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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Santo DiMera

    Full detailed profile on Santo DiMera Played by James Scott on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Scott (NBC)
    Santo DiMera

    Actor: James Scott

    Who played Santo DiMera over the years

    James Scott (July 9, 2007 - September 2007 in flashbacks)

    Useful information on Santo DiMera

    * Lived in Taormino/Toscana Italy.
    * Was married with six older children and Stefano, who is said to have been the youngest.
    * Pursued Colleen Brady the novice.
    * Traveling salesman and in the Export and Import business.
    * Died in 1982.


    Present: Deceased
    Past: Traveling salesman
    Past: Export and Import business


    Santo was the seventh son and father of Stefano DiMera. He was married and lived in either Taormino or Toscana Italy. When traveling through Galway, Ireland, he was accidentally hit on the head by a pub owner and brought to Colleen Brady, a novice, at the Irish Church. Colleen nursed his wound and the two became attracted to one another.

    (Story still in progress and will be updated in time!)

    Colleen eventually died (we think by throwing herself off of a cliff, but there is no way to be sure and there was no body found) and Santo blamed the Brady's... especially Shawn Brady Sr. He vowed revenge against the Brady's on his death bed and asked that his youngest son Stefano go to America to avenge Colleen's death. He gave Stefano a black ring (the Phoenix ring?) before he died.

    Santo looks exactly like EJ Wells, his grandson.


    Arranged marriage to Stefano's mother.


    Colleen Brady (current)
    Colleen Brady (Flashbacks)


    Renee DuMonde (granddaughter - deceased)
    Megan Hathaway (granddaughter - deceased)
    Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver (granddaughter)
    Andre DiMera (grandson)
    Tony DiMera (grandson)
    Benjy Hawk (grandson)
    EJ Wells (grandson)


    Stefano DiMera (son)
    John Black


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    Thursday, October 22 2009: I'm Sorry Cake.

    EJ arrives to the hospital and Lexi says Stefano should be waking up anytime, but she warns him that there’s no guarantee the father they once knew will return. They rush into his room and hear him mumbling. He opens his eyes to big smiles and they ask him if he knows who they are. Lexi asks EJ to be patient, but EJ’s getting worried. "Lexi’s here. Do you know who Lexi is?" Stefano says of course he does and he’d appreciate it if he’d stop yelling! EJ’s face lights up and he kisses his father. "He’s back!" Stefano says of course he is. "What did you expect?" Lexi tells him he’ll feel weak for a while but will recover. Stefano’s happy to see Alexandra’s face and is told he has been out a few days. Stefano asks where Kate is, and EJ asks if he’s sure he wants her to come there, after what happened. Stefano laughs. This is his fault. He’ll stick to his diet to the letter, now, and asks EJ to call Kate and his grandchildren. EJ and Lexi share a private look. Stefano wants to see Theo, Giovanni, Sydney and Nicole. EJ struggles to tell Stefano what has happened.

    Wednesday, August 20 2008: Sam & Marnie Meet Again.

    John rushes into Stefano's room and finds a boy with an Italian accent. "My name is Stefano DiMera," he says. John thinks this is a set up, and then tells the kid that they're half brothers. "Colleen ruined my life," spews young Stefano, telling John that Santo left his mother because of Colleen. John says Santo returned, but young Stefano the kid says his pa was angry and things were never the same. John thinks it was Santo's fault, not Colleen's. Young Stefano runs off, yelling, "No!" John goes after him but bumps into Santo, who says, "It's me, Papa." John is angry. Santo abandoned Colleen. Santo says Colleen never told him she was pregnant. He would have loved him, but John wouldn't have wanted to turn out as twisted as Stefano. Santo calls young Stefano as pure as the driven snow, and says he loved John's mother. Santo came to give John a message. They discuss how Stefano stole his memories, but it shouldn't make him cold or unfeeling. John finds this funny that Santo's giving him advice, but Santo hears John was a good man, at one time. He asks that John not become like him or Stefano. He's Colleen's son - a good man. John yells that neither of them have an idea of who he is. He was abandoned! We see John yelling at nobody. He becomes emotional. Santo yells that Colleen did what was best, and Marlena can help him. "She's a good woman, Johnny, and she loves you." John doesn't want to be the man he once was. John hears a familiar voice, telling him that this is not true. "And that's a fact." It's old John! (The hair is the same.) He doesn't like the way new John's living his life. He'd have never moved into his enemy's house. New John thinks they're entitled, but old John says they're already rich. They don't need the money, and it has brought nothing good to their life. New John calls old John a coward. Marlena's not going to go away. Life is about love, family and friendship, old John says. Santo stands by, listening. New John tells old John to get lost, but Santo agrees with old John. Marlena loves him and they believe she can help bring him back. New John's content with who he is, he argues, and isn't sure what he's going to do with Marlena. Santo asks John not to give up on love. He hugs new John, and new John smiles, with tears streaming down his face.

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