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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Crystal Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Crystal Miller Played by Ashlee Holland on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ashlee Holland (NBC)

    Birthday: 1979
    Birthplace: Roanoke, VA
    Real Name: Ashlee Holland
    Height: 5'7"


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    The Wrong Thing, As Usual.

    Tuesday, January 04 2011

    At the fishing cabin, Bo tells Hope they're leaving. He wants to turn themselves in and Hope agrees that trying to work out a deal is the best solution. Hope will serve time in a different prison, away from the warden. Bo suggests they call Roman but needs to use the gas station payphone to call a line that isn't tapped. Bo leaves her his gun, in case something happens. He also hands her a barrette that Ciara gave him. Once he leaves, Hope dreams about telling Ciara that she and Bo will come home to her. Ciara asks if her parents are back together. Hope wakes, saying they're not together.

    Why in the name of God are you doing this?

    Monday, February 04 2008

    Everyone gathers outside Colleen's door and Shawn Sr. is confused as to why he's there. They take him in to see Colleen and one look at his sister and a shocked Shawn's jaw drops! He cries out, "Leenie? Leenie!" Colleen starts to weep and goes to her brother for a hug. Shawn holds her close as he struggles to believe she's alive. Colleen starts explaining how she wanted everyone to think she was dead and after she left her habit on the cliffs, she ran from the guilt and shame. She knows he always felt responsible and will never be able to forgive herself for that. She says there wasn't a day she didn't think of him. Shawn weeps as he says this is overwhelming. She asks for forgiveness and Shawn already has forgiven her! He just thanks God that she was brought back to him! Kayla stops the conversation and tells Shawn he can visit with Colleen later. He has a hard time tearing himself away from Colleen but agrees to go rest. Bo introduces Steve and Kayla to Colleen and says they've another brother and sister at home. "I know, Roman and Kimberly," she says and thanks them for bringing Shawn. Bo berates her for allowing Shawn to suffer all these years but Colleen says she suffered too but she had to protect him. Kayla tells Colleen about Stefano's catatonia and this relieves Colleen, who tried to keep the Brady's safe. Marlena points out that not all of them are Bradys and Colleen says she tried to keep them all safe. She says she paid for everything by being away from family and John thinks it's her fault. She tells him she senses a lot of pain in him and hopes he finds his son. She asks to rest and asks Kayla to promise to bring Shawn back later. Everyone but John and Marlena leave the room. John asks to speak to Colleen alone but Marlena refuses him. John asks if he can have a word with her a moment and as she turns to the door, John makes his move and smashes her head into the door! Marlena crumbles to the floor, out cold and Colleen gasps in shock. John takes out a knife from his boot and tells Colleen if she makes one sound, he'll kill whoever steps through the door. Colleen gasps, "Why in the name of God are you doing this?"

    For all the days of his life

    Friday, February 01 2008

    At the Aubin B&B in New Ross, Ireland, Colleen tells everyone, "It is I, in the flesh as any fool can see!" Hope and Shawn don't think it's possible but Colleen says the wrinkles have changed her. She is proud to know that Samantha is the spitting image of her when she was young! Marlena tells her they've read the letters to Santo and Colleen reminisces about them. She longed for Santo's strong arms around her but had to settle for his words. While his love held him to her, it also tore him from her at the same time. She says what she did was a disgrace to the church, God and her family and that's why she left her habit on the cliff and ran and hid. She did it in order for Santo to go back to his wife and son, after he lied to her and dashed any hope for a future. She says she heard Santo never smiled since then and Stefano bore the brunt of his pain. "For all the days of his life," she finishes. She says she never loved again. Marlena tells Colleen that Stefano hated her for his father's heartbreak. Colleen knows and says she didn't want to be found out so she moved to another part of Ireland, changed her name and took work as a seamstress, then moved to South America and became a clothing designer. With the money she made, she hired help and grew an empire. With the money she made, she searched for relatives and found them in Salem. After finding out what Stefano had done to them she took some responsibility and tried to help. Marlena doesn't blame her. Bo calls Stefano evil and Colleen agrees. She asks for their forgiveness for taking Claire and calls to Crystal, who brings Claire to them. Everyone hugs and kisses Claire and tells her how much they missed her and Colleen smiles as she watches. Unnoticed, John takes out the knife he stole earlier and stares Colleen down. Marlena reminds John that Claire is his granddaughter and asks him to go to her. He does so and Bo berates Colleen for kidnapping Claire but Colleen says she had to protect her and felt the same about Brady Black. Chloe's eyes grow wide and suddenly everyone is quiet. Chloe yells at Colleen to tell her where Brady is but Colleen doesn't know. She wonders if Chloe does, but Chloe denies it and runs off crying. Colleen says they can only pray that no evil befell him, and she sits down to rest. Marlena tells John that Brady's his son but he is disinterested. Outside the room, Chloe sobs for Brady and when Phil tries to comfort her, she pushes him away.

    Yes, I'm Colleen Brady!

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    At the New Ross Aubin Bed and Breakfast, the old woman tells Bo, Hope, John and Marlena that she and Stefano have been playing a game of cat and mouse for a year. She has amassed a tidy sum over the years so hired people to go to Salem and keep track of Stefano. She admits she was behind Claire's kidnapping. Just then, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Chloe and Crystal barge into the room. Belle demands to see her daughter. Chloe wonders to Philip if she knows anything about Brady. Bo asks if the woman can prove who she is. John thinks she's who they think she is and points out Stefano has been searching for her. The woman assures them all Claire's safe and she'd never harm a Brady. She tells them what they've been waiting to hear, "Yes, I'm Colleen Brady!"


    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    At an unknown location, Crystal comforts a crying Claire and hums to her to get her to fall asleep.

    Don't try to get inside of my skull. There's nothing in there!

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    In the van, Belle flashes back to all that has happened between she and Philip, Crystal and Rob this past week. Belle complains about being cold and asks Crystal what her plans are. "Are you going to kill us?" Crystal says they're there to help her, not kill her - and they don't want ransom. Crystal gives Belle cough medicine in order to sedate the child but Belle knocks it over in her refusal. Crystal would never hurt Claire and lets her know the officer was shot with rubber bullets - he'll be fine. Belle panics and worries about what'll happen next. Crystal gives Belle a hot coffee and she throws it in Crystal's face, then hits her hard with a fire extinguisher and runs off with Claire. They arrive at the dock where Bo comes out from behind a crate with his gun aimed at Rob, who has just paid off a boat captain.

    Belle panics as she runs into Rob at the pier. He grabs Claire from her and takes out his gun. Bo holds his own piece at him and yells for him to let go of Claire. "Put down the gun or I'll shoot," Bo yells. Shawn and Philip run over to help but Rob tells them they'll have to shoot through the girl to get to him. Things are tense and when Shawn makes a grab for Claire, he accidentally knocks Belle into the water. Rob drags Claire to the van and Bo and Shawn run after them. Philip jumps into the water for Belle.

    After he drags Belle from the water, Philip gives her CPR while Bo returns with blankets. Bo says they're following the van and have the boat captain in custody. Philip flashes back to his earlier conversation with Belle while she is taken care of by EMT. Bo has the EMT call Kayla, Hope and Marlena. Belle wakes up and worries about Claire. Philip lies that they have her. She apologizes to him for everything. Suddenly, she goes into cardiac arrest and passes out. The paramedics work on her but its too late. "She's gone." They say. Philip demands they don't give up on her and starts CPR himself. Bo stops him and after a few stressful moments, Belle takes a deep breath and comes back to them! The paramedics give her oxygen and take her to University Hospital. Bo urges Philip not to tell Belle the truth. Shawn needs to be the one to tell her. Shawn returns bloodied and exhausted. He lost Claire. He finds out that Belle went into cardiac arrest but Philip says she's fine. He lied about Claire and promises to back off. Shawn thanks him and they take off to the hospital.

    Stefano DiMera Arrested!

    Tuesday, January 15 2008

    In the van, Belle wants to know where they're going but Crystal doesn't answer. Rob gives Crystal the okay to tell Belle they're not going to hurt her. "All we want to do is protect you from Stefano DiMera." Crystal says. Belle wants to know where Brady is. Crystal says tells her he's gone but she's with family - they'll keep her safe!

    Marlena and John reunite!

    Monday, January 14 2008

    Philip stops Belle from leaving Java Café. He apologizes for not coming clean with helping Chloe. Belle can't figure Phil out and asks how she's supposed to trust him as a friend or anything else. Philip remains her she embarrassed him in front of her family and asks that she not let this mistake to ruin them forever. From a table nearby, Crystal notices them! Belle says it's best they don't see each other anymore. She's angry with herself for messing up. Phil asks if this is about cheating but that's not it. She says it's about Claire and how she's destroyed any chance of her daughter having a normal childhood. She encouraged Claire to love two fathers. Phil thinks the more people who love Claire the better. Belle tells Phil she wants Shawn back but he hasn't shown indication he wants her back yet. She, Claire and her guard leave. Once gone, Crystal calls someone

    "She's on the move. Let's get it right this time." Rob shows up. We see that he is sporting a tattoo on his wrist. They follow Belle.

    A crummy old van sits in an alley, blocking Belle and her guard from driving through. The guard calls the police to inform them of the matter and gets out of the car to inspect. Belle receives a call from Philip who asks her to hear him out. Behind her car, Rob hides. Philip tells Belle he respects any decision she makes. Rob holds a gun to the guard's head as he reads the license plate out to the cops, "It's N31174." Rob tells the cop to turn around slowly but when he reaches for his gun, Rob shoots him. Twice. Belle cries out and Philip asks what's going on. She yells at Rob when he comes to take her and Claire hostage!

    Philip shows up at the car and finds the guard is okay. Rob was shooting rubber bullets!

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