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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Morgan Hollingsworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Hollingsworth Played by Kristen Renton on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Renton (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: September 28 1982
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristen Renton
    Height: 5' 8"


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    We're not going anywhere, are we?

    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    Carmen, who was the screamer, comes down from the shower and complains the water is freezing! Nick says the hot water heater must be on the fritz and offers to fix it. Max flashes back to digging Ford's grave and says he'll look at it himself. Nick drags Chelsea off while Max goes downstairs to check the heater.

    In the basement of Theta house, Max becomes nervous as he hears noises while he fixes the heater. He smoothes over Ford's grave and heads back upstairs. He tells Morgan that though the pilot light was out, they should get a new heater. Morgan asks Max to take a bubble bath with her for some "nice soapy fun!" and she plants a kiss on Max. Max stops her and backs off. He tells Morgan she's beautiful and amazing but...she interrupts, "We're not going anywhere, are we?" Morgan asks. Max knows he'll regret this but leaves while Morgan digests what just happened. He runs into Carmen who tells her Steph found Cordy at Chez Rouge, so he runs off to find them.

    Nick comes out of Chelsea's room looking for Max. Morgan says he left and when Nick asks if Stephanie's back, Morgan wonders if Max is going back to Stephanie. Nick isn't sure and doesn't want to go there so retraces his steps back into the bedroom, awkwardly while Morgan mopes on the sofa.

    Back inside Chelsea's room, Nick tells Chelsea he thinks Max dumped Morgan. He undresses and tells her he isn't sure what she's got hiding in that basement but he thinks he can top that!

    The DiMera family could be ruined

    Monday, December 17 2007

    Stephanie arrives at Theta house and Morgan says Cordy's locked herself into her room. They find Cordy crying in bed and confesses she's been having nightmares about Ford. They comfort her and she wants to call the police but Stephanie promises they'll get through this.

    Chelsea arrives at Theta house and finds Billie hopping mad and wants her to promise not to go out alone while there is a rapist on campus. Chelsea goes into Cordy's room and they all agree on what to tell Billie and how to tell it to her. The girls are shocked when they find out "someone" helped bury the body and wore Ford's clothes out of the house afterward to throw off security. An impatient Billie comes pounding on the door and the ladies go into the common room. Billie says Ford's father is concerned about him. Although Ford has gone AWOL before, he's concerned about Ford since he missed a special dinner. The girls lie that Ford showed up a few nights ago drunk and they let him sleep off his state and watched him in shifts. Billie can't understand why they'd do this considering he is a rapist. Cordy leaves to her room and Billie notes she must have something on her mind. The girls cover and guess Ford took off someplace warm. After Billie leaves, Carmen worries that Billie suspects something. Steph goes to check on Cordy and finds her missing!

    What are you braindead?

    Thursday, December 06 2007

    Morgan wakes Chelsea and finds out she has trouble remembering the events of the last night. Carmen comes up behind Morgan and asks after Chelsea. Morgan doesn't think Chelsea will remember anything; she says and puts Chelsea back to bed. They wander into the common room and discuss what comes next. They agree they need to deal with Ford but Sloan and Carmen are sickened by his death and don't want to get his body from the basement. They worry he's really not dead and start giving ideas on what they should do with him. Stephanie offers to take care of it alone and with some convincing, they agree. The girls get ready for school and Stephanie makes a call.

    You're mine and you'll always be mine.

    Wednesday, December 05 2007

    At the sorority house, Ford holds Chelsea down, intent on raping her when Stephanie bursts into the room yelling for him to get off of her. Ford yells at the girls, "What are you going to do about it?" He pushes Steph into the others so they fall backwards while he chases Chelsea up the stairs. Ford catches up to Chelsea and she shakes him off. He tries to grab her but falls down two sets of stairs to the floor below. He pulls himself up a little but falls back down unconscious. Morgan rushes to his side. "Ford, are you okay? He's not breathing," she exclaims. Chelsea tells Stephanie she feels sick. Morgan and Sloan do CPR and Morgan yells for them to call 911 but they soon realize it's too late and he's dead. The girls try to figure out what to do but Stephanie doesn't think they should call Billie. She yells, "We'll be arrested for murder, is that what you want?" They argue back and forth that it was an accident but don't want to go down for his death. They know that Ford's father will ensure they all go to jail and they're not willing to allow that to happen. Cordy says Ford's not human. Drugging and raping girls isn't human and she says he's dead because of what he did. She's happy he can't rape anyone else. Morgan says they need to deal with him and says they're all in this together. Chelsea is half awake but agrees they're not calling the police but need to deal with Ford. They have to move the body and Steph asks where the basement is so they can keep him there until they figure out what to do! Morgan thinks back to her rape and Stephanie flashes back to Ford raping her as she cries. The girls sit staring at Ford's lifeless body and swear never to discuss this to anyone - ever and while Cordy and Sloan get Chelsea into her room, the girls prepare to put Ford downstairs in the basement. Stephanie asks them to get this over with but Cameron worries, "Over? It's just beginning."

    I've been attracted to you for a while.

    Tuesday, December 04 2007

    Chelsea arrives at Theta house and she, Sloan, Stephanie, Morgan, Cordy and the others plan to drug Ford. Sloan worries about being alone with Ford but Chelsea shows them the baby monitors and says they'll be in the next room. While she talks, we see Ford preparing for his 'date' with Sloan. Chelsea takes Stephanie aside and notes that Steph doesn't appear to want to catch Ford. Steph worries their plan is not air tight and the two argue about whether it'll work or not. Morgan tells the two that Ford's on a power trip right now and the last thing he'll think is that they're on to him. Sloan wonders how they'll protect themselves after they scare him, knowing he'll want revenge.

    In his room, Ford pockets a bottle of pills and calls Sloan to ask if she's still alone. "I'll be over in a few minutes," he says and a nervous Sloan hangs up while the others go fix his drink. Sloan stops them and decides her fear won't allow her to go through with it. Chelsea offers herself in her place but Morgan and a knock at the door has the girls scattering and a tense Chelsea opens the door. Ford asks, "What are you doing here?" Chelsea grins and replies, "What do you think?" Ford reluctantly comes in and Chelsea admits she had Sloan invite him so she could talk to her alone. She says she wasn't sure he'd want to talk to her after what she did and apologizes to him for everything that happened. "Cordy told me the truth that she lied. You didn't rape her."

    The girls sit on a bed in another room and Cordy flinches. Morgan reminds her Chelsea's playing him and lying.

    Back in the common room, Chelsea apologizes for believing Cordy and says she and Morgan aren't on speaking terms and she doesn't believe he attacked her. Chelsea says she and Nick are through and that she's a party girl - more like Ford. Ford starts looking around and wanders to Cordy's room. Inside the room, the girls hide the baby monitor. Ford thinks she's making nice so he won't sue her for defamation of character but Chelsea says she hasn't thought of that. Ford isn't buying it so she confesses she just wanted to apologize and thought they could hang out. "Don’t act so surprised. You know you're hot. I've been attracted to you for a while." she says and guesses she blew her chances with him. She thanks him for coming by and turns to the door when Ford stops her. "Who said I was going anywhere?" Inside the room, Morgan says Chelsea was right. His ego is huge. Ford asks Chelsea to publicly admit the flyers were untrue and says he'll stick around. The girls go get two bourbon on the rocks and Chelsea stirs in the drug and rushes out to give it to him.

    In front of a fire, Chelsea toasts to new beginnings. He asks her to go turn on some music and when she does so, he drugs her drink! Chelsea says they're kicking Cordy out of the society and they toast to a truce. A skeptical Ford asks Chelsea to taste his drink first so she humors him and sips the drink. "Satisfied?" she asks. "Not yet but I will be," he says and they drink to getting what they want. When Chelsea starts to feel drowsy, Ford jumps her and starts kissing her. Chelsea pushes him away and yells at him to stop but he doesn't listen.

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