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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Bart Beiderbecke - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bart Beiderbecke Played by Steve Blackwood on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Blackwood/Steve Blackwood

    Birthday: May 13 1956
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA
    Marital Status: Married (Karen - one daughter, Nichole)
    Real Name: Steve Blackwood
    Web site:


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    Days Recap: Disgusting Little Snake.

    Friday, August 22 2014

    Kristen finds Brady at the park...

    Abigail arrives on Will's doorstep.

    Someone With My Face

    Friday, August 03 2007

    In the mansion, Stefano is sorting through his mail when Rolf offers him a shot of morphine. He refuses the painkiller; he doesn't want to live in a fog, he just wants rest. As he closes his eyes, Tony peaks in through the open window. When he steps in to grab the morphine, he hears Rolf and Bart approach. He jumps back out and Bart picks up the needle, wondering if it could kill the pain in his foot. Tony leaps in and wrestles him to the ground, grabs the needle and jabs it into his father. Stefano wakes, but is dazed as Tony tears open his shirt and grabs the key around his neck, the key to ending the vendetta. 'If you do this, I will destroy you with my own hands,' Stefano threatens. Tony tears the key off of his father. Stefano grabs it back and hands it off to Bart. Tony grabs a sword from the wall and demands the key back. Bart swallows it. Tony is furious and threatens to cut Bart open. Suddenly, Andre walks in, taking the other sword off the wall. He tells Tony that he loves having his face. As their swords touch, Tony tells him that he wants his life back. They taunt, parry, thrust and fight before Tony trips Bart into the path of Andre's blade.

    Bart collapses on the ground bleeding and calling for Dr. Rolf. Stefano snaps out of his haze and tries to figure out what is going on. He spots his loyal henchman Bart on the floor and asks who did this. 'Tony?' 'No, someone who looks like me,' Tony says. Andre explains that it was an accident. Stefano climbs out of his chair and sits by Bart's side as Tony slips out the window. Andre runs after him as Stefano calls Rolf and asks Bart what happened to the key. 'I took care of it boss,' he says, dying in his boss' arms. Andre returns and says that Tony was searching for the key when he arrived so it must still be there. Stefano commands him to search before looking down and thanking Bart.

    I submit to no one!

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    At the mansion, EJ asks his father if he wants a drink. Stefano wheels across the room, still angry that his son has betrayed him for the Bardy's and children that aren't even his. 'They were family; they were my future!' EJ protests. Stefano doesn't believe that's all it was. He's sure that his son only cares about Samantha. He slaps EJ across the face. 'For God's sake! You are a DiMera!' he shouts before mocking his son and calling him a disgrace. If EJ was a real man, he would be active; he would take Sami and get Lucas out of the picture. When EJ tries to back out of this suggestion, Stefano starts to hope that Elvis really isn't his son. When the doorbell starts to ring, Stefano calls Bart out to answer it.

    As Bart opens the door while still finishing his pie, he's surprised to find Sami there, especially when she pulls a gun. She pushes Bart into the parlor, surprising EJ, but Stefano doesn't seem concerned. He wheels over by the window while she waves the gun, her father's gun. Stefano taunts her and demands that Bart disarm her. When he tries, she shoots him in the leg. As he drops to the floor, Sami circles around Stefano and levels the gun at his head. She wants justice: Two DiMera's for one Brady and she's starting with Stefano. He turns around to stare at her, all the while taunting EJ for letting her come after his father. EJ tells her that they can work all of this out and end the vendetta. 'I submit to no one,' Stefano says, standing up and pushing his chest against the gun. She wouldn't be the first Brady to commit murder. EJ tries to talk her down and asks her if she wants her children to be born in jail. 'Say goodbye Stefano,' she says, but before she can pull the trigger, Lucas jumps in and knocks the gun from her hands. As she begins to cry, Stefano sneers at his son and moves away. He orders his son to shoot them for invading the house and threatening them. EJ can't do it. He unloads the gun and yells at them to get out. Stefano is disgusted as Lucas and Marlena drag Sami away. After sending the bleeding Bart away to Dr. Rolf, Stefano tells EJ that he has cut the cord. 'May God have mercy on your soul, ' he declares. Outside, Marlena tries to comfort Sami, but she still wants to end everything tonight. Marlena gets a call: Roman's come out of surgery alright.

    If that's Tony,... then where is Andre?

    Monday, July 30 2007

    On the plane, Rolf preps Sami for surgery and Stefano tells him that his life is in his hands. "Don't mess it up," he says. A call comes through and a surprised Stefano asks Bart to put the caller on the speaker phone and to make it quick. Roman's voice comes over the speaker. He relays that he knows exactly what's going on. Roman threatens Stefano that if anything happens to Sami, he won't live to see tomorrow! Stefano looks at Sami, shakes his head, and lies. "I'm on my way to see a specialist." Roman tells him that he knows that he's got Sami. Lucas yells into the speaker phone at the PD and threatens to kill Stefano if he hurts Sami. EJ and Roman try to calm Lucas down. EJ speaks up and Stefano is angered beyond belief! "Elvis. Why am I not surprised?" he asks. EJ begs his father not to do anything to Samantha and his babies, but Stefano doesn't think he should listen, considering EJ's taking side with his enemies!

    Back at Salem PD, EJ tells Stefano through the speaker phone that he would never betray him and is loyal to him. He reminds his father that he never let anything or anyone hurt him and says he'll protect his children at all costs. "I know you're afraid to die, but these babies are future DiMeras." EJ says. We see Tony come into Salem PD while Stefano tells EJ that if the twins are anything like their father, they can't be his grandchildren! EJ threatens his father. "If you harm Samantha or the children, you won't see through the end of the week!" Stefano is angered by EJ's words and roars that he has turned on his own family. Tony (or is this Andre?) gets on the intercom and tells Stefano that he's going to assist EJ and the police in bringing him down. Stefano rolls his eyes and tells them it's time to go.

    Once off the phone, Lucas and EJ go to Marlena with news about the phone call. On the way out, EJ thanks Tony and leaves.

    On the flight, Bart rushes in with a clip board in hand. He yells at Rolf not to start the surgery. "You're not a match. Elvis junior is not the father of Sami's babies!" he yells. Rolf consults the report and tells Stefano that Bart's right. Stefano yells, "How could this happen?" Bart comforts Stefano and asks what comes next. Stefano stares at Sami.

    The Next Mrs. Nick Fallon!

    Friday, July 27 2007

    On a private jet, Bart ices a black eye given to him from a feisty Sami, before he drugged her. Rolf tells Stefano that Sami's almost ready to give her donation to them. Sami lies unconscious on a gurney while Stefano hovers over her and says that youth is wasted on the young! Stefano asks Rolf if God will forgive him for sacrificing Sami for his life. He regrets that he was not able to wait until his grandchildren were born. "Ah Samantha. I wish things could be different but I'm afraid you must make this sacrifice." he says as he rubs her belly.

    Why did you abandon me daddy?

    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    Philip leaves and Roman shows up with Bart, who yells up a storm. "You can't do this! I work for powerful people..." He rants at Elvis for betraying Stefano and the family until Bo asks him how to find the real Tony DiMera. Bart says he has no idea what Bo's on about, so Bo asks them to remove Bart's shirt! "Illegal strip search," yells an angry, red faced Bart as he is pushed face first into the cement! Roman rips off Bart's shirt and he yells, "My civic rights are being violated,… I'm being violated!" John says he doesn't swing that way, and Roman finds a large map on Bart's back, of the South Pacific. Bo says, "EJ was right. There it is." Bart says it's his tattoo from the Navy,…but John reminds him he's never been in the Navy. "The Army… the Marines, .." Bart continues on, as they take him away.

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