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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Carrie Brady Roberts Reed - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Carrie Brady Roberts Reed Played by Christie Clark on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christie Mary Clark (NBC)

    Birthday: 1973-12-13
    Birthplace: Orange County, California USA
    Marital Status: Married Thomas Barnes (August 31, 2002 - present)
    Real Name: Christie Clark
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Rearranging Your Face.

    Monday, February 13 2012

    Carrie and Austin head to bed at their hotel. She apologizes for kissing Rafe once again but he tells her they'll fix this if they love each other enough. They make out but Carrie can't make love. It's too soon. Austin flashes to Abby telling him they had sex and agrees to take it slow.

    Sweet, Yummy, Tidy Little Life.

    Wednesday, February 08 2012

    Carrie arrives at the office where Rafe has spent the night. He says Sami kicked him out. She tells him Austin didn't come home last night. She has no idea where he is. Rafe is sorry for making a big mistake. They argue about who kissed whom first. Carrie talks about her tumultuous relationship with Austin and how it's only gotten worse. Rafe tells her he's resigning as her PI. He's planning on getting Sami to forgive him. They share an awkward goodbye and Carrie flashes to kissing Rafe.

    Austin arrives at Carrie's office and apologizes for running out. He should have stayed and fought for their marriage. Instead, he got drunk. He'll never turn his back on their marriage again. Carrie's dumbfounded. Is he forgetting that she kissed another man? She's so sorry and isn't sure how she can forgive herself. How will he forgive her? They profess their love for each other and Austin envelopes her into a hug. Carrie says she and Rafe ended their partnership. He hopes she's doing what's making her happy and trusts her. She's in awe. Austin just wants things to be back to normal. Carrie has realized marriage takes work. They decide to start over. When Abby calls, Austin ignores the call. She leaves a message, asking him out for tonight.

    Sketchy At Best.

    Tuesday, February 07 2012

    In Carrie’s office, Austin demands to know if she has feelings for Rafe. Carrie hedges but he can tell by looking at her. Carrie wants to figure it out but she’s broken Austin’s heart and he leaves. Later Carrie calls Marlena to confess she did something stupid. Soon Marlena shows up and Carrie spills the details of her kiss with Rafe. Marlena listens while Carrie shares that she loves Austin but her feelings for Rafe are real. After chatting more, Marlena suggests she think before she does something she might regret.

    One Innocent Kiss.

    Monday, February 06 2012

    In their office, Rafe and Carrie bond over getting paid for their first real job, saving a couple's marriage. They celebrate by making out. Sami walks in, clears her throat and the two break apart. Sami starts yelling and waving her arms around. They tell her it's not what she thinks. "Were you practicing prince and princess again?" Sami yells. She blasts Carrie, for always wanting everything she has. Carrie retorts, "Oh my God." Yelling ensues and Sami accuses Carrie of attempting to even the score. Rafe defends Carrie and Sami calls him a traitor and Carrie a slut. "It was one innocent kiss," Rafe tells her. Carrie reminds Sami that she isn't perfect either. Rafe tries explaining that they were excited about saving their client's marriage. "What you were so excited you just found each other kissing?" Austin walks in, incredulous after overhearing. "What did I just hear? You and Rafe were kissing?" Austin goes at Rafe but Carrie comes between them. She tries to explain the kiss but Austin is dumbfounded. Sami won't forget this. She and Rafe head out and Austin starts to laugh. For once he agrees with Sami. Carrie insists it meant nothing but Austin can see she and Rafe have a bond. When she promises the kiss will never happen again, Austin wonders if it's a promise she can keep. He wants to know if she has feelings for Rafe.

    Destroy Abe Carver!

    Friday, February 03 2012

    Rafe barges in on Carrie at the office with an emotional female client, Mrs. Carlisle, who after being happily married for 30 years, is worried her husband's having an affair. Ed's been a wonderful husband and she loves him so much. He's been working late, is distant and secretive and recently, received a call from a mysterious woman. Rafe and Carrie assure her they'll investigate. Since they're so caring toward her, she assumes they're married - to each other. There's an awkward silence and they tell her they're not married to each other. Later, Rafe tries to find out "Julie's" address on the net. He may have to do a stake-out. Carrie laments how sad this is. She feels guilty that Rafe had to take this job, which makes them no money. Rafe is supportive, making Carrie wish Austin was more like him. She talks about her relationship issues and how alone she feels. Rafe tells her she's not alone. He understands where Carrie's coming from. He feels worlds apart from Sami. Later, they take off for a stake-out.

    Rafe and Carrie return to the office, laughing. Julie is a party planner, planning Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle's 30th anniversary party. They hug and then start making out. Sami shows up outside.

    Living With Your Own Truth.

    Wednesday, February 01 2012

    Carrie receives a call at the office. She tells Rafe their subsidy was cut off. They're out of business. Carrie feels like a failure. Rafe tells her she's not. He says he'll have to go work security detail on Abe's campaign and Carrie sighs that she'll have to return to Switzerland to her former job. Rafe's certain she can get a job in Salem. If she leaves, she'll be leaving her family and him. Who will make fun of him when he glues a tiara to his hands? Carrie giggles but thinks the universe is telling her something. She makes a few calls and nobody in Salem is looking to hire a lawyer. Rafe says they paid their rent until the end of the month. They decide to make another go of it.

    Young Grasshopper.

    Tuesday, January 31 2012

    Carrie has a conniption when she spills coffee all over some documents at work. Rafe arrives and she tells him she and Austin fought and he stormed out on her. She doesn't know where he is. She admits Austin has been complaining that she has no time for him. Their issues started back when she began working for John. Rafe offers to talk to Austin, but Carrie won't have that. She fears that taking time for each other isn't as important to them anymore. Rafe is sure Austin will be home when she gets there and will be feeling like a jackass. Rafe confesses things were frosty at the loft last night, too. Sami's doing stuff lately that he can't fathom.

    Carrie and Rafe head to the square, and Carrie immediately becomes jealous upon seeing Austin with Abby. Rafe and Abby give them some privacy. Abby leaves for class and Sami bumps into Rafe, while rushing to a meeting. She briefly explains she had a rough conversation with John, but she's already ten minutes late for a meeting. Rafe pulls her into a kiss after they profess their love for each other, and she runs off. Meanwhile, Austin explains to Carrie what was going on. He loves Carrie and needed time to cool off. Carrie calms down and neither can believe all the arguing they've been doing. Austin calls her on spending a lot of time with Rafe, even in the off work hours and Carrie admits to being inconsiderate. "We're good, right?" he asks. They're better than they were. They profess their love for each other and kiss.

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