else she cares about!" When Max keeps cleaning up in the pub, Stephanie asks if he is going to take his mother's advice. She also pushes to find out whether he is going to pursue finding his half-sister. Max becomes impatient with her, but then tells her he loves her. She heads out to the hospital and they share a kiss. As soon as she is gone, Max runs upstairs. When he comes back down, he has a conversation with Pete about how he is going to Europe. Pete says it sounds like he's running away from home, but Max says it's actually the opposite! He writes a letter saying goodbye to Stephanie, and then looks at a framed photo of Shawn Brady, thinking back to visiting Shawn's grave to tell him what he meant to him. He then picks up his bag and leaves the pub.

    To Happy Endings and Good Health.

    Thursday, July 10 2008

    At Salem PD, Hope and Bo want to know why Lucas violated his conditions, but he won't say. He knows it's his third offense. Hope wants to try to sway the judge. "Why are you giving up," she asks. He's not. He knows the law and knows he has to go back to jail.

    Outside Roman's office, Chloe and Philip continue to bicker about Chloe sleeping with Lucas. Morgan isn't sure this is the time or place. Sami wanders in and tells Chloe to leave. She tells Philip and Morgan that in case they didn't know, "Chloe thinks she and Lucas are friends." Chloe leaves and Sami rushes to Bo to ask to talk to Lucas. He can't allow it. Sami reminds Bo that she loves Lucas and he should know how that feels, so Bo softens and tells her she can speak to him soon. Philip also asks for time with his brother. He asks about the Hollingsworth case, but Bo can't tell him anything. He wonders why his brother doesn't ask Morgan. He hopes Philip didn't have anything to do with Hollingsworth. Philip denies knowing about Paul's disappearance. Bo hopes so. Or he'll have to arrest him.

    Back in Roman's office, Hope pleads with Lucas to tell her why he went to the Salem Inn. He flashes back to talking with Chloe, and having sex with her. Hope thinks he's protecting someone.

    Hope takes Lucas from Roman's office and Sami cries. She doesn't want him back in prison. "I don't have a choice," he says. Sami hugs him as Philip glares at him. Sami feels like she's losing him again. She asks why he left the mansion and Philip demands to know the same.

    Nearby, Hope and Bo wonder who Lucas was meeting and why he is protecting them. Bo thinks Philip is lying to him about having something to do with Hollingsworth. When Lucas and Philip get into it, Bo drags Lucas off.

    Fourth of July Celebrations Begin!

    Tuesday, July 01 2008

    Chelsea and Caroline prepare for the Fourth of July celebrations and reminisce about Grandpa Shawn. Caroline gets teary eyed and decides to go put a flag on Shawn's grave! After she leaves, Morgan arrives and reminisces that her family used to do Fourth of July picnics but her mom does the Country Club now and her dad's missing. Chelsea invites her to the Brady celebration. Morgan asks after Chelsea's date with Daniel. Chelsea says it was fabulous and Morgan wishes she had a man to sweep her off her feet. Chloe and Philip walk in the door and Morgan stares. Chelsea admits that Bo isn't happy that she's dating an older guy. Talk turns to Paul and Morgan worries about her father. She needs to see her mother, and may drop by the barbeque later. Caroline returns and thanks Chelsea for her hard work. Roman's headed over to help her bring the food to the party.

    At their table, Chloe tells Philip that she told the police she saw Paul on the pier to help him, but Philip says it's unfortunate that it made things worse. The police now think that Phil paid Paul to set the fire. Chloe thinks the police need to find Paul and prove he set the fire. Phillip wonders if Chloe's being honest, since she can't prove it. She apologizes for not telling him before she confessed. Philip says, what's done is done and they decide to get together later. When Chloe excuses herself, Philip goes to a weeping Morgan, and asks what's going on. She admits she hasn't heard from her father yet. Philip comforts her and tells her that he's looking for her father, too, as he believes that Paul was working for John Black. When Philip hugs Morgan, Chloe becomes jealous and takes Philip from the pub. Chelsea arrives and is confused about what's going on.

    Roman arrives at the pub and they discuss going to the cemetery to see Pop today. They'll miss him and how he used to weasel his way into getting extra burgers on past holidays! Talk turns to Sami and Caroline hopes she doesn't take EJ with her to the party.

    Think we can destroy the Death Star?

    Monday, June 30 2008

    Max gets a visit from Trent, at the pub. He wants to make amends. Max isn't ready for that. Trent abandoned him. He's a coward. Trent says he returned one day and wanted to take Max with him, back when the pub was a fish market, still. He says Max was sitting with Shawn and was playing with cards and crayons. "I used to draw buildings and streets. Used to race my cars through the town, it was pretty cool," Max shares. Trent realized how happy he was with the Bradys and that he wouldn't be able to give him that. He was traveling and trying to build a career. Trent wants them to keep their relationship a secret. Max refuses and says people already know. His family, as a matter of fact. Trent thinks Max did it to retaliate but Max doesn't want people to know he has a jerk for a father. If he doesn't like this, he can leave Salem. Max doesn't think Trent knows what it's like to be happy. He grabs a picture of Shawn Sr. and tells Trent that Shawn was happy and worked hard his whole life. Trent calls Max a pompous kid with an attitude and doesn't think he can be reasonable. Max thinks his colleagues would love to know the dirt on him. Trent acts as though he's not nervous but he is.

    Roman apologizes for asking Bo to come into Salem PD. Bo doesn't mind. He and Hope had a disagreement about Chelsea dating Dr. Jonas. Roman's surprised. They discuss Morgan and how she thinks Paul Hollingsworth disappeared. He tells Bo how Chloe saw Paul down at the pier, smelling of gasoline. Bo is intrigued. Roman says he bought a plane ticket to South America but never boarded the plane. They think John has something to do with it. They took his luggage from the airport and will continue the investigation. Roman gets a search warrant and they go off to get evidence.
    Bo and Roman return and Paul's suitcase is brought into the room. Morgan arrives to ask for information about her father. She notices her father's suitcase nearby. "Is that my Father's suitcase? Where is he?" They tell her they're on the case and there is nothing to report. Morgan leaves and they realize that Paul's not the man she thinks he is.

    Morgan arrives at Chelsea's place and Stephanie tells her she's in good hands with Chelsea. After a hug, and explanation of what's up, Chelsea lets her sleep over and Morgan borrows lounge wear. She wants to go straight to bed. Chelsea reminds her that if anyone can find her dad, it's Chelsea's dad. "That's what I'm afraid of," she admits, sadly and goes off to bed.

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