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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Duck

    Full detailed profile on Duck Played by Franc Ross on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Franc Ross (NBC)

    Actor: Franc Ross

    Who played Duck over the years

    Franc Ross (March 14, 2007 - May 18, 2007)

    Useful information on Duck

    * Owns the Island restaurant on Tinda Lau - The Bikini Bar.
    * Has one daughter, 'Gabby', who runs the restaurant for him.
    * Drinks to forget the war.
    * Bonds with Philip when Phil gets to the island to take Claire back to Salem with him.
    * Shoots Shawn in the shoulder when Shawn tries to leave.


    Current: Owner of Restaurant/Bar on Tinda Lau
    Past: Unknown


    Duck was introduced on an island just outside of Australia when Shawn and Belle landed there with Claire, who had blood poisoning. The man is suspicious of Shawn.

    Philip comes to Tinda Lau to get Claire back and bonded over war stories with Duck. Phil agreed to stay watch over Belle and Shawn to ensure they didn't leave the island, but misinterpreted Philip's instructions and wound up shooting Shawn in the shoulder. He was sent to jail and hasn't been seen since.








    Gabrielle (daughter)


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    Monday, May 07 2007: Escapees!

    After Shawn is shot by Duck on Tinda Lau, Belle cries out in alarm to Gabby to get a doctor. Philip is stunned by the turn of events and grabs the gun from Duck before he can get another shot out. Gabby yells at Duck, asking what’s wrong with him and then quickly hands Claire to Philip, before running off to get a doctor. Shawn watches as Claire is given to Philip and whispers in pain to Belle, "Get Claire." Duck eggs Philip on. "Now's your chance. Take the kid and run," he encourages. Phil doesn’t make a move. Gabby comes back and before Philip can take Claire and leave, Belle tells him he can leave over her dead body! Shawn and Belle are beside themselves with worry that Philip would leave Shawn bleeding to death while he steals Claire. Belle begs and asks for a compromise but Philip refuses to let the baby go - not now, not ever, he informs her without a trace of regret in his voice. Meanwhile, Duck asks Gabby if this is the respect he gets after all he has done for her? Philip and Shawn spar over who's the worse father and Duck interjects with the story about their first arrival on Tinda Lau, and how Claire was very ill with blood poisoning. As he tries to give ammunition to fuel Philip’s anger, Gabby tells her father to stay out of it! Philip takes Claire and leaves while Shawn, Belle and Gabby watch in shock. Shawn and Gabby urge Belle to go after them and reluctant to leave Shawn, Belle tears off after their daughter and Philip. Once she’s out of earshot, Duck asks Shawn, "You really think she's a match for a marine?" Shawn drops from the pain and falls unconscious. The doctor comes by, stitches Shawn up and provides him with antibiotics. Shawn figures that Philip probably has a boat somewhere. Sherriff Jim comes by to take Duck to jail. He takes along with him the gun and Shawn tells Jim that Philip paid him to shoot him, but he's not pressing charges. After they're gone, Gabby explains to Shawn that Duck did three tours of Nam and all of his friends died. "It eats away at him," she says. Shawn explains to Gabby that Philip was once a good man, before the war as well. Gabby offers to help Shawn but since he is too weak, he agrees to let Gabby drive while he rides shotgun. Shawn grabs a gun from under the bar but an exasperated Gabby grabs it from his hands and says, "No more guns!" They leave the gun on the counter and make a dash for it.

    Friday, May 04 2007: Tinda Lau Shootout!

    Shawn, Claire and Belle all make a run for it while Philip lies passed out on the chair outside their room. Shawn tells Belle they're going to hitch a ride on a fishing boat until they get to Australia. They make it downstairs and suddenly, Duck comes wandering out from behind the bar. He tells them that the 'Duck is on duty', and says he's there to make sure nobody is getting an unfair advantage. Shawn tells Duck to wake up, and says that they're not playing war games but Duck stands his ground. Shawn asks,
    "What are you going to do about it? Knock us over with your beer breath?" Duck suddenly pulls out a gun and tells Shawn, "If you have any brains left, take your lady upstairs before my finger slips." Shawn and Belle are visibly shaken and Shawn tells the man that he should have held out for more money. Duck denies taking money from Philip but Shawn knows better. Shawn and Belle turn to leave quietly but Duck shoots at the sky and Shawn and Belle go down. Gabby comes running into the room when she hears the shot and begs her dad to let them go.

    Philip finally comes to and hobbles down the stairs to thank Duck for helping him. Shawn and Belle beg him to tell Duck to put the gun down and let them go. Philip tells them, "Fine go, and just leave Clare on your way out." He then grasps at straws and because he didn't think things would go this far, he asks them to give him joint custody. Shawn doesn't believe anything that comes out of Philip's mouth and he refuses his uncle. He reminds Phil of what he has done in the past and that they were once friends but he won't trust him again. Shawn turns to Belle and forces her to leave while he waits behind. Gabby helps get them to the docks while Shawn tells Philip that they're gone and it's over. Philip is silent as Shawn turns to go. A shot fires out and Shawn goes down! Duck pulls back the gun and Philip spins around to ask him what he's doing! Philip grabs Duck in order to stop him from shooting again. Belle hears the shot and runs to Shawn, crying.

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