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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Carrie Brady Roberts Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carrie Brady Roberts Reed Played by Christie Clark on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christie Mary Clark (NBC)

    Birthday: 1973-12-13
    Birthplace: Orange County, California USA
    Marital Status: Married Thomas Barnes (August 31, 2002 - present)
    Real Name: Christie Clark
    Height: 5' 6"


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    PDA Show!

    Thursday, April 05 2012

    At the pub, Austin and Carrie talk about how much stuff they've accumulated - he thinks they should look for a house. Austin raises the issue of kids. Carrie says they need to take things slow and rebuild their relationship before going there. Austin acknowledges that, and they start talking about renting. He shows Carrie a property - she loves it. He goes back to talking about kids, saying babies change everything. Rafe enters with Nicole. Carrie nods, "Babies do change everything." Austin steps away to take a call. Nicole asks Rafe if he wants to leave because of Carrie. He says he's fine. He goes over to Carrie, who says she and Austin are working things out. Rafe says he's happy for them, and returns to Nicole. He tells her Carrie told him they were a mistake - she always loved Austin. Nicole says she's sorry. Austin rejoins Carrie and notices her looking at Rafe. She reassures him and makes a display of kissing him. Abigail passes by and sees them. She turns to leave and bumps into a young man who gets angry. Inside, Carrie tells Austin she wants to be with him - it's been a long time. They head out the back door. Nicole smirks about the PDA show.

    You Are Wicked.

    Tuesday, April 03 2012

    At the square, Carrie is rocked to hear Rafe telling EJ that Nicole's baby is his. Carrie rushes off in tears as Rafe tells EJ to take a hike. EJ demands a paternity test. Reluctantly, they take off for the hospital. Nearby, Austin finds Carrie sobbing. He thinks it's about him and wants to fix it. She's not sure he can. They've already said all they can but he makes a few attempts and she finally decides to stay with him.

    Everyone's Favorite Guttersnipe.

    Thursday, March 29 2012

    Sami confronts Rafe at the pub about 'sleeping with Nicole'. He's moving from one tramp to the next. Carrie gasps. Rafe denies it and they rehash Sami's indiscretion. Sami thinks he's doing it to twist the knife. She refuses to live in the loft and so he can move Carrie or Nicole in. He's had enough but Sami's just getting started and lets loose with the insults. Rafe wants to leave Carrie out of this but Sami reminds him Carrie's been a part of their marriage for months. "I had a front row seat to your office tonsil dive." Rafe admits he was with Nicole, shirtless, but it's not what it looked like. Sami asks, "Was she going to wax your chest at midnight?" Rafe sighs and sarcastically tells her that's exactly what she was going to do. Sami suggests Carrie go back to her husband and stomps off. Caroline watches a weeping Sami from the pub while Rafe maintains that nothing happened between him and Nicole. Carrie believes him. Caroline goes to Sami to comfort her. EJ arrives after Caroline heads in and hands Sami his handkerchief. He asks her to trust him and brings her somewhere.

    Have A Lousy Life.

    Wednesday, March 28 2012

    In the pub, Sami is working to find an apartment when Carrie enters and wants to work things out. Sami says she'll never forgive her. Carrie wants Sami to be civil. Sami retorts, "Get to know me." Carrie is stunned to hear that Rafe asked for a divorce, but Sami thinks she planned it that way. Carrie tells her to stop playing the victim and take responsibility for once in her life. Sami retorts that Carrie fell in love with Rafe. Carrie tells Sami that Austin didn't betray her. Sami asks what she'll do now, and tells Carrie she probably likes having two men fighting over her. Sami says she hates her and takes off. Rafe appears and Carrie tells him Abigail lied about sleeping with Austin. He says she and Austin can work things out then - he's happy for her.

    Sami returns to the pub and confronts Rafe about having sex with Nicole as Carrie looks on.

    I'll Need Hazard Pay For That!

    Monday, March 26 2012

    In the office, Austin tells Carrie that he never cheated and broke their marriage vows. Carrie says she's still angry. They discuss the issue with Abigail and Austin owns his mistakes. As he asks Carrie to give their marriage another chance, Rafe arrives outside the door. He listens as Carrie tells Austin she was ready to end their marriage, but everything is different now. Rafe leaves as Austin tells her how relieved he feels. Carrie clarifies to Austin that she doesn't know what the future holds for them, and rushes off.

    Your Secret's Safe With Me.

    Friday, March 23 2012

    Abigail apologizes to Austin outside the square. She made the whole night of love-making up. Abby cries as Jenn and Jack gawk. Carrie shows up and Abby tells her the truth. She explains that they did kiss, but only because Austin was drunk and upset over Carrie kissing Rafe. Jenn suggests Abby's lying to protect Austin but Abby's insistent. Carrie remembers Abby asking her for advice on how to steal her husband and slaps her across the face. Jack and Jenn come to Abby's defense. Austin holds Carrie back and Jenn apologizes for all of this but assaulting Abby isn't the answer. Austin complains that they were friends but he should have drawn clearer boundaries. Does Abby realize what her lies have cost him? Carrie, with tears in her eyes, runs off with Austin following. Abby realizes she'll have to deal with the consequences now.

    Austin follows Carrie into her office. She's sobbing and he asks if what happened today changes anything for them.

    A Watched Phone Never Rings.

    Thursday, March 15 2012

    Over at Rafe and Carrie's office, Carrie confesses she's been falling in love with Rafe. He doesn't know what to say. Austin appears in the doorway and demands to know if Rafe loves Carrie back. He points out that he doesn't love Abby and that Carrie falling for Rafe is far worse than him having sex with Abby, especially when he doesn't even remember it. Carrie is sorry - she didn't intend on hurting him. He believes her but he doesn't know what to do with this information, so devastated, he leaves. Carrie cries but refuses to follow. She'd rather stay there with Rafe. She tells him he still hasn't answered her question. Is she alone in this? He replies, "No. No, you're not alone in this." Carrie grins. She didn't know he felt the same way. He had to lie that the kiss didn't mean anything. She heads in for a kiss and he breathes, "This is very complicated." He pushes her away. No matter what, they're still married to other people. Austin still loves her and if she thinks there's still a chance, she needs to work on it. He leaves.

    I Like Dogs.

    Wednesday, March 14 2012

    Rafe finds Carrie blubbering in their office. She hangs on him and sobs and tells him about Austin "cheating" on her. Rafe's shocked at the news. "Abigail? She's like twelve." Carrie says Austin admitted it and can't believe Sami and Austin's righteous indignation over their little kiss. "That doesn't make it right," Rafe points out. He wonders if Austin would have cheated if they hadn't kissed. Carrie's not ready to shoulder any blame yet. She struggles with feeling as though she doesn't even know Austin anymore. Carrie laments giving up their business for Sami and Austin. Carrie stares at Rafe's lips and wonders what's in it for them. Rafe backs up. He has had more time to take the high road. Though he'd like to smash EJ's head against the sidewalk, he hasn't. He doesn't want to make his life worse than it is. Carrie admits Austin's not totally to blame. Carrie admits when she was in law school, she started having thoughts about her and Austin not being right for each other. She had trouble admitting it to herself. She admits she's been pulling away from Austin because she was falling in love with Rafe.

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