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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Carrie Brady Roberts Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carrie Brady Roberts Reed Played by Christie Clark on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christie Mary Clark (NBC)

    Birthday: 1973-12-13
    Birthplace: Orange County, California USA
    Marital Status: Married Thomas Barnes (August 31, 2002 - present)
    Real Name: Christie Clark
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Wake up! Wake Up!

    Tuesday, June 19 2012

    Sami meets Justin at the pub. She wants him to help her with Will's case. Carrie arrives and Sami realizes Justin wants her to hire her sister. Sami's reluctant because of her personal issues with Carrie so Justin gives them a moment alone. Carrie apologizes for her mistakes but Sami worries about hiring a lawyer who is in bed literally with the cops. Carrie states her case. Sami's desperate and agrees to give Carrie the job, reminding her Will's whole future is resting on her shoulders.

    Justin brings Sami and Carrie to SPD and tells them Rafe's taking over for Roman. Sami accuses Carrie of knowing this already. She flies off the handle and runs off with Justin following. Carrie apologizes to Rafe. She didn't know he was working the case. Rafe sees no problem with them working together. They start discussing the case, wondering why EJ bailed Will out. Carrie urges Rafe to go by the book. They share a moment and Rafe feels there's a missing piece to the puzzle. Sami barges in and orders them to hurry up. Neil, Will's friend, arrives with an alibi for Will. They were at a gay bar together that night.

    Under Arrest!

    Thursday, June 07 2012

    In the park, Austin fusses over Carrie. She grins. Rafe appears and sees them kiss. Rafe tells them he's back on the force. Austin says he heard the paternity test showed him to be the father of Nicole's baby, and offers congratulations. Austin leaves, and Carrie confronts Rafe about lying to her. Rafe insists he's not the father - he never slept with Nicole. They agree Nicole must have switched the results. Carrie says it doesn't matter anyway - they can't be together. Rafe needs to know that's what she really wants. Carrie says she's wanted a family with Austin for so long. She tells Rafe the life they were planning is one they'll never have a chance to live. She assures him they're doing the right thing.

    Austin returns to the park and tells Carrie he told Billie they're pregnant. Rafe watches as they canoodle. Austin tells Rafe to tell Nicole they're happy for her. Rafe goes, and Carrie tells Austin she has all that she needs. She apologizes for what she's put him through. He says they made it through everything and now it's just them and their baby - it's the way it's meant to be. Carrie wants to pick a house. Austin's thrilled. They wonder whether to find out the sex of their baby and discuss nursery themes.

    You're The Devil.

    Monday, May 28 2012

    In Daniel's office, Austin is over the moon with delight about Carrie's pregnancy. He offers an olive branch to Rafe and the men shake hands. Nicole takes Rafe away and tells him she's sorry.

    Nicole and Rafe wind up outside the pub where Nicole tries talking Rafe into raising Carrie's baby with her. Rafe can't do it. Carrie turns up and Nicole leaves. Carrie's apologetic but Rafe tells her not to be. Rafe can't break up a family, even though he wants to be with her. Carrie doesn't think she can stop loving him. They agree they need to part ways and share an emotional goodbye.

    Nicole and Austin interrupt Rafe and Carrie's intimate moment outside the pub. Carrie and Rafe head inside and Rafe looks lost. Inside, Austin gives Carrie a gift to thank her for not giving up on him.

    As Sensitive As Sandpaper.

    Friday, May 25 2012

    Austin and Carrie anxiously arrive at Daniel's office to confirm Carrie's pregnancy. Rafe and Nicole arrive and Austin goes off with Daniel to sign some papers while Nicole gives Carrie and Rafe time to talk. Outside, Nicole gossips to Daniel about Rafe and Daniel suggests she see another doctor. She's been putting it off. Meanwhile, Rafe is hurt knowing that Carrie's been having sex with Austin after professing to love him. Carrie shares that it happened after she learned he was having a baby with Nicole. Carrie's sorry Rafe found out the way he did. If the test is negative, she'll leave Austin. Rafe asks what happens if it's positive? Austin returns and finds Nicole with Daniel. He's not happy Carrie is alone with Rafe. Nicole claims Rafe's filling out paperwork and heads into Daniel's office to usher Carrie out. Nicole can see Rafe's worried that Carrie will stay married if she's pregnant. Rafe runs off and Nicole offers pregnancy advice to Carrie and tells her to take things one step at a time. Daniel confirms Carrie's pregnant.


    Wednesday, May 23 2012

    Austin pushes Carrie to eat her sandwich at the pub. He goes to take a call and she stares pensively at her positive pregnancy test. Austin returns and overhears Carrie leaving a message of love to Rafe's cell phone. She covers and is shocked to hear Stefano's free.

    At the pub, Carrie moans that nothing's turning out the way it was supposed to, after hearing the news about Stefano. Carrie gets a box for her sandwich and Austin's out of cash so goes into Carrie's bag to pay the bill. He finds her positive pregnancy test and confronts her. She confirms it's true and he yelps with delight and share the news with the entire pub. Rafe and Nicole arrive and Nicole thinks Austin looks too happy for someone who was just asked for a divorce. Austin tells them Carrie's pregnant and Rafe's jaw falls to the floor. Nicole tries covering for Rafe and takes him away while Austin professes his love for his wife. Outside, Rafe struggles with his composure.

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