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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jeremy Horton - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jeremy Horton Played by Trevor Donovan on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Trevor Donovan (John Paschal/JPI)

    Birthday: October 11 1978
    Birthplace: Bishop, California, USA
    Real Name: Trevor Donovan
    Height: 6'2


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    House Of Usher.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013

    Abigail walks in on Daniel and Jenn breaking up. He leaves and Anne watches. She calls Chloe who is happy to hear Daniel left like he was shot out of a cannon. Inside, Jenn breaks down. She tells her daughter she and Daniel are finished.

    John Black dies...

    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    Nick arrives home to Jeremy horsing around with the boys and puts a stop to it, yelling at Jeremy for bringing attention to the apartment. The kids go off to do homework while Nick says he brought in the reserves. Maggie arrives and tries to talk sense into Jeremy to do the right thing and turn himself in. She threatens to bring Alice over, but Jeremy asks her to leave and forget she saw him. Maggie can't do it and tells him that his father's been calling about him. Jeremy tells him that the world isn't as nice as she is and he worries that nobody will give him a chance after he does jail time. Maggie starts to cry and tells him he's better than this. She says Nick's saying he's great with the children. "You stood up for Nick when some goon came by." She says and begs him to give family a chance. Jer refuses and after she's gone, Jeremy packs up, prepared to leave. "I thought we were friends," states Jeremy. Nick says they are, and encourages him to talk to the police. Dee and Artemis come out of their room wanting to know where Uncle Nick's going. Jeremy asks the kids to smile and listen to Nick. He hugs them and tells him he'll miss them. Jeremy's misty eyed after the kids go to their room and Nick uses them as leverage. He thinks they'd make great character witnesses! Jeremy ignores him and asks Nick not to give up on Chelsea, "She knows a good thing when she sees it." Nick says he can't believe he's saying this, but he'll miss having him around. "You're alright man," Jeremy says before he heads out.

    On his way out of Salem, Jeremy watches Stephanie leave the sorority house.

    Love comes from the heart

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Umar tells Nick and Chelsea that in addition to their own lives, the children's lives are in danger. Nick lies and says he doesn't have them and that they're at the sitter's in another apartment in the building. Umar knows Nick is lying. Jeremy watches from Nick's room, while the boys watch quietly from their own room. Umar calls the boys names and they run out of their room. Umar pulls out a wad of money and offers to reward Nick for his troubles and to take the kids, but Nick doesn't want his money. Nick tells the kids to go back in their room and Umar throws a punch at Nick. Nick lands on the floor and an enraged Jeremy rushes out of his room and grabs Umar, throwing him up against the wall. Jeremy holds a gun to Umar's head and asks who he works for. While this is going on, a neighbor, Mr. Kravitz pounds on the door asking what's going on. Nick goes to take care of the neighbor while Umar gets away. Jeremy tells a surprised Chelsea that he doesn't handle himself well when someone tries to harm children. He heads to the door and asks Chelsea to keep his being there a secret. He wants to keep it from Stephanie, knowing that it will be for her own good. A shaken Chelsea agrees to keep quiet. When Jeremy runs off, Chelsea asks Nick what came over Jeremy. She finds Nick's mastering of the situation to be very attractive and kisses him on the cheek.

    Can I have a do over?

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    Jeremy teaches the kids magic card tricks at Nick's apartment before bedtime. When the kids go off to bed, Nick asks Jeremy to leave. Jeremy talks Nick into allowing him one more night but has to hide when Chelsea shows up at the door. Chelsea gives Nick magazines for the kids and Nick practically pushes her out the door. She senses something is wrong and barges in, asking if he's still upset about her breaking up with him. She apologizes and he accepts and tries to push her out again. She doesn't take the hint and she tells him the day she broke up with him, she imploded. She admits that she sees him with the kids and finds him brave. "Can I have a do over?" she asks and frowns and admits she's sending him mixed signals. Nick professes his love for her and tells her he wants more than friendship. The kids call for a bedtime story and Nick tells Chelsea it's time to leave. Chelsea wrongly thinks Nick's got a girl over and quickly find out that Jeremy's there when the kids come out of their room asking if Uncle Jeremy can do another card trick. Chelsea is surprised and reminds Nick that he's harboring a criminal. Artemis wants to know what harboring means but Dee knows and asks Jeremy if he's a bad man. Nick gets the kids off to bed by giving them the comic books and once they're gone, Chelsea yells at Nick for aiding and abetting a criminal. Jeremy asks Nick, "How did you do it? I couldn't put up with her for one minute," he says, pulling on his jacket. He goes to the door but when a knock comes to the door, Nick opens it to the scarred man who was stalking them earlier. Umar Abboud, introduces himself and asks for the kids but Nick and Chelsea lie and tell him they're not there. The man refuses to leave and tells them he knows that China Lee gave him the kids. He asks for a moment of their time in order to convince them he's not a bad person. He tells Nick that China Lee was hired by a powerful Sudanese politician and ordered to care for the children whose lives are in grave danger.

    Another Brutal Stabbing

    Friday, September 21 2007

    At the Inn, Kayla and Stephanie argue about Jeremy and Steph reminds her mother of her past with Steve and calls her a hypocrite. She begs her to let Jer go. Kayla reminds her that Jeremy is a repeat offender and Stephanie reminds Kayla that Jeremy was used, much like Max. Kay says that she's surprised that Steph is taking Jer back after all he has done and asks where Max fits in. Steph refuses to talk about it and instead professes her love for Jeremy. Jeremy comes out of the bedroom and Stephanie offers Jer money. Another argument ensues as Kayla tries to get Jeremy to show his true self and turn himself in. He takes the debit card Stephanie gives him and tells her to listen to her mother. He says he's all about himself and since the good time is over, so are they. He tells her to listen to her father next time she brings a guy around, and Kayla brings up how selfish Stephanie is behaving. "We could lose Pocket if we're found to be harboring a fugitive!" she cries. Stephanie doesn't care, so a frustrated and hurt Kayla tells them both to get out. They argue more and Kayla asks Jeremy to turn himself in. She promises to get him a fair trial but Jeremy can't do it. He kisses Stephanie goodbye and says he is off to Seattle and won't be in touch.

    After Jeremy leaves and Stephanie runs back inside crying and carrying on. Kayla simply tells her she just turned Jeremy in.

    Jeremy finds Nick and the boys walking to Nick's car from the pub and asks Nick if he can harbor him. Nick refuses but Jer grabs his keys from him and races the kids to the car.

    I Could Squash You Like A Bug!

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    Jeremy hides out when Kayla and Pocket arrive home. When Kayla notices a pop can on the table, she calls to Stephanie to ask if she has class today. She checks Steph's room and Jeremy remains hidden behind the door. When she goes off to put Pocket to bed, she finds Jeremy trying to sneak out and accuses him of breaking in. Jer says let him in and shows an extra key he was given. This upsets Kayla, who realizes that this is why Stephanie asked to move back home. Jeremy sticks up for Stephanie and apologizes for endangering her life. Kayla doesn't want to hear it and says he'll be out of here soon with a police escort! Jeremy begs her to allow him to stay for a while, but she reminds him that her daughter was forced to jump from a plane and spend a night in a cave, in freezing temperatures. Jeremy says he realizes what he has lost with Stephanie and when she grabs the phone, he grabs her arm. "You don't want to do that Mrs. J!" he says. He holds his cell phone with the other hand, behind his back and places a call to Stephanie so she can hear their conversation.

    At the Inn, Jeremy pulls the phone cord out of the wall and Kayla yells that she can't believe that he's a Horton. Jer gives her information into his motivation for being a bad boy when he admits he was ignored growing up, and says at least the black sheep gets noticed. Kayla says maybe deep down he realizes being a Horton is a good thing. She asks him to grow up and find the man he's meant to be. They go back and forth like this until Stephanie walks in the door.

    48 Hours

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    Max drops by Kayla and Steve's place to ask Stephanie to talk, but since Jeremy's there, she has to hide Jeremy before she answers. Once Jeremy's hidden away, she asks Max to speak tomorrow at the Java Café. Max wants to talk now and thinks she's either afraid of what Jer will do to her, or if she still has feelings for him. When he accuses her of seeing Jeremy, she denies it and pushes him out the door. Once back inside, she flashes back to their time in the cave. Jeremy walks out of the bedroom and angrily asks if she and Max hooked up. She thinks he's ridiculous. He asks if she gave the cops any ammunition on him, and is disappointed when she admits she has. Unknowingly, Jeremy's pilot's badge drops from his pocket. Stephanie hears her parents at the door and rushes him into the bedroom before she opens the door to her parents. She tries to get them to leave by offering to take them out for dinner and since Pocket was ill, they say they'd prefer to stay in. When Kayla asks Stephanie to reschedule, she has to think fast and makes something up about being under foot at Adrienne's place. She says with Adrienne's husband and kids, she has no place to study anyway. Kayla considers this and then asks if she's keeping something from them! Steph confesses she has felt left out and misses them. Kayla apologizes and Steph says it's her fault as well. They allow her to move back in, and while Stephanie goes to make up her room, Steve and Kayla put Pocket to bed.

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