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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Duck - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Duck Played by Franc Ross on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Franc Ross (NBC)

    Real Name: Franc Ross


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    Dudley Do Wrong!

    Wednesday, March 21 2007

    On the island of Tinda Lau, Duck wants to know what Shawn is hiding but Shawn gives nothing away. Duck asks why they showed up on Tinda Lau without a story. Shawn tells him they were shipwrecked but Duck is adamant that he knows they're hiding something. Shawn refuses to discuss it.

    Back downstairs, Shawn guarantees that they'll never cause him any problems, but Duck's not satisfied. Duck tells him he's ex-marine and knows Shawn's running from someone or something. He grabs the phone and starts to make a call to USA. Shawn stops him and tells him the entire story; the truth. Duck tells Shawn, "That's a hell of a story!" Shawn promises they'll be off the island soon but Duck knows that the two are looking for something permanent. He calls Shawn Dudley Do Wrong! Shawn tells him that he'd like to stay somewhere to work and save a little money but Duck tells him that the last thing he needs is cops coming by, looking for him. Shawn warns Duck that if he calls the cops, he will do what it takes to keep his family safe. Duck says, "Well what do you know? There is a grown man inside there after all!" Shawn asks for honesty in return. He wants to know if he can trust Duck and Duck admits he can, but refuses to help him if trouble comes looking for him. Shawn thinks that's fair. Duck wanders off, leaving Shawn in thought.


    Tuesday, March 20 2007

    Duck calls to Shawn to bring up some kegs from the basement. As Shawn puts them down, Gabby watches his incredible physique in admiration then dashes upstairs. Once she's gone, Shawn completes his task only to be ordered around some more by the smug, beer drinking Duck!

    Shawn is finished all of the work Duck gives him and when he comes back to Duck, he is asked point blank if Shawn has something to hide!

    The gloves are off!

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    On the Island, Shawn comes downstairs in the morning and refuses breakfast from Gabby. He wants to find their own way and work for their room and board. As soon as Claire's fever breaks, they're leaving the island, he shares. Gabby leaves him an open ended invitation to get some food from the kitchen when he, Belle and Claire need it. She goes back to work and Belle runs cheerfully down the stairs with Claire in her arms. She's happy to announce that Claire's fever is down! The two fawn over their little girl and Shawn tells Gabby that they're leaving now that Claire is better. Belle wasn't consulted in this decision and asks Shawn to be realistic. She figures that they need time to relax for a while before trekking off into the unknown. They argue and she ends up putting her foot down. They're staying on the island; she informs him and goes on to tell him, "End of discussion." She asks Shawn why he's so opposed to staying on the island and he admits that Duck reminds him of Victor and how he used to look at him with contempt because he doesn't have a job or prospects. Gabby comes forth and out of the blue, throws Shawn a piece of rope and asks him to tie a sheepshank knot! He does so at wicked speed and throws it back, much to her astonishment! She goes on to ask him a few questions about the engine of a boat and is satisfied with his responses. She offers him free room and board if he will fix her boat and lets him know that she can order parts for the boat if he'll fix it, but it'll take a week to come in from Guam. Shawn is surprised and Belle jumps in and answers that he'll do it! Gabby allows him to work for her on her breaks in the meantime. Duck comes to the bar with a beer in hand and stares Shawn down. Shawn tells Gabby that he'll stay if Duck is okay with it, but when Shawn goes to Duck, he's cranky and doesn't think it's a good idea. Shawn goes to him to let him know that without his consent, he'll leave. Duck tells him, "I'm just the worthless owner. My daughter runs the place. Keep the kid quiet and stay out of my way." He leaves and Gabby tells the two that Duck is a good man and a proud man and has helped many people when the tsunami hit. Belle takes Claire to the kitchen for food and Shawn asks Gabby why she's being so nice to them. She admits that she liked his face, "It's a good face. It's kind." She tells him he looks trustworthy. After the three go up to their room, Duck notices the way that Gabby has been looking at Shawn and he tells her in no uncertain terms that she's wasting her time. "They're a couple and they have a kid." He says, but with a smile, Gabby claims not to have seen a ring on his finger!

    A friend in need...

    Wednesday, March 14 2007

    Shawn runs through a restaurant on an Island yelling, "Help! It's my little girl. She needs a doctor. Is there anyone here?" A man [Duck] comes up behind him with a shotgun and asks, "Who the hell are you?" The man thinks that Shawn is helping himself to his booze, but Shawn confesses to who he is and why they're there. Shawn brings the man to Claire, and the man admits Claire needs a doctor, and fast! Duck's daughter, Gabrielle, comes downstairs and in French, she asks her dad to find the doctor. She thinks the baby could die! Belle speaks some French and is shocked to hear that Claire is in worse off condition than she originally thought. Gabby gets some cold compresses and Shawn takes Claire's temperature. It's a staggering 103 degrees. As Gabby listens from the bar, Shawn tells Belle that they will be quiet about who they are. Gabby helps cool Claire down with cold compresses and as Claire sobs, Gabby explains that the people on the island are usually running from the law. Belle, Shawn and Claire get cleaned up and then the doctor arrives and gives Claire a shot. He tells them that they must pay $50 for the house call but since they're broke, Gabby agrees to pay for it from her tips. Belle and Shawn are grateful but grouchy Duck isn't impressed that Gabby paid for the shot and asks Shawn when he's leaving. Shawn asks for a job from Duck, but he's a tough cookie and isn't willing to help them. Gabby tells them that her dad is a crusty old war hero and his bark is worse than his bite, but Shawn still would like to keep moving. He agrees to stay when Belle pleads with him that they need a place to call home even if it's temporary.

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