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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Duck - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Duck Played by Franc Ross on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Franc Ross (NBC)

    Real Name: Franc Ross


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    A woman with needs

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Belle puts Claire down and listens in to Shawn and Gabby outside, joking around in the hallway. Gabby shows him her GPS and asks for help in learning how to work it. She offers dinner and wine in return for his help and he accepts. He compliments her on using a bell sander and goes inside to Belle and Claire. Belle greets him with a cold shoulder and Shawn tells her how the boat is coming. He prepares for a shower but she's prepared for a fight and goes off on him about time spent with Gabby.

    A distressed Gabby interrupts Belle and Shawn to them that Duck is angry that she's leaving for Australia with them. She begs Shawn to talk Duck into letting her go. He agrees to it but reminds her that he's not Duck's favorite person! She admits that Duck respects him and Shawn agrees to do it. Belle tries to get him to ignore the request and he tells her that he's starting to feel like she doesn't trust him. Gabby apologizes for coming between them. Shawn goes off to talk to Duck while Gabby apologizes to Belle for crossing the line with Shawn. Belle tells her that it’s getting to her that everyone knows everything about their life together. She tells her that she wants everyone to know that she and Shawn are a couple, even if it doesn’t always appear like it.

    Shawn finds Duck in the hallway. He's hurt because his little girl is leaving but when Shawn says she needs a break from him, Duck tells him that Gabby won't come back to the island ever! He laughs at him and says, "I guess you're stuck with her. Bon Voyage, boy scout!" He snickers as he walks away.

    Let The Games Begin

    Monday, April 16 2007

    In the room next door, Belle puts Claire down for the night and tells her that tomorrow they're off to Australia, where Hugh Jackman is from! She jokes with Claire when she hears a knock on the door, "Maybe that's him. Maybe he heard that we were going to Australia!" She opens the door to Duck, who gives her some children's books that someone left behind. She asks if she received any mail but he says he hasn’t. She finds it odd since they sent out a letter, but he tells her that he's in charge of the mail and didn't see any mail going out for them. Duck thinks she's confused but she tells him that they wrote it to Roman, who is the Chief of Police in Salem. Duck is surprised that 'pretty boy's' uncle is a cop but hasn't seen the letter, so he goes off.

    Duck to the rescue!

    Tuesday, April 03 2007

    Shawn spies on Phillip and Kate as they interrogate Gabby downstairs. When Gabby lets them know that Belle, Shawn and Claire left yesterday, Kate offers to help Philip look elsewhere for them. Philip tells Gabby that his best friend ran off with his wife and ripped the daughter he calls his own, out of his hands. Shawn tip toes upstairs while Philip tells Gabby he's not leaving there until he knows she's being honest.

    Shawn asks Belle to leave through the window, but Belle has concerns that Claire will fall. He assures her that they have to stay one step ahead of Philip and that's just the way it is. Belle is pig-headed and refuses to leave.

    Downstairs, Philip wants to search the hotel but Gabby refuses to allow it, so Kate looks through the hotel reservation book and finds that they're in room 202. Philip barges into room 202 against Gabby's wishes and finds a man sitting by the window. He asks what this is all about and Philip freaks out. He demands that Gabby give him her room key, thinking that they could be inside her room. When she doesn't comply, he removes it from her pocket on his own and tries to get in. Gabby grabs the key back from him as Duck comes to the rescue! Duck grabs Philip away from his daughter and tells him that the couple has already left as Gabby has stated. He asks him to leave. Philip pays for ruining the door and he and Kate leave. Gabby gives her dad a big hug!

    Inside Gabby's room, Belle tries to go into Gabby's closet but she finds that there are all sorts of baby clothes and baby items stocked in the closet. After Philip and Kate leave, Gabby lets Belle, Shawn and Claire out of her room and gives Belle her diamond ring back. She generously offers to give her boat to them to leave the island if Shawn fixes it. Belle apologizes to Gabby for everything and Gabby promises she won't say a thing about Belle's insecurities.

    Catching up on the soaps!

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Shawn beats up Charlie while Gabby screams in alarm for him to stop. Charlie leaves the bar and Gabby fumes. She claims that she had things under control and now he has made things worse, because Charlie is the brother-in-law to Sherriff Jim! He's a local! Belle is disgusted and takes Claire upstairs, while Duck comes out yelling at Shawn. Gabby has a seat and mopes while Duck takes a drink and tells Shawn that he should think about leaving the island. Gabby stands up to Duck but he doesn't listen. As he yells, Shawn realizes that Gabby has told him about their situation. He commands, "I want him gone. Understood?" Shawn lashes out at Gabby after Duck leaves, for sharing his story with Duck. In his anger he tells her he can't trust her anymore. She tries to explain herself but he stalks off to his room.

    Shawn arrives upstairs and starts packing. Belle gets in his face and accuses him of letting his temper get the best of him in order to impress Gabby! He's surprised and divulges that Charlie was insulting Belle, not Gabby. He was sticking up for her! Belle is taken aback but they've not time to talk. Gabby bangs on the door and when they let her in, she tells them that they have to leave, or the Sherriff is going to catch them. Belle doesn't want to go anywhere, but Shawn reminds her that they'll lose Claire for good if they stay. They argue back and forth and when they're ready to go, Gabby opens the door and there stands Sherriff and Duck. Belle takes Claire for a walk while everyone else goes downstairs, where Shawn gives his version of the events. The Sherriff promises to ask Charlie to drop charges and tells Shawn to get his passports so he can start the paperwork. Shawn panics.

    Meanwhile, upstairs, Duck notices Belle wander off with Claire and breaks into her room to find out what they're hiding.

    Belle comes back from her walk and they both tell the Sherriff a partial truth about who they are and why they left the USA. The Sherriff tells them it sounds like a crock, and although it does her no good, Gabby stands up for them, once again. Duck comes downstairs with Belle, Claire and Shawn's passports and notifies the Sherriff that he's right. They're lying and their passports are fake! Gabby reminds everyone that they all lie about who they are and why they're on Tinda Lau "Including you, Jim," she reminds the Sherriff! The men agree but worry about who is chasing them but he tells her that he needs to go by the book. Gabby tells Jim that since Duck illegally took the passports, there is nothing he can do, legally. Gabby offers to try to get Charlie to drop charges. Jim takes the passports away but demands they stay on the island for the time being.

    Duck follows Belle up to her room for a talk. He notices the twin beds and asks her if she and Shawn have problems. She tells him her business is private, so he warns her stake her claim on Shawn soon, before it's too late! Belle is offended and asks him to leave.

    Green wedding plans

    Monday, March 26 2007

    On Tinda Lau, Belle chit chats with Claire before she receives a visit from Duck, who is looking for Shawn. She lets Duck know that Shawn's not there and he's surprised Shawn would leave a woman and child alone at night. Belle is uneasy with the way the discussion is going and asks him not to pry into her private business with. She tells him it's been a long day and sees him to the door, asking him to ensure that her letter goes out tomorrow.

    Outside, Shawn lies on a rattan sofa reflecting. Gabby greets him, offering beer and a friendly ear. She assumes he and Belle had a fight but he refuses to discuss it. She sits close to Shawn and he backs away a little as she presses on. He lets her know that he and Belle need to get through this on their own but goes into how Belle's ex-husband is after them and it makes things tense between them. Gabby presses him for information about their relationship and Shawn tells her that he loves Belle and that they've got time to figure things out. She puts on the charm and tells him that girls must throw themselves at him. She calls him 'smoking hot', and then noticing the uncomfortable look on his face, she apologizes for making an inappropriate comment. Shawn thanks her and tells her that he was messed up in the past. He goes on to tell her that he lived with an ex-hooker and worked for a criminal. Gabby doesn't back away, but instead reveals that her mother was a 'lady of the evening' during the war and died of Cholera. She smiles as she remembers how Duck saved her from a live in Vietnam. She's obviously proud of Duck, and as Duck listens from behind the bar, Shawn tells Gabby that he has a newfound respect for her father! She admits that he and Duck are more alike than they realize.

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