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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Morgan Hollingsworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Hollingsworth Played by Kristen Renton on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Renton (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: September 28 1982
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristen Renton
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Dreams at Discount Prices

    Wednesday, March 05 2008

    By the water, Chelsea stops from exhaustion as she, Morgan and Stephanie jog around town. As Chelsea worries about her father, her friends remind her that she's going to need to stay strong. Morgan breaks the usual sisterhood talk to tell them that, in a few days, they could be at each other's throats. Suddenly, their phones start ringing simultaneously: It's companies calling them for interviews. "I know what you meant when you said that we were all going after the same thing," Chelsea comments, though she doesn't seem interested. Morgan explains to her how important internships are, but Chelsea is only concerned about her dad. She jogs away and the Theta sisters worry about their interviews.

    Morgan shows up for an interview with Tony. He finds her impressive and starts telling her about how to succeed in business. She gets excited and tells him she will cancel all her other interviews if she can intern with him. He'd love her to, but she has to pass his test first. She comes up with some ad lines and he's impressed once again. He doesn't think he can any better than her. She smiles excitedly.

    Morgan runs into Chelsea by the water. After inquiring about Bo, Morgan tells her that she got the internship she wanted. She calls Anna and cancels her interview with her. Stephanie arrives and says that she got the internship she wanted. Tony calls her and tells her the position she was applying for was filled. The girls smile at each other. They know that they are rivals now. Meanwhile, Anna goes to see Tony. After his secretary details his busy day and walks away, Anna informs Tony that she is assembling her staff. He says that he loves her and wants her to succeed. He won't even pitch against her; she can have the new client if she wants them. "I don't want or need your charity," she says, turning and walking out.

    The Science of Going Green

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Nick tells Stephanie about a grant he wants to acquire for research. It's all about the science of going green, he explains to an excited Stephanie. Steph jokes once he gets the grant they'll all go to Vegas and blow it on the craps tables! They laugh until a morose Chelsea shows up with an update about Bo. She worries she'll lose him to his pancreas shutting down and cries that she's trying to be strong but doesn't think anyone's buying it. Max arrives, takes a seat and says he was in court for his hearing. Stephanie forgot and apologizes profusely. Max says he pulled an attitude with the judge and almost got thrown in jail but got off with community service. He doesn’t care. He just misses his Pop. He's happy the Ford Decker deal is 'dead and buried' and asks what else is going on. Steph tells him she and Chelsea are applying for internships. Morgan arrives and says she just applied for hers and wants the girls to apply. Max tells Morgan that the girls have some issues going on in their lives and Morgan apologizes. She'd like to help and asks Nick if he got his grant. He hasn't yet but because of things going on in Chelsea's life are affecting his grant. Chelsea says maybe they shouldn't. She knows Nick will get it and she knows she'll get through whatever happened. Morgan steals Nick away for a bit.

    Nearby, Morgan tells Nick things will always be complicated. Nick doesn't want to abandon Chelsea but she says if he blows this chance to get the grant, it won't help either of them. "You need to focus!" she says. He knows she's right and she agrees. "I'm always right!"

    Back at the table, Max asks to be excused. He interrupts Morgan's little talk with Nick and asks Nick to excuse them. He tells Morgan not to pull this. She is confused but Max asks what kind of friend she is of Chelsea. He asks her not to take Nick away from her when Chelsea needs him the most. Morgan says she wouldn't do that but Max raises his eyebrows. She just did!

    Back at the table, Chelsea and Stephanie wonder what Max is saying to Morgan. Chelsea doesn't care and gets up to leave. Morgan stops her and gives her a hug. She finds her boyfriend and goes off to say hello and when Max returns to the table, Steph asks what's up. He doesn't tell her. Steph goes to the restroom as Max looks through Nick's grant notes and rips out a page. Morgan watches and when Steph asks what he's doing, Max has to get back to work. Steph tells him how special he is and he says she may not always think of him that way. "Why not?" she ponders but Max tells her to never mind and leaves to the bar. Morgan gives Nick his binder and tells him not to leave them around. She has something to tell him about his friend Max, she says.

    I feel like a million pennies!

    Monday, February 25 2008

    At Theta house, the sisters tell Chelsea that they need to vote on her status as a sorority member. They realize Chelsea did what she did what she thought was right even though it went against their sorority ways. They say she put herself in real danger and it wasn't her fault Ford died. They understand why she told the truth and they admire that. They want to put it behind them and get back to focusing on their classes and being friends and sisters! Morgan hugs a thrilled Chelsea. They show Chelsea a list of internships and they all peruse it to see if they can get a jump on getting a career going after school! Max drops by and both girls hug him and apologize for his dad. Chelsea tears up and admits she doesn't know what to say and isn't good at this kind of thing. She heads off to the hospital to check on her dad and Max tells Steph that his final words to his dad were, "I've got to go. I have to get to work." Stephanie points out that his pop knew Max loved him. Morgan watches as Stephanie hugs Max. Finally, Morgan can't take it anymore and rushes to Max and hugs him. Max wishes he could have taken his dad's place but Stephanie tells him his dad lived a full life. Max thinks his dad was a wonderful man - better than him but Stephanie tells him he's got many years to become the same man his dad was. She tells him they're there for him. He apologizes for feeling like a wuss. Steph takes off to go visit her parents. Morgan tells Max she wouldn't let him out of her sight. He tells her he likes her but she says, "But you don’t love me, do you?" He doesn't answer and she says she's ready to move on as friends. He hugs her and says he's glad as he can always use a friend.

    I'm dying...

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    At Cheatin' Heart, Stephanie and Max are told by Chelsea and Nick that Crawford Decker refused to press charges against the sorority girls and how Victor had something to do with it. Max worries that he'll still be in for it but Nick thinks that Victor took care of Crawford and that they'll all be ready to move on from this. Morgan arrives just as Nick says Chelsea's problems are over. She begs to differ. Chelsea broke Theta house rules and though she appreciates all Chelsea did and is happy that Chelsea isn't being charged, Chelsea broke the sacred vow of sisterhood and they need to take a vote on whether or not to keep Chelsea in the sorority. Nobody's happy to hear this but Morgan says it's not up to her.

    Max leads Morgan aside to talk privately while Stephanie asks Chelsea why she thinks Morgan is doing this. They think it will be easier for the girls to move on if Chelsea is not there as a reminder. Max asks Morgan why she's so hard on Chelsea. She tells him she's merely following sorority rules. Max wonders which way she'll vote. She says she's sure he already knows and wouldn't want to do anything to make him disappoint her. Stephanie watches them and Chelsea notices. "It bothers you, doesn't it?" Chelsea asks. Steph doesn't like how much influence he has over Morgan. Max and Morgan return to talk to the others and Morgan relays she's not voting against Chelsea. Chelsea tells them all to have the little meeting and vote away. She doesn't care. She stomps off. Morgan tells Stephanie that majority rules. This isn't personal. Stephanie asks Max if she's trying to cause trouble but Max thinks Morgan's trying to do what is right. Stephanie doesn't want to be Morgan's friend anymore, she says and Max grins and finds her jealousy appealing! Morgan leaves the pub.

    Nick follows Chelsea outside the Cheatin' Heart and tells her if they don't want her, she doesn't need them. Chelsea is hurt. She cares for the girls and the sorority means a lot. She cries out that she felt as though she belonged and accepted. Nick tells her it's not the end of the world if she's kicked out. "I love you and I'm not going anywhere," Nick tells her, which makes Chelsea feel good.

    Salemites arrive in New Ross, Ireland

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Chelsea, Stephanie, Morgan, Cordy and Billie meet at Salem PD in order to talk to the police about Ford's death. Stephanie calls Max to ask where Ford's body is but he again refuses to say. Billie tells them that their main concern is to keep them out of prison and tries to comfort the emotional ladies. Roman arrives with Crawford Decker at his side and tells the sisters that unfortunately, the DA signed an arrest warrant and Chelsea will be charged with the murder of Ford Decker. Crawford sarcastically tells Billie she should be so proud. "I am," Billie says quietly. Her daughter isn't a murderer. Stephanie yells that they didn't murder Ford and Decker lowers himself to calling her bawdy names. In her anger, Stephanie goes after him but the girls hold her back and Roman instructs Mr. Decker never to call her names again. Arguing ensues until Billie steps in and asks everyone to keep quiet. Roman tells Chelsea she needs to stop talking and get legal counsel. Decker wants the ladies to plead guilty to murder but Billie says it won't happen. She wants him and the DA to agree to drop all charges and promises if he does, they'll produce Ford's body. Roman takes a call to the DA and lets everyone know that they'll agree to the deal if Mr. Decker will, but Decker refuses them. Steph tells Decker that he can go ahead and take them to trial. She, Cordy and Morgan let him know they'll come clean about Ford being a rapist and asks if this is what he wants to hear at Ford's eulogy. Mr. Decker doesn't want that for his son. He just wants Ford's body, so he finally agrees to drop all charges if they tell him where the body is. Max walks in and tells Mr. Decker that he knows where the body is.

    Nobody is going to stand in my way!

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Chelsea goes into Theta house to find Carmen, Cordy and Morgan and another girl discussing their winter break. Chelsea stops them and tells them about the police searching their house because of Crawford Decker. She explains they uncovered one of Ford's contact lens. The girls are surprised and Chelsea goes on to say that this is far from being over. The girls tell Chelsea that she got sloppy and they panic. Chelsea tells them to stay calm. She wants to tell the truth, but they give her flak. They don't want to come clean, and remind her they made a pact not to tell the truth. She tells them about how horrible it was for her parents when her brother died and even though Ford was a horrible person, he was human and deserves a proper burial for his family. Morgan doesn't care about his family and wants to stick to their story. "Ford deserves nothing!" she cries. Chelsea says it's not that simple and thinks the police could find more evidence, and will put on the pressure until one of them cracks. She suggests they vote on it. "Majority rules." Chelsea gives each girl one playing card. If they place the card face up, they spill. If they place it face down, they keep quiet.

    Back at Theta House, the majority of the house rules that they tell the truth about Ford's death.

    Outside Theta House, Max drops off Stephanie and gives her something for good luck. She enters the house and Chelsea explains what's going on with the vote. Stephanie is against telling the truth but Chelsea reminds her majority rules. Stephanie argues that she and Cordy will have to go on trial. Morgan is confused until Stephanie shares that she too was raped. Morgan and the others are shocked and saddened. Stephanie apologizes for confronting them with it this way but says she has found strength. She votes against telling the truth and all other girls follow. Chelsea thinks Stephanie's making the biggest mistake of her life. The doorbell brings Det. Sullivan and the Salem PD, who are investigating Ford Decker's disappearance. They ask to interview each girl separately.

    We're not going anywhere, are we?

    Tuesday, December 18 2007

    Morgan comes out of her room and finds Max alone and tells him she has a present for him! Max is in awe as he opens an autographed photo of a race car driver he admires.

    Inside her room, Chelsea admits to Nick that Ford Decker's missing and that's what she was distracted about at dinner. Nick wonders if something else is going on but she denies anything. She tells Nick a half truth and says Ford showed up at the Theta house drunk, and they let him sleep it off on their sofa. Nick is incredulous. The two are interrupted by a scream.

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