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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Carrie Brady Roberts Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carrie Brady Roberts Reed Played by Christie Clark on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christie Mary Clark (NBC)

    Birthday: 1973-12-13
    Birthplace: Orange County, California USA
    Marital Status: Married Thomas Barnes (August 31, 2002 - present)
    Real Name: Christie Clark
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Brain Surgery On Allie's Doll Again?

    Thursday, April 26 2012

    Carrie eavesdrops outside Nicole's hospital room as Rafe reassures Nicole of his commitment to her and the baby. Carrie leaves and Nicole worries people are judging her. He calms her down and goes to find Daniel. The men return and Daniel says the tests came back fine. Cramping is normal when the uterine wall stretches. Daniel thinks keeping this secret is putting a huge toll on Nicole and the baby. If she wants to carry to term, she should tell EJ the truth. Nicole is outraged. The men try to calm her as she yells that if EJ learned the truth she'd never see her child.

    Justin catches Carrie outside Bo's room and offers to give her name to a few of his colleagues. He thinks it's a shame that she and Rafe's partnership didn't work out and her face falls. She covers and says if she had the chance to do it again she would work with Rafe. He's the best Private Investigator. Carrie finds Nicole alone in her room and they discuss Bo. Carrie's glad Nicole and the baby are fine. Nicole knows Carrie and Rafe were getting close. Carrie looks uncomfortable. Nicole never meant for any of this to happen and hopes Carrie and Austin can have a baby together and think of this as ancient history. Rafe turns up and things are uncomfortable. He tears off after Carrie while Nicole signs her release papers. Rafe tries to talk to Nicole but she runs off on him.

    Rent A Clown.

    Monday, April 23 2012

    Austin and Sami debate about Carrie's true feelings for Rafe at the square. Sami reminds him that Carrie's always following her heart but Austin maintains that Rafe's not a factor. Nearby, Rafe says he and Nic aren't in love and he's about to spill the rest when Sami and Austin spot them and interrupt. Things get nasty. Insults are hurled and then Sami says she's got to get to work. She tells them about her new job and goes. Rafe leaves and Carrie promises Austin that though she has feelings for Rafe still, she's committed to Austin.

    Austin and Carrie go home to make love.

    The Door To Hell?

    Friday, April 20 2012

    Carrie rolls over in bed seductively and kisses Rafe. She's glad they worked everything out. They start kissing. They have sex and she weeps. "It feels so right being together like this." She turns to Rafe and Austin's in his place. He tells her they'll make things work this time. They shower and Austin goes to dress while Carrie calls Rafe and asks to meet.

    Carrie finds Rafe at the square. She weeps as she admits she's going through the motions with Austin when she is fantasizing she's with Rafe. Rafe admits he went to tell her he wanted them to be together but overheard her telling Austin she wanted to work things out. Carrie's shocked. Why did he have sex with Nicole then? Rafe tries explaining it's not what it seems. Nearby, Sami bumps into Austin and tells him she's the new CEO of CW. Austin's shocked Kate hasn't told him. Austin pleads with her not to accept a gift of this magnitude from Stefano. You owe him! Sami plans on turning CW into an international success. Austin worries but is happy for her. He tells her how things are with him and Carrie when she asks and Sami warns that he should find out if Carrie's over Rafe before he buys a house. Nearby, Rafe tries to tell Carrie the whole story.

    Man-Sized Bowl Of Ice Cream.

    Wednesday, April 18 2012

    Carrie and Austin chat about his day as they arrive at the pub. Carrie suggests an outdoor movie but Austin prefers something more private. They head inside and greet Rafe. "Wow man that is a man-sized bowl of ice cream you've got there. I never thought of you as the sprinkles type." Carrie points out the ice cream is for Nicole. Rafe goes off and Carrie and Austin get a table while Carrie tries to pry her eyes off Rafe. Nicole offers to leave and feels guilty that his relationship with Carrie is done because of their lies. Rafe insists he's fine but Nicole doesn't get how he can be so honorable all the time. Nearby, Carrie and Austin make plans to go home for dessert. Rafe admits it's a drag going home alone. He misses the chaos of living with the kids. They decide to go see the movie at the square.

    Austin and Carrie return to the hotel room and make love. Afterward, Carrie sneaks out of bed while Austin sleeps.

    Back at the square, Abby and Cam agree to start fresh. Chad and Mel watch the duo happily and then kiss. Rafe is about to leave the movie when it gets too corny and too close to reality when he spots Carrie.

    No Honor Between Thieves.

    Thursday, April 12 2012

    At the pub, Carrie sighs and flashes to kissing Rafe and then remembers overhearing Rafe telling EJ he's Nic's baby daddy. Carrie calls Rafe and they agree to meet. He turns up and surprises Carrie by telling her he missed her and cares about her a lot. She tells him to stop pretending and reminds him she's married. He apologizes and is about to tell her the truth about his feelings for her when Austin shows up. Austin wants to put the tension behind them by severing Carrie and Rafe's professional relationship. Rafe signs the papers and Austin asks for assurance that Rafe's respectful of his marriage with Carrie. They all agree to remain friends. The men leave and Carrie bumps into Rafe on her way out. Carrie confronts him about getting Nicole pregnant. Rafe cringes. She asks why he didn't tell her. He didn't want to hurt her. He tries telling her it's not what she thinks. She tries to leave and he stops her. He wants to tell her the truth.

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