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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas Played by Nadia Bjorlin on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nadia Bjorlin (NBC)

    Birthday: August 2 1980
    Birthplace: Newport, Rhode Island
    Marital Status: Single (dating Brandon Beemer)
    Real Name: Nadia Bjorlin
    Height: 5' 8"
    Web site:


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    Ford is threatened by Steve and Bo!

    Friday, November 30 2007

    Outside the hotel room, Belle tells Chloe life's crazy right now and she has to run. Shawn's call interrupts them and he asks her to come home - he has a surprise for her! They hang up and Belle says they should get together before the reunion. Chloe admits she's there mainly to see Philip and asks for his number. Belle casually says they're not friends anymore so she'll have to contact him at his father's place. Chloe's confused and surprised when Philip comes out of the hotel room. Chloe starts to put two and two together and she and Philip greet one another. Philip has to run out but promises to call her later to meet up. Chloe leaves, promising to call later and afterward, Belle panics, knowing this could be trouble. Phil promises to take care of it.

    Philip calls Chloe over for a drink and when she arrives, she surprises Philip by telling him she and Brady got a divorce around the time that John died. They didn’t want to dump it on Marlena and she only tells him that their marriage simply didn't work out. Unfortunately, she confesses, neither did her opera singing career. She admits she missed Salem and tells him about the high school reunion. They discuss how Philip and Shawn are on the outs and Phil says things are tense but not to get the wrong idea about Belle. Chloe tells him to relax and says she has made a pretty good career out of keeping secrets! Philip tells Chloe the story of how Claire has bonded with him and that it upsets Shawn. He says Belle was uncomfortable with discussing it. Chloe says she shouldn't have made a big deal about it. She tells Philip she's moving back indefinitely and says things here sound a heck of a lot more interesting than the other side of the ocean! They agree not to lose touch again and he suggests she go see Shawn. Chloe leaves and stops to make a phone call on the way out.

    When I'm with you I feel like I am home!

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    Outside the hotel room, Belle is surprised to find Chloe Black coming out of the elevator. The two greet one another and Chloe asks if Shawn's there - she'd like to say hello - "Unless you're in the middle of something!" Belle's jaw drops.

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