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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Carrie Brady Roberts Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carrie Brady Roberts Reed Played by Christie Clark on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christie Mary Clark (NBC)

    Birthday: 1973-12-13
    Birthplace: Orange County, California USA
    Marital Status: Married Thomas Barnes (August 31, 2002 - present)
    Real Name: Christie Clark
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Enough Wallowing.

    Friday, May 11 2012

    Carrie wakes up in bed at the safe house with Rafe staring down at her with a coffee. He tells her he could get used to watching her sleep and they kiss. Downstairs, Marlena watches John making plans to put Stefano behind bars or six feet under. Back upstairs, Rafe and Carrie make-out and discuss life's changes. Things get passionate and the clothing starts to come off when Carrie halts the proceedings. "It's too soon." Rafe agrees. They can't do it until after Austin knows the truth. Carrie promises to tell Austin the truth first chance, though the thought of it makes her sick. Downstairs, John says he'd gladly pull the trigger himself if they can't bring Stefano down legally. Marlena tries talking him out of it. Upstairs, Carrie and Rafe make-out while Roman brings a blindfolded Austin to the house.

    Hanging Traitors In A Public Square.

    Thursday, May 10 2012

    Roman, Shane, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Carrie and Rafe are at the new safe house. Marlena is miserable, thinking about what their family must be going through. Roman tells them Belle and Shawn are calling out of town family to tell them the truth. Roman and Shane leave to get started on phase two while Rafe and Carrie hold hands, glad they decided to be together. Hope tells Bo this is the best chance they have to nail Stefano. Everyone goes over phase two while Carrie tells Marlena about her and Rafe. Marlena's surprised but remembers being in the same situation. Though it'll send shock waves through the family, Marlena won't judge. Everyone discusses what to do with Harmon. "I still say we should bring back hanging traitors in a public square," says John. Bo considers manipulating Harmon.

    You Put Away Your Pitchfork.

    Monday, May 07 2012

    Everyone makes a blast wall at the safe house as Shane begs Roman to get to safety. The bomb goes off and the house goes up in flames. Roman starts for the fire, yelling for his family and friends but Shane holds him back. Roman realizes they're really gone. Shane comforts him and Roman says he could kill Stefano DiMera. Shane tells him they'll bring Stefano down but they need to do it the right way. Suddenly, a voice calls out from the rubbish. "Mind if we help?" Roman gasps and hugs Bo, John, Hope, Marlena, Carrie and Rafe. Rafe explains that they found a trap door under the carpet and scrambled inside before the blast. They hid in the basement. Shane wants them all to be examined by a doctor but John refuses. Nobody can know they're alive.

    EJ arrives on the scene of the explosion where Roman and Shane act as though there are no survivors. The EMS and police can find no bodies and Roman blames Stefano for the blast. EJ's shocked to learn who "perished" in the explosion. Shane goes off to make calls to Austin and Sami to meet him at the pub. Later, Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Carrie and Rafe come out of hiding. They reluctantly agree to fake their deaths. Everyone takes off leaving Roman to deliver the bad news. Marlena's sorry Roman has to do this but he thinks it'll be worth it in the end.

    You're Not Alone.

    Friday, May 04 2012

    The inmates of the safe house hug each other with glee, happy they're going to live, until they notice the timer counting down. They let Shane and Roman know as their happiness turns to horror. Shane realizes the bomb would have gone off no matter what line was cut. Bo becomes frustrated as Shane tries to figure out their next move. Carrie continues to freak out and Rafe holds her and comforts her. Rafe professes his love for Carrie and she calls it cruel. "I'm in love with you," Rafe insists. Carrie was going to leave Austin but he slept with Nicole. Rafe tells her he didn't sleep with Nicole. Her baby is EJ's. He comes clean with his reasons, claiming he hates EJ and it seemed like the right thing to do. Carrie smiles. Shane gets Rafe, John and Bo to try to short out the clock. It doesn't work. They've 19 minutes and Roman goes bananas as Shane tells him it's over. Inside, everyone gets close. John apologizes for not protecting Marlena. Hope and Bo think about Ciara and cry, while Rafe and Carrie make out. Rafe suggests they build a blast wall. Roman and Carrie talk, telling each other they love one another and the wall is built. They carefully roll up the carpet with five minutes to spare. Outside, Shane has to drag Roman from the front door as inside John says, "Come on everyone. This is it." There's a gigantic blast...


    Tuesday, May 01 2012

    At the safe house, Rafe warns the crew that time will move slowly. It did when he and Sami...Bo interrupts. He already feels trapped and starts complaining. Rafe goes off to check with Agent Harmon but Carrie stops him.

    Back at the safe house, Rafe shows everyone how to set the alarm system. If the light is red, they need to stay in the house and if it's green, they can come and go as they please.

    Back at the safe house, Carrie stays for a quick bite to eat. She hands Rafe a sandwich and congratulates him on working for the ISA. They're both sorry their partnership didn't work out. John and Marlena play cards as John gripes about wanting to kill Stefano. Bo says if Stefano hurt Hope or Ciara, he'd want blood, too. Marlena reminds John the ISA is doing what they can to bring Stefano down. Bo groans about what Stefano's goons did to him while Hope tries to get him to be a little less depressing. Bo is also upset that Hope's still married to John, that he hasn't seen Ciara and that they've not spent time together. He confides that while in his coma he saw Zach, who was happy and at peace. Zach told Bo he wanted him to be happy. He heard Hope's voice which brought him back. They both start bawling and then discuss continuing therapy with Marlena. Meanwhile, Marlena and John wonder who Yvette is. Nearby, Carrie brings up Rafe getting Nicole pregnant. Rafe thinks it's time he told her the truth. She tells him to leave it alone. Marlena and John interrupt. They don't like how Rafe's been treating Carrie. Rafe says things aren't always as they seem. John disarms the alarm so Carrie can leave as Harmon, at the park, tells someone that once the alarm is disarmed and someone tries to leave, they'll all be dead. Carrie places her hand on the door...


    Monday, April 30 2012

    While walking through the park, Marlena is attacked by Stefano's goon. He wants to know where the coin is. Roman and Carrie turn up and Roman pulls a gun while John whispers for him to take a shot. Marlena uses self-defense on her attacker and he runs off. Roman calls for back-up and Marlena worries for Bo and Hope. Roman calls Rafe who can't track the goon. John's never seen Stefano more desperate. Roman spoke to Spencer and an agent will take them all to a secure safe house. Apparently they have an inside scoop from Stefano. He's going after all of his enemies. Agent Harmon arrives to take them home to pick up a few belongings before they head out.

    John, Marlena, Rafe and Roman accompany Agent Harmon and Agent Spencer to the safe house. Hope's sick of living their lives in reaction to Stefano. John thinks this is an opportunity to put Stefano away. Rafe doesn't like that Carrie's on her way with groceries. It'll put her at risk. Spencer tells them the place is secure. There is no phone or wifi that can be breached. Rafe's lack of trust irks the ISA agent who asks to enlist him into the ISA at least until this is over. Spencer says they are sending an exact replica of the coin to Stefano. The partial code they have reads, "Yvette" but Stefano's will be "gobbledygook." John and Bo think they're closer than ever to winning the war against Stefano. Carrie arrives with food. She makes jokes about Marlena and Hope's cooking.

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