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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Andre DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Andre DiMera Played by Thaao Penghlis on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thaao Penghlis (Howard Wise/JPI )

    Birthday: 1945-07-15
    Birthplace: Sydney, New South Wales, Austr
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Thaao Penghlis
    Height: 5' 11"
    Web site:


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    Another Brutal Stabbing

    Friday, September 21 2007

    Andre finds a letter under a table, addressed to him. It reads, "You may be comprised so protect yourself but protect the folio at all costs." Steve and Bo accidentally make noise, so Steve jumps up and makes himself seen, saying he's hanging about alone. He launches into a discussion about how he's trying to help save Andre's life. When Andre doesn’t believe him, he says he's the one who told Stefano to get word to him that the Brady's are after him. He says he did so to protect Benjy and when Andre says they both have no trust; Steve shows that he's not carrying a piece and gets close to Andre, and hugs him. Andre takes this chance to stab Steve in the abdomen and runs off! Steve tells Bo to go find Roman and falls to his knees in pain after Bo leaves.

    Pandemonium in Salem!

    Monday, September 17 2007

    At the pub, Andre tapes Kate's call to Roman. She whimpers as she tells Roman that she has seen Andre lurking outside the Brady Pub. He asks her not to move and says he'll be right over. After they hang up, Andre tells Kate she has done a good job at setting the trap.

    At the funeral home, Benjy signs that he wants to pay his last respects, but when he wheels himself to the casket, he pulls his gun and shoots Stefano in the chest! Everyone screams and Marlena and Tony rush to the casket. Marlena is shocked when she finds a pulse on Stefano and doesn't understand how this can be. Stefano's eyes open and he panics when he realizes he's in a casket! In shock, he starts yelling and jumps up, wanting out. Abe comes to him, and tells him he's staying put. He explains the situation as Benjy is taken to the psych ward by Marlena and Lexi. Stefano tells Abe he is supposed to be recuperating, not used as bait to flush out Andre. The lights go out and Stefano asks what's going on. Abe explains that he's in for it, after stealing part of Benjy's kidney. Stefano denies any such doing. Abe tries to get the funeral procession going. He calls to Willie to see if he's ready. Willie tips his hat. Since the room is darkened and they're standing many feet apart, Abe can't tell that it is actually Andre tipping his hat!

    Kate and Lucas arrive at the cemetery and tell Bo and Abe that Roman's in danger. She explains what happened and then Bo takes a call. He hears Roman say, "I'm taking Andre down tonight. Don't move until you hear from me." A concerned Bo relays Roman's words to the others, while Andre shuts off a tape recorder and kicks Roman's half nude body.

    Tony stands outside looking though the lot of cell phones for Roman's. "This one's for keeps," he says as he dials.

    Action at The Brady Pub

    Friday, September 14 2007

    Kate continues to yell for Shawn, and the door is bust down by Andre! He makes a beeline to her and tells her she's going to bring Roman to him. When she refuses, he grabs her neck and tells her that after a lifetime of mistakes, she has made her last one. Kate gasps and squirms and then Shawn comes out of nowhere and starts hitting Andre, but Andre knocks Shawn down. Kate takes this chance to call for help on her cell phone but the call is stopped short when Andre knocks out Shawn and snatches her phone. He pulls a knife on Kate and forces her to lock Shawn in the freezer.

    Outside the pub, Belle arrives to see Shawn and is surprised to find the door locked. As she looks for a key, Andre forces Kate back to the bar, laughing that Shawn Sr. will find his namesake frozen solid.

    Belle ventures into the pub to find Andre with Kate. With Andre's back to her, Kate smashes him over the head with a vase. When he goes down, Belle calls Bo and starts to tell him what's going on, but Andre comes to. Knife to Kate's throat, he takes the phone from Belle. Bo is alarmed and when Andre takes the phone, he taunts Bo, saying he's got Shawn, Belle and Kate. Bo grits his teeth as Andre mocks him and after he tells him EJ's at the hospital, building an alibi, he hangs up. Bo rushes to the door and when Hope intercepts him, and he makes something up about checking on the guard. She doesn't believe him, so he tells her a partial truth - he's going to check on a lead about Andre.

    Out in the pub, Andre kisses Kate hard. She pulls away and he tells him he's certifiable. They watch the funeral proceedings from a monitor and a smug Andre says he can't wait to go after Roman. He has something special planned. He threatens Kate's life if she doesn't help him.

    Kate stalls when Andre orders her to call Roman and begs him not to make her do this. "Roman's been good to me," she pleads. Andre says she could be beneficiary to Roman's life insurance, because he never married after her. Kate snorts that she doesn't want Roman's money. Andre forces her to dial.

    At the funeral home, Roman feels his phone vibrate and Kate comes on the phone, crying for him to come help her.

    All the world loves clowns!

    Wednesday, September 12 2007

    At the hospital, Lucas brings Sami milk to toast to the end of the DiMera dynasty. He teases that he has a surprise for her and goes off to get it. When he leaves, Sami flashes back to kissing EJ. Suddenly, the door is opened and a dancing clown appears. Sami asks if he's Lucas' surprise, but he doesn't talk. Instead, he pulls out trick flowers. Sami apologizes and says she doesn't like clowns or mimes. She goes to tip him before she shows him the door but he refuses and grabs her hand. He moves in and reveals himself to be Andre! After Sami gasps in shock, Andre demands that she not make another sound. He sits beside her in bed, clicks his feet together and says, "It's like the song says." Sami stares at him with fear in her eyes and Andre singsongs, "All the world loves clowns." He asks Sami to explain what happened with Stefano, so she tells him all she knows and admits she doesn't know why Steve killed Stefano. Andre takes out a knife and threatens Sami's life. He tells her that if Stefano's alive, and Roman's using Stefano to try to sniff him out, the next corpse found will be a Brady. Sami gulps hard and stifles her cries. Andre doesn't think Stefano's really dead, but Sami says that Lucas saw it. Andre asks where Steve is, and Sami doesn't know anything, she says. She reminds him that he played with her Uncle Steve's mind for years and it's his own fault if Steve snapped.

    Lucas waltzes in with double chocolate chip ice cream and asks who sent the clown. With his back to Lucas, Andre motions for Sami to keep quiet. Andre gives Lucas balloons and leaves the room. Once he is gone, Sami yells that the clown was Andre and Lucas goes after him while Sami calls Roman. Lucas returns and says he called security. Sami tells him that Roman's sending a cop to guard her. The guard shows up right away and tells them he'll be outside the door. Sami asks Lucas if Stefano is really dead. Lucas is sure, he says. He saw blood everywhere. Roman arrives and says the clown costume turned up in a security closet, but they can't find Andre. They're looking through security tapes now. Sami asks the question of the day - "Is Stefano really alive, dad?" Roman reluctantly admits that Bo came up with a plan to fake Stefano's murder in order to flush out Andre. Sami and Lucas are taken aback and Sami tells the men that Andre threatened to kill them all if they're lying about Stefano's murder! Roman leaves and Sami and Lucas kiss.

    Outside the door, Roman tells the guard that if he sees anything suspicious, he is to report it. Behind the two, we see Andre dressed up as a woman, in a nurse's uniform and wig!

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