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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Andre DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Andre DiMera Played by Thaao Penghlis on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Thaao Penghlis (Howard Wise/JPI )

    Birthday: 1945-07-15
    Birthplace: Sydney, New South Wales, Austr
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Thaao Penghlis
    Height: 5' 11"
    Web site:


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    Time will tell

    Wednesday, October 03 2007

    At the pub, Andre starts shouting at the TV while Steve threatens to shoot Stefano on-air. Flustered, EJ reminds his cousin that they need to defuse the bomb before it blows up. It doesn't take much for him to do that. EJ begs him to bring Roman to the station and end the vendetta now, a sentiment which is precisely repeated by Stefano on the TV screen. Andre gets on the phone to set up the trade. After taking a moment to stare at his hostages, Andre agrees to the deal but won't go along with all of Steve's demands. Stefano takes the phone and asks Andre to do whatever Steve asks. He hangs up, angrier than before and grabs Roman. Before he can push the brutalized police commissioner out the door, Sami cries out to go with him. He reminds her that she's been the bane of his existence for months....maybe he should just kill her now while he still has the chance.

    Bo and Hope are aghast as they see Steve on the news with a gun to Stefano's head. He starts calling the pub to get a hold of Andre. Lucas runs in, looking for Sami. Bo tells him that Sami is with Roman and he has a bomb strapped to him. They hurry over to the TV station where Bo meets with the station manager and tells him to keep the cameras rolling and things calm. Lucas starts calling Sami again. Bo goes to Steve and tries to keep him calm, pointing out that Andre is on his way with Roman. 'No one is going to die tonight,' he insists. Steve isn't so sure: Time will tell. Suddenly, Andre bursts in with his gun drawn and a gagged Roman in tow. He warns everyone that he will set the bomb off if anyone comes close to him. Stefano tells him that the vendetta is over and EJ and Sami will be married. 'Like hell they will,' Lucas blurts out. 'In Hell maybe...' Andre smirks. Lucas almost flies off the handle, but Bo holds him back as Andre explains that Sami may be no more than a memory now. 'She was a feisty one,' he says, but she and her babies were left behind to die. Roman can't deny this. Lucas runs off while Stefano comes forward, asking Andre what in God's name he's done this time. He lashes out at him for destroying EJ's future and threatens that he'll get what he deserves for this. As Andre realizes that his uncle has done all of this for EJ alone, he shouts back at him, feeling betrayed by everyone. Hope circles behind before trying to rescue Roman. In the fight, Andre grabs Hope and holds the gun on her. Bo asks him to take him instead and Stefano demands that his nephew release Hope. Undaunted, Andre dares Steve to shoot the old man; he doesn't care if they kill Stefano now that he knows that everything is going to EJ anyway. 'This war is over when I say it is! From now on, you're going to be dealing with Andre DiMera!' he challenges. Bo puts his gun down and asks to be exchanged for Hope. Stefano demands that Andre release her, but Andre refuses again: Hope is too good a bargaining chip. As he starts to back out of the studio, Bo pulls another gun and goes after them, trying to get a clear shot.

    You don't exist

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    At the pub, Sami tries to grab the bomb off of her father but EJ holds her back. Andre giddily drops Roman into a chair. EJ asks Andre if he's spoken to Stefano lately and informs him that the feud has been called off. Is Andre ready to defy Stefano's wishes? Andre isn't believing any of this and, to make things worse, Sami starts to back out of the deal. She never signed up to get her father back as a drugged and beaten mess. EJ has to hold her back again when she wants to attack Andre. She demands that he take the bomb off of her father or they will be finished talking. Tensely, EJ offers to call his father and sort this out. When he tries to call, he gets no answer. He pleads for five minutes to sort things and Andre grants it, setting the timer on Roman's bomb accordingly. When she tries to tear the bomb off again, Roman tells her to stop. She gets on the phone, calling Bo while Andre gloats. When Bo finally picks up, she tells him that she is with her father and he has a bomb strapped to him. 'You have to tell me what to do,' she begs. Roman demands that EJ get his daughter out of there but she is determined to defuse the bomb. Bo asks to talk to Roman but Roman thinks it's too late. He tells his little brother that he loves him and he needs him to tell Sami to get out now. Sami is defiant and won't let her dad or her babies die. She tells her father again that she loves him and prepares to leave. As they and Andre start to back out, Andre suddenly notices that Steve is on TV. Steve announces that he has a message for Andre. He has to bring Roman back safely or he will kill Stefano.

    Do you love the guy or what?

    Monday, October 01 2007

    At the pub, Sami tells Lucas that she hates the fact that she is going to marry EJ, but there is no other way to help the family survive. Lucas thought that he was her family, but apparently she'd rather marry her rapist. Is ending this vendetta just an excuse to marry EJ? he wonders. 'Do you love the guy or what?' he angrily demands. The only thing she feels for EJ is loathing, she insists. He asks her why she is letting two people who have been dead for decades control their lives. If only they had never found those letters in New Orleans... He doesn't care if the vendetta ever ends if it means losing her. She insists that this is only temporary and she doesn't want a real marriage with EJ. Lucas won't listen though, confident that the DiMeras won't fulfill their side of the deal. He reminds her that they've always fought through things together; they can figure out another way again. 'There isn't another way,' she sadly says, but the DiMeras are Brady killing machines and this is the only way to stop them. 'I am your future,' Lucas reminds her. Fate has nothing to do with this; this is just about them and he doesn't want to argue about it anymore. Why does she keeps shutting the door to their future? 'All I want is to grow old with you,' she protests. This is not forever, it is just until Stefano dies. He's not sure that 'the Phoenix' will ever really die. She hates hurting him like this, but if he had the chance to make everything right, wouldn't he? No, he wouldn't and there is no way he will give her the divorce she wants either, he promises. If she pushes it through, there will be no turning back for them. He hobbles away, leaving her in tears. Once he's gone, EJ arrives. She asks him where her father is. Outside, Andre has a bound and gagged Roman in his car. He's ready to take the rather worst for wear police commissioner home, but not before he outfits him with a little explosive device. Suddenly, Andre bursts through the door of the pub with Roman in one hand and a gun in the other. Sami is ready to rush to her father but EJ keeps her back. Pulling open Roman's coat, he reveals the bomb wrapped around him as Andre smiles psychotically.

    Love comes from the heart

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Andre shows Sami a bound Lucas under a sheet. Andre rips off tape from Lucas' mouth and Lucas yells for Sami to leave. Andre tells her to do as she asks - Kill one of them. EJ's sheet is removed and Sami worries that if she doesn't do what she is asked, she could lose her father for good. Lucas begs Sami to leave and Andre taunts her and encourages her to shoot. Sami offers herself as a hostage instead of EJ and Lucas. She reminds him that he'll have three lives and her life is more valuable than theirs to her family. Lucas tells Sami to go but Sami tells Lucas she could never leave him. Andre rips the tape from EJ's mouth and EJ agrees with Lucas, that she should do as she's asked but Sami can't kill anyone, she says shakily. Andre hands her a gun and tells her to get it over with - soon. Sami takes the gun and turns it on Andre, but hopelessly says she can't risk it. EJ tells Sami to pull the trigger - on him! "Think of the grief I put you through. You can do this," he says. Sami lifts the gun and takes aim on EJ, but as she goes to shoot, Andre pushes her and she shoots Lucas in the calf. Lucas yells and Sami apologizes and says she was aiming for EJ. She turns around to Andre and grabs a pipe and starts beating on Andre, until he passes out! Lucas yells at her to tie him up. She quickly unties Lucas, then EJ and while EJ runs out of the warehouse to call 911, Sami tells Lucas she needs EJ, "Maybe more than you." She reminds him that it's for the vendetta, not for love. EJ returns and tells them the police are on their way. As he reaches for rope to tie up Andre, Andre runs out of the warehouse. EJ tries to catch him while Lucas whines to Sami "Do you still want to be with me? Do you still want to be with our family?" Sami says of course she does, but Lucas isn't convinced. The paramedics arrive and Sami kisses Lucas goodbye, promising not to do anything rash while he's gone.

    Can I have a do over?

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    Sami arrives at the warehouse and meets Andre. She runs around yelling for Lucas and EJ, but Andre toys with her and asks her what her feelings are for EJ. Sami venomously says she hates EJ but Andre doesn't buy it and shows her that both men are under white sheets. He touches one, then the other and says that in exchange for saving her father's life, she has to save one of their lives! Sami is horrified.

    I'm ashamed, Sami. I'm ashamed.

    Monday, September 24 2007

    While Bo waits for back-up, EJ and Lucas walk by the warehouse Andre is hiding in. Andre grabs Lucas and holds a gun to his head while Bo jumps out from behind a crate and yells at Andre to put the gun down.

    Back at the warehouse, EJ tells Bo that Andre's not bluffing. "Put the gun down." He says, but Lucas tells him not to. Andre counts to three and Bo grits his teeth and does what he is asked. We hear helicopters while Andre pushes Lucas away from him. He says he's taking them hostage and gives Bo a choice to live, or die. He shows Bo a grenade and tells Bo that Roman is inside the warehouse. He pulls the pin and says that he's got a matter of minutes. He throws it inside and Bo races after it. Ambulance sirens blare in the distance while the grenade explodes and Bo goes flying through the air. Bo limps away from the burning warehouse when Abe shows up and although Bo is sure Roman wasn't in there, he shows Abe the folio and grimly says that Andre took EJ and Lucas hostage.

    Back at the pub, Sami reminds pop of how everyone forgave her for all the horrible things she has done. Shawn says he knows this and takes a shot of whiskey before telling Sami he can't think about it anymore. He leaves. Andre shows up and tells Sami he has Lucas and EJ and wants her to chose who is going to live and who is going to die. Sami yells at him to tell her what he has done with Lucas and Andre says they're safe until she makes her choice. He gives her a note with an address on it and says she's to be there tonight at 9pm, along with her answer. "Will it be your husband or will it be the man you claim to hate?" He chuckles and tells her not to bring the police. Sami starts to have another pain in her abdomen.

    Another Brutal Stabbing

    Friday, September 21 2007

    Steve finds the strange markings on the funeral home door and flashes back to Rolf making them. Bo arrives in a mood. He is angry after not hearing from Roman and fumes as he thinks about what kind of danger his brother's in. Steve shows him the mark on the door and tells him he thinks the markings are a message to Andre that could get them close to he and Roman. They figure they'd better get inside, and they hide out waiting. Later, Andre arrives, sees the markings and wipes them off before entering the funeral home. Stealthily, he moves through the home as Bo and Steve spy.

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