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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Carrie Brady Roberts Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carrie Brady Roberts Reed Played by Christie Clark on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christie Mary Clark (NBC)

    Birthday: 1973-12-13
    Birthplace: Orange County, California USA
    Marital Status: Married Thomas Barnes (August 31, 2002 - present)
    Real Name: Christie Clark
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Immoral And Unethical.

    Monday, March 12 2012

    Carrie walks in on a towel-clad Austin comforting Abigail in their room. She demands to know what's going on. Melanie follows her and Abigail tells Carrie they didn't mean for her to find out this way. Carrie starts putting the pieces together and feels betrayed by them both. Austin attempts an explanation as Melanie tries to get her out of the room. Carrie's shocked Austin took advantage of a little girl - Jack and Jenn's daughter! Austin promises that nothing is going on between Abby and him. "You are immoral and unethical," she tells him. There's no excuse for what he did. Austin insists he's not in love with Abby. Melanie's astounded by the conversation and pushes Abby out the door. Austin dresses and admits he crossed the line. "I messed up." He clarifies his relationship with Abigail, stressing that she took his friendliness for reciprocation. Carrie wants to believe him. They both tear up. Outside the room, Melanie tries talking sense into Abigail but Abby only sees Melanie is getting in her way. Melanie wants to take her back to Salem but Abby refuses to leave Austin. Back inside, Austin begs Carrie not to give up on him. Abby busts into the room and insists Austin doesn't love Carrie. "If you love her so damned much then why did you have sex with me?" Carrie tears up again and Austin admits it's true but was a mistake. "I didn't mean for it to happen." Carrie slaps him across the face. He disgusts her. She runs off and Austin rushes after her. Melanie runs into the room and asks Abby, "What have you done?"

    An Obsession On Your Part.

    Friday, March 09 2012

    From their room at the lodge, Austin and Carrie share a toast. She explains how she opened the door to find mimosas and a note that she won a free massage. They smile and share that being there is just what they needed. After flirting, Carrie leaves. Abby watches her go then knocks on the door. She bounces in and plops down on the bed. Austin says they can’t do this and stresses that Carrie could be back anytime. He realizes that Abby set up the massage for her and wants her to stay away from him. The night they spent together was a mistake. She doesn’t want him to let his obligation to Carrie stand in the way of their happiness. He wants to forget they ever met. Abby slaps him across the face. He doesn’t have any romantic feelings for her and Carrie was his first love, they are forever. Abby tells him he’s her first love and she won’t get over him. He listens as she goes on and comforts her.

    Later in the locker room, Carrie stares wistfully at her Reed & Hernandez business card. Mel shows up and they chat. Carrie heads off for her massage but quickly returns since the spa was overbooked. She invites Mel and Abigail to dinner claiming that they owe Abby for everything she did for Austin. When Carrie mentions she won the massage Mel realizes it ruined her plans with Austin. Carrie heads back to her room and Mel races after her. Mel catches up with Carrie by her room and tries to stop her from going in. Carrie opens the door to find Austin holding Abby and demands to know what's going on.

    He Has A Walking Stick.

    Monday, March 05 2012

    Carrie hugs Abby upon seeing her and Melanie at Green Mountain Lodge. Austin squashes any plans Carrie attempts to make with Abby. Melanie tries dragging Abby away. Austin makes a big show of telling Abby her skis aren't waxed properly so Carrie and Mel agree to meet at their room. Austin confronts Abby. "This is a little sick," he says. Abby disagrees. What they had was beautiful. She accuses him of being jealous of Quinn but he was merely worried about her. There's nothing between them. Abigail doesn't hear him and tries turning him against Carrie. In her room, Mel's uncomfortable as Carrie asks how Abby is. They find Austin and Abby and Austin rushes Carrie away. Melanie accuses Abby of lying to her. Abby has lost her mind. They should check out and head home. In their room, Carrie senses something's up but Austin alleviates her worries with a shower and sex after.

    Where Is The Fun In That?

    Friday, March 02 2012

    Carrie and Austin are busy unpacking in their hotel room at Green Mountain Lodge. They reminisce about it being the first place they made love. Austin thinks it’s the one place to get back on track. Carrie’s in awe that he planned it all since she was the one who messed up. Austin quickly tells her that no one is keeping score and that being there is just about the two of them. Later they come into the lodge from skiing and kiss in front of the fire. Soon they are back in their room making love.

    Abby and Mel arrive at the lodge. Carrie and Austin run into them in the lobby. Abby laughs while commenting on the odds they would all end up at the same place.

    The Card You're Dealt.

    Monday, February 27 2012

    Carrie walks into her office to an agitated Rafe, who tells her his marriage has been a lie. Sami cheated on him with EJ. Outraged, he kicks some boxes across the room and tells her the rest of the story. Carrie's shocked that Sami would cheat. She knows Sami must have been out of her mind with grief. Rafe wonders if it was his fault. Carrie assures him it isn't and is sorry she contributed to some of the issues in his life. Rafe rushes to her defense and rants about Sami's lies. Carrie points out that Sami must have felt incredibly guilty. Rafe is surprised she still gives Sami the benefit of the doubt. Suddenly, Carrie grabs him and his coat and takes him to the pub.

    Rafe and Carrie eat lunch at the pub while she gives him advice. She tells him about Caroline's affair with Victor. Rafe knew but he didn't know that Caroline kept it a secret for ages. Carrie claims she was only a child when that secret came out but Shawn Sr. forgave Caroline, eventually. Carrie talks about toughing it out. Rafe assumes she's talking about her own marriage and is glad she's trying to work things out. She tells him they're planning a romantic getaway. She urges him to stick it out with Sami.

    Some Kind Of Sick Joke.

    Friday, February 24 2012

    Carrie shows up at the townhouse. She tells Bo and Marlena there hasn’t been any progress in getting them to Alamania. She questions why Stefano would be going to so much trouble after so long. Marlena explains that he wants to destroy their lives again by turning John and Hope into the Pawn and Princess Gina. Bo counters that they might be getting ahead of themselves and Marlena hopes they’re right. Later, a shaken Will runs into the townhouse to talk to Marlena. He doesn’t know what to do. She wonders what he’s upset about and asks him to start at the beginning. Will launches into what happened at the party. He shares the details of getting drunk. He tells his grandma about stumbling off alone and kissing the guy who followed him. He wonders why she doesn’t look surprised. Marlena reminds him she he loves him but that she’s suspected he’s been dealing with it for awhile. She couldn’t tell him how to feel and just wants him to be happy. He wants that too. He asks her if she thinks he’s gay. He doesn’t know but Marlena thinks that deep down he does know. They’re interrupted by Sami who demands to know how Marlena could tell Rafe she slept with EJ.

    At the pub, Carrie and Bo are talking business. Soon the topic turns to Carrie and Rafe. Bo knows what happened with them. Carrie gets defensive and throws Bo’s history with Carly in his face. Bo understands the conflicted feelings because he’s been there and is willing to listen. Carrie opens up about her feelings for Rafe. Bo shares that the situation with Carly was different. He and Hope were in a bad place, they didn’t have any communication but that’s not the case with Carrie and Austin. He suggests she figure out what she wants in the long run. Carrie admits she wants to connect with Austin again but loves Rafe. Bo says it's her decision to live with. Later, Bo leaves a voicemail for Hope telling her to stay safe.

    Later, Carrie runs into Rafe at the office.

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