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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Morgan Hollingsworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Hollingsworth Played by Kristen Renton on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Renton (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: September 28 1982
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristen Renton
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Let 'em Come!

    Thursday, July 24 2008

    Morgan stands in the doorway of Bo's office. She asks he and Philip what they were talking about. They say it's just about Victor. Philp walks out with her. Morgan continues to worry about her father. He offers to take her to the sorority house. She doesn't want to be alone. He offers to take her to his place instead. Bo watches them, frustrated. Marlena catches him kicking his desk and asks what's wrong. He's got problems with a case but can't talk about it, especially to her. She offers to recommend someone then. He turns her down and walks over to his brother, reminding him that he is a suspect in Paul's disappearance and it's stupid for him to be hanging around his daughter. Philip wants to be there for Morgan. "If I find out that you and Victor played me..." Bo threatens. Philip protests his innocence again and walks off.

    Philip brings Morgan to his mansion. She asks for a hug.

    Sounds Delicious.

    Wednesday, July 23 2008

    At the station, Abe tells Philip to wait outside while he talks to Morgan. After young Kiriakis is gone. Abe tells Morgan where they found her father's jacket. She assumes they think Paul has been killed. She goes out and tells Philip that everyone is convinced her father is dead. She just needs to know one way or the other. He stops her morbid rambling. She tells him about growing up with her father; she was always "daddy's little girl". He would never simply up and leave unless he was scared of something or someone. Philip holds her and tells her not to give up.

    Morgan walks in on Roman and Abe planning to drag the river for her father's body. She's disturbed. Roman and Abe try to keep her calm. She begs them to find her father. Bo walks in for an update. Morgan leaves to call her mother. Philip mills around while Roman whispers to Bo, informing him on the situation, sure they will dredge up Paul somewhere. Bo takes his brother into the office to confront him. "You killed Hollingsworth!" he accuses. Philip repeats that he is no killer: He only threatened Paul in anger, that was all. Bo doesn't think so. On the tape, he sounded just like Victor: Icy and in control. "I know how much it cost you to do what you did," Philip says. They were never close and that's what makes this amazing. Bo says there is nothing he can do to make up for this. He rants about how much Victor ignores the law. Philip stands up for his father and what he's done for his family, including saving Bo's life. Philip repeats that he had nothing to do with Paul's death and if Bo hadn't believed that, he wouldn't have handed the evidence to Victor. Philip thanks him again but pithily tells him that what's done is done. Bo won't leave it alone. If it turns out that Philip is a killer, he will confess what he did and turn him in himself. When he opens the door, they see Morgan standing there.

    Men Don't Fret.

    Tuesday, July 22 2008

    Suddenly, Morgan arrives, to Kate's surprise. Philip gives her a hug and Kate excuses herself. Morgan is maudlin. He encourages her not to expect the worst and sits her down at the table. She shakes her head, still having no idea what could have happened to her father. She apologizes for constantly unloading this on him. Her phone rings: It's Abe asking her to come down and look at some new information. Philip leaps up at this. She asks him to come to the station with her.

    Philip takes Morgan to see Abe at the station. Abe informs her that they have found her father's jacket and his ID. It was floating in the river. She chokes back her tears.

    The Trifecta.

    Thursday, July 17 2008

    Morgan arrives at Salem PD. She doesn't want the money her father left. Abe tries to talk her into taking it but she asks for him to hold onto it until her father returns.

    Marlena goes into Roman's office to discuss Sami. Roman tells a shocked Marlena that EJ is threatening to sue for custody of Johnny, and explains that EJ and Nicole had sex on the night of the blackout, while Lucas and Chloe did! Marlena is shocked and figures since Sami has played one man off each other, it was bound to happen. She blames herself for Sami growing up watching her torn between two men, but Roman interjects that Sami needs to take some responsibility. Abe interrupts and Marlena goes to get coffee while Abe tells Roman that Morgan refused to take the money that Paul left for her. She wants them to keep it until they find her. "If we find him," says Roman.

    Abe comes out of Roman's office and Marlena asks after Theo. One day at a time, says Abe. Marlena tells him of a group session at the hospital for parents of Autistic children and Abe's interested. He admits he and Lexi had a good talk today. Marlena's happy to hear it. When Roman returns, he takes her back to his office.

    Roman mentions a call from Statesville prison and Marlena admits surprise over Lucas risking it all. She's surprised that Sami still wants a chance with him and wonders how Sami feels about EJ. Roman's not sure but thinks she's better off without either man. Marlena wonders if they can help Lucas in order for Sami to have a chance to forgive him for his betrayal, and for their family to be whole. After much prodding, Roman agrees to try to help.

    Back at the pub, Morgan arrives and she and Chelsea give Stephanie a going away present. A tam, adapter for the outlets and a French to English translator. Stephanie is touched and will miss them! Nicole comes into the pub, looking for Max about a wine order. Stephanie tells her he's gone but she can talk to Caroline. Nicole refuses to bother Caroline with the order and says she'll return. The girls find this fishy. Stephanie, Chelsea and Morgan give a group hug and Stephanie leaves. Daniel arrives and Morgan makes herself scarce. Daniel relays news about Victor and then they start kissing.

    Nicole Has Standards.

    Tuesday, July 15 2008

    Meanwhile, Morgan and Philip arrive at a post office, with the card that was sent to Sloan, by accident. She worries about what's in the package as Philip comforts her. Morgan starts to panic that the people who harmed her father are there, watching her. She's glad he's there to protect her, but wonders if he should be here, considering Victor's in the hospital. Kate will call if there is any change, Philip says. When Morgan goes to collect the package, she is told that she's out of luck. They sent it already. She asks Morgan to contact the sender. Philip explains that Morgan's father disappeared and it's urgent that they get that piece of mail. He wonders if it hasn't been delivered yet. The mail clerk lets out a long, drawn out sigh and goes to the back to look. She finds it! Morgan signs for it and she and Philip thank her and leave. Philip appears nervous, on his way out the door.

    Morgan and Philip arrive at the pub and Caroline's happy to hear that Victor is stabilized. She gets them coffee and Morgan still hasn't opened the package. She asks Philip to open it.

    Hope and Ciara enter the pub and find out Morgan's there with Philip. Ciara goes off with Caroline when Bo arrives and they go to Morgan to tell her this package is part of an investigation. They need to take it. Philip rants that it's private mail but Bo shows them the warrant. Morgan understands, and is fine with the turn of events but Philip is worried. Hope tells him to leave, as this doesn't concern him and Bo, Hope and Morgan head to the station to open the package. Morgan's not sure she wants to know what's in the package.

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