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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas Played by Nadia Bjorlin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nadia Bjorlin (NBC)

    Birthday: August 2 1980
    Birthplace: Newport, Rhode Island
    Marital Status: Single (dating Brandon Beemer)
    Real Name: Nadia Bjorlin
    Height: 5' 8"
    Web site:


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    Bad News.

    Monday, February 18 2013

    At home, Daniel is on the phone with Chloe, who wants to come and see her son. He tells her it's okay, but she'll have to keep it short. Brady comes to the door and asks about Jennifer. Daniel says they sort of talked. Brady advises him to be direct and resolve the issue.

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor tells Chloe how excited he is that she's back in Salem. She humors him, and then says they need to talk seriously. She chews him out for the mansion not being baby-proofed and his toxic-smelling suits. She says neither he nor Maggie can pick up Parker again until they change dry-cleaners. Victor tries to hold his temper, but ends up laying into her about what she did to Philip and Brady. Chloe insults Philip and Victor orders her out. Chloe muses, "Wherever shall I go now?"

    Chloe arrives at Daniel's place with her luggage. She says Victor threw her out and shares her version of events. Daniel says she can stay there until she finds a place. He tells her he has to go out and will return soon. Outside the door he phones to rent himself a room for a couple weeks.

    Jennifer arrives at Daniel's place where Chloe tells her she's moving in.

    John Black's Spawn.

    Wednesday, February 13 2013

    Parker wakes Daniel at the hospital by throwing blocks at him. Daniel laughs and Chloe shows up with a new cell phone all programmed - she told the dealer she was his wife. She remembers all his passwords and tells him nothing has changed. Some things have, he reminds her. He can't find a message from Jenn, and looks pensive. He goes to the nurse's station to check his messages. Chloe flashes to trashing Jenn's. Kayla says Parker's ready to go home.

    Chloe and Parker settle in to Daniel's apartment while Daniel goes to pick up some things for Parker. Jenn knocks. Chloe answers and tells her Daniel's gone momentarily. She lies that when he returns, they're spending the day together. They go back and forth about Jenn lying to her. Jenn knows she and Anne were at Inferno, knowing she and Dan would be there. Chloe acts outraged and Jenn tells her this isn't going to help her get Daniel back. Chloe shuts the door in her face and Daniel walks up. They try to talk but don't get very far and Parker's cries draw Dan inside. He offers Chloe some food before bringing Parker his cherry juice.

    Dolls Hooked Up To Machines.

    Tuesday, February 12 2013

    At the hospital, Jennifer admits she lied to Chloe about where they were tonight. Kayla interrupts. Parker's awake so they rush into his room. Parker will be kept overnight for observation. Jenn sees Anne at the elevator and gets on her case about what she and Chloe were up to tonight. Later, Daniel finds Jenn and she explains herself. She feels terrible but isn't sorry she lied to Chloe, who was up to one of her tricks. "So?" Daniel wouldn't have let it happen. They argue. Dan sits with Parker later, and Chloe gets them coffee.

    Jenn arrives home feeling terrible. She knows Daniel's right and calls the hospital to leave him a message: "This is Jennifer and I am so so sorry." Chloe overhears the nurse leaving a note. She distracts the nurse and tears up the note.

    This Boring Unsexy Life.

    Monday, February 11 2013

    Daniel arrives at the hospital. Chloe's in hysterics. Parker convulsed! Daniel runs to get word from the attending doctor and comforts Chloe. He asks why Chloe didn't call him at the club in Chicago and exasperated, she tells him Jenn lied about where they were going. Kayla interrupts. Parker's fever was caused by a virus and has broken. They check on Parker in his room while Jenn rushes into the waiting room and gets an earful from Anne for lying to Chloe about her whereabouts. Anne points and tells her, "Chloe's the mother of Daniel's child and you are nothing." Kayla stops by and updates Jenn on Parker's situation. Jenn flashes to the CPS note left on her desk a few weeks ago and realizes Anne and Chloe are working together. She goes to Daniel and at Chloe's insistence, he confronts Jenn.

    Blackmailed Three Times.

    Friday, February 08 2013

    At Jennifer's, she lies to Chloe that she and Daniel will be at Club Inferno this evening. She quickly shows her the door as Daniel walks out of the kitchen.

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