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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Morgan Hollingsworth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Morgan Hollingsworth Played by Kristen Renton on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Renton (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: September 28 1982
    Birthplace: Clearwater, Florida USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristen Renton
    Height: 5' 8"


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    It's a Sleepover!

    Friday, October 03 2008

    Philip comes into the Brady Pub and encounters Chloe. He sits down and tells her he is worried about his mother. Chloe says she has news. She tells him that the Midwest Opera hired her and she's leaving! Philip smiles. "That's incredible!" She then tells him she actually came to the pub to see Lucas. Philip notes that he was at the hospital with a friend or something. Chloe says, "A friend, right." She tells him it's time for her to go, and they say goodbye, ending up in a passionate kiss! Suddenly, Philip opens his eyes and spots Morgan standing there watching. Chloe thanks him again for making the call to the opera on her behalf and leaves. Philip fills Morgan in on where Chloe is off to, and she accuses him of still being in love with her. Philip sighs and says he can't deny it! Morgan informs him that she's taking an internship in Chicago. He wishes her the best. She says she has to get going and they share an embrace.

    Street Cred!

    Thursday, September 11 2008

    Morgan and Philip kiss outside the pub. They go inside and take a seat. They agree to give their relationship another shot, but she asks him not to push, and not to lie to her. He promises, then asks her to go out of town with him. She says it's moving too fast. She also fills him in on her internship - with his mother. Kate appears, "Excuse me?!" Philip thinks it's great. Morgan explains that she interviewed with Chris. Kate is obviously not thrilled so Philip pulls her aside and tells her to give Morgan a chance. Kate agrees and Philip says Morgan will start next week - they're going out of town. Morgan says she doesn't think it's a good idea. Suddenly, Victor arrives and says he doesn't want Philip going anywhere! Victor takes Philip outside and chastises him for wanting to take a break. Philip assures him he takes his job seriously. Victor urges him to immerse himself in Titan like he once did with golf! Philip questions whether one can have it all. He tells his father that he wishes he were still with his mom. He fills him in on the coughing - and about Daniel! Inside, Morgan chatters to Kate who glares at her. Kate begins to cough. Victor comes back to the table. "Kate. I need to talk to you. Now!"

    Morgan and Philip are once again alone at their table. Talk turns to their pasts and she admits that Max Brady broke her heart. She asks Philip about Chloe, and he tells her she is dating his brother. "Chloe just wasn't the woman for me!" Nearby, Victor rails at Kate for sleeping with Daniel and hurting Chelsea. They discuss Chelsea's whereabouts. Kate tells him that she's in France.

    The Dr. Phil Thing's Not Working!

    Wednesday, September 10 2008

    At the pub, Philip approaches Morgan and asks if they can start over. She is still angry. She tells him that her father is behind bars for who knows how long, and he helped put him there! He tells her that her father and John Black are the only ones to blame. He gets a call from Daniel at the hospital - he tells him it's about his mother, and he needs him to come down there. Philip tells Morgan he has to go, and asks her to go with him. She hesitates, but agrees.

    Morgan and Philip arrive at the hospital, still arguing about her father. He tells her that her father was weak and that's why he's in the position he's in! Just then, Kate appears, sighs, and makes a rude remark about Philip being with 'her' again. Philip warns his mother to stop, but Morgan tells her not to worry - there is nothing between her and Philip and there won't be ever again! Kate asks what he's doing there, and he tells her that Daniel called - he's worried about her. Talk turns back to his romantic life and he laments that when it comes to him and Lucas, no one is ever good enough for them - ever! Daniel interrupts their argument and says he thought Philip might be able to convince her to get the x-ray. She says she doesn't need either one of them to tell her what to do, then dissolves into a coughing fit again! When Philip tries to talk to her about her health, she promises not to interfere in his love life again. As he tries to steer the conversation toward her health again, she diverts his attention by hinting at a relationship between her and Daniel! Philip is flabbergasted. Kate makes this her excuse for leaving. Philip turns to Daniel and questions what he was thinking! Daniel says he never meant to hurt anyone. Philip is left in disbelief. Morgan comes over. "I couldn't help overhearing. Sorry." Philip takes her sympathy as a cue to tell her how good they could be together. She gives in, and they kiss.

    A Boy Can Dream!

    Tuesday, September 09 2008

    Outside the pub, Morgan runs into Chris, a photographer/reporter, who tells her he has researched her online because she is the new intern that Anna recommended. He starts telling her her own life story. Morgan smiles as she listens. Chris asks her about being a debutante - saying he would have made a great one. "A boy can dream!" He tells Morgan that her boss will be Kate Roberts. Morgan says she's sorry, but she can't do it! Chris asks what's wrong, and Morgan explains that Kate hates her. Chris says she's the best, and Kate demands the best - it will all work out. Just then, Kate calls Chris. He tries to tell her about Morgan, but Kate cuts him off, telling him he can hire who he likes for the internship. Chris hangs up and tells Morgan the news.

    Trauma Bites!

    Monday, September 08 2008

    Tony meets with Kate inside the pub and tells her that he has moved back into the DiMera Mansion to take a stand. She asks what Anna thinks. Anna and Lexi appear. "Anna is against it!" Kate excuses herself, as does Anna, and Lexi and Tony begin to chat. She warns him not to go against their father. "This isn't good." Tony mentions that Stefano is doing renovations - probably rebuilding the laboratory. Lexi is upset, but Tony notes that EJ got an injunction for now. Tony presses her to understand why it is imperative for him to stay in the Mansion. Lexi doesn't like it. "You need to walk away now!" Tony says he has to stay to fight for a new legacy. Lexi wishes him luck. "You do realize that Father could annihilate you?!" Anna is speaking with Morgan who tells her of her troubles regarding Paul. She then says she needs a job. Anna notes that she might have something for her with one of their clients! Anna then notices Kate nearby, coughing loudly! She wants to take her to the hospital. Kate tells her if it doesn't go away in a few days she'll go to a doctor.

    Bring It On!

    Wednesday, September 03 2008

    Philip and Morgan are in Bo's office. Morgan wants to see Paul but Bo tells her it will take awhile. She tells Philip that she won't forgive him just because he didn't actually kill her father. Bo takes Philip aside and says just because Paul was found alive, doesn't mean they're off the hook - Internal Affairs will be asking him about the recording! Just then, John walks in. "I received a call about Paul Hollingsworth. Is there something I can do to help?" Bo asks John to just come clean about what he did to Paul. John scoffs, "Why don't you tell me why Stefano is in my house and not behind your bars after everything he's done!" Bo agrees that Stefano deserves to be behind bars. John asks what they can do about it. Abe and Roman come in and urge John to press civil charges against Stefano. Abe tells Bo it's time to talk to Internal Affairs. They leave, and John asks Roman why the D.A. isn't pressing charges against Stefano. Roman tells John that he should be more worried about himself - he is still a suspect in the Hollingsworth case! At that point, Paul is brought in and reunited with Morgan. Paul tells Philip it's his lucky day. Roman asks Paul if it's true he left town of his own volition and if it is also true that he is pleading guilty to planting drugs on John's ship and to starting the fire. Paul confirms it's all in his statement. Roman asks John to leave the room. He then tells Paul that Morgan said he told her his life was in danger when he left town. He 'theorizes' that John held him captive, but Paul says it's not true. Roman then asks where Paul got the large amount of cocaine. He urges Paul to consider telling the truth - that Philip paid for the drugs - that way he can cut him a deal! Paul tells Roman that Philip wasn't involved and he was not coerced by anyone to commit those deeds. Roman is disappointed and says he knows he's covering - he just doesn't know why. He urges Paul to think about his daughter. Paul cryptically assures him that he is! Paul is taken down to holding, but stops to say goodbye to Morgan. She begs him to tell the truth, but he merely tells her to be strong and take care of herself. Philip tries to comfort her but she brushes him off. She turns to Roman and asks him to help her father. Roman asks Philip if he has anything to say.

    All Bets Are Off!

    Tuesday, September 02 2008

    Paul finds Morgan and a tearful reunion ensues. She wants to know what happened and where he went. He refuses to let her in on what happened, in order to protect her, but he's finished running. His plan is to turn himself in. Morgan is confused. They hug, and Morgan's phone rings. Philip rings her and asks to talk to Paul. She does so, reluctantly and Philip tells Paul not to run. "You're going down, pal," he threatens. An officer shows up with Hope and an arrest is made.


    Wednesday, August 27 2008

    Philip arrives at the Brady pub and bumps into Morgan, outside. She berates him and asks how he killed her father. He denies killing him and tells her she doesn't know him at all. He reminds her that he was honest with her, but she feels he has ruined the fantasy for her. She fantasizes about an old fantasy that she previously fantasized about… dancing with and kissing Philip.

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