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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Santo DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Santo DiMera Played by James Scott on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Scott (NBC)

    Birthday: 1979-01-14
    Birthplace: Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
    Real Name: James Scott


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    I'm Sorry Cake.

    Thursday, October 22 2009

    EJ arrives to the hospital and Lexi says Stefano should be waking up anytime, but she warns him that there’s no guarantee the father they once knew will return. They rush into his room and hear him mumbling. He opens his eyes to big smiles and they ask him if he knows who they are. Lexi asks EJ to be patient, but EJ’s getting worried. "Lexi’s here. Do you know who Lexi is?" Stefano says of course he does and he’d appreciate it if he’d stop yelling! EJ’s face lights up and he kisses his father. "He’s back!" Stefano says of course he is. "What did you expect?" Lexi tells him he’ll feel weak for a while but will recover. Stefano’s happy to see Alexandra’s face and is told he has been out a few days. Stefano asks where Kate is, and EJ asks if he’s sure he wants her to come there, after what happened. Stefano laughs. This is his fault. He’ll stick to his diet to the letter, now, and asks EJ to call Kate and his grandchildren. EJ and Lexi share a private look. Stefano wants to see Theo, Giovanni, Sydney and Nicole. EJ struggles to tell Stefano what has happened.

    Sam & Marnie Meet Again.

    Wednesday, August 20 2008

    John rushes into Stefano's room and finds a boy with an Italian accent. "My name is Stefano DiMera," he says. John thinks this is a set up, and then tells the kid that they're half brothers. "Colleen ruined my life," spews young Stefano, telling John that Santo left his mother because of Colleen. John says Santo returned, but young Stefano the kid says his pa was angry and things were never the same. John thinks it was Santo's fault, not Colleen's. Young Stefano runs off, yelling, "No!" John goes after him but bumps into Santo, who says, "It's me, Papa." John is angry. Santo abandoned Colleen. Santo says Colleen never told him she was pregnant. He would have loved him, but John wouldn't have wanted to turn out as twisted as Stefano. Santo calls young Stefano as pure as the driven snow, and says he loved John's mother. Santo came to give John a message. They discuss how Stefano stole his memories, but it shouldn't make him cold or unfeeling. John finds this funny that Santo's giving him advice, but Santo hears John was a good man, at one time. He asks that John not become like him or Stefano. He's Colleen's son - a good man. John yells that neither of them have an idea of who he is. He was abandoned! We see John yelling at nobody. He becomes emotional. Santo yells that Colleen did what was best, and Marlena can help him. "She's a good woman, Johnny, and she loves you." John doesn't want to be the man he once was. John hears a familiar voice, telling him that this is not true. "And that's a fact." It's old John! (The hair is the same.) He doesn't like the way new John's living his life. He'd have never moved into his enemy's house. New John thinks they're entitled, but old John says they're already rich. They don't need the money, and it has brought nothing good to their life. New John calls old John a coward. Marlena's not going to go away. Life is about love, family and friendship, old John says. Santo stands by, listening. New John tells old John to get lost, but Santo agrees with old John. Marlena loves him and they believe she can help bring him back. New John's content with who he is, he argues, and isn't sure what he's going to do with Marlena. Santo asks John not to give up on love. He hugs new John, and new John smiles, with tears streaming down his face.

    Good bad, right or wrong, they loved each other.

    Friday, February 08 2008

    In the forest, John sees the ghosts of Colleen and Santo meet in the afterlife and take each other's hands.

    Colleen and Santo's ghost stare at each other and lean in for a kiss. John watches in wonderment.

    Too Late

    Friday, September 28 2007

    At the Brady pub, Shawn tells the gathered group that Santo lied about his wife being dead, but what happened afterward was not all his fault. Flashing back, we see Santo and Colleen meet by the cliffs as Shawn watches from the trees. She looks down at the water, still unable to believe that she told the father that she gave up on becoming a nun. Santo tries to comfort her, but she feels so sad at losing her father's respect. He tells her that she needs to say goodbye to the old: He's all that she has now and he will never let her down. No matter what she leaves behind, she will always take her self with her. She tells him that he has a great gift for making things sound grand. He offers to bring Shawn with them and raise him alongside Stefano. Hearing this made Shawn sick but he thought that his father could fix everything. 'I was wrong,' he admits. Flashing back again, he recalls Pete confronting Santo and Colleen about Santo's wife. When Shawn tells his sister that Stefano's mother is still alive and well, Santo can't deny it, but he did it for 'a deeper truth': The love between them. 'If the lord meant us to be together, you wouldn't be married,' she cries. She continues to lash out at him for humiliating her and his wife, but Santo insists that they have a right to be together. Pete takes his daughter's hand and pulls her along as she shoots back a tearful glance at Santo. She goes back to the church to take her vows but, Shawn explains, Santo made sure that she never got a chance to keep them. Flashing back again, we see Colleen prepare to take the final vows but, just as she reaches the completion of the ceremony, Stefano and Santo enter the church for one final look at her. As they turn and leave, she tears off her habit and runs away. Pete and Shawn ran after Colleen, but only found her robes spread out on the cliff. As they look down over the cliffs to the raging sea below, they realize that they have come too late.

    You murdered my sister!

    Thursday, September 27 2007

    At the pub, Hope continues to read the letters to John, Marlena, Doug and Julie. They read of Santo searching for Colleen, but the priest refuses to let him see her. Santo accuses him of sending her to eternal damnation. Everyone around the table becomes confused. Whatever happened, isn't directly revealed, but that's what cost Colleen her life. As they read on, they see that the doomed couple became social lepers and could only turn for help to Shawn. Santo meets with the young boy and tells him about how they could be a family and travel to the wild west. 'I would like for you and your sister to see so many things,' Santo says, but he needs Shawn to convince his sister to let him see her again. He offers the boy a gold watch to sweeten the deal, but Shawn rejects it and runs away. Skipping to the last letter, they find no direct answer to their questions but that Shawn revealed the truth to his sister. She returned to the church, vowing to make up for her failure. Although she admits to the priest that she has wrong feelings for Santo, she will wipe them away in time. The letter ends with her begging Santo to stay away from her forever. Nothing has been explained. Suddenly, Shawn walks through the door with Bo. 'It's time I told you the truth about the night I killed my sister,' he says.

    Love comes from the heart

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Hope, Julie, Doug, Marlena and John sit down at the pub with tea and read the last of the letters. Flashback to Santo entering the Irish church and asking Father Mallory to help find Colleen Brady. Father Mallory says Colleen should be by shortly and goes off while Colleen shows up. She tells Santo that her heart belongs to the church and him, and she'll marry him. Santo jumps for joy! Hope stops reading and says Colleen left the church a long time ago! John wonders what went wrong, if Colleen agreed to marry Santo. Julie suggests they read on so Marlena takes the letter and reads Santo's words, "Your love is my miracle, my faith and my religion. We will live every day reliving our true destiny as husband and wife." Colleen is praying when her father and Shawn enter the church, along with Father Mallory. Santo arrives at the church and Colleen is ready to tell them but Santo enters the church and distracts her. She goes to him and asks him to let her do this on her own. Santo gives her a huge diamond ring and tells her to take it as a sign of their love. Hope takes over reading, "Love comes from the heart, not from something someone wears on their hand." Colleen says. She closes the ring box and promises they'll marry as soon as they can. Santo is thrilled and gives her the ring. She puts it in her pocket as Pete and Shawn arrive by Santo's side. Santo tells them all he's just leaving. Once he is gone, Colleen tells her father she is leaving the church to marry Santo. Pete is shocked and confused and Shawn is hurt and frightened by the news. Colleen tells them that she hasn't lost her love for the church, but Pete doesn't know what to believe. Father Mallory tries to change her mind while Shawn watches in pain. Hope stops reading.

    Action at The Brady Pub

    Friday, September 14 2007

    Sami and EJ sit by the window in Santo's room and watch as Colleen tells Santo she needs both he and the church to live. Santo tells her that if she doesn't decide tonight, they're through. He says it's destroying him. Colleen tells him she won't allow him to rush her into a decision, and walks away. Santo warns that if she leaves, he will never see her again. Colleen says that's just like him to force her into a decision right now. Sami turns to EJ and says he's a lot like Santo. EJ asks where this leave them, considering she is a lot like Colleen! Sami asks him to stop drawing comparisons between them. Santo tells Colleen he's tired of waiting. He loves her and wants her, but Colleen asks for one more day. EJ and Sami stay riveted to their seats while Santo tells Colleen that many men would have grown tired of waiting by now. He tells her she confuses love with waiting and this upsets Colleen, who thinks he is here to rescue her. "I don't need a savior, Santo. I already have one." She yells. She says he'll have an answer tomorrow. Back at Sami's bedside, EJ yells, "She has to choose him! He'll go out of his mind,.." Sami asks if maybe Santo killed Colleen, but EJ says that Santo couldn't have killed her. "I know because he could not kill her more than I could ever kill you." Sami yells that she hates how he twists things and tells him she only wants Lucas. Annoyed, she says Santo infected Stefano, Andre and EJ, but EJ denies being infected any longer.

    A terrible beauty is born!

    Thursday, September 13 2007

    Flashback to Santo and Colleen basking in the aftermath of their lovemaking. She admits her love to Santo while Sami and EJ watch from the window. Santo tells Colleen that love has many faces but true love - their love, is inevitable. "Inevitable." Colleen gasps when Santo kneels in front of the bed and asks, "Colleen Brady, will you marry me?" EJ smiles and Sami looks on, jaw dropped! Colleen cries, "Santo, sorry. I can't." She says she promised God she'd say no to earthly desires. Santo tries to talk her out of her beliefs and she promises, "You'll have your answer soon." EJ turns to Sami and says, "The poem is Yates! A terrible beauty is born…" He tells Sami that Colleen resisted her fate and a terrible beauty was born. Sami sighs. Sami skips ahead four letters and reads that Santo demands that Colleen make her decision - tonight!!

    It's as if the two of them live inside our souls...

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    Sami and EJ are in her hospital bed arguing about Santo and Colleen. Sami is angry that Santo used Mrs. Fitzpatrick to get to Colleen. EJ counters that Colleen could have come clean to the priest, but she didn't. He continues to read the letter. Colleen wrote that she knew it was wrong for her to have come to him that night. She cursed the power Santo had over her and started back to the church when Santo opened his door. In the flashback, Santo gazes at a drenched Colleen. EJ tells Sami this just proves that Colleen came on her own. Sami finds this hard to believe and takes the letter. She reads that Colleen felt she would burn in hell for all eternity for her transgression. In the flashback, Colleen tells Santo that doing God's work is her calling. "Or so I thought…" she says. Santo understands and says he thought his was to his family and wife (who was chosen for him). He thought wrong, he says and thinks they need to live with their heart more. Sami stops reading and says she knows how Colleen feels, because of the vendetta. She feels it's her duty to end it. EJ says he too understands how Santo was feeling. He says, "It's as if the two of them live inside our souls!"

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