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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Carrie Brady Roberts Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carrie Brady Roberts Reed Played by Christie Clark on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christie Mary Clark (NBC)

    Birthday: 1973-12-13
    Birthplace: Orange County, California USA
    Marital Status: Married Thomas Barnes (August 31, 2002 - present)
    Real Name: Christie Clark
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Young Grasshopper.

    Tuesday, January 31 2012

    Rafe and Carrie return to their office. Rafe is annoyed that Sami was too busy to talk to him. He'll try to go easy on her. He goes to make a cup of coffee, but the lid to the coffee pot falls off and he gets coffee all over the place. He throws the coffee pot out.

    Stop Speculating And Open The Box.

    Monday, January 30 2012

    Sami and Austin arrive at the pub and witness a dance between Carrie and Rafe. When the dance ends, it looks as though the two are about to kiss when Austin makes his presence known. The two explain the costumes but Austin and Sami would like to know what was going on when they walked in. Carrie explains the reason for the dance but the spouses are skeptical. Rafe tells Sami that Sydney's with Will, so Sami calls him. She does so and Will tells her he's at EJ's and invites her there for Sydney's birthday bash. Sami flies off the handle as Will gloats about never seeing Sydney smile so big. He hangs up. Sami and Rafe rush out.

    After Sami and Rafe leave. Austin brings up Carrie and Rafe's dance. He thinks there was more to it than Carrie's willing to tell. This hurts Carrie's feelings. Frustrated, Austin accuses her of hurting his feelings since she can't find time for him. Carrie apologizes for not calling him at lunch today. Their argument is heard by John and Marlena who walk in. Austin vents to John. He's not sure Carrie wants to spend time with him. Marlena hugs Carrie and they analyze the situation. Marlena wonders if Carrie's avoiding Austin. Later, Sami and Rafe return with Sydney. Austin gives Rafe the cold shoulder and when Will saunters in, pleased with himself, Sami tells him they're going to discuss what he did later. When Sydney tries on her tiara, EJ and Nicole turn up.

    Awaken The Beast.

    Friday, January 27 2012

    Rafe and Carrie arrive at the pub. Kayla helps Carrie with her Princess Miranda costume while she giggles at Rafe's Prince Casper costume. They had to take the place of Sydney's favorite TV show couple. Kayla takes photos. Rafe says, "Good. Now I can cross that off my bucket list." Kayla shows them how to do the royal dance for Sydney and then has to dash to see Joey, as he's not feeling well. She'll return for the party. Rafe and Carrie continue to rehearse.

    Ping Pong.

    Wednesday, January 25 2012

    At the office, Carrie and Rafe discuss the arson case. Carrie got a great lead on it that’ll clear their client. Rafe’s glad but Carrie thinks since he’s not jumping for joy, something’s wrong. Rafe assures her nothing’s wrong and they get back to work. They make eye contact and then head out to talk to the DA about their case. When they return, they’re in good spirits.

    Sami calls Rafe’s office from work and asks if he’s still mad about her decision to become a mole. He can’t discuss it. He’s working on something so they hang up. Sami almost deletes the photos from the shoot but Kate arrives and drags her to a meeting. Meanwhile, Rafe takes another call that the arson charges were dropped and cheers. He scoops up Carrie into a hug.

    So Dysfunctional.

    Tuesday, January 24 2012

    Carrie and Austin make out at the hotel. Carrie refuses sex. They'll be late for work. A crushed Austin misses being with her and tries to make a date. Carrie's too busy and Austin finds it's becoming a trend. She stood him up twice last night. Carrie's sorry. She blames getting her new business up and running but he recalls a time when they were students and always found time for each other. They clear their schedule for Thursday.

    Smoke And Mirrors.

    Wednesday, January 18 2012

    In their office Rafe and Carrie are sharing a laugh when Sami arrives. She asks if she’s interrupting anything and didn't realize law and order work could be so amusing. Carrie and Rafe try to explain their crazy day in the overheated office and that they both brought in fans to cool off. Sami doesn’t get the inside joke and shrugs it off. Carrie gets back to work letting Sami have a moment to tell Rafe about Gabi and the photo shoot. She complains they don’t see each other enough and as Rafe leans in for a kiss the heater makes a loud clunk prompting Carrie and Rafe to break into laughter again.

    At the pub Lexi rants to Abe about EJ. She wonders how he got a hold of Abe’s job creation plan then declares that she'll never be fooled into believing her brother again. It’s the end of the road for them. Hope and Bo rush in to talk about the new police initiative to arrest and prosecute Salem’s most wanted criminals. Abe will stand behind it and shares the details of EJ gaining access to his files with them. Lexi’s frustrated by EJ’s tricks and Abe announces they have to kick the campaign into overdrive. He declares that there isn’t any way EJ can lower the crime rate and Hope comments that his specialty is raising it. They chat more before Abe authorizes Bo and Hope to hire whoever they need to clean up Salem requesting they do it now and do it fast. After Abe and Lexi leave, Bo and Hope meet with Rafe and Carrie. After a brief discussion, Bo and Hope hire them as part of their new task force. They chit chat about business before talking about the mystery of Mrs. H’s key. Hope admits that she thinks the other key holder of Gran’s safety deposit box might be Stefano. After Bo and Hope leave, Carrie shares her concerns over taking the job but still agrees to it. Sami wanders out to see them having another laugh together.

    A Dog With A Bone.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    Rafe paces the office without a shirt since the thermostat is broken. Carrie walks in and gazes at Rafe. She takes off her jacket to cool down and Rafe alternates between attempting to fix the thermostat and staring at Carrie in her lace camisole. They discuss a new arson case. Rafe winces. If they take it, it'll be gratis. Carrie's alright with that. It's not as though they've any other cases! Rafe asks for an Allen wrench but all she has is a bobby pin. Carrie fans herself with a file as Rafe tinkers with the thermostat. Carrie remembers Kate once saying that men sweat and women glisten. Rafe grins. "You're sweating." She knows. He can't get over Sami taking the job with Kate. They're both surprised Sami didn't put up a fuss over them working together. A cheesy 80s song plays lyrics about 'feeling the heat' as Rafe and Carrie continue to glance in each other's direction longingly. Rafe gets them some ice and then drools as he watches Carrie rub it all over her chest. Rafe finds a new witness for their new case and Carrie keeps reading the other witness statement.

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