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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Crystal Miller

    Full detailed profile on Crystal Miller Played by Ashlee Holland on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ashlee Holland (NBC)
    Crystal Miller

    Actor: Ashlee Holland

    Who played Crystal Miller over the years

    Ashlee Holland (December 26 2007- February 4, 2008.)

    Useful information on Crystal Miller

    * Crystal Miller claims to be a psychic
    * She has a sidekick named Rob
    * Crystal is somehow related to Colleen Brady
    * Kidnapped Claire but later returned her and admitted she did so only for Colleen in order to protect her from Stefano.


    Current: Unknown
    Past: Unknown


    Crystal came to Salem after John died. She claimed to know John was alive and it was later found out that he was. Crystal tried to kidnap Belle and Claire but when Belle got away, she and Rob took Claire instead. She's a friend to the Brady's though they do not know it yet.

    Crystal is somehow related to Colleen Brady. She is recently found in New Ross, Ireland with Colleen, but still will not give Claire back. She is protecting Claire from Stefano. She gives Claire back to her parents and we don't see her again after this.










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    Tuesday, January 04 2011: The Wrong Thing, As Usual.

    At the fishing cabin, Bo tells Hope they're leaving. He wants to turn themselves in and Hope agrees that trying to work out a deal is the best solution. Hope will serve time in a different prison, away from the warden. Bo suggests they call Roman but needs to use the gas station payphone to call a line that isn't tapped. Bo leaves her his gun, in case something happens. He also hands her a barrette that Ciara gave him. Once he leaves, Hope dreams about telling Ciara that she and Bo will come home to her. Ciara asks if her parents are back together. Hope wakes, saying they're not together.

    Monday, February 04 2008: Why in the name of God are you doing this?

    Everyone gathers outside Colleen's door and Shawn Sr. is confused as to why he's there. They take him in to see Colleen and one look at his sister and a shocked Shawn's jaw drops! He cries out, "Leenie? Leenie!" Colleen starts to weep and goes to her brother for a hug. Shawn holds her close as he struggles to believe she's alive. Colleen starts explaining how she wanted everyone to think she was dead and after she left her habit on the cliffs, she ran from the guilt and shame. She knows he always felt responsible and will never be able to forgive herself for that. She says there wasn't a day she didn't think of him. Shawn weeps as he says this is overwhelming. She asks for forgiveness and Shawn already has forgiven her! He just thanks God that she was brought back to him! Kayla stops the conversation and tells Shawn he can visit with Colleen later. He has a hard time tearing himself away from Colleen but agrees to go rest. Bo introduces Steve and Kayla to Colleen and says they've another brother and sister at home. "I know, Roman and Kimberly," she says and thanks them for bringing Shawn. Bo berates her for allowing Shawn to suffer all these years but Colleen says she suffered too but she had to protect him. Kayla tells Colleen about Stefano's catatonia and this relieves Colleen, who tried to keep the Brady's safe. Marlena points out that not all of them are Bradys and Colleen says she tried to keep them all safe. She says she paid for everything by being away from family and John thinks it's her fault. She tells him she senses a lot of pain in him and hopes he finds his son. She asks to rest and asks Kayla to promise to bring Shawn back later. Everyone but John and Marlena leave the room. John asks to speak to Colleen alone but Marlena refuses him. John asks if he can have a word with her a moment and as she turns to the door, John makes his move and smashes her head into the door! Marlena crumbles to the floor, out cold and Colleen gasps in shock. John takes out a knife from his boot and tells Colleen if she makes one sound, he'll kill whoever steps through the door. Colleen gasps, "Why in the name of God are you doing this?"

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