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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Carrie Brady Roberts Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carrie Brady Roberts Reed Played by Christie Clark on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christie Mary Clark (NBC)

    Birthday: 1973-12-13
    Birthplace: Orange County, California USA
    Marital Status: Married Thomas Barnes (August 31, 2002 - present)
    Real Name: Christie Clark
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Stale Crackers.

    Wednesday, February 22 2012

    In the office, Abby tells Austin he has to tell everyone about their affair. He protests that it was only one night. As Austin is saying it has to stay between them, Carrie arrives. Austin tells Carrie he's planning a romantic getaway and was asking Abby to keep it a surprise. Carrie asks Abby about the guy who used her. Abby says he's a good guy deep down who believes in truth and honesty in a relationship. Carrie says Austin feels the same way.

    Quinn spots Abby outside the cafe and says he's glad she's friends with Melanie again. He asks about her situation. She looks at Austin and Carrie at the next table and flirts with Quinn. He talks about going to Europe and finding Taylor. Carrie leaves, telling Austin she's excited about their getaway. Austin approaches Abby, who has said goodbye to Quinn, and asks what that was all about. Abby informs him she can date who she likes. Across the way, Brady looks up to see Madison.

    Mommy Dearest.

    Tuesday, February 21 2012

    Carrie is busy working in their hotel room when Austin returns from a run. He wonders if she’s avoiding him by working so much. He shares that he can’t fix the marriage on his own and pleads with her to make an effort like they promised. That’s one promise she intends to keep. Austin suggests they move back to Zurich but Carrie believes their problems will just follow them so they decide to stay in Salem to build the life they want. Wherever she is, is where Austin wants be but to stay he gives her one condition, that she allow him to take her on a romantic vacation. She agrees.

    Rafe is packing his things at the office when Carrie shows up. He jokes about their kiss and the heat controlled library he’s now working out of. They agree that Rafe should come back and work there. They’re still partners after all and he makes a call to a buddy to help with the John and Hope Alamanian fiasco. It doesn’t pan out so Rafe gets ready to leave. Carrie makes a cute comment about him being sick of her but Rafe claims it's the opposite. Soon they decide that maybe working in the same office might not be the best idea and Rafe makes a quick exit.

    Fix This Or Deal With Me.

    Thursday, February 16 2012

    At the square, Carrie talks to Abby about the guy who broke her heart. Jack runs off and Austin tries in vain to get out of staying. Abby tells her story about how she felt this guy was the one. Austin raises his eyebrows when Abby says he felt the same, but then she saw him kissing someone else. Carrie calls the guy an ass and Austin agrees with an eye roll. "You can say that again." He points out that maybe the guy didn't mean to lead her on. Maybe he got carried away. Carrie doubts that. Why is he defending this jerk? Austin's not but says sometimes things just don't work out. Maybe the guy just hasn't had a chance to explain himself. Abby admits how hurt she is that the guy is treating her like a mistake. Carrie hugs Abby and assures her she deserves better than this guy. She feels bad for the other woman he was kissing, who likely doesn't know this guy is complete scum.

    Dads Against Daughters Dating Ever.

    Wednesday, February 15 2012

    At the hotel, Sami demands Carrie tell her and Austin the truth about her feelings for Rafe. Carrie flashes to kissing Rafe and declares she's not in love with Rafe. Sami yells that she is the same fickle bitch she has always been. If Austin hasn't seen it, he's an idiot.

    Austin and Carrie come upon Abby hugging Jack at the square. Abby looks dejected. Austin apologizes for interrupting. Jack says they were discussing how all guys suck. He wishes he could read the riot act to the guy who broke Abby's heart. Carrie hugs her but Austin squirms and with pressure from Carrie, he says how sorry he is. Carrie presses for details so Abby milks it.

    Princess Bride.

    Tuesday, February 14 2012

    Austin wakes Carrie up in bed at the hotel with a red rose. He adopts a French accent and invites her to breakfast. He leaves and Sami barges in, calls Carrie a bitch and slaps her across the face for being a home-wrecker. Carrie tries to tell Sami the kiss was nothing but Sami grows more agitated by the minute and flies at Carrie. Sami demands she admit she threw herself at Rafe. They rehash the past.

    Austin returns to the hotel and finds Sami and Carrie at each other's throats. Sami's surprised to discover that Austin and Carrie are putting the kiss behind them. Sami refuses to leave until Carrie tells her to her face that she's not in love with Rafe.

    Rearranging Your Face.

    Monday, February 13 2012

    At the square, Carrie agrees to consider moving back to Zurich, thinking the return could be good for them. They kiss and Abby walks by, sees them and in shock, runs off.

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