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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jett Carver

    Full detailed profile on Jett Carver Played by Marcus Patrick on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marcus Patrick (NBC)
    Jett Carver

    Actor: Marcus Patrick

    Who played Jett Carver over the years

    Marcus Patrick (June 1, 2007 - November 2007)

    Useful information on Jett Carver

    * Jett Carver is the son of Abe's dead brother Theo.
    * Moved from Dayton Ohio to Salem with friend, Jeremy Horton, who is not only Mike Horton's son, but a new addition to the Salem Horton clan.
    * Was an ISA Agent until he was let go for allowing his personal life to get into his work.
    * Interested in Chelsea Brady
    * Works at Salem U with Billie as a campus security guard.


    Current: Security Guard at Salem U
    Past: ISA Agent


    Jett Carver is the son of Theo Carver, who is Abe Carver's long since passed on brother. Jett came to Salem in June of 2007.




    Chelsea Benson-Brady Appeared to be headed toward dating.


    Abe Carver (Uncle)
    Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver (Aunt)




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    Wednesday, November 14 2007: Stephanie's flashbacks reveal she was raped.

    Chelsea waits outside the Dean's office for a meeting. Morgan shows up and Chelsea tells her that Billie and Jett are inside and that the meeting was pushed back a half hour. Morgan says the drug is no longer in her system and there is no evidence for her to prove that Ford is the campus rapist unless of course Cordy presses charges.

    Billie, Jett and the Dean exit the Dean's office and introductions are given. Stephanie shows and they're surprised that Ford's going to show up in addition to Cordy. Ford arrives at the Dean's office all smiles and says this better be quick because he has a hot date tonight. He believes the Dean will believe his story. Stephanie flashes back to being raped by Ford. We see her telling him to stop while he holds her and forces himself on her. Ford continues to taunt the ladies one at a time and Jett's about to lose it when Chelsea goes at him. Billie separates the two and Morgan rants at Ford that she can't believe she ever trusted him. He replies that he is a victim of jealous women and Morgan snarls back that he's a spoiled loser who can't get a girlfriend based on looks or intelligence. Billie stands up to Ford and tells him if he says one more word, she'll remove him personally! Ford's father, the Lawyer, arrives and pushes his weight around while Ford grins lasciviously. Turns out Dean Laughlin knows Mr. Decker and they appear friendly. Ford grins when he hears that Cordy's a no show.

    Chelsea leaves the room and with a stiletto heeled show, she "accidentally" stomps Ford's foot and stalks off with Jett in tow. Stephanie follows and Chelsea calls Cordy. They're all upset and wonder why Ford seemed so satisfied that Cordy didn't show. They wonder if he knows something.

    Cordy arrives and Billie takes time to debrief her while the three men go into the office. Cordy tells them she can't testify against Ford and Stephanie flashes back to Ford raping her and looks haunted.

    Tuesday, November 06 2007: We don't serve pigs!

    Elsewhere in the Cheatin' Heart, Nick tells Chelsea he has been invited to an embassy ball that's thrown in his honor from the Ambassador, (Dee and Artemis' father). He invites Chelsea, who replies with a kiss. Jett interrupts their kissing to tell them they may end up getting away with rape. They gasp and Jett explains that Ford's got a Lawyer with connections and the Dean will be pressured. He worries that Cordy won't have much evidence and their defense is slim since they can't prove that Morgan was attacked, or who drugged her. Jett admits that Billie is worried they won't be able to stop him. Chelsea and Nick agree to encourage Cordy to go take Ford to court. Jett tells Nick that he was impressed at how Nick treated the kids, and Chelsea tells him she's impressed with him more and more each day. They start kissing passionately!

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