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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas Played by Nadia Bjorlin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nadia Bjorlin (NBC)

    Birthday: August 2 1980
    Birthplace: Newport, Rhode Island
    Marital Status: Single (dating Brandon Beemer)
    Real Name: Nadia Bjorlin
    Height: 5' 8"
    Web site:


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    Blackmailed Three Times.

    Friday, February 08 2013

    Chloe arrives home to Maggie, who is babysitting tonight. Anne arrives and she and Chloe head to the square, Chloe explaining their scheme on the way.

    At the square, Chloe hands a laxative over to Anne, reluctantly, worrying it's not safe. Anne scoffs. She'll slip it in Jenn's drink and it'll curtail any romance in Dan and Jenn's night. She heads into Club Inferno and returns shortly thereafter - they're not there! Chloe's pissed that Jennifer lied to her. Later, Will runs into Nick, who distracts him and grabs the transmitter from his backpack.

    Chloe and Anne return to the mansion. Maggie runs out because a friend from AA needs her. Anne goes to check on Parker, noticing he's feverish.

    Chloe and Anne rush into the hospital. Parker's temperature is 105. She panics and calls Daniel but he doesn't answer. She calls Brady's phone and yells that Parker's sick when Dan picks up.

    Suit Of Armor.

    Thursday, February 07 2013

    In the square, Chloe tells Lucas that people were lining up to mess with her paternity test. Lucas makes it clear how he feels about her ruining lives, and says she and Daniel deserve each other.

    Daniel shows Parker his stethoscope at the Kiriakis mansion. Chloe watches, smiling. Daniel says Jennifer told him that Maggie is watching Parker tonight. She asks if he has plans with Jennifer. He says he does. Chloe thinks Parker would be uncomfortable with him after he's gone for a whole day. Daniel insists he's going away. He leaves and Chloe looks angry. She spots the stethoscope.

    Daniel and Jennifer are at her place. She tells him that he wrote down contact numbers for Chloe, who saw him playing with Parker at Victor's earlier. He leaves. Chloe comes to the door to return Daniel's stethoscope. She tells Jenn last night changed everything for Daniel and Parker. Jenn makes it clear they have plans tonight. Chloe presses to find out where they will be. Jenn lies that they will be in town at Club Inferno. Daniel reappears.

    Do Superheroes Cry?

    Monday, February 04 2013

    Back at the mansion, Chloe expresses her excitement to Parker about Daddy returning home, just as Brady waltzes in. Chloe lies about Parker crying and Brady tells Parker, "No more crying. Do superheroes cry?" Parker grins and shakes his head, 'no'. Daniel arrives, and upon noticing Parker's quite content, he takes her aside and tells her it's obvious Parker hasn't been crying all night. Chloe gets defensive. While they're arguing, Parker says, "Daddy." Daniel's mood immediately changes.

    Chloe drops by Jenn's to apologize for ruining her night. Jenn puts her on notice. She and Daniel will get their time together.

    You And Sami Deserve Each Other.

    Friday, February 01 2013

    At Victor's, Chloe's not happy to hear that Daniel and Jenn are slipping away overnight. He hands her an emergency phone number. Chloe buys time by dredging up the prostitution and the suicide attempt. He tells her to leave it in the past. All that matters is Parker. Chloe tries to plant doubt in his mind about moving too fast with Jenn but he reassures Chloe that they've known each other a long time. He goes and bumps into Maggie on the way out and he hopes he's not such a stranger to Parker soon. He leaves and Chloe picks on Jenn until Maggie puts a stop to it.

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